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Aro's Daughter

What happen's when one of the Cullen's human sister comes for a visit? Read this story to find out!


1. Meeting the Family

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It was a boring day, as I ran to a small town in Forks, Washington. I needed a new feeding grounds, and the woods here were perfect. I ran into a part of the forest far from the town. In all my vampire life, I have never killed a human, for food. It seems cruel, terrible. I suddenly smelt the scent of another vampire. I turned around to see a short pixie-like girl.

"Emily?" the girl asked. How did she know my name?

"How do you know my name?" I asked her.

"Esme..." she said. Esme? Like my human sister?

"Esme... How do you know her?" I asked.

"You'll see. Follow me." she said. I followed the girl, as we ran to a huge house, in the middle of the woods. Inside, was Esme, my sister.

"Emily, my sister!" Esme said. I hugged her.

"How are you here?" I asked her.

"Carlisle, my husband, changed me, when I got sick. After mother and father passed away. What about you? Mother told me that you had ran away, at were lost." Esme said.

"I ran away, to Italy, and I was changed there. I lived with the Volturi. Aro raised me." I said.

"Oh." Esme said, "I'm so happy to see you!"

"I'm happy to see you too." I said.

"Come, meet my family." Esme said. And we went into the next room, to meet her husband, and 'children'.

"This is Carlisle, my husband." Esme said. "And these are my children, Emmet and Rosalie, Jasper and Alice, and Edward."

"Nice to meet you all." I said, and I really was glad to meet them. This was the beginning of my life with the Cullen's.