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Bella's first family

this is just what happened before Bella met Edward. Bella's married with a teenage daughter,

I thought about what would happen if Edward had a daughter besides Nessie, and came up with this

1. my family

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Mom! I turned around to see my little girl run into the room. I sighed, her beautiful brown hair had clipon hilights, purple pink and blue,

she wore ripped bluejeans that were so tight they were cutting off the circulation in her legs, a light blue tanktop with purple

flowers on it, her shoes were pink and gold sandals and she wore hoop earrings. I gave her a look and rolled my eyes. what? she

asked defensive, nothing I said, what do you need? I can't find my watch do you know where it is? did you look in the couch? nope

she ran off, and yelled found it! thanks Mom your a life saver, why you could have called grandma and asked her to send it to your

Dads. I laughed she was so dramatic! I was going to miss that, my husband and I had gotten divorced the year before and now I

was moving back to my hometown Forks. my girl would come later after I had set everything up and got a job. Paul, her dad had

wanted to keep her but then she turned 13 and having to deal with a teenage girl was not what he wanted to do, and my mom

Renee was just to far away. while I was looking for a house I was staying with my Dad Charlie, and Christina would be staying

with Jacob Black and his family until they came down, they were moving back to Forks to. Jake and I grew up together and he his

wife Leah had moved with me and Paul . I was probable one of the few people who knew Jake and Leah were

werewolves. I also know that they exsist to kill Vampires. I had known a family of vampires when I lived in Forks. the Cullens

Alice the shopoholic, and her mate Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, Carlisle (the doctor) and Esme and Edward he and I had Dated

before I met Paul. anyway Chris knew about werewolves because Jake had phased to save her life once, his girls,

Athenodora, Vera and Emily. were her best friends and I was sure that she would love Forks.