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Bella's first family

this is just what happened before Bella met Edward. Bella's married with a teenage daughter,

I thought about what would happen if Edward had a daughter besides Nessie, and came up with this

2. Bella's back

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Edwards POV

we were all at our respective jobs. Rosalie is a Modal (no duh) Emmett's a highschool teacher, Alice a stylist , Carlisle his normal

job, a doctor Esme? she babysat when someone needed her. (she loves kids) and I worked with Charlie Swan as a police officer,

and Jasper a Psychiatrist so

we all had different things to do during the day, sometimes we swapped jobs to make it interesting, Emmett deals with teenagers


day so we all love watching him try to deal with hormones. any way I was at my job with Charlie, when Alice called. what Alice?

Edward can you take the day off? sure Alice whats the matter? nothing we just need to talk to you, so I drove home as fast as I


Carlisle's POV

I hoped he didn't take it badly, when Bella let he had been more upset then he showed. so now what would happen now that she

was coming back? we all began blocking our thoughts once he got within hearing destince, we had decided I would tell him so

here it goes -Esme's POV - Edward Carlisle said. we need to talk, do you remember when Bella first left and you went around

muttering about how you were going to kill her? well have you gotten over that yet? Carlisle? why bring that up now Edward said

annoyed it's been 13 years , well Bella's coming home. she and Paul got a divorce so she's coming home to stay. oh and when she finished school

she became a librarian (not hard to picture because Bella used to read all the time.) we were all excited because Bella was

coming home. and I could tell Edward was excited too - Alice's POV - YES! I get my sister back, Edward was surprised, excited,

and a little bit nervous too but he was just so happy. I hadn't seen him this happy since he had turned Bella into a vampire. then

she had married Paul and left and he had been hard to live with for the next couple years, then he had gotten a job and things got

better. after Edward calmed down we decided to buy Bella a house, (Esme is also a realastate agent, and Edward knows what

kind of house she wants, that coupled with me seeing that she will love it... oh my goodness I can't wait!