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Bella's first family

this is just what happened before Bella met Edward. Bella's married with a teenage daughter,

I thought about what would happen if Edward had a daughter besides Nessie, and came up with this

3. going to see grandpa

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Cristina's Pov

CHRIS! HURRY UP, IF WE'RE LATE YOUR MOM WILL KILL ME! uncle Jake yelled from downstairs, I laughed ,my Mom gets really paraniod sometimes, due to the fact I got attacked by a vampire last year and ended up almost becoming one. uncle Jake had saved me, and that was when my best friend Dora first phased, knowing that she loved me enough to phase when someone tried to hurt me was nice. be right down I yelled back, gee girl whats taking so long? that was Dora, your taking longer then Vera when she Phases. HEY! Vera yelled indignantly, I don't like ripping my clothes every time I phase, unlike some sisters I could mention, GIRLS! coming dad, Dora and Vera yelled togather,

oh well time to go see Grandpa and Mom.