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The Cullens

the Cullen's are back in forks but they have a new Family member, but there's a problem. she's human!

This all belongs to Stephanie Meyer (DUH!) except the plot

1. surprise

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Edward's POV

I watched Bella move around the Hotal suite, she was so Beautiful! she was wearing a dress Alice picked out for her (because Bella

would never have picked something that dangerous) sleeveless, short, low cut, she looked amazing, but the shoes worried both of

us, pencil heels that were just too high for either of us. what was Alice thinking? Edward these shoes are an instrument of

torture that only Alice would wear! stop laughing! No this is funny. fine take them off and we can go hunting, I can't take them off, why

not? there stuck, Alice got me a size too small on purpose... stop laughing Edward! and help me get them off. okay hun give me

your foot and I'll get them off - an hour later - okay there off you can look now Bella, No tell me, well there off... but the shoes didn't

survive, can we go hunting now? I started laughing again and she hit me, yes we can go hunting. hey do you want to go home to

Forks? the others are back and we've been away from Nessie for a year already and I'm starting to miss her. YES! lets go home

tomorrow. Tomorrow? wow you really do miss them, okay we're going home.