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The Cullens

the Cullen's are back in forks but they have a new Family member, but there's a problem. she's human!

This all belongs to Stephanie Meyer (DUH!) except the plot

2. Home

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Bella's POV

home sweet home I thought to myself, Edward was excited to be home and so was I then I stopped and sniffed, we entered the

house, Bella! I missed you SO much, I haven't had anyone to dress up! Alice don't break her laughed Carlisle, hello Bella said

Esme hey Mom, Hi Bells, hey Bella. Hi everyone, wait where are Emmett and Jasper? and why does the house smell like human?

well said Carlisle, but he was interrupted by Jasper running into the house with a look of panic on his face. CARLISLE! he yelled

hurry up I think we broke Amanda! WHAT! Esme shouted. and they all ran after Jasper. - Amanda's POV - poor Emmett. he had a look of horror

on his face and he was begging me to stop, it was priceless, he had said something funny and I just couldn't stop laughing! every

time I tried I looked at his face and it set me off again. - ESME"S POV - we entered the clearing worried about what was the matter

and stopped to find Amanda giggling her head off and Emmett begging her to stop. Alice and Rosalie smacked their husbands

upside the head and tried to calm Amanda down, until Carlisle asked. Jasper can't you use your emotion's to calm her? Jasper

gave a sheepish look and Alice smacked him again, soon Amanda was calm enough to stop laughing, and we introduced her to

Bella and Edward.