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The Cullens

the Cullen's are back in forks but they have a new Family member, but there's a problem. she's human!

This all belongs to Stephanie Meyer (DUH!) except the plot

3. this is Amanda,

Rating 2/5   Word Count 344   Review this Chapter

Amanda's Pov

Emmett and Jasper can be really dense sometimes, Emmett wanted to see what a human was like on a sugar rush so they loaded me up on sugar and then said something hilarious. needless to say that was not the best idea they've had. anyway when Jasper and the rest of the family got near the clearing and I noticed that they had two new people with them I realized that I finally got to meet Nessie's mom and dad I was really excited, unfortunatly I was still trying to stop laughing.

Bella is gorgeous and Edward is cool. that is how I would describe them, although I'm sure that Alice picked the dress out because from what Nessie and Jake told me Bella would never have picked something like that. and Knowing Alice (who took me on five shopping sprees and spent two million dollers in two weeks alone) she probable has a whole closet full of stuff she wouldn't be caught dead in.

"Bella, Edward, this is Amanda" Carlisle said, Amanda this is Edward and Bella. Hi, We all said at the same time, then Bella decided to be nice, Wow I get another sister she laughed, I smiled yeah but if you try to give me a makeover I will set Seth on you I laughed Edward turned to Seth, Um I kinda Imprinted he murmured blushing. Bella laughed and after a moment Rosalie and I joined in (Alice was still pouting about my makeover comment) I sighed, it's good to have a family again.

(Author note)

sorry about this but now that everyone is introduced

DUN DUN DAH! anyway

next you will find out how the Cullen's met Manda and why Rosalie's not being a Bitch. (cause we all know Rose hates humans) and why Manda thought it's good to have a family again. so yeah hope you like the story and keep reading... and reviewing reviewing is good too.

Cullen spirit sister out

oh just face it. you want to be Cullen spirit sister too