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The Evil Monster

Bella has a brother who just happens to be a werewolf. Her father has just been brutally killed. But by what or should I say who? After her fathers dead Bella and Chris have to go live in a foster home sort of ordeal.


2. Chapter 2

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The Evil Monster

By Nicole D. Florer

Chapter 2

As we approached the Cullens house we could faintly hear the mummer of a televison.

"I have to warn you Bella. There is one of the 'children' that has a little bit of trouble controling himself around humans. I can guarentee that you will be safe but if one of the other kids say move. Especially Alice. You should listen, it will be in your better interest."


The more I thought about it the more I realized that I needed to talk to Chris.

"Carlisle do you mind if Chris and I go for a quick walk?"

"If you need to talk to him where we can't hear you are more than welcome."

I blushed slightly at the fact that he knew what I was thinking about.

"Thanks. Chris come with me for a minute."

"Okay Bells."

Chris and I turned towards the forest and walked a while before I spoke.

"Chris are you going to be okay in a house full of vampires?"

"I'm going to try and handle the smell, and behavior."

He sighed a deep sigh.

"Yes sis I will be fine. Thanks for caring."

"Chris... I know you don't like this and I am not sure that the other will either. If they try to start something you do Not respond please. I don't want anyone hurt. I know that you don't like vampires by nature but please try to stay in control. If you start to get mad I will arange it with Carlisle that you can go out and calm down. Go for a run. And please I know that this is disrespectful to you but if I say get out of the house I will have a good reason. Okay?"

"Yeah Bells."

I sighed realived.

"Isabella how is it that you always care for everyone elses' saftey rather than your own? You don't make sense, you can walk into a room and get everyone to smile or you can do the opposite. Your something different sis, I love you. Thank you for alway caring for me and others so much. You even stood up for those bloodsuckers, even though they drink from animals they still crave human blood. Yet you willingly saved their lives. Weren't you even a slight bit scared of them?"

"No I wasn't scared Chris, you know that I get a feeling about people when I meet them. You know that I wasn't completely comfortable with Jacob and look what he turned out to be. A monster, a murderer. I feel safe with the Cullens. After I meet them all I will tell you what kind of...vibe for lack of better words I get from them. Okay?"


"As for how do I always care for everyone elses' saftey rather than my own. I just care for the world. I like to help and save people. I know who to help and save from monsters like you."

I glanced over at Chris to see if he was hurt by that comment. To my suprise he laughed.

"I guess you would feel that way after a werewolf kill dad. I don't blame you but you better keep it straight I am no monster. I am not Jacob Black."

He laughed at his own joke. I silently let the tears fall. When I didn't laugh with him he looked over at me.

"Bella what's wrong why are you crying?"

That made me laugh harshly.

"You don't know. Our dad just died. He couldn't even have a normal death like most. He couldn't die of old age, No he was murdered. Brutally murdered. The worst part is that he didn't even know what killed him. He didn't even know what his son was. He didn't know so much about us and the world. He didn't know the existance of Vampires, Werewolves. No he just got murdered by something that doesn't exist in his eyes."

Chris came over and wrapped his arms around me.

"Shh...Bells. It's okay, he has gone to a better place. He knows everything now."

Chris started crying silently.

"No it's not. You didn't hear his last words or his last breath."

Chris pulled back in shock.

"Y-You heard his la-last breath and words?"

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Bells what did he say?"

I took a deep breath and said.

"His last words were Isabella take care of your brother. I love you both. Stay safe."

"Oh my gosh. Bella I am so sorry you had to hear that."

I sighed and calmed myself down.

"It's okay. You couldn't have done anything to prevent me from being there. At least I know that even to death he still cared about us more than anything. I also know who came and got him."

"What do you mean?"

"They say when you die someone comes to get you from earth to take you to where ever you are going. He called moms name."

Chris was silently shaking.

"It's okay Chris. Dad can watch over us forever now. Him and mom have been reunited like he has wanted since she died."

Chris smiled, I smiled in return.

"How is it my little sister has been through soo much and is still always trying to help everyone. Even those who have hurt her physically and mentally?"

"Chris that wasn't your fault. You didn't know that you'd turn into an oversized dog. Besides I knew it was going to happen when you started to shake that bad. I just didn't move fast enough. Besides all is forgiven."

"Thanks Bells. You always seem to help me even when I feel the world is against me."

"No Problem. That's what I am here for. We should get heading back before Esme starts worrying."

"Yeah. Lets go back home."

I smiled at the prospect of returning to the family.

As we walked to the house Chris kept his arm around me in a protective way.

We walked through the house doors to be greeted by a two other girls and three boys.

"Hi. I'm Bella and this is Chris."

Chris nodded towards the Cullen Children. One of the girls slowly approached us.

"Hi Bella, Chris. I am Alice, glad to finally meet you."

As she said this Chris tensed. Alice noticed, I gave her a reasuring smile.

"No need to freak out dog. I won't eat her."

The other vampires turned in out direction.

"Wait. He is a mutt!"

A very handsome boy with bronze hair said.

"I thought they were both human. Carlisle, Esme please join us in the living room."

Seconds later Carlisle and Esme joined us.

"I am not a mutt. I am half human."

"You still are a dog. A stinky one at that."


I shouted

"Please refrain from calling my brother these rude names. In return he will NOT call you any rude names."

Everyone stood dumbfound at my little outburst. I put my head down in shame.

"You okay Bella?"

Alice and Chris asked at the same time. I nodded my head.

"Carlisle why didn't you tell us that there was a d- werewolf coming. It would have been nice to have a little notice."

"Sorry Edward. When we got in the house I forgot to tell you."

Chris snorted at this. Every head in the house turned to him.

"Christopher, stop you promised."

"I did not."

"Yes you did you said and I quote 'I'm going to try and handle the smell, and behavior.'"

Everyone stared shocked at me.


"Nothing Bella. It's just that you speak so wise and powerful, it suprises us."


I turned my head away embarassed.

"Now if everyone doesn't mind I think that Bella and Chris need to get some rest."

I smiled realizing that I was actually tired.

"Follow me you two."

We did as we were asked.

Esme asked Chris to follow him while Carlisle asked me to follow him. Before we parted Chris gave me a good night hug and kiss.

"Goodnight Bells. Don't forget to pray!"

"Don't worry I won't you don't either."

He nodded his head in agreement.

"Ready Bella?"


"Bella I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute? Alone?"

"Ummmm... sure Carlisle. About what?"

"I couldn't help but notice that when your brother finally calmed down, and I said 'Don't worry about it. It could've been worse, you could have hurt your sister by transforming.' you muttered under your breath so your brother couldn't hear you 'again'. What happened?"

We were now sitting in what I assumed to be Carlisles' office.

"Oh. That. When Christopher first changed to his other form I knew what was happening. I didn't move out of the way in time and he ended up bitting me on my arm. After he changed back he took care of it and cleaned it up and all."

"How long did it take for him to change back?"

"About a minute.'

Carlisle looked shocked.

"How did he transform back so fast? It usally takes new werewolves at least a day."

"I knew how to change him back. I pay attention. He was really angry when he changed so I figured that if I could get him to calm down he would change back."

Carlisle looked awstruck.

"Bella, a werewolf bite to any human would make them one to. How long ago did this happen?"

"3 years ago. Why?"

"During those 3 years did you ever feel like you couldn't control your emotions? Ever feel unprovoked. Did you get mad at anything?"

"No, I always have control over my emotions, well I did."

"What do you mean you did."

"I lost control for a few minutes to night when I went for the wal with Chris. Chris helps me keep my emotions in check."

"Oh Okay that makes sense."

There was a knock on the office door.

"Come in Edward."

"Carlisle I don't know why I feel so drawn to Bellas' blood. Do you k-"

Edward just noticed me in the room. If he could've blushed he would have.

"Sorry I didn't mean to interrupt."

"La tun Cante"

"What does that mean?"


"She's my singer? Carlisle that has to be a joke."

"Sorry Edward but if her blood calls for you she is your singer."

It was getting kind of akward sitting here while they talked about me and my blood.

"I'm just going to go so you two can talk."

"Do you want me to show you where your room is?"

"Not right now Carlisle I think I'm going to go sit outside, Maybe go for a short walk."

"By yourself?"

"Yeah, if it's okay."

"I would rather you not go for a walk by yourself due to the fact that a werewolf killed your father."

How did Edward even know that I didn't tell him. He wasn't in the woods with me and Chris.

"How did you know about that. Did you follow Chris and I in the woods?"

Edward glanced towards Carlisle. Carlisle nodded.

"Okay. No I didn't follow you into the woods. I knew because I read your brothers mind. That is my talent, I read minds."

"Really read mine."

This is soo weird.

"That is the problem, I can't read yours. Your mind is different than others."

"Well that is good I guess."

I still wanted to go outside.

"What if I took someone with me. Then could I go for a walk? Would that be safe?"

Carlisle thought a minute, a smile crossed his face and Edward chuckled slightly.

"Bella I would suggest taking a guy with you and since your brother is asleep, Jasper and Emmette have.....plans. Why don't you take Edward?!"

"Ummm...would you mind coming?"

Hoping he would say yes.

"No I wouldn't mind."

Edward saw hesitation cross my face and realized that I was hesitant because of the earlier discussion.

"I won't bite...much."

We all laughed at that.

"Copying from books I see."

"Yes. But I promise you will be safe. Want to go?"


Carlisle gave Edward a knowing look. Edward nodded.

As we walked out the door, Alice came up and wispered something in Edwards ear. He nodded in response.

With that we left. As we were walking I asked Edward about the earlier encounters.

"Ummm.. Edward can I ask you something?"

"Yes Bella you can."

"Okay well I noticed earlier after finding out that you could read minds you were answering Carlisles' thoughts. What did he say?"

"Carlisle just reminded that you have to sleep and to be careful."

"What did Alice wisper in your ear?"

Edward looked away.

"Well first you have to understand that I am not the only vampire in that house that has extra abilities. Alice can see the future, Jasper can control emotions. I can read minds and everyone else is 'normal'. Alice was telling me something that she saw in the future about you."

"Oh okay what did she see? Was it good or bad?"

"Well whether or not it was good or bad depends on what you define it as. Me it is a little bit of both. Alice saw you and me........ ummm......."

"What did she see, don't worry about offending me. Just tell me the truth."

"She saw us kissing."

I laughed at this.

"That was what you were hesitant to tell me. Did you think that it would offend me, Scare me off? What?"

"Honestly I thought it would disturb you more than anything."

We both laughed at that. Suddenly Edward tensed.

"I think it's time to go back now Bella."

"What, Why?"

Edward was searching for something in the forest. I heard a rustle in the growth.

"Edward what is that?"

"Bella that is your friend Jacob."

"He isn't my friend."

"Well anyways we need to head back he hasn't caught your scent or mine yet and we don't want him to."

I nodded my head in agreement.

"Bella get on my back, I want to show you something."

I stared at him in confusion for a minute. Then I carefully got on his back.

"Hang on tight Bella."


With that he started running. It was like nothing I have ever experianced. He was faster than Chris in wolf form. I smiled at the memories.


"Bella I want to show you something."


Chris just smiled slightly.

I just turned 16 and my brother said he had something he wanted to show me. I couldn't have been more excited. It had been a year since we found out that Chris is a werewolf. He has had a huge amount of anger from time to time. I always helped him get in control. Charlie still doesn't know that Chris is a werewolf.

"I am going to go transform into my werewolf form and then I am going to get you. I will only step out of the forest enough that you can see me. When I step out come over and get on my back. I promise I won't hurt you. Get on and hold on tight, don't worry about hurting me. I'll be fine. I want you to experiance this first hand."


I was excited about this, Chris had told me stories about how fast he could go. I was afraid that I would get hurt. Chris ran off and transformed, when I saw him come out of the forest I ran over there. I stood there for a minute and admired his beauty. I had only seen him in his wolf form one other time and that was the first time. He was beautiful. He had black fur with silver streaks running here and there. His eyes were a brillant crystal blue. Like I said Beautiful. I went over the rest of the way and climbed onto his back and grabbed a fist full of his beautiful black hair. Then we were off.

Riding on his back as he ran was like nothing I ever felt in my life. Him running overpowered the thrill of rollar coasters. It felt like I was flying, the run was smooth. The adrenaline was pumping in my veins. It was Exilirating. There was no real way to describe it. It was amazing.

He stopped before he exited the forest. I got off and stood there. He raised his paw and stompted on the ground, signaling me to go back to the house. I nodded in understanding. Before I reached halfway acrossed the yard I was tackled to the ground. Chris and I wrestled for a while. Finally he asked.

"So what did you think?"

"That was the most extreme thing I have ever experianced. Thank you for sharing that with me."

"No problem Bella. I love you. If you want we can go and do that again some time. Glad I could share it with you!"

Everyonce in a while after that day we would tell Charlie that we were going on a walk and he would give me a ride. He still does.


We finally arrived back at the Cullens house. Edward set me down on the steps. Big mistake, the minute my feet touched the ground I lost my footing. Edward didn't manage to catch me in time. I landed on the ground with a loud 'UMP'. Edward laughed loudly. The family came out and joined him. All except Alice who helped me up.

"Thanks Alice."

"No problem Bella. You might want to get inside before Chris wakes up. He won't be pleased if he finds you out here at this time of night. I'll show you where your room is. Come on."

Everyone was still laughing. Right before I entered the house I said.

"Oh yes laugh at the clumsy human. No harm done here."

With that I chuckled slightly and followed Alice to my room. It was beautiful. The walls were black with Silver streaks here and there. A blue moon covered one side of the wall. It was very detailed. Like I said Beautiful. There was a Bed with Black sheets and silver pillows.

"What do you think?"

"This is so beautiful. It reminds me of someone."


Alice asked curiously.

"Christopher, when he is a werewolf. He has black fur with silver streaks here and there. He has the clearest crystal blue eyes. He is beautiful beyond belief. This room makes me feel safe. Like he is watching over me. Thank you."

"Bella technically he is watching over you. His room is across the hall. Well time for bed for the human."

We laughed at that.

"Good night Alice! See you in the morning!"

"Good night."

With that Alice left me to get ready for bed. When I was done I laid down on the bed, reviewing the days events. How was I going to live without Charlie being around. He was still so young and nice. Right there I made a promise that I would kill Jacob Black for murdering my last parent. I cried my self to sleep that night and had the best dreams.


I was running with Chris at my side. We were going to the beach with Charlie and mom. Suddenly Chris transformed and tossed me on his back. We were running through the forest that surronded us. Chris howled to the gracious moon in a silent plea of peace. Suddenly the world turned black and silver and I looked everywhere for Chris, mom and Charlie. I couldn't find them. I tried to reach out and saw a silver paw with black streaks. My dream had come true in a dream, I was a werewolf. The scenery changed again and the world was blue. Chris and I were running through the world together in pure bliss. I couldn't have been any happier.

End Dream!