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Family Ties

Rose didn't stay with the Cullen's after Emmett's first year; she wasn't his mate and left him there. But what if Carlisle and Esme's past isn't how everyone thinks either? Is there something more to Alice and Edward than they show to people? This is my first attempt at doing fan fiction, I hope you enjoy it! Rated M for future possible violence, language and adult situations..

I would appreciate if any readers would also review. I won't know if I'm doing at least an ok job at writing this if I don't get any feed back.. Thank you! Oh, and I so do not own Twilight or any of the characters; Stephanie Meyer does.. Keyria however, she is my creation alone, along with everything about her...

2. Uncomfortable Comfort

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Emmett's POV

I was sitting in my room playing some Black Ops when I heard Esme calling me. It would figure that I'd be the one to help the newbie move in, I was the strongest in the house after all. I hadn't really thought about the girl coming, but now that she was here I knew it might be hard to live with a human. Just being around Bella at school was tough enough sometimes, but having to live with a human? I might just be spending more time gaming than I thought. I backed out of the pre-game lobby and stretched, more out of habit than need. I made my way downstairs, nodding as I passed Jasper, Esme and Carlisle. I stepped outside and jumped down the stairs, coming up to the girl slowly.

"So, you must be the new Cullen. I'm Emmett, the strong one, nice to meet you." I gave a little chuckle, hoping to break the ice with a little laugh. My face went slack when she looked up at me though. She was cute; like really cute. And the little glare she was giving me just made her even cuter. It was her eyes that really got me though, those bright, electric blue eyes.

Keyria's POV

I hadn't been expecting a smooth, deep voice as I was thinking; and I jumped just a little when he spoke. Cullen? Why on earth would I be a Cullen? I'm a Platt, and I intend on staying that way for a while. I was just about to tell him just that when I looked up at him, my face hardened a little. Seeing his expression soften and noticing a certain handsomness to his features, I almost choked on my own voice.

"Um, no. I'm a Platt. I'm not going to be a Cullen. Carlisle and Esme are just my Aunt and Uncle." I was stumbling over my words a little, wondering why he thought I was going to be a Cullen. I didn't know why, but I was starting to feel pretty good about being here.

"You're Emmett, right? I'm Keyria." I didn't bother with a handshake this time, he didn't really seem the formal type anyway.

"Nice to meet you, Keyria," he said almost breathlessly, looking me right in the eye.

"Wow. I've never seen eyes like yours before." He coughed a little and looked down, a slight grin on his face. I rolled my eyes a little, laughing a bit as I pulled a big duffel bag from the trunk. It would figure he'd be the one to crack a joke about my eyes.

"Yeah I know, I look like a Windex bottle," I chuckled a little and pointed at my box of games.

"But we aren't here to talk about my eyes. That box has all my games in it and it's heavier than I thought." I hefted the strap over my shoulder, lugging the bag from the trunk.

"Well, I still think they're neat." He moved for the box, smirking a little as he bent to pick it up.

"Games huh? Like Candyland and Monopoly? You might get bored with those around here." He was laughing as he started to lift it, stopping as he heafted it to his chest.

"Jeeze! How many board games are in here? It weighs more than I thought it would too." He turned and looked at me, half smiling, half shocked.
I gave a huff and a final tug on the duffel, landing smartly on my butt as I fell back. I looked up and laughed a little, my cheeks getting warmer.

"Well, I can tell you there's no Candyland in that box. PS3, Gamecube and a Nintendo 64; plus games." I shifted myself a little, preparing to stand again. Emmett came over and held out his hand, I wasn't sure how he managed the box without tipping it. I placed my hand inhis and he pulled me to my feet, slipping the duffel from my shoulder to his.

"Looks like you bit off a little more than you could handle. I'll get all the heavy stuff, just let me know where you want it." He laughed, it was a slightly intoxicating sound. I tipped my head down, hoping the flush on my cheeks wouldn't be noticed.

"And before you assume I only have girly games, I have Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. To name a few for my Playstation anyway." I gave him a little smile, enjoying the slight look of surprise he gave me.

"Wow, Black Ops huh? I honestly wouldn't have thought you'd be the type to play it." He shrugged a little as I grabbed a smaller duffel and a few boxes, stepping for the house slowly.

"Well, I'm not a typical girl. Shooting stuff helps me relax, and I'm just a sucker for video games." I laughed a bit, following Emmett up the steps to my new home. At least I might have one person to hang out with, that might make it a little easier.

Jasper's POV

I followed Carlisle and Esme through the house, thinking of how to tell them what I noticed. Keyria's gift would have to be monitored, especially since she didn't know yet. We rounded the corner into the kitchen, Esme moving for the cabinets to re-check the foods she had bought. Carlisle leaned against the island in the center, concern written on his face.

"What is it, Jasper? Is there something wrong with Keyria?" Carlisle's voice was laiden with worry, but there was more to his emotion than that of a doctor. But I couldn't ponder on what that could be, this gift was a lot more important right now. I shook my head a little, my brows coming to together slightly.

"I wouldn't say wrong, just strange. Did either of you notice anything different while we were outside?" I looked between both of them, Esme now showing concern herself. They exchanged a quick glance with each other then shook their heads slowly.

"No. But we weren't really expecting anything out of the ordinary anyway." Esme was speaking slowly, her voice soft and almost sad. I tipped my head down a little, still trying to figure out how to tell them.

"What did you see, Jasper? Or was it something you felt?" Carlisle now had the that inquizative tone in his voice, his emotions becoming more questioning. I shut my eyes for a moment, I didn't know why this was becoming so hard to say. Looking back at both of them, I spoke as softly and calmly as I could.

"Truthfully, it was a little of both. The feeling wasn't something she was aware of. It was what she did that really got my attention." I paused for just a minute, getting myself ready to let them know.

"She camoflaged you. Not completely, just enough to keep the sun from making you sparkle." I leaned against the counter, my own mind almost finding this hard to believe.

Esme was the first to step closer, her emotions mixing wildly as concern flashed across her eyes.

"Are you sure, Jasper?" Her voice was a little shaky, which was odd for her. Carlisle moved to her side, silent as he took in this new information. I could only nod, and attempt at sending out some reassuring vibes.

"Yes I'm sure. You didn't sparkle in the sunlight, but I did. She must have some range limit, or I wouldn't have sparkled either." I took a short pause, letting their minds and emotions catch up to the information.

"Now, a human with a gift like that is both very special, but also poses as a highly sought-after prize. We need to learn more about it, without raising her suspision before the time's right. If she changes, that means her gift will only get stronger. We can't keep something like this from her forever, and we will have to be on guard any time she goes somewhere." I know it sounded harsh, but this was something we couldn't take lightly. If the wrong people knew about Keyria's gift, it could bring many bad things to us in Forks. Esme and Carlisle looked at each other, their emotions reaching an almost joyous peak. That feeling confused me slightly, but there was already enough going on at the moment. I crossed my arms gently over my chest, just giving them time to think.

They both gave me a soft smile and a slight nod of their heads, moving slowly from the kitchen. They needed some time to discuss things now, without anyone else around. I stepped outside behind the house, thinking about today's events myself.

Keyria's POV

I followed Emmett into the house, trying to make sure I didn't trip over my own feet or drop anything I was carrying. This was almost too surreal, everything happening the way it has. My parents were gone, supposedly dead. Carlisle and Esme welcomed me into their family with warm, open arms. This odd comfort I felt around Emmett, the ease I felt toward Jasper. It was almost too much, too good to be true. Was this all a dream, something I would wake from and realize it wasn't true? No, I knew better than that. I'd had weeks of grueling interrogations with police, months of almost sleepless nights filled with tears and burning eyes. Days just passed through without much memory of what happened. Thankfully, I was able to pull myself out of that darkness, giving myself this new life to look forward to.
I brought myself back to the present though, coming to the steep, smooth staircase.

"Maybe we can play together sometime then. It'd be nice to see how well you can hold up." Emmett chuckled a little, looking at me slightly over his shoulder. I bit my lip and shifted the boxes in my arms, hoping I didn't have any more accidents today.

"Well, as long as you aren't scared of having a girl whip your ass, sure! But I've gotta warn you, I don't always play fair.. or nice." My cheeks flushed quickly. I have never spoken like that to anyone, not even my parents. He had me flustered for sure, but I didn't quite know why. We were almost at the top of the stairs when I looked up a little. God, his backside was amazing, the muscles in his back and shoulders flexing beneath that tight tee-shirt.

My toe caught the step, my body and feet stumbling forward as I halfway fell up a few steps. I turned my body quickly, sitting on the step before I toppled over. I set the boxes on my lap and blushed wildly, looking at Emmett as he smiled down at me.

"Are you alright?" His question bounced with laughter, my blush deepening with embarrassment.

"Yeah, I just thought I'd sit and rest for a minute. We can keep moving though." I laughed it off, letting him help me to my feet once again.

"Right. Sit and rest, sure." He gave me a grin and I was close enough to see those amber-golden eyes sparkle. I giggled nervously and shifted back a little, looking down at the stairs as we continued.

"At least you have nice saves, that means less trips to the emergency room. Seems like Bella is always there, she could use a little grace with her clumsyness." He chuckled a bit more, turning to watch me as we reached the top of the stairs.

"Plus, you're kinda cute when you stumble." He smiled and winked, moving down the hallway.

I shook my head a little, I didn't want to think anything more of this than a friendly compliment.

"Well, I've never had a broken bone or major injury. And my clumsyness comes and goes, it's Murphy's Law. Always at the worst times, if it can go wrong it will." I even giggled a little myself, stepping through the door he had just opened. The room was simple, but beautiful. A four poster bed sat against the far wall, armoire and dresser to the right of the closet. There was a nice desk in the corner, with enough room for a computer and a tv. It would make a perfect study/gaming center, relaxed and multi-purposed.

"Wow, this is a really nice room. I'll make sure to keep everything nice, that way there won't be anything that's already here getting misplaced." The bookshelf was already full of books, curtains and sheets on the bed. Little knicknacks and other odds and ends littered the room as well. Emmett shook his head, chuckling a little.

"No need Ria. This is all yours now. Esme wasn't sure what you would like so she just got a little of everything. It used to be a guest room, with a small twin bed and a dresser." He set the heavier things on the bed, leaning against one of the foot posts.

"You're a part of the family now, so just make yourself comfy." He smiled and waggled his brows a little, and I thought for a moment I saw a flash of sadness on his face. But he pushed himself away from the bed and stepped to the door.

"Go ahead and start unpacking, I'll bring in everything else for you." He rounded out the door before I could say anything, so I nodded at nothing as I set my boxes on the bed as well.

I looked around the room again; I couldn't believe they got all this for me. At least Esme guessed right on the colors I would like. The bedding and the curtains both were a light cream color with purple flowers spattered over them.

"Well Keyria, so far you're off to a good start. THis just might work out well for you." I spoke softly to myself as I opened a few boxes. Yeah, things may not be too bad here. I felt myself smiling as I looked at my Playstation, thinking of Emmett.

Emmett's POV

I couldn't stop smiling as I left Ria's room, she was just so cool. I hadn't really met many human girls like her. Most were usually more worried about their hair or going shopping, kinda like Alice. Ria was different though, she was like me, a gamer. And even her clumsy moments were cute, and that sassy attitude to go with it? Freaking hot! The main thing that got me about her was her scent though, pure heaven. It was like stepping outside right before it rains in the spring, with the breeze blowing just enough to waft and mix the hyacinth and lilacs together. Intoxicating. Better than any drug I've ever heard of. Better than drinking blood, even from a human. I had to be close to her, but I couldn't figure out why. I would have to talk to Jasper, he could tell me more about these feelings than anyone else.

I laughed a little as I grabbed the rest of her things from the car, actually happy now that she was here.
"Man, this is going to be awesome!" I chuckled to myself, making the final trip inside the house.