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Family Ties

Rose didn't stay with the Cullen's after Emmett's first year; she wasn't his mate and left him there. But what if Carlisle and Esme's past isn't how everyone thinks either? Is there something more to Alice and Edward than they show to people? This is my first attempt at doing fan fiction, I hope you enjoy it! Rated M for future possible violence, language and adult situations..

I would appreciate if any readers would also review. I won't know if I'm doing at least an ok job at writing this if I don't get any feed back.. Thank you! Oh, and I so do not own Twilight or any of the characters; Stephanie Meyer does.. Keyria however, she is my creation alone, along with everything about her...

3. The First Night

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Alice POV

Edward and I were making our way back to the house, both apprehensive and anxious about the new arrival.

"You know you need to make your move on Bella soon, don't you? I don't know what the deal is with the new girl and you may not have much time left." I laced my fingers through his, batting my golden eyes toward his.

Edward stopped walking, pulling me close to his chest and letting his lips linger near mine.

"I know, my pet. But I still have to be careful. If anyone even thinks they might know what I'm up to, it will all have been for naught." His breath tickled my nose, my head buzzing just from sheer proximity.

"Plus, it won't help our plans any if you don't get just a little better at concealing your lust for me. I know that Jasper has thought about it, and we must keep playing along for now." His eyes darkened just a little, though his voice was as smooth as the richest cream.

I bit my lip and tipped my head down, it just felt so bad to let him down.

"I know, Eddy, and I'm sorry. I'll do my very best to play the convincing role of adoring girlfriend to Jasper." I couldn't help it, but Jasper's name rolled off my tongue like sour milk.

Edward smirked and placed a quick kiss to my forehead, moving for the house once again.

"Good, my little Pixie. It won't be long until I am yours alone." He smiled a little as his eyes drifted over me.

"Now all we have to do is find out about our new guest. Play nice and gain enough trust. Then we'll decide if she's just another snack or target practice." He sneered, giving a little chuckle as we drifted apart slightly.

We had to keep this act up only long enough for Edward to have Bella, then we could leave together. It did make me a little jealous that he felt such a need for a pathetic little human, but I knew it was nothing to worry about. Once he got what he wanted we would be on our way out of here, rid of the ignorant and proper Cullen's forever.

Keyria POV

I was distracted. Like can't even think distracted. I didn't know why I couldn't even focus on just unpacking.

Duh! Emmett, you fool! The voice shouted in my head. I blushed and shook my head fiercly.

No, he is not the reason I can't concentrate. I was actually responding to the voice in my head. Great!

Yeah, right. That's why he's the only thing you've focused on since standing here.... But yet it's not him who has you distracted? Whatever.. The voice was definitely a little more than sarcastic, but I actually did have to agree. Everything I have tried to focus on has ended up with Emmett.

My games, my books, my clothes, school. Everytime I started to think of what I would need and when, Emmett smacked me right in the brain.

"Monkey balls..." I muttered under my breath, shutting my eyes with my head swaying.

"Balls? Monkey balls? Didn't know you were in to all that. Thanks for the heads up." Emmett's laughing voice snapped my eyes open as I jumped and smacked into the wall behind me.

"Holy carpfish, Emmett! You scared the crap outta me!" I gave him a playful glare, still shocked that he had heard me. I fumbled with a box, trying to look like I was just thinking about where to put everything.

"Didn't mean to spook ya," he smiled, stepping to the bed, "but you gotta admit, that was pretty funny!" He nudged my arm and set the rest of my things on the floor.

Yeah, it was pretty funny. But I had just admitted to myself that I liked him; all he heard was the verbal response to the conclusion. My face flushed as I nodded a little, finally lifting my game consoles from the box.

"Okay, it was funny. But maybe a head's up next time. Can't always have you using your sneakiness against me." I gave him a smile, reaching for another box. Clothes. Those could wait until later, so I pushed them aside. I couldn't really think of anything I actually needed right now, besides some time to just relax.

"Well, if that doesn't just figure. Now that I've got everything up here I don't want to unpack." I laughed a little, sitting on a small free space of bed.

Emmett grinned and leaned against the wall, raising a brow as he looked at me.

"Well, we could play some Black Ops if you want. See if you can really whip my ass like you said." He gave me a wink, pushing away from the wall as he stuffed his hands in his pockets.

I nodded almost absently, in a daze as my ogling eyes just wandered over his body. Sweet baby cabbages he was fine! Those muscles rippled and those jeans fit him perfectly, in all the right places. His deep chuckle snapped me out of my trance and I looked up quickly as I licked my lips.

"Yeah sure. Sounds like a prety good idea." I blurted out the words, getting lost in his eyes this time.

Um, hello? You can't play video games if you stay here eye-raping him! That voice shouted at me again, causing me to move quickly from the bed.

"Well, this oughta be easy. I'll whip ya fast since you'll be drooling the whole time." Emmett's sarcastic comment made me blush, then glare a little at him.

"I won't be drooling. I was just... thinking about.. stuff." I stumbled through the response, moving for the door.

Stuff...right.. As in 'Emmett.. you're so dreamy!' That voice was really starting to annoy me, but kinda in a good way.

Emmett laughed as we walked to his room.

"Yeah, ok. I know I'm sexy, but I didn't know I was drool-worthy. Thanks for the compliment!" He laughed loudly, nudging me through the door playfully.

I didn't mind it really, though my face felt like it was stuck in an active volcano. I nervously laughed along, trying to calm down a little at being so stupidly obvious.

"Anytime. Glad I could help." I smiled at him, sliding down on what I guessed was a fold-away couch. There wasn't a bed so I figured the couch was one of those ninja-bed things.

He barked out another laugh and plopped next to me, handing the second coltroller to me. We shared a smile quickly before he started the game. Team Deathmatch on Nuketown; opposing teams.

Jasper's POV

I couldn't wrap my head around all this. Carlisle and Esme's feeling toward Keyria were very confusing. They kept themselves guarded for the most part, but what I could read was that of a familiar bond. But how could she be familiar to them when they've never met her before? Then there was the strong concern when they thought something was wrong. I didn't like this; not knowing why they would have these strong emotions toward someone so new to us.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt a strong wave of jealousy from Alice.

What on earth was she jealous about now? Afraid of not getting all the attention with Keyria in the house now? I shook my head slightly as I watched them emerge from the forest, a soft smile as the drew nearer. Thankfully Alice would have no need for such jealousy soon; Emmett was surely going to have much of Keyria's attention for himself.

I slipped my arm around Alice's waist softly as she stepped beside me, kissing her gently.

"Did you hunt well, darlin'?" I smiled at her sweetly, reading an odd stiffness between the two. I nodded at Edward, turning back toward the house.

"I did. But if that's her I smell, I might have to go again." She laughed a little, but it was almost nervously. I hoped there wouldn't be a problem when they met, I would have to be very alert just in case.

Edward nodded, letting Alice and I through the door first.

"She does indeed. Not as good as my sweet Bella, but good nonetheless." He gave an uncomfortable smile, stopping against the counter.

"Well just remember, she doesn't know what we are. So keep it low key, alright? Wouldn't want the poor thing scared after everything else that's happened." I felt a little annoyance from both of them as I spoke, but that was almost expected. They could both be terribly childish at times, something I had hoped would have changed already.

Carlisle and Esme joined us shortly, no doubt having heard us coming in. Their emotions were surprisingly level and simply content. Odd when considering their earlier emotions and the information they had been given.

"So, is everyone ready to actually meet Keyria now? No issues we need to settle first?" Esme's sweet voice whispered around us, annoyance coming from Alice and Edward again. They nodded though, curbing their attitude's a little at Carlisle's look. Esme smiled brightly, stepping close to the doorway.

"Keyria? Edward and Alice are home now if you'd like to come down." Esme spoke much louder than usual, but Keyria wouldn't have heard her otherwise.

I tried to get a read on Keyria before she appeared, but the only thing I could pick up was giddiness and satisfaction. At least her nerves were calmed now, that would help a lot. Esme and Carlisle both smiled as Emmett and Keyria walked toward us. They were laughing and nudging each other, like they'd known each other forever.

"See? I told you I could whip your ass! Maybe next time you'll actually get a kill." Keyria was almost breathless, her smile radiant as she looked at Emmett's fake pouty face.

"You didn't play fair though! I still call a rematch.Sniper class. I'm sneaky there too." Emmett wiggled his eyebrows at her, giving her just a small shove as they stepped through the doorway.

She stumbled, almost hitting the ground if Edward hadn't reached out and caught her. The powerful feeling of protectiveness hit me hard, but it wasn't coming from Edward. Emmett's face had gone hard, his eyes burning as he glared at Edward. He stepped forward, gently pulling Keyria back to his side.

"Thanks for the save, bro." Emmett's words were short and clipped, a smirk appearing on Edward's face.

"Anytime, Em. Seems like she's another Bella, tripping over her own feet." Edward was feeling smug, perhaps at having gotten to Emmett like that. I knew I would have to keep an eye on this, the feelings were too intense to let go.

Keyria blushed and held out her hand to Edward, glancing at Emmett quickly.

"Yeah, thanks. It's a Murphy's Law thing, tomorrow I'll probably be perfect. I'm Keyria Platt, it's nice to meet you."

I could feel the anger rising in Emmett as Edward raised her hand to his lips quickly. He was very attached for someone he'd only known for a few hours. Another oddity concerning Keyria and those around her.

"A pleasure, Keyria. I'm Edward." He gave her a snake-like smile, something that made me very uncomfortable.

Keyria slid her hand from his and turned into Emmett a little, subconsciously going back to whom she felt safest with. Alice took a small step forward, probably feeling the tension between the trio.

"I'm Alice. It's wonderful to meet you! I was so happy when they told me you were coming. Now I'll have a girl to go shopping with!" She squealed a little, bobbing in place with excitement.

"Esme doesn't really like shopping as much as I do. I love it! Clothes and shoes and jewelry... I can't wait until we can go! We are going to be such good friends!" She rushed forward a little, half hugging the girl since she was kinda wrapped around Emmett. I laughed a bit and pulled Alice toward me.

"Darlin', I think you might be scarin her a little. She ain't quite as... peppy as you are, honey." I gave her a sweet smile as she looked at me sheepishly.

"I'm sorry Jas. I'm just so excited!" She smiled brightly at Keyria, who returned her smile in earnest. I could feel some guilt from the girl, and I knew that Alice was fixing to be disappointed.

"Um, not to be rude or anything, but I kinda hate shopping. I think the last time I bought new clothes was a few years ago, and only because I needed them. I might still tag along though, at least get familiar with the area and stuff." Keyria chewed on her bottom lip, clearly hoping that was an adequate compromise. Alice felt a little anger toward her, but smiled after a minute.

"That's fine. Maybe you just need to have a girls day, that might change your mind." Alice wouldn't give up. I could feel it radiating from her.

Keyria looked up at Emmett, stepping away only slightly. The sudden awareness of how close she was embarrassed her, her face turning a brilliant pink.

"Perhaps books are more your thing then. I know of a few wonderful book stores in Port Angeles. Some are a little older, but you can find the classics a lot easier there. Maybe we could go sometime? When Bella's free, of course." Edward's smooth charm had a hint of deception in it. I hoped it wasn't anything threatening, perhaps just another ruse at getting her to go out with them. Emmett's strong feeling of defiance made me smile a little, she wouldn't be going anywhere without him right behind.

"Games, bro. She's in to games. I know more about the best game shops than anyone, and I know she won't mind going there." Emmett casually draped an arm around Keyria's shoulder, like a buddy he'd known for years.

Edward frowned slightly and looked around, he was now bored with the attempt of getting to know her.

"Well, this has been a rather active little meeting. Why don't we all get ready for bed? It's been a long day and I'm sure Keyria is tired." Carlisle's calm voice broke the tense conversation, relief emanating from both Emmett and Keyria.

Everyone nodded slowly and moved about, Emmett pulling Keyria gently back to the staircase. I enjoyed watching them, their strange comfort with each other so soon after meeting.

"You wanna crash out, Ria? We can always do the rematch tomorrow or something." Emmett actually spoke softly, which was just as unusual as his gentle attitude toward her. Keyria didn't show any signs of agreeing, nor was she feeling like leaving his company.

"No. I think a good rematch is what I need. My brain hurts, so shooting you might make me feel better." She smiled at Emmett, completely relaxed as he pulled her along.

He chuckled and shook his head a little, letting her walk up the steps in front of him. I could feel the the attraction from him as he looked approvingly at her figure, though part of it was subconscious.

I turned to Alice, extending a hand to her.

"Darlin? What would you like to do?" I smiled at her, though I knew she was feeling down at the rejection she'd just gotten.

"I don't know, Jasper. Maybe I'll go hunting again or something." She looked up at me, her face wasn't the same warm it usually was.

"We could go through some outfits for the next couple of days. I noticed you had a lot more tee-shirts than I remember, and those just won't do." There it was, the Alice we all knew coming back.

But I did have to admit feeling slightly humiliated, almost not good enough. I could have sworn there was a hint of disgust coming from Alice, but maybe it was just over the shirts.

"Alright, darlin. If it will make you feel a little better, we'll go through my clothes again." I tried to smile, but in reality I just wanted to walk away.

She made me feel so bad sometimes, like all she cared about was making sure I always looked a certain way so she wouldn't be embarrassed or something. Alice nodded a little and moved away, she didn't really seem like she was focused. I knew what that meant too, she was looking into the future. This was going to be a long night, and I honestly wished I didn't have to be here.