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Family Ties

Rose didn't stay with the Cullen's after Emmett's first year; she wasn't his mate and left him there. But what if Carlisle and Esme's past isn't how everyone thinks either? Is there something more to Alice and Edward than they show to people? This is my first attempt at doing fan fiction, I hope you enjoy it! Rated M for future possible violence, language and adult situations..

I would appreciate if any readers would also review. I won't know if I'm doing at least an ok job at writing this if I don't get any feed back.. Thank you! Oh, and I so do not own Twilight or any of the characters; Stephanie Meyer does.. Keyria however, she is my creation alone, along with everything about her...

4. Esme's Journal

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Esme's Journal


I am so very excited! Keyria is coming to live with us, although it is earlier than we had planned for. I am still puzzled and somewhat alarmed at the sudden disappearance of her parents, Karl and Abigail. They just vanished, into thin air it would seem! I cannot even imagine what that poor child has had to endure; the human authorities poking and prodding, the investigation, the questions!

I am truly glad, and relieved, that dear Abigail insisted on Karl and herself writing their wills and making the provisions for Carlisle and myself to have the guardianship of little Keyria until her graduation from high school. That has turned into a great blessing; having a solid legal ground to stand upon at this trying time!

We had planned to attend Keyria's graduation in late May, to formally make her acquaintance and integrate her into our family. I wonder if she will continue with her planned attendance at Dartmouth in the fall? She would have been attending with Jasper and my sweet boy Emmett. They could have kept her safe and perhaps would have become good friends to each other.

"Esme, my darling."

"Yes Carlisle, my love?" Yes, always my sweet husband. How I hope that for all my children!

"Jasper says that her vehicle has just turned into the drive. We need to go out to greet Keyria, my dear."

I spoke up, "Jasper, will you come out with us? She may need a little calming, if you would be so kind."

"It would be my pleasure, Esme." Came the deep, rich voice of Jasper Whitlock, a true southern gentleman. He had joined us in 1950, becoming a good friend and brother to Carlisle and myself. He looked so much younger than his actual human age, it still astonishes me at times! Of course, his parents were the same way. In the only picture he has of the three them, taken just before his twenty-fifth birthday on the occasion of his promotion to the rank of Major in the Texas Calvary; I had mistaken his mother for an older sister and his father as her beau! He definitely had excellent genetics, from both sides! Neither of them looked to be older than myself, at 26, or Carlisle at 30. According to Jasper, both of them were in their mid-forties when that photograph was taken!

"Come, wife. We must go down. You can work on the Journal later tonight." Carlisle called from the doorway of my study.

"It would be rude not to greet the child." He smiled warmly at me.

"Do you think she will be alright, Carlisle?" I asked my husband. "She has been through so much in such a short time!"

"We will help her, Esme," Jasper said from the entry hall, "I will check her emotions, and that will give me a better understanding of what she may need from us."

"Thank you so much, Jasper. You are a great help to us in so many ways." I told him, meaning every word.

Jasper played the part of our son, but we three knew that he was so very much more to our little nest. His gift, and his knowledge, had saved us on more than one occasion, and would be of vast assistance in our current situation.

Break - Returning After Retiring for the Night

My world has just become much more, I am not quite sure what it has become yet! To be sure, things are most certainly about to change, and there are circumstances that we did not anticipate! I must speak with Carlisle and Jasper!

"Carlisle, could I have a moment of your time, please?" I asked as I heard his step in the passage outside my study.

"I was coming to speak with you about Keyria already, my dear," Carlisle spoke as he entered the doorway, "she is a striking young woman, Esme, just as you were when I saw you for the first time. She could be you at two or years older than when we first met!" He said, with a look of devotion for me in his eyes.

"She has David's eyes, Carlisle; and the same color of hair, such a beautiful golden honey! It was almost like seeing him again, only if he had been a female!" I exclaimed, overcome with memories of dear David at her age.

"Calm down, my lovely, we must make our choices quickly and rationally, not when in an emotionally chaotic state." He said, his cool and logical temperament embracing my soul, soothing my mind into a more steady state.

"In light of Jasper's observation when she arrived, we may have to bring forward the revelation of our true nature. This is going to accelerate her introduction into our world." Carlisle voiced with conviction, and what seemed to be resignation.

"Perhaps we should speak more with Jasper before we discuss this with Keyria, and the others. He doesn't know of David and Julia either, or of their descendants. We must be, um, delicate about this entire situation." Carlisle said.

"Yes, and we absolutely MUST ensure her safety, as well as our own, Carlisle. We CANNOT allow her to be harmed, in any way! I will be adamant about that, to the whole family, and they will help, in any and every way possible! I am serious on the subject, Carlisle!" I stated, with no wavering of voice or emotion. Keyria was mine to protect, guide, and nurture!

"Shall I ask Jasper to join us? I do not think he will object; Alice is going on about his wardrobe choices, again." Carlisle sighed out the last words with exasperation in his voice.

He simply could not understand why Jasper allowed Alice, and even Edward, to treat his as though her were lesser than they. As if they were... ashamed to be in his company. It is a puzzling thing; Alice treats him more as an obligation at times, not as her partner!

It almost reminds me of the Rosalie was, right before she left us. Or is it more of how Emmett was? He never made the connection with Rosalie that she wanted, but at least he wouldn't pretend! He always felt that she left because he could not be what she wanted, and there are times that Jasper feels the same with Alice.

"Jasper, a word please. There are choices and decisions that must be made, and I shall need your advice." Carlisle spoke, barely louder than a whisper, knowing Jasper would hear.

Jasper entered, followed by Alice. Carlisle frowned, looking at Alice.

"Why are you here, Alice? I did not request your presence, did I? So unless you have 'seen' something, you are not needed here."

"But Carlisle, I was going over Jasper's clothes again! Surely there isn't anything that is so important that is can't wait?" Alice whined out, pouting like a child, as usual. She truly does act like the sixteen year old teenager she is at times.

"No, Alice, this cannot wait. As for Jasper's clothing, there ARE more important things in this family other than shopping. Jasper's wardrobe is correct and does NOT need to be altered. If you do not want to be here, go find Edward and take him for a hunt. Now!" I looked at Jasper, who seemed aggravated with her, and grateful for Carlisle's firmness with her.

'She's been sniping at him again,' I thought, ' I do not know how he can stand to be with her some days!'

"Fine!" Alice huffed, "Jasper, go ahead and look like a backwards, redneck hick! Carlisle doesn't care if you look like a nasty 'human', and I'm tired of trying to improve you! By the way, I can't see the human's future, all I get are flashes of different things, nothing clear. He," she said, pointing at Jasper, contempt clearly displayed on her face, "can tell you all about it. I told him, and he said something about her being undecided. I don't really care, as long as MY plans aren't upset!" She blurred out, calling for Edward, clearly complaining to him about how 'unsuitable' Jasper's clothing was.

What has gotten into her head now? Surely she isn't that self-centered and shallow, is she?

"My sincerest apologies, Esme, Carlisle. I had no idea that she would follow me, or that she would have acted in such a way." Jasper's deep voice sounded so sorrowful, as if Alice's behavior was his doing.

"Jasper, you are not responsible for Alice's rude and frankly, irrational behavior! And why, pray tell, is your clothing suddenly an issue? You, of all of us, have always tried to blend in more; well, you and Emmett." I said, trying to comfort his obvious distress.

"You dress well, better than most, and you do not draw attention to yourself in any way. Now, what exactly was Alice running on about, with the difficulty she is having seeing Keyria's future? Is it something we should add to our other concerns?" I asked. I was starting to wonder if Alice was just attempting to force a confrontation. Or was Alice just acting out because Keyria did not wish to spend her time on unnecessary shopping?

There were times that Alice seemed to exist solely for shopping, and how extravagantly she could dress! It was as if she Wanted to draw attention to us! However, this time, she was acting more 'out there', as the children say, than she ever has before.

And what brought about those comments about the 'humans'? She had never spoken of human in such a derogatory or vicious manner before. Or was that her way to hurt Jasper? If that was her intent, it seems to have backfired on her!

Jasper sighed, and ran his hands over his face. Shaking his head, he replied quietly.

"I do not believe that it is of any concern at this time; nor is Alice's lack of clear 'visions' of Keyria likely to become one. As I pointed out to Alice, Keyria most likely is not making ANY decisions for more than basic things - what she will wear, to bathe, how to fit into our family, things of that nature. Any plans or choices she and her parents may have made concerning her future are no longer relevant, and she is still just coping with each day as it comes. Since Alice only 'sees' the outcome of decisions made, if Keyria is making none, Alice would not 'see'. She was also overly upset that Keyria has no desire to shop and be, err, 'girly' was the term Alice used. She was even more agitated after I mentioned the fact that Edward made Keyria feel, ah, uncomfortable for some reason. She does feel very safe and content with Emmett, and even myself, however. That could be a great advantage to us." I could see the strategist thinking in Jasper, weighing everything, and determining what would be the best course to take for our safety and comfort.

"Now, since Edward and Alice are no longer in range of our voices, or our thoughts, we need to decide how to continue from here." Jasper stated. His gift had a range of about 2 miles further out than Edward's, making private discussions easier to have.

"There is one thing, I want Emmett to know everything we decide here tonight, so, Em, listen in, and join us once Keyria is sleeping."

A faint "No problem, Jas," was heard from his room, over the sounds made by the game Keyria and Emmett were playing.

Jasper sat down int he chair across from the small sofa that Carlisle and I were seated upon. He looked at us expectantly, waiting for one of us to open this difficult subject in conversation.

I spoke up, "We need to tell Keyria about what we are. And we cannot wait to do so, Jasper. You yourself said that her gift makes her a prize, a danger she is unaware of, to herself and to us. If she knows about the Vampire world, she may be more willing to accept any rules or restrictions we would have to put in place. Do you not agree?"

I could see Jasper wanted to ask about something, and was not sure if he should.

"What do you want to ask, dear? We will tell you if we can."

"I was wondering, have you met Keyria before? Your emotions were, um, not what I expected, Esme. You felt like she was returning to you, not as if you were meeting and making her acquaintance for the first time. It was as if she were a part of our family already. So, how do you know her?" He asked, projecting his curiosity and the expectation of an answer to us.

Carlisle looked at me, and then at Jasper.

"I think I should explain Keyria's background to you, you will need to know. Esme and I have known Keyria's family for almost as long as Esme has been a vampire, Jasper. They know what we are, and four of them have been turned themselves. Keyria's great-grandfather worked with me when Esme was not quite six months into her newborn year. Back then, as in your human life, doctor's were expected to take on apprentices. David was mine.

He became my responsibility, according to the customs of the day. His mother had died in child birth, and his father wanted him to have a better life. So, when his seventeenth birthday cam, Karl asked me if I would take him on. Karl was my supervisor at the time, and I could not refuse without having to answer questions about the reasons. It was just Esme and I, Edward had been gone for almost two years by this time. I did not know it he would return, and Karl was dying of consumption.

As Esme was supposedly in 'delicate' health, I asked for the chance to gain her approval before accepting. I took a scarf with David's scent home to gauge her reaction. She did not even twitch, it was amazing! Out of every human we have ever been around, before or since, he caused no reaction in her at all. Since Karl lived close by, it was decided that David would continue to reside in his father's home until such a time that either Karl passed, or David gained his majority at twenty-one.

David came to live with us within a year's time. Karl contracted bronchitis, and died less than a week later. The consumption had weakened his heart, and his death was very sudden." Carlisle was quiet for a few minutes, the air or remembered sorrow heavy on his face.

"So what led to David knowing what we are?" Jasper asked, the curiosity emanating from him more strongly. "And why does Keyria look like Esme? Is she related in some way?" Jasper asked in a perplexed voice. "I heard you speaking of it before I came into the room, I did not mean to overhear, but I was trying to zone in on any voice but Alice's, and her constant complaints about my clothing choices."

"As far as we know, she is no relation to Esme. But, from what I gathered from people who knew her, David's mother looked almost like Esme, and he had her facial features and bone structure. He got his hair and eye color from his father, Karl." Carlisle explained.

"When Esme was able to be around humans in town, they assumed that Esme and Marion, David's mother, were half-sisters." Carlisle's words seem to satisfy Jasper's need for information, and he relaxed a little more into his seat.

Jasper thought for a moment, and then asked a very pointed question.

"If her grandparents are vampires, and have been for some time, why has Keyria come to you? Why not send her to them instead?"

I could see the frustration in Jasper's face, and I decided to speak up in answer to his question.

"Keyria thinks that her paternal grandparents passed just before she was born. The story she was told is her grandmother passed from cancer of the pancreas, and her grandfather in an auto accident on his way home the same night she passed. Keyria was born seven weeks later. It was never an option for ANY of the Platt children over the years to be given to anyone but Carlisle and I, since we were sort of unofficial 'Aunt and Uncle' to them all. But, this is the first time since David that we have actually had one in residence." I hoped that his 'need to know' section of his brain wouldn't ask for more background. That could put us into some dangerous territory, indeed!

"So, Keyria's grandparents are vampires; what are they doing?" Jasper asked.

I replied, "They are actually trying to find out what really happened to Karl and Abigail. You and I both know that two people do not just vanish into thin air, Jasper! Not in this day, in the past, yes, but not in the world today!"

"Enough about Karl and his wife. Our concerns at This time must be with Keyria and her safety. That is what we must plan for and make choices to ensure her, and our, protection!" Carlisle forcefully spoke.

There was the Carlisle Cullen that only the three of us in this room now had ever seen - The Nest Master. Even he himself had very rarely acted as the Master of the Nest, and we accepted his ruling without question, taking our proper roles.

"Very well, sir. With the demonstration of her gift, even though she is not aware of it, we must make her safety the primary goal. Keyria should be told at your earliest opportunity, and the range of her gift determined. She can Not go Anywhere unaccompanied outside of this house, and one of us will have to be here at all times when she is present. Since her gift suppresses the 'sparkle' we have in direct sun, we would no longer be dependant on cloud-cover to be in the public eye." Jasper said, giving the facts just like the high-ranking male that he is.

"This is true. However, Keyria only trusts the four of us who were here when she arrived. And you also stated that she is most comfortable with Emmett, Esme, and myself; correct?" Carlisle asked.

"Does she trust you more than Edward or Alice, Jasper?"

"Yes, she does. And I think that her trust and feeling of security will grow with all of us given more time. After all, most of her time since her arrival has been spent with Emmett and Esme; yourself and I have not been in her company as much. There may be a problem with her trusting either Alice or Edward. She absolutely wants no more to do with either of them than is needed. To be honest, they see her as an annoyance or an obstacle as well. Do recall Alice's outburst at the beginning of this meeting, and the fact that she referred to Keyria as a 'human', in the same tone one would speak in referring to trash. Edward's emotions were almost the same as hers." Jasper gave us his opinions and insights, and what almost felt like a warning about two of our own nest members.

"Such animosity upon first meeting was very unusual, for any of us. Time will tell if that atmosphere changes or not, but we must take immediate steps to protect ourselves." Jasper ended his report to Carlisle, waiting for our thoughts to plan any of our actions.

Emmett knocked softly on the study door, "You asked for my company once Ria was asleep?" he asked.

Carlisle responded, "Yes, Emmett. You listened to everything?"

"Yeah, and I might have at least a partial solution to some of the security problems." He said, almost like he feared offending one of us.

Jasper looked up at him and smiled, "Take a seat. Any help you can give us will be more than welcome, believe me! What did you have in mind, Em?" He asked his friend.

Those two were true best friends, even though they came from such different times. They worked well together on things, and this type of problem was something they have, what Is the word?, "gamed" at times. Both of them enjoyed the strategy and tactics games that Emmett played as many of. Boys! I swear, they never grow up!

Emmett looked a little embarrassed. "Well, if Ria's not comfortable with Alice and Eddie, then one of us should ride to school and back every day. Or, she can ride with you and me in the Jeep, Jay." Jasper nodded his head, and then motioned for him to continue.

"Us three; you, me, and Ria are seniors; Alice and Eddie, Juniors, so we can get as many classes with her as we can. We 'eat' lunch at the same time, and I know the only two lockers available are between mine and yours." He said.

"What about Edward and Alice's A.P. classes?" Jasper asked.

"Well," Emmett started, "one of us is in all of them except history, and we're all in that one. We're all in the same gym class, too, last period. And you know that those two spend all their time with Bella anyway. But that brings up something else, too. Bella knows, how are we going to make sure that We are the ones to tell Ria? And we will have to run interference with the male population of Forks High. Some of those guys just won't believe that a girl isn't interested. Bells has been here since November, with Eddie almost three months now, and the STILL won't leave her alone! You know that's going to happen with Ria too!" Emmett almost shouted.

Jasper gave him a quizzical look, and then his eyes opened wide, almost like he was in shock. What did Jasper feel? Emmett looked at him.

"What? Did you think of something else?" he asked. Jasper smirked a little.

"I just might have, Em. We will have to make sure that "Ria", as you call her, is fine with the solution to at least part of the school problems, and we can figure out the rest once we know her class schedule." Carlisle raised a brow at Jasper in query. He had felt something from Emmett, and Emmett wasn't even aware of it! Jasper shook his head a little, he would tell us later, in private.

"Ok, so what is this gift she has, and what makes it so dangerous to her? I heard the part about our sparkle, and we can't keep her here when the sun is out. That wouldn't be fair to her. How do we keep her safe at school when we can't be there, Jay?" Emmett's worry was clear in his questions, and his determined voice made it very clear that expected an answer.

Jasper looked at Emmett with a grin.

"You were in the house when it happened, so you did not see what I am referring to. The sun came out on us for just a few seconds when Keyria first arrived. It shone on all four of us, but I was the only one who 'sparkled', Em. I was on the porch, about 35 feet away from them. Carlisle and Esme did NOT 'sparkle'. If her ability to camouflage us has a 20 or 30 foot range, one of the four of us can stay with her all the time, even on sunny days. And that is a good thing - for us. It is also what will make her a sought after prize to other vampires. Can you imagine the use that Aro Volturi, or Maria, can put a gift like that to? And if and when she is turned," he then gave Carlisle and I a hard stare, "that ability will expand, exponentially. She could, as a vampire, encompass three to five miles or more, and possibly have other similar cloaking or defense nuances that do not manifest while she is human still."

The three of us just sat there, open-mouthed, stunned into silence by Jasper's words.

"Please, pull yourselves together. We need to finish this up and have a plan in place before Edward comes back in range. Be sure to hide your thoughts too. I do not want him or Alice knowing until we tell Keyria. That will let me get a better sense of their true feelings about her, and I will be able to put the plans for any problems they might pose for us." Jasper said with a sad sigh.

I did feel badly for Jasper. Neither Alice or Edward would consider anything but the advantage to themselves in this situation, and all of us knew this to be true. Both of them loved it when the sun was shining on Forks. Alice used those days to disappear into whichever enormous mall she could spend money in on clothing and such that she had no use for. Edward usually went with her, for no other reason than to make Jasper feel as though he were a lesser being due to his scars. So, the four of us will not be sending Keyria with them, unless one of us went also. Problem solved.

"Keyria should ride to and from school with Emmett." Carlisle spoke, shaking off his shock at Jasper's assessment.

"I doubt that Alice would be agreeable to her riding with the two of you, Jasper. Besides, what would the two of them talk about? Keyria has made it very clear that fashion is very low on her list of priorities." He said with a smile. " Edward has been taking Miss Swan to and from school, and I do not think he would be overjoyed with her attention being given to another person."

"Well, she could shop with me for groceries and such things she will need while she is still human and living with us. It would be nice to be able to feel the sun on my skin!" I exclaimed.

"I think her presence will help us to 'blend' a little better as well. If I am able, like the other wives in Forks, to shop and enjoy the sun on a pretty day! Would you not agree, my love?" I asked Carlisle.

"Absolutely, darling. And we could also take walks in the town, and go on picnics in the city park, as the other families here do." He gazed at me with pride in his eyes.

"We would be able to go to the outdoor concerts and other daytime events in the area as well. That most certainly help us to 'fit in' as the humans say these days. It would also give us the chance to check for the scent trails of any nomads passing through our territory, Port Angeles, Seattle, or Olympia." He said, his eyes sparkling with delight. He did so enjoy those simple things, and greatly mourned not being able to go out in the daylight to partake of them.

Jasper smiled broadly at Carlisle, basking in his happiness of mind and soul.

"Emmett, once we reveal ourselves to your Ria, I have an idea that will both ensure her safety at school, and 'warn off' the pesky, hormone-driven males at that same institution. If she is agreeable, how would you like to be her 'boyfriend'?" Jasper asked, almost giggling as he did.

Emmett grinned, the dimples in his cheeks showing up.

"I don't mind, and since I'm the only 'single' Cullen, it would make more sense for me to take on this mission, Major, sir." He joked, and then laughed with Jasper at the reference to Jasper's human past.

"I don't think that Ria would have any problems with playing along. She has already told me that she hoped that the boys here would ignore her. When I told her how they were still treating Eddie's girl, Bella, her words were, and I quote, 'Great, now they will probably go after me. I'll be the target of the idiots who just can't grow up!' unquote. Ria also said it was a pity that she couldn't use the 'I have a boyfriend, sorry,' excuse. She's really just wanting to do her classwork and just chill for a while. She's still working through the sudden loss of her parents, and really, her life as she knew it. If anything, she'd most likely be grateful for the help there, bro."

Jasper nodded, "I thought as much, Em. Also, once she knows how my gift works, perhaps I can assist her is she needs it. I can also help her learn about her gift, and maybe gain some measure of control over it. That can give her something to occupy her mind with something other than what may have happened to her mother and father." Emmett nodded in agreement to Jasper's plan.

They were right, and having Emmett 'dating' Keyria would keep the male humans from disturbing her with their nonsense; and it would also give her an instant bodyguard. A bodyguard who, bu his very size is intimidated to the human population, and one who is combat-trained by Jasper Whitlock, the best fighter in the vampire world! Neat, tidy, and very feasible! They are very good as a team with these things.

I looked at Carlisle, and he was smiling and nodding his agreement as well. Now, just as long as Keyria does not object, that plan can be put in place at once, even before we reveal what we are!

"When do we want to tell her?" I asked. Alice and Edward were going shopping with Bella tomorrow, and I did not think they would be agreeable to any change of their plans.

"Were you going with Alice on the trip with Edward and Bella tomorrow, Jasper?"

His jaw tightened with irritation as he answered me.

"That was what Alice was ranting about earlier, Carlisle. I made the mistake of mentioning that if you needed my here, I would not be able to accompany them. That started the argument about the 'worthless human' interfering with her shopping plans."

'So, That is what caused Alice's earlier outburst,' I thought. I had wondered if it were something of actual importance or not. Well, of importance to us, at any rate.

Jasper continued, "If you would, Carlisle, either Esme or yourself should require myself to remain here tomorrow. The sun will be out after school hours, and that will give us the chance to explain everything at one time. It will also give me a chance to discover the range of Keyria's gift, and if she is conscious of it at all. Is that acceptable for now? Edward just hit the extreme edge of my gift, and we will be within the range of his in the next five minutes or so."

Carlisle stood up. "We can finish this after they leave then. Remember, keep a hold of your thoughts. Thank you all for your suggestions and insight. Have a good evening, or what is left of it. Jasper, Emmett, good thinking from you both!"

Both of the young men almost glowed from Carlisle's praise, happy to know that their father, and Nest Master, was proud of them.

"Yes, you both have went to no small effort of thought to both make Keyria feel welcome and wanted with us, but also to ensure the safety of our Nest, including it's newest member. My thanks." I said, both as mother, and Mistress of the Cullen house.