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daughter of aro



1. chapter one

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"Jane" I sighed looking up from my magazine, "Give it a rest, you've tried everyday for the past 71 years, it's not going to work"

Jane glared at me and tried again. I turned to Alec.

"Will you get her to quit it" I asked, he just shrugged, "Argh!" I stormed out the room, screaming my head off, "DAD!" I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened my eyes, Dad was stood in front of me, smiling. I growled at him. Felix ran up to him,

"Aro, we have a-" Dad waved his hand to silence him.

"Wait" he turned to me, "What's wrong Bella? Why are you causing this commotion?"

"Because" I explained through gritted teeth, "Jane won't stop trying to torture me!!"

"Ah, I see"

"Yes and it's doing my head in" I wined. Dad pulled me into a hug and calmed me.

"Why don't you go hunting?" he suggested.

"Will you come with me?"

"I wish I could I really do but I have a lot of business to get through. But I promise to spend all day tomorrow with you, it's going to be raining" I nodded and went to my room, "Get an Elk for me"

Yes, the Volturi now drink Animals blood, all thanks to me. You see, around 1943, a coven called the Denali's visited Dad, Uncle Caius and Uncle Marcus, and one called Kate explained how they hated hunting humans, so instead they hunt animals and that results in their eyes being gorgeous shades of gold's instead of bright red. I told Dad about it and said that from now on I would hunt Animals. Of course dad, being dad didn't like the idea. I went hunting animals anyway and Dad said he'd give it a try since I nagged him for months. I also think it's because of my eyes being a beautiful gold. When he came with me he was converted and ordered that everyone in Volterra drink Animal blood.

I quickly reached my room and changed into my hunting clothes and went to the garage. I quickly got in my blue Lamborghini Gallardo LP560, it purred to life and I floored it flying out of Volterra. I parked at the edge of the woods and went to hunt.

After my third Elk, I was full and headed home. I just changed out of my clothes and there was a knock on the door. I quickly slipped a dressing gown on and answered the door. There stood Demetri,

"We have guests, formal event we are to meet at 6:30pm in the foyer. You know the dress code" he walked away. I had just enough time to shower, so I did. Afterwards I slipped into a red satin halter neck dress. It was floor length so I put on black and red heels. I left my hair to cascade down my back and applied light make up and perfume. I placed the ring Dad gave me on the middle finger on my left hand. It was silver with a huge diamond; it had topaz and sapphire surrounding it. Dad liked me to wear it when we had guests round or on special occasions. Finally I put on my black cloak, hood up and I made my way to the foyer. I was met by three guards; we walked to the main hall. Dad and my uncles were waiting. I took my seat on Dad's right. He patted my ring and smiled at me, I returned it,

"Feeling better?" he whispered.

"Much" I replied

"Good" he patted my hand again and then talked to Caius on his left. I turned to Marcus on my right,

"Who are we greeting?" I asked.

"The Dolton Clan" he groaned

"Who are they?"

"Oh right you weren't with us before. We nicknamed them the Dotty Dolton Clan. What fun you'll have meeting them for the first time" he smirked and I hit him playfully. He chuckled and I sulked. The door opened and two guards followed by 3 males and 3 females entered. Dad rose and greeted them. A tall male brunette, known as Eric, stepped forward.

"Aro, good to see you again. May I introduce my coven? This is Jenny" he pointed to a curly haired female brunette, and continued down the line, "and that's Lauren and her mate Tyler," he pointed to blonde haired male and female, "and that's Mikey" he pointed to another, dirty blonde haired male, "and finally my mate Katie" he waved to a brunette, the prettiest of them all.

Dad continued the usual greeting and finished,

"Now a new edition to the Volturi, my biological daughter, Bella" he waved me forward and I rose and smiled.

"My gosh, biological?" Katie questioned

"Yes" Dad grinned smugly, "At the gathering all will be explained, it's where I shall introduce her properly"

"Does she have any powers?" Katie asked intrigued. I answered before Dad and a flash a smile at him; he chuckled silently along with Marcus and Caius.

"I have three; my first is the same as my Dad, I can read people with one touch except I only know facts, not feelings, thoughts, memories, ect. My second is my shield, I can protect objects or people, my shield is permantly on and it blocks all mind powers including my father's, it comes in very useful to protect my loved ones. Dad's also happy as I need less guard and am always safe. Lastly I can sense when someone is looking or coming for me, at the moment my Uncle Marcus is helping me develop it further. I'm trying to be able to tell where the person is" I didn't mention my extra sensitive hearing.

"Impressive" Katie smiled and I returned it, I like her, I concluded.

We continued talking until dawn and the whole coven with the exception of Eric and Katie, where doing my head in.

"How long are you staying?" I butted in and Marcus choked down a laugh miserable. I bit my lip.

"Unfortunately we plan to leave in an hour or so" Tyler answered my question.

"Aw, never mind" I smiled.

"You will come back in a month for our gathering though?" Dad asked.

"Of course, we wouldn't miss an opportunity to see you all" Mikey replied and then smiled what was supposed to be a seductive smile. I shuddered. EW! Dad saw me shudder.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, but if you'll excuse I wish to change, as it is a new day" Dad nodded and I practically ran to my room. I stripped off and jumped into the shower. I got out and dressed in a navy blue circular necked vest, it flowed down to mid thigh. I slipped on a pair of jeans and black flats. I tied my hair up and returned with my cloak and ring on. They were all in the foyer saying there goodbyes, perfect timing!

"You're leaving! Goodbye to you all" I smiled. I walked over and hugged them all. When I came to Katie I whispered,

"Email me, soon"

"I will" she promised. I kissed her cheek, as a sign the Volturi only use for true friends or acquaintances. I also kissed Eric's cheek. As they walked out the door Mikey slipped a piece of paper into my hand. Once the door was closed I opened it. It was a phone number. I groaned and Marcus laughed as he read it over my shoulder,

"Aro, Cauis our little Bella's got a boyfriend!" he laughed and Dad and Caius joined in. I growled and Marcus joined them to laugh at my misfortune.

"Well the delightful Mikey certainly did seem taken with our Bella" Caius laughed. I stalked up to them all and pointed my finger in their faces,

"If you tell anyone or set anything up, I'll run away and disown you all!!" I threatened, "MAX! BEN!"

My two personal guards came running in, "Burn this!" I chucked the piece of paper at them and stormed out to the gardens. As I stormed off I heard Marcus laugh,

"Hey Felix, looks like you got competition!" I groaned and walked around for a while to calm myself. Jane was looking for me to try and hurt me, again! When will she understand that a shield means it shields a.k.a blocks powers. Stupid, Little witch. I went to the music room and sat at my black grand piano that sat in the middle of the room. I started to play, after a while I started to sing, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from the Phantom of the Opera.

Someone clapped and I turned around and saw Dad coming towards me.

"That was beautiful Bella" He kissed my forehead and sat on the bench next to me, "You should play at the gathering"

"Maybe" I shrugged, "Anyway when were you planning on telling me about the gathering?"

"We decided while you were hunting and I was going to tell you when you arrived home but then we had guests"

"Okay" I hugged him close and he stroked my hair

"Tomorrow you're going to get your dress with Heidi"

"Why?" I moaned

"Because I want you to look even more stunning when I introduce you, if that's at all possible"

"Fine" I sighed, we sat in a comfortable silence and every now an then Dad would play a simple tune, "Dad, do you want me to find a mate?" he stopped playing, looked down and smiled

"I want you to be happy Bella and if that means you have a mate then, yes."

"Thanks" I hugged him and he returned it.


Tomorrow came and Heidi dragged me to my car. It was raining, so we were safe. I drove us to the Dress Maker's Boutique. We walked in and I told him we were browsing. Living in Volterra as a vampire gives you plenty of free time and Dad thought learning languages was a good use of time, so I am now fluent in; English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Latin, Greek, German, Swedish, Chinese and Egyptian. I have no idea when I'll need to speak any of these languages, except English and Italian, but apparently they'll come in useful.

"Now your dad wants you in purple so let's look at these!" Heidi exclaimed and pulled me towards a rack of purple dresses. After half an hour of looking and trying on Heidi sighed,

"I knew it would come to this. Roberto!!"

"Come to what?" I questioned worriedly.

"We'll have one customized. Ah, Roberto" Heidi kissed a tall tanned man on the cheek, she explained about the dress and the specifications. Four hours later I was stood in a beautiful dark purple dress. It was strapless and had crystals clustered at the bust and the lower you got the more the crystals faded. It flowed to the floor and had a small train at the back. The dress was backless, but had a giant cross across the skin, acting as the back of the dress to keep it in place. The cross was covered in crystals. The skirt was very floaty and light, but that was to balance out the weight of all the crystals on the top half. We thanked Roberto and scheduled a fitting a week before the gathering. Heidi then proceeded to drag me to numerous shops, and finally in the fifth shop she found a pair of shoes she approved of and showed them to me. The were round toe stilettos, very simple; except for one minor detail they were made of glass.

"Glass shoes? Do I look like Cinde-bella?" I asked

"No, but they'll match your pretty dress and make me very happy" she pouted and pulled out her puppy dog eyes.

"Fine, Get them" I sighed

"YES!" she screamed and hugged me. We went to the check out and paid. Turns out they were the last pair and Pierre, the designer, is not making anymore. Now I have to be extra careful. We returned home and put the shoes, jewellery and extras that, according to Heidi, 'I just have to have', away.

(Edward's POV)

"What is it Carlisle?" Emmett questioned. We were all sat in the dining room, Carlisle called us down.

"It's from Aro" Carlisle started.

"What does that dufus want?"

"Well there's a gathering in a months time, every vampire in existence is to attend"

"What's the occasion?" Esme asked

"It says that they have a special very important announcement to make"

"So let me get this right" Emmett started, here we go, "The Volturi have a 'special very important announcement to make' so we have to go all the way to Volterra for a gathering, and then we, as a coven, have to stay another month when all the rest of the Vampire world get to escape to freedom!"

"Basically yes"

"Cool, free holiday, when do we go?" We all laughed at his dramatic change of heart.

"In a few weeks" Rose was about to speak but Alice had a vision. I tried to see it but she blocked me. She opened her eyes and a huge grin spread across her face.

"What is it Alice? What did you see?" Jasper whispered.

"I know what Aro's announcement is!!" she clapped her hands.

"What is it?!" Rose squealed

"Are sure you want to know? Wouldn't you rather wait until the gathering?"

"ALICE!" we all yelled in unison.

"Alright, Alright. Aro's announcement is that … well he drinks animals blood now and from the looks of it has for over fifty years" We all gasped. Then it was silent.

"Really Alice, are you sure?" Carlisle checked. She nodded her head.

(Bella's POV)

The weeks past fairly quickly the whole castle was making arrangements for the gathering. Dad had told me as soon as the guests start to arrive I have to wear my cloak, hood up at all times, and I mustn't call Dad, Dad, I must call him Aro. Well this is going to be so much fun. Today is the day of the gathering. It starts at 6pm so Heidi insisted to Dad that she spend the whole day primping me. Torture! I came back from hunting at about half eleven to a peeved off Heidi.

"Where have you been?!" she yelled while pushing me into my room.


"You've put me an hour and a half behind schedule!"


"Never mind just get in the shower and wash your hair!" she pushed me into my bathroom. I got in and washed in all, seven products she'd left out. I dried and wrapped myself in my dressing gown.

Heidi spent the next hour putting my hair in curlers; while they set she gave me a pedicure and manicure. Her excuse, because of glass shoes and everyone's hand I'll shake. Then she spent another hour doing my make, I kept warning her to keep it low key and natural. After hours of torture she ordered me to put on my dress. I carefully slipped it on and Heidi did up the zip.

"Stunning! Wait here and do not look in a mirror. I have to get changed and then I need to finish pinning your hair" she ran to her room to change, while she was gone I read another chapter of Pride and Prejudice. I had just finish when Heidi returned in an emerald green, satin halter neck dress. She wore her hair in a big chunky ponytail, with the ends curled. Her make up was bold but still looked natural. She had her black heels on and her cloak over her arm.

"Right lets finish our hair!" she beamed.

"You look lovely Heidi!"

"Thanks, I kept it low key so you could be what everyone stared at tonight" she joked

"You're so kind" I laughed and she joined in. She pinned up more hair and used about two bottles of hair spray. She put a diamond necklace around my neck, and my ring on my finger. She placed matching earrings in my ears and gave me my shoes. I slipped them on and stood up, they were surprisingly comfy. Heidi led me to a mirror. I looked stunning, the dress fitted beautifully and my hair was pinned up in a bun of curls. She left a ringlet at either side of my face. My make up was natural but my eyes were made to stand out, the purple eye shadow accentuated the gold of my eyes.

"Well?" she questioned

"I love it!" I gushed and hugged her fiercely, "Thanks Heidi!!"

"Good! Your welcome Bells!" she held my cloak for me and I put it on. She already had hers on. She secured my hood so I could see where I was going but no one could see my face. Heidi pulled her hood up and we walked to meet Dad, my uncles and the Guard in the ballroom. As I walked in Dad turned around and a huge smile lit up his face.

"Good job Heidi!" he praised she smiled and walked towards the rest of the guard. Dad, Marcus and Caius were all in tuxedos underneath their cloaks. Dad went to lower my hood but Heidi stopped him,

"Aro be patient you'll be dazzled with the rest of the guests. Anyway I secured her hood so she could see but no one could see her, so the surprise was not ruined"

"Very well" he sighed. We all took our usual seats and the guests started to arrive. They all took there seats at there specially assigned tables, placed around the centre of the room where the dance floor is. Everyone kept murmuring about the special announcements, some tried to guess. That amused me for a while but then a velvety voice caught my attention,

"Carlisle, who's that at Aro's side?"

"Where?" a much wiser man's voice replied, I assumed him to be this Carlisle the other spoke of.

"There, the extra cloaked figure, at his right"

"Ah. I don't know. Doesn't Marcus usually sit there?"

"Exactly, but they are in a black cloak, I thought only Aro, Caius and Marcus wore pure black?"

"They do. In all my existence only Aro's brothers sit with him. I have no idea who that is but they must be important" I was broken off from my eave's dropping by Dad standing up and silencing everyone.

"Friends! Thank you for joining us here for our very exciting announcement." Dad smiled, "I'm sure you are all wondering what it is so I shall start. As you all know we Vampires can not produce children, but I would like you all to meet the newest Edition to the Volturi" he waved for me to rise and I did. There were mummers I as stood to my Dad's right, "I would like to introduce my biological daughter, Isabella" there were gasps and talking everywhere. I unclipped my hood from my hair and let it fall. I let a small smile grace my lips, as much as I hated being in the spotlight I couldn't help but smile. There were even more gasps and talking now, "Silence!" the room quickly returned to silence, "You are all probably curious as to how and I shall inform you. Many years ago I heard a rumor that male Vampires can still have children just not with female Vampires; I put this to the test with a beautiful human through artificial insemination. Unfortunately due to Bella being half Vampire the human died, but the experiment was successful. The proof is my daughter stood to my right. When she reached the age of 17, we changed her to a full Vampire and then she gained her three powers. My brothers and I are very proud of Bella and think due to her way of birth she gained a number of powers. Thank you all for coming to our gathering. Have fun, be merry, and if you have any questions feel free to ask." They all applauded and the music started. Dad turned to me,

"Quite a speech Daddy-o" I giggled and he chuckled along.

"Why thank you. Care to dance?" he offered his hand.

"I will but can I take my cloak off now?" he laughed

"Of course! Only the guard have to wear there cloaks tonight" we turned to our seat and handed our cloaks to our guards. I took his hand and he walked me to the dance floor. A waltz started and I looped my finger through my skirt, showing off my glass shoes, and we glided around the room. A few seconds later others joined in. I noticed many were couples, I saw Katie and Eric and I waved and they returned it. I looked over Dad's right shoulder and saw a big burly Vampire in a tux, he had dark curly hair. He was dancing with a beautiful tall blonde. She was by far the most beautiful vampire I had ever seen. I watched at they glided together. Every now and then he would act extremely dramatic and silly making her giggle and hit him playfully on the shoulder. He caught me laughing and winked while waving his hand royally. I laughed more and turned away.

(Edward's POV)

We placed our bags in our rooms and we were walking down to the ball room. It was a formal event so we were in tux's while, Esme, Rose and Alice in formal dresses.

"I can't believe it, Jazz. The perfect shoes for this out fit gone and he's not making any more." Alice moaned, "I told the shop to hold them for me, and when I go in, they tell me something about a very important customer bought them. Who care's about her they were my shoes!!" "Ssh! Alice, calm down. I'm sure we'll be able to find them somewhere"

"JASPER! They were one of a kind, limited edition glass shoes!!" I walked in front of them, behind Carlisle and Esme. We walked to our assigned table. I looked over at Aro, his brothers to his left and right. No wait a minute there's an extra figure between Marcus and Aro,

"Carlisle, who's that at Aro's side?" I whispered just loud enough for Carlisle to hear.

"Where?" he asked

"There the extra cloaked figure, at his right"

"Ah. I don't know. Doesn't Marcus usually sit there?"

"Exactly, but they are in a black cloak, I thought only Aro, Caius and Marcus wore pure black?"

"They do. In all my existence only Aro's brothers sit with him. I have no idea who that is but they must be important" I nodded and we all took our seats at the table. Aro rose and silenced,

"Friends! Thank you for joining us here for our very exciting announcement." Aro smiled, "I'm sure you are all curious as to what it is so I shall start. As you all know we Vampires can not produce children, but I would like you all to meet the newest Edition to the Volturi" he waved for the mystery figure to rise and they did. There were mummers as they stood to my Aro's right, "I would like to introduce my biological daughter, Isabella" BIOLOGICAL DAUGHTER?! She unclipped her hood and let it fall. She was stunning, the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen, he chocolate brown hair was clipped back in curls, I was broken from my thoughts by Aro's voice, "Silence", the room quickly returned to silence, "You are all probably wondering how and I shall inform you. Many years ago I heard a rumor that male Vampires can still have children just not with female Vampires; I put this to the test with a beautiful human through artificial insemination. Unfortunately due to Bella being half Vampire the human died, but the experiment was successful. The proof is my daughter stood to my right. When she reached the age of 17, we changed her to a full Vampire and then she gained her three powers. My brothers and I are very proud of Bella and think due to her way of birth she gained a number of powers. Thank you all for coming to our gathering. Have fun, be merry, and if you have any questions feel free to ask." We all applauded and the music started. Aro talked with Bella and then they removed their cloaks and handed them to the guard. Bella wore a beautiful purple dress, strapless covered in crystals. As she turned around it was backless with a giant crystal covered cross. She walked with Aro to the dance floor and they both started the waltz.

"Well who would have guessed that was the announcement, eh Alice?" Emmett stated, Alice shrunk down,

"Sorry I just assumed it was the animal's blood"

"Never mind Ali, Rose wanna dance?" Rose nodded and they went and danced.

"OH MY GOD!" Alice screamed.

"What?! What's wrong?!" Jasper panicked, we all looked to see a look of pure horror on Alice's face.

"She … she … Bella … glass shoes … my shoes!"

"What Alice?"

"Alice calm down and form coherent sentences" Carlisle ordered, Alice took a deep breath.

"She has my shoes. Bella is the one who stole my shoes from me; she was the very important customer!"

"Alice! Don't do that I thought something was seriously wrong" I sighed in relief, she rose from the table,

"Edward, she stole my shoes, this is serious!!"

"Alice why don't we go and dance, and take your mind of the shoes for tonight. We can sort this in the morning" Jasper reassured her, and pulled her to the dance floor.

(Bella's POV)

After a few dances we sat back down. Coven's introduced themselves and asked questions. I was getting seriously bored and Marcus could tell.

"Do you want to dance Bells?" he whispered.

"Please!" he chuckled and led me to the dance floor. We glided to a few songs, while Marcus filled me in on different Vampires. A hand reached Marcus' shoulder and we stopped and looked around to find Mikey Doltan stood smiling. I tightened my grip on Marcus and he stifled a laugh.


"May I cut in?" Marcus looked to me and I widened my eyes and shook my head furiously.

"Of course!" he grinned, he moved away and Mikey took his place.

"Marcus!" I hissed, "Marcus! I know you can here me, and you're gonna pay for this!!" I whispered. I danced with Mikey for one song and I had to keep moving his hand back to my back. If Dad saw this Mikey would be ash by now, why can't dad see this? I had just danced for the third time and was about to make up some excuse to stop, when I hand was placed on Mikey's shoulder.

"Excuse me, may I cut in?" the velvet voice from earlier asked. Mikey turned around and I saw a beautiful tall vampire. He had bronze tousled hair and was gorgeous, I take back what I said about the blonde she's second, and this bronze haired beauty defiantly wins.

"No" Mikey said.

"Don't be silly Mikey. Let him have his turn. Anyway my uncle Marcus really wants to hear about your recent trip to Alaska" I heard Marcus growl in the distance, I smiled and whispered the word 'payback' while Mikey went and looked for Marcus. I turned to the Bronze haired beauty.

"I'm Edward, Edward Cullen" he extended his hand, I took it. I felt a jolt of electricity when we touched.

"Bella" he pulled me to him and we started to dance, "Thank you" I whispered to him.

"What for?"

"For saving me form Mikey" he chuckled.

"You looked like you were having so much fun, I was upset to spoil it but I couldn't resist" we continued to dance.

"You were the closet"

"Excuse me?"

"When you came in you were the closest to guessing who I was, most didn't recognize that I replaced Marcus"

"How did you hear?"

"One of my powers, my hearing is extremely good. I can hear most of what some people can't"


"You're very observant" I giggled,

"Thanks" the music stopped and we broke apart, "Thank you for the dance, Bella." He kissed my hand and left. I was dazed but quickly shook it off and returned to Dad. Marcus had Mikey talking at him. I grinned at him and he cussed under his breath. I feigned shock.

"Bella is everything all right?" Dad panicked

"Actually daddy, Uncle Marcus cussed me under his breath when I tried to help him" I said in a sweet angelic voice I added a sniff and batted my eyelashes at the end for good measure.

"Is this true?" Dad hated bad manners and inappropriate behavior, which resulted in etiquette classes for me, including dancing lesson. What joy! Marcus shooed Mikey away and continued,

"Brother! You do not know the whole story! Shall I tell him Bella?"

"Daddy, I was dancing with Marcus and he let Mikey cut in after I begged him not too, and I don't feel comfortable alone with Mikey. So I simply told Mikey to talk to Marcus so I could dance with someone else, when I came back he he cussed at me" I pulled out the puppy dog eyes.

"Brother, you let him dance with my daughter when she feels uncomfortable doing so?"

"Well, yes but-"

"Marcus I am disappointed" he turned to me, "Bella only dance with who you wish and I am sorry for you Uncle's childish behavior"

"Thank you Daddy" I hugged him and he kissed my forehead. He turned to the next Clan and answered their questions. I smiled and batted my eyelashes at Marcus. He sighed and smiled back,

"I taught you well, eh?"

"Extremely" I grinned. He pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead. After another hour or so, I had danced with Caius, Felix, Demetri and other members of the guard; I decided to answer questions with Dad. I arrived just in time to greet the next coven.

"Ah Bella, I'm glad you're here. I want you to meet this coven. Do you remember me telling you about my good friend Carlisle?" I nodded, "Well this is his family, and they also drink animal's blood. Carlisle tried before numerous times to convert us and was impressed that all it took was you. They thought that was the announcement today" he chuckled and I joined in. He turned to a good looking blonde haired vampire,

"Carlisle meet my daughter Bella, Bella this is Carlisle Cullen" I shook his hand,

"Cullen?" I questioned,

"Yes" he replied I looked around at his coven and saw Edward stood with the couple who were dancing. I smirked and it was returned with a breath taking crooked grin. I nearly gasped but held it in and turned to Carlisle, "It's a pleasure to finally meet you I've heard so many marvelous things about you"

"Thank you, I wish I could say the same. Aro how did you manage to keep her from us for over fifty years?" Dad and Carlisle chuckled.

"I have my ways"

"Bella" Carlisle got my attention, "Meet my family, my wife Esme" A beautiful woman with caramel colored hair pulled me into a motherly hug; I was shocked at first but returned it quickly, soaking up information.

"Lovely to meet you dear" Esme said

"You too"

"My son Emmett and his wife Rosalie" he pointed to the couple that was dancing before,

"Great to meet you" Emmett hugged me in a bone crushing hug. He let me go and Rosalie spoke,

"Nice to meet you but call me Rose" Rose hugged me but much more gently

"Good to meet you both"

"My daughter Alice and her husband Jasper" A short petite woman with short black spiky hair squealed, bounced up and down, and then hugged me. She pulled away and Jasper hugged me. He was tall and blonde with the odd crescent shaped scare on his skin.

"And finally my other son Edward" Edward grinned and kissed my hand again. I simply smiled.

"It's lovely to meet you all properly. I'm sure we're going to get along well"

"I'm glad you feel that way Bella, as the Cullen's are to stay with us for a month or so, you will keep them company most of tomorrow as I have business" Dad stated

"Are they the only Coven staying?" Please say yes! Please say yes!

"No, the Doltan's are staying for a couple of weeks" my face fell.

"What's wrong?" Edward whispered

"Two words, Mikey Doltan" I whispered back.

"The blonde" I nodded, "Don't worry I'll save you from him" he grinned at me.

"Good" I smiled back. Everyone went to dance.

"Bella? May I have this dance?" Edward asked grinning.

"You may" I giggled and we danced for a few songs, then we alternated partners. I danced with Jasper, also known as Jazz, first and then I danced with Emmett which was so much fun, and then finally Carlisle. The music stopped and Carlisle kissed my hand before returning to Esme. So that's were Edward gets it. Habit. I smiled and sensed Mikey was looking for me. I quickly went to Uncle Caius,

"Everything okay?" he queried

"Mikey's looking for me" he chuckled remembering the number; I hit him playfully on the arm.

"Sorry, but it is funny"

"Only because it's not happening to you!"

"True, True, Well I would love to help you but I need to talk to your Dad and Marcus"

"Thanks" I muttered as he walked off. I went outside onto the balcony. I looked up at the stars and the moon, it was beautiful. It shimmered onto the outdoor pool, Dad put in a decade or so ago.

"Bella?" Mikey called.

"Yes?" I never turned around. He came and stood to my left.

"What are you doing here by yourself?"

"Hiding" May as well tell the truth.

"Ah from that Edward got you. I help you hide from him" he slid his arm around my waist. I shuddered.

"No Mikey not from Edward. Please remove your arm and leave." He didn't move his hand, "Mikey, Don't make me call the guard"

"Bella is there a problem here?" Edward's voiced called over. Thank God!

"No there isn't bozo, so back off"

"No Mikey, you back off! Edward please can you get rid of this dimwit they call Mikey"

"My pleasure" he grinned. He grabbed Mikey by the scruff of the neck and threw him into the ball room. He closed the doors after him.

"Thank you" I hugged him.

"Its fine Bella" he kissed the top of my head. Did he really just kiss my head? Absentmindedly I rested my head in the crook of his neck. We stayed like that for ages not moving, I sighed contently. I sensed Demetri looking for me and I pulled away. He looked at me puzzled,

"Demetri is looking for me and your family is probably looking for you"

"Ah" he understood but then looked confused, "Wait … How did you know?"

"One of my powers" I grinned, "Thanks again" I reached up and kissed his cheek. I walked back to the ball room, to my Dad and Uncles.

"Where were you we sent Demetri looking for you?" Marcus asked.

"I was on the balcony avoiding Mikey Doltan"

"Well we have to say our farewells now. Just stand at the door and either hug or shake hands, if you kiss someone's cheek Felix will keep check and they will be noted and invited to any private functions. Okay?" I nodded and took my place. I hugged the majority of people. The Doltan's were up now. I hugged Jenny, Lauren and Tyler. I then hugged and kissed the cheeks of Katie and Eric. Mikey was next and he lent in for a hug and kiss also but I just said bye and shook his hand. My Uncles, Dad and most of the guard laughed. Finally it was the Cullen's I hugged and kissed the cheek of; Emmett, Rose, Jasper, Alice, Esme and Carlisle. When Edward came, I hugged him and kissed his cheek much more tenderly than the others. They all left and I collapsed into my Dad's chair. He lifted me up, sat in it his self and sat me on his lap.

"Well that was interesting" I concluded.


"If you'll excuse me I'm going to shower and change" I stood and Dad followed.

"I don't know if I told you last night but you look absolutely breathe taking" I smiled and Dad kissed my forehead.

"Thanks Dad" he smiled and we went our separate ways to our rooms.