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I do believe in twilight

just something I thought of when my friend and I were arguing about twilight

Stephanie Meyers creation I'm just playing

1. do you belive in twilight?

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remember when you were little and watched peter pan? how you were afraid that if you said you didn't believe in Fairies you would be

the cause of a Fairies death? and then your brothers would take great pleasure in killing your Fairies. that war went on until you grew

up and realized that Fairies really aren't real, but now we are engaged in a new war with boys, the war that was started when you first

read twilight. the boys say the Cullens don't exist and every time they do a Cullen becomes gravely ill, the only thing that can save

them is if you believe in the Cullens, in twilight, in vampires, not just any vampires the good old sparkly ones so make your dicision to

save or to destroy, but remember the Cullens are the only thing opposing the Volturi do you really want to let the Volturi win? just

saying. please don't let them die

Cullen spirit sister