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video cable



1. The similarities and differences of the video cable and RF cable

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The same point Characteristic impedance - 75 ohm; 2 the outer sheath, the structure of the shielding layer, the outer diameter of the insulating layer, the Programme number selection, the choice of material, shielding layers are substantially the same; The difference Different physical characteristics of the insulation layer. Different from the diameter of the core wire 2. 3. Fundamental difference of the two determines the transmission characteristics of the two cables - transmission attenuation 4 high compiled cable significantly characteristics: small DC resistance shield, below 200KHz low frequency attenuation beneficial to suppress low frequency interference, frequency distortion (high and low frequency attenuation differences) look, high Editing cable instead. Frequency distortion directly affect the normal proportion of the various frequency components of the video signal distortion, directly affect the image distortion Copper clad steel core wire: This is a kind of SYWV cable for CATV RF transmission of more than 46MHz, due to the "skin effect", current flows only in the outside of the copper wire, the attenuation characteristic and pure copper the same line, the tensile strength was far higher than the copper wire; but this cable does not work for video transmission,0-200KHz low frequency attenuation is too large.