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{{Life as a Cullen}}

Young Renesme Cullen is still trying to find her place in the world, but finding a good balance between her human and vampire side is proving to be harder than she imagined. And to top it all off she can't shake the feeling that there's a even bigger family secret, one that's being kept from her. Can she make it though it all? More importantly, can her family survive the looming danger Alice foresees?


1. Not so Sweet 16

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As he lay there, staring at me. All I could think was how much I wanted him to kiss me right then. It would take such little strength for me to push my head up just a little more towards his, our lips meeting. Considering the fact that he was my best friend, and the fact that I'd known him since I was in diapers, it was odd how much I thought about kissing Jacob. Maybe for someone else (meaning any other girl in their right mind) looking at Jacob and thinking about kissing him, wouldn't be so strange.

“Ness.” I heard. “Renesme” I pressed my eyes together forcefully, and then opened then up once more bringing myself back down to earth. "You alright?" Jake asked me again.

"Uh-yeaah" I stuttered as he brough me to my feet with one easy pull. "Sorry I-thought I saw something" I thought of the first thing that came to my mind. He squinched his eyebrows at me.

"Dinners ready, I'll race ya back!" Half of the words were cut off as I scurried off back towards the house, not waiting to hear his answer.

I could smell the freshly cooked vegetables literally a mile away. Esme had gone all out for my birthday this year, which I absolutely hated. No one else in the frikken house even ate except for me and Jacob. Besides all that, I wasn't a big fan of my birthday. I hated all the attention. I got enough of it around town, what with being "The Cullen weirdo's daughter" and all.

Alice and Rosalie insisted I wear something "birthday party worthy" so instead of going straight over I had to go to he cottage first and change. Alice had bought me a dress a few weeks back as an early present. It was a short black cocktail dress (a color well fit for the occassion), at first sight of it I thought it may have been defective, it was missing sleeves! Rosalie and Alice quickly calmed me down at the time, by telling me it was suppose to be that way. Still, I put a black cover up over it. If it didn't have any than I'd make my own. Of course I would've loved to wear my tennisshoes, but knowing Alice, the second I would've made that decision she'd be over with a pair of the highest heels she could find in literally a hot minute, so I grabbed my ballet flats instead, hoping that would satisfy her.

A deep sigh escaped as I stared in the mirror, not recognizing myself. Jacob knocked lightly on the doorframe to get my attention.

"Special delivery for the birthday girl" he joked. Revealing a small blue giftbag in his right hand. His hand was so big, I'd nearly missed it. Instantly I lit up, as I went over and took it from him.

"I told you not to get me anything" I scolded though it was clearl by my reaction that I thought otherwise. I hopped up on my bed, as I threw the tissue paper aside.

"I know, I know. But I couldn't help myself" he addmitted as he sat down next to me. I pulled out a small handcarved charm, on th end of a necklace. A wolf, he tilted it to the side to show me something, the letters 'N-E-S-S' carved into the wolfs side. I gave it to him and pulled my hair up so he could knot the strap of the necklace around my neck. After he did so, I stood up and looked in the mirror once again. Somehow feeling better as I looked at myself now, no deep sigh escaping this time.

"And he crashes and burns for week number two!" Jasper was yelling when we got inside.

"Dammit!" Emmett screeched.

"Language!" Esme growled back at them as she came over to hug me. "Happy Birthday Renesme" she told me.

"You'll have to excuse the rowdiness in the living room, they've been at it all day" Carlisle came in, closely followed by Rosalie. "Happy Birthday Ness"

"Had enough yet Emett?" Alice teased. Her and Emett were in the living room now. She smiled slyly and I knew. She'd been using her gift to trick Emett. He hadn't learned his lesson just yet, and clearly Alice was more than happy to teach it to him.

"Happy Birthday Nessie" Rosalie hugged me. "Jacob" she said his name, acknowledging his presence.

"Blondie" he said smugly, Rosalie glared at him.

Jasper used to tell me stories about before, when the warewolves and the vampires didn't get along. And sometimes, looking at Rosalie and Jacob, I wondered exactly what had happened to change all that.

''Happy Birthday to my favorie Niece!" Emmet squeezed me tight, messing up my hair with his hand as we pulled away.

"I'm your only niece uncle Emmett" I groaned, pushing his hand away.

"Any hugs left for me?" Jasper held out his arms.

"Always uncle Jas" I promised an went over to hug him.

"Come see the kitchen!" Alice took me by the hand and sragge me along into the vastly decorated kitchen. It looked as though they'd bought a baloon of every color, blown it up and tossed it inside creating a sea of color. The coffee table in the living room where Emmet had just been yelling at the television, was adorne with presents. The table had already been set for dinner, the center piece the largest birthday cake I'd ever seen with the words 'Happy Birthday Ness' across it.

"Aunt Alice" I groaned.

"Oh now don't you start" she scolded. "You sound just like your mother"

"Hey now!" Bella's voice rang throughout. Without thinking I ran to hug her. I hadn't seen her or Edward since last night when they left on a quick hunting trip.

"Happy Birthday Love" she breathed in my ear. I didn't pause for a second in between hugging her, and hugging Edward.

"Happy Birthday sweet girl" he told me.

"Dinners waiting" Esme announced.

"Can we skip the whole 'dinner thing'?" I begged, putting the words in quotations. "I'll eat cake I promise. But let's just open presents first" to my surprise no one (and by no one I mean Alice) protested. "Which ones yours Aunt Alice?" I immediately asked, I knew she'd want me to open hers first. To my surpise she didn't immediately hurry to shove her present in my face. In fact, she hadn't moved an inch from where she'd stood in the dining room. Her eyes blank as she stared unblinking seemlingly at nothing.

"Jacob." Edward spoke firmly. "Please take Renesme back home" Without hesitation Jacob came towards me.

"What? Dad no" I complained. They were trying to keep it from me, but even I knew the unmistakable look on Alice's face. She'd had a vision.

"Jake" Bella urged.

"Ness come on" Jacob came over, but I took off before he could touch me. I didn't even know where I was going, I passed the house, and ended up back toward where Jake and I had been a few hours earlier. It was getting dark now, and I was getting tired, so I sat to rest wrapping my hands around my knees for warmth. Jacob found me only seconds later.

"Ness!" I heard him yell my name, as he footsteps grew closer and closer.

"Leave me alone" I growled.

"Come on Ness you'll freeze out here" he begged.

"I'll be fine. I'm not a little kid ya know"

'Running off like one hardly proves that Renesme" I whipped my head around glaring at him. He threw his hands up in surrender. "I'm sorry. Look lets just go back inside okay?"

"Fine" I grumbled.

He beat me back to the cottage.

"I don't understand Jake" I plopped onto the living room couch, throwing my hands up and letting them slap back down against my thighs. "Can't you just tell me whats going on?" I begged.

"It's not my choice Ness" he told me. "I'm sorry" I grumbled once more. He sighed, going over to sit down next to me on the arm of the couch.

"How long have we known each other Ness?" he asked me. I shrugged, my eyes squinting in confusion, at his strange question.

"Since I was a baby" I shrugged.

"Right. You have to trust me when I say, that all thats going on, all that ever has, is only to protect you." he emphasized. "I know you remember a lot about when you were younger, but I don't think you really understand what your parents went through to keep you. What Bella went through, just to have you." he told me, and that last part about Bella seemed to really get to him. He sighed deeply once more as he got up from the arm of the couch and went to sit next to me.

"What I'm saying is. You need to cut them some slack. Both of them" My eyes narrowed at him.

"What?" he asked me.

"You used to hate Dad" I accused. He chuckled lightly from deep within his throat. "Edward and I..used to misunderstand each other. Thats all" he assured me. I shook my head at him annoyed. He took my hand in his suddenlly, and instantly I felt my palm tingle as his warmth reached me. "Just promise me you'll try harder'' he reinerated. He was sitting there half naked holding my hand, I would've done anything that he'd asked me too. Got on all fours and howled like a wolf if he'd so desired.

"I promise" I instead decided to say.

"Good" he smiled pleased.

"I'll be upstairs in the shower" I told him as I headed up, taking off my shoes and placing thm into one hand. "Will you stay?" I turned back at the last second to ask. He smiled at me from where he stood.

"You bet" he promised.