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{{Life as a Cullen}}

Young Renesme Cullen is still trying to find her place in the world, but finding a good balance between her human and vampire side is proving to be harder than she imagined. And to top it all off she can't shake the feeling that there's a even bigger family secret, one that's being kept from her. Can she make it though it all? More importantly, can her family survive the looming danger Alice foresees?


2. Dream

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It had been a week since Aunt Alice’s vision. The one that no one would tell me about, the one that was so obviously about me. Lastly, and most importantly, the one that had resulted in me having absolutely no freedom. Every day it was either helping Carlisle at the hospital, cooking lessons with Esme, or being babysat by Jacob and the rest of his pack. For the first time I found myself wishing that summer would pass quicker, and school would start already, at least then I get to feel semi-normal for a few hours within the day.

Today I was at Sam and Emily’s place with the wolves, while the rest of the family was up in the mountains for the weekend hunting. The pack was out in the forest running and I stayed behind to help Emily with the snacks so she could have them finished by the time they got back.

“Thanks so much for helping me out Renesme its nice to have another set of hands in the kitchen” Emily told me as I took the last batch of muffins out of the oven.

“I have a feeling I’m gonna be around a lot longer” I said back, sounding a little harsher than I’d met too. “I’m sorry Emily” I immediately apologize. She was putting the batch of muffins that she had made on a plate. She didn’t look angry so I continued. “You know I love coming here I just…” I sighed and grit my teeth at the same time. “I just wish my parents trusted me for once. They way that they treat me sometimes, like I’m still five years old, like I won’t be able to handle things. It just drives me crazy sometimes”

I looked over at her and saw that she was smiling a little seemingly amused by what I had said.

“I think you need to give your parents a bit more credit Renesme” she said as came into the kitchen to grab a pitcher and the carton of orange juice from the fridge. “They’re your parents anything they do is only what they believe to be in your best interest.” She said as she pulled out some glasses from the cabinet. “You shouldn’t be so hard on them. Will you set these up on the table for me?” she finished handing me some glasses. I smiled and took them along with the fresh batch of blueberry muffins I had just finished and set them on the table.

“It smells amazing in here, I’m starved” I hear Paul’s voice first. I look over at the door and see him enter and head straight for the kitchen, followed by Embry and Quil. I always found it kind of funny how when any of them entered a room they had to do it one by one because they were all so big.

“Hey hey, save some for me!” Seth was the last to get in, followed by Jared.

“These muffins are delicious Emily” Paul exclaimed, with his mouth half full.

“By far your best” Embry commented also with his mouth half full.

“Actually Renesme made the blue berry muffins” Emily told them, as she poured Jared a glass of orange juice.

“Nice Ness!” Seth exclaimed.

“Perfect!” said Embry

“Delicious” Said Paul “No offense Emily” he added looking at her.

“Ah none taken Paul” she shrugged it off. “Renesme here is a pretty quick study” She looked at me and winked, and I smiled back at her.

I always liked Emily, even though I didn’t really know too much about her except for the fact that she was married to Sam, the pack leader. I didn’t know her too well, but I still always felt sorry for her. She was incredibly beautiful, and probably had been even more breathtaking before her accident. A few years back she had an accident while she was up in the mountains hiking. A bear was involved, and it had left her disfigured on one side of her face, and a little bit on her arm and hand. None of it made any sense to me. Why she’d been out there in the first place, why the bear hurt her but didn’t touch Sam. I’d asked Jacob about it before but when I had he just told me that it was bad luck and then changed the topic quickly…the same thing everyone always did when there was something they didn’t want me to know.

“Where’s Jake?” I asked a couple minutes later.

“Oh um…he stayed behind with Leah and Sam” Quil answered.

“Why?” I asked, trying not to sound like I was fishing.

“They wanted to get a few extra acres in. Leah stayed with them, you know how she’s always trying to prove herself to everyone” he said, Paul grunted in disgust at Leah’s name.

Leah was sort of the misfit of the pack. She changed just a few weeks after her and Seth’s dad passed away. I didn’t much talk to her; truthfully she sort of scared me. The rest of the pack steered clear of her usually, even her brother Seth. But Sam always kept a close eye on her; because what Quil said about her always trying to prove herself was true. I gave props to her for keeping up with all the boys, but still. Her most redeeming quality was also her most dangerous.

“Why don’t you help me out with these dishes Renesme” Emily suddenly said. There it was again, the changing of topic thing.

After they all finished eating the boys went straight to the couch and television to turn on the Mariners game. Emily handed me a clean plate to dry off, and I yawned so widely as I dried it off I felt my jaw pop in and out of place.

“Tired?” Emily chuckled, as she handed me a glass to dry off.

“Yeah” I laughed a little. “I’ve been staying late with Carlisle at the hospital the past couple days”

“You poor thing” she commented rubbing my back as I put away the glass. “Why don’t you go upstairs and take a nap before you have to head back to Jacobs place” I yawned widely again. “You’re welcome to sleep upstairs in our room.”

“I don’t wanna leave you with all the mess”

“Nonsense, I’ll finish up here. Jacob should be back soon anyways” she waved me off with a hand and I smiled at her one last time before I headed upstairs.

I didn’t realize just how tired I was until I lay down in her soft comfy bed, and snuggled up with the warm handmade quilt laid over the sheets.

I was in some sort of big town square. There was a giant clock tower and a big fancy fountain of some kind. As I stood there, I couldn’t shake the feeling of familiarity. It wasn’t like I had been there before, more like I had seen it before, but I couldn’t place exactly where.

Across the way I could see some tourist gathered closer to the clock tower taking pictures, and pointing in amazement. There were several children gathered around the big pointy fountain throwing pennies inside. When the big clock tower struck twelve, I had to cover my ears because it was so loud. Everything in the square seemed to stop once the clock struck. All the tourists, and even the children and their parents around the fountain. They were all staring toward the clock tower. But not covering the ears, they were all pointing. One little girl in pig tails was laughing and clapping, her father was doing double takes with his jaw dropped like he wasn’t sure at what he was seeing, and the group of tourists were still taking pictures.

Finally I looked over to see what everyone was looking at, and it seemed that I hadn’t noticed before. Three men stood at the foot of the clock tower, all shirtless pail and perfect. That’s not the thing that was strange about them though. Not the fact that they were shirtless men in the middle of town, wherever this was. All three men appeared to be…glowing, sparkling. They weren’t men at all, and they were no more human than me.

When I opened my eyes again, I could hear voices downstairs, which must’ve been what had woken me in the first place.

“We combed every last acre within several miles, there was no trace of anything” I heard Sam’s voice. I slipped out of bed, and crept to the door as silently as I could. “The Cullen’s should be back by morning, we’ll inform them of everything then”

“Where’s Ness?” I heard Jake ask.

“She’s upstairs sleeping” Emily answered. There were a few seconds of silence before she spoke again. “If these people are after her, don’t you think she should know? Maybe we should just tell her”

“We can’t” Jake answered

“Why not?” Emily asked, I heard him sigh from deep within his chest before he answered again.

“Because I promised Bella, and I don’t know about you but I’m not gonna be the one to piss her off. It’s what her family wants, so it’s the way it has to be”

Deciding that it was time for me to be awake now, I opened the door and closed it behind me a little louder than necessary.

“Jake, your back” I said as I walked down the stairs toward him, half yawning like I had just woken up a second ago.

“Hey Ness” he smiled at me “You ready to go?”

“Yeah I…I guess” I stuttered, still both intrigued and confused at their conversation.

“See you soon Renesme” Emily hugged me.

“Later Ness” Sam hugged me and messed his hand through the top of my hair.

The ride back to Jake’s place was dead silence. I was actually kind of angry at him. He was the last person I expected to keep things from me, even if he did think it was for my own good. We crept inside silently once we got his place so we wouldn’t wake up Billy. I never saw the point in all the tip toeing he was just as heavy a sleeper as Jacob was, though not as loud a snorer (thank goodness for me). While I was brushing my teeth I heard my phone ring from Jake’s room.

“Could you grab that for me Jake?” I asked, as I dabbed my face with a towel.

“She’s right here, just getting ready for bed now” I heard him say, as I entered. “Yeah hold on. It’s Bella” he told me and handed me the phone just before he left to give us some privacy. Of course it is, I thought.

“Hey Mom”

“Hey Ness, I hope I didn’t wake you”

“Oh no, its fine we just got back from Sam and Emily’s” I tell her, as I sit down on Jake’s bed. “Isn’t everyone in the mountains how are you on your cell phone?” I ask, that thought just occurring to me.

“That’s not important” there that subject changing thing was again. “I called to tell you that were going to be out here a little longer so we won’t be back until Friday.”

“But you guys have been gone since Monday” I questioned. “It never takes you this long”

“I know honey we just need a little extra time that’s all” I clicked my tongue in annoyance because I knew she wasn’t telling me the whole truth. “You’re gonna stay with Jake and your Uncle Billy until then. You stick with him Renesme I mean it” she ordered, and I grumbled.

“Fine” I agreed through gritted teeth. “But just to let you know, this whole passing me around from place to place thing, is getting kind of old”

“Your father wants to talk to you”

“Sweetheart” I heard Edward in the next second.

“Yeah Dad” I answered darkly.

“You know I love you.”


“And so does your mother. Very much, you do as she says, understand?” I sighed.

“Yeah dad” I answered.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

“Please put Jacob back on the phone for me”

“Jake?” I called softly.

“Everything okay?” he asked once he got back to where I was.

“Yeah, Dad wants to talk to you” I gave him my phone and then went to the kitchen to get something to drink.

Even though the normal thing would’ve been too feel weird spending the night at Jakes house, walking around his room in my pajamas, even just sitting on his bed, I didn’t feel weird at all. It was weird with Jake how I could go from feeling completely nervous and weird around him one minute, and then suddenly feel completely normal around him the next. Sometimes he was my hot best friend, and other times he was just my best friend. I’d never had trouble differentiating from the two….at least not until now.

I yawned widely as I got up and headed down to hall to Jake’s sister Rachel’s old room, where I always slept when I stayed over.

“Don’t worry Bells” I heard Jakes voice say. “I’ll take care of her. She’s got all of us here, there’s no way anything can go wrong”

I was beyond aggravated, beyond any bit of angry that I could ever be. I knew what Jake and Leah and Sam were really doing, and I knew that everyone wasn’t really up in the mountains hunting either, I wasn’t stupid. I knew that whatever Alice saw it was about me, but now I knew that whatever it was it had to of been serious. So serious that not even Jake would tell me what was going on.