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The Missing Pieces

I will be making stories on what happens behind what Bella tells us! There is some minor out of character personalities and is a little more inappropriate then Stephenie Meyer would write! Tell me if you like because I might write a book. Just tell me what you want it to be about. ~Enjoy!

Story #1 - This is the night that Edward Stayed after their first kiss. Bella wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Someone! She totally forgot Edward was there! Story#2 - Ever wonder what happens when Bella & Edward go to Renee and Phil's house in Eclipse? (besides what Bella Tells you?) Well here it is. Also In Edward's Point of View!

1. The Night He Stayed (Later That Night)

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Later That Night...

Bella's P.O.V.

I woke up later that night because I had to go to the bathroom. As I was walking back to my fat bed, a shimmer caught my eye, a shiny glare. I saw a man sitting in my rocking chair. What was this? a break in? I had a bat in the corner but I never thought this would actually happen! Charlie never considered an alarm system because he never thought that someone would even try to break into the Sheriff's house!

I went to scream but suddenly, there was a icy stone hand covering my mouth, and that was when I remembered... It was Edward! and I noticed that the shiny glare was coming off his expensive watch on his right wrist! I totally forgot I told him to stay! I would have to get used to this.

He started to laugh.

"Did you forget I was occupying your room tonight?" he said while removing his hand from my mouth. I turned around as his arms winded around my waist, pulling me almost against his body. My heart started to race because of this already casual touch to him. He chuckled and smiled a beautiful crooked smile.

Afraid that he was going to try to kiss me with my 'midnight breath' I told him "I will be right back, okay? Stay still."

He nodded and removed his arms from my waist but gave a strange look, as if he thought that he had done something wrong. "Don't worry," I said and pecked him on his cheek and almost ran out of my room.

I brushed my teeth more times than I can count, just to make sure and then tried to walk cooly back to my room where Edward was waiting in the same spot I left him in. We assumed the last position with his arms around my waist. He smiled and intertwined my hands with his and leaned in.

But I couldn't take how slow he was. I had to feel his lips against mine again.

Our lips connected and it felt like a shock. He sucked in a breath from his nose, most likely smelling my 'beautiful' smell, and crushed my body to his, a perfect mold. It was unbelievable how perfect our bodies fit together, puzzle pieces, even in the dark, we could find each other, like magnets.

Somehow, we ended up on my bed, me on top, and him on the bottom, still holding my waist with one hand, one holding my face against his with his fingers tangled in my hair. This kiss was different than our first, more passionate. I couldn't stop, and I don't think he could either. We didn't want to stop. This felt like home to me. Edward was my home.

My tongue traced his as he sucked on my bottom lip, smooth, and gentle.

It was over to soon.

He carefully removed our connected lips, breathing "Bella, Bella," in my ear. "I can't hurt you, we have only kissed once before, and I already love you more than anything, but this kiss has gone to far. I don't think I could control myself for much longer. I can't risk hurting you. Time to sleep."

He gave me a quick peck on my forehead and lifted me up, only to put me back down on my fat bed. "Don't leave" I said. "Stay."

The last thing I remember is him whispering "I will, sleep my Bella" and started humming that already familiar lullaby sounding song he hummed earlier, just for me, his Bella.