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The Missing Pieces

I will be making stories on what happens behind what Bella tells us! There is some minor out of character personalities and is a little more inappropriate then Stephenie Meyer would write! Tell me if you like because I might write a book. Just tell me what you want it to be about. ~Enjoy!

Story #1 - This is the night that Edward Stayed after their first kiss. Bella wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Someone! She totally forgot Edward was there! Story#2 - Ever wonder what happens when Bella & Edward go to Renee and Phil's house in Eclipse? (besides what Bella Tells you?) Well here it is. Also In Edward's Point of View!

2. Renee's House

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Renee's House

Edward P.O.V

Renee and Phil were waiting as we got off of the plane to Florida, their hands up in the air, calling for my Bella.

"Over here! here!" I heard from 100 feet away. "Bella! Edward!"

"They are over there" I pointed across the airport to Bella. "They seem happy to see us, even your mom. She hopes we have been really happy with each other and is happy you found someone."

"Oh great, I get the boyfriend talk!" Bella grimaced, angrily. I stopped our walking and took her hands, turning her to face me.

"Why are you so upset? you get to see your mother" I asked as I lifted her chin up to my face.

"Because she is going to make me feel bad about being in a serious relationship with you and is going to pull the big wedding guns out and is going to talk about how to wait before getting married." She gave an exasperated breath to match the frown lines forming between her eyebrows.

I smoothed out her frown lines.

"Don't worry, love, you don't have anything to worry about."

"How do you know?"

"I can read minds - remember?"

"Ok..." She gave up with defeat.

I smiled and kissed her smoothly and passionatly for one quick second.

"Bella! Honey! how are you! and Edward, looking better everytime I see you."

"Mom! behave!"

"Sorry Hun."

"No , its ok," I laughed. "I don't mind."

Bella smiled faintly, trying to hold in her laughter. I held her tighter around my waist laughing.

"Hey Phil, hows it going?" Bella asked, still smiling.

"Good Bella, and you?"

"I've been better..."

"Don't worry," I whispered unnotacably in her ear.

Later that night, I exused myself from dinner and went to my guest bedroom, right next to Bella's and started thinking about what was happening right now at the ravine. What was happening to Victoria? I wish I could Kill her myself, but Bella is more important. I hope they catch her, and destroy her. I hope she will never get to see Bella's face again. I want Bella to be safe.

By the time I was done contemplating about Victoria, Bella knocked on my door. As I opened it, she jumped into my arms.

"No boyfriend talk ! She is ok with us being engaged! I can't believe it!" I looked at the clock, noticing I had been thinking about Victoria for a good hour! Bella and Renee must have went on a walk. I didn't even notice!

This thought only took about half of a second and as I caught Bella, I shut the door behind us and pressed my lips to hers, lifting her off of the floor so it would be easier. I held the small of her back in my hand and sat us down on the bed. It was easier now - to kiss her without loosing more control. I started a cycle, rubbing my lips from her temple to her jaw, while she held on to my hair, closing her eyes.

"Edward" she breathed, "Edward my mother is knocking. Stop" My eyes popped open at once, stopping our kiss, and putting us in a more regular position - her sitting on my knee.

"Come in, Mom" Bella said, trying to get her breath back, as was I. If I had a heart beat, it would be beating out of my chest, as her's was.

Renee came in and gave us a look. they better not be kissing, they just got here! Renee had a sense of humor to her thoughts, it made me want to laugh, but I had to hold it back - I didn't want to be disrespectful.

"I bought some cake for you guys! come eat! you too, Edward. Come on." I guess I had too, I already excused myself from dinner, I hoped they didn't think I was a crash dieter.

"Come on" Bella pleaded. I couldn't refuse.

I ate my cake fairly fast, trying to think of a way to get it back up later - not so fun.

When I went to my room to go to "Sleep" I got into my pajamas and waited for a good time to sneek into Bella's room.

I krept through Bella's door and suprised her.

"Jeeze Edward! you are so quiet! don't scare me like that!"

"Sorry, love."

"Now come here." she waved me towards a empty spot on her bed.

As I sat next to her, she grabbed my neck - a weak try compared to my strenghth, and gave me a peck on the lips.

Bella P.O.V.

As I removed my lips from his, he wound his arms around me and gently pulled my chest towards his ear.

"Ah, your heart is my favorite beat, Ms. Swan" I touched my hands to his head, intertwining my fingers in his hair. I don't know how long we sat there for, but I could sit there forever, kissing him, sitting with him. I pulled his head up fiercely and he seemed surprised, but we both started laughing, still laughing when we started to kiss. We kissed for several minutes, each kiss building up to more passion, us both sucking on each others lips, "Bella I love you... so much" he would say inbetween our second long breathing time. Him holding my thigh closely to his. "Once I change you... oh Bella" His "cycles" kissing a path from my temple to my other temple.

"Edward..." I breathed. I wanted him, now. but I don't know how he would react. when it is the right time.

I fell asleep thinking about him - Edward. He kissed my neck tenderly. "No more Bella... We need to stop before I loose control, I can't hurt you." He said as he slowed our kiss, until it came to a stop. I looked into his golden eyes.

"I love you Edward Cullen. Keep going" I whispered as I kissed him again.

"We can't Bella. It can wait." and we could. According to his plan, if I really married him, we had forever.

"Go to sleep. Dream." and he started to hum my lullaby.

The next morning, leaving morning, Edward packed my luggage with superhuman speed.

We said the basic goodbyes - kissed, and hugged.

We went to the airport, got on our plane (I couldn't wait to get home to Charlie, Rainy Forks, Washington, and I HAD to see Jake - and I would, no matter what Edward would say, I WOULD see him.)

And headed back, to rainy Forks.