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Didyme's Story

Told from Didyme's point of view. Tells about her beginning, her end, and after.

My first attempt at fanfiction. Please tell me how I can improve. Comments and criticism welcomed and appreciated. I do not own Twilight or any of the characters. All I own is an overactive imagination.

1. Didyme's Story

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As far as I can recall, I was born sometime around 1300 BC, in Greece. I was the youngest child of a wealthy merchant and his wife. Don’t ask their names, because I don’t recall them. The mind loses much of the human memories after being changed. I had an older brother named Aeropus. He was the son of our father’s first wife, and he was a few years older than I, and I always had trouble pronouncing his name, pronouncing it as Aropus, so eventually he started calling himself Aro. He was nice to me then. He only changed after his disappearance. When I was about six years old, he vanished. I didn’t see him again for almost ten years. When I did see him after all those years, he wasn’t the same. He had bloodred eyes, and his skin was cold and hard and diamond like, glittering in the sun. I was amazed to see him, alive after so many years. He told me his story, how he had become a vampire, and how he was starting a powerful coven to govern the vampires of the world. When he asked if I wanted to join him I quickly agreed. My father had arranged a marriage for me, to a powerful man of our town, and I wanted none of it. Aro took me away that night and bit me. I will never forget the agony of those three days and nights of burning agony, but I won’t describe them here. When it was all done I was indestructible, and gloriously beautiful. I was also thirsty, more thirsty than I had ever been in my life. Aro told me that the thirst was part of the beauty and power, and the only thing to do was drink from a human to slake it. While I was burning he had brought some humans to me and I fell upon them like a man wandering in the desert falls upon an oasis. There must have been twenty or thirty humans, and still I felt the thirst. I would learn that the thirst would never really leave me. I was a newborn vampire, beautiful, indestructible, thirsty. For a year all I knew was thirst. After the madness faded, I noticed that everyone around me was strangely happy. I asked Aro why, and he said I was talented. He said people were drawn to me because I made them happy, and that was good. He wanted to see how my talent would be useful to him, so he tested it on unsuspecting humans. They would follow me everywhere, and for a while I was bait. I would lure the humans in and the coven would feast. However, it wasn’t only humans that were attracted to me. There were any number of male vampires that would have given anything for me to love them, but I never noticed any of them until Marcus. He was one of Aro’s lieutenants. I thought he was handsome, and we were married. Those were wonderful years, and for a while were happy together. We were powerful, we had everything. But after a while we no longer cared for Aro’s plans for world domination. All we wanted was each other. We began making plans to leave. Aro knew what we were planning, and he made us believe we would be allowed to leave in peace. We never knew he was making his own plans. The day before Marcus and I were to leave, my beloved brother Aro took me aside and ended my happiness and that of Marcus. Poor Marcus tried to find my killer, and of course Aro said he would do everything in his power to help. I got a laugh out of that here in my little slice of the afterlife. Now there is a new coven that can challenge the Volturi. The Cullens. They are an oddly sympathetic group. They hunt animals, which allows them to form bonds similar to those of a human family. One of the Cullen coven, Edward, fell in love with a human and married her. That union produced a child, and the human was turned as a result of the difficult pregnancy and birth. The Volturi assumed she was an immortal child, and went to lay the law down. What happened has been outlined elsewhere, but it finally broke Aro’s hold over Marcus. Shortly after the confrontation, Marcus joined me here in the afterlife. Together we watch over the Cullens, and the next generation of Cullens about to be born.