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The Emmett Chronicles

AU-Twilight- Emmett has been stuck in a coven of mated vampires for seven decades, alone and longing for his own mate. Moving to Forks, Washington was only another step in the monotonous farce in his family's quest to appear human. Little did Emmett know that in this dark and dreary town that he will find his mate-only she's human. M-Lemons & Language


1. Preface

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"It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are still alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger for them."
―George Elliot

*Twilight is the sole property of SM and her publishing company.*


Moving to Forks seemed almost meaningless endeavor the second time around. I despised my imposed purgatory the first time, and I had no doubt that this would be repeat experience. Something about the little town caused me unease. In my opinion, Forks, Washington, was a green sodden nightmare on the best of days, and hell on the worst. I wanted nothing more than to escape the monotonous technicalities of pretending to be human, high school, in particular.

The appeal was quite obvious. Constant rain and cloud cover permitting the lot of us to live almost inconspicuously, allowing Carlisle to carry out his life's work, his mission to heal the population with his enhanced skill, hoping to repent his nature. My father, my sire, was an honorable man, and I fully supported his desires. Despite my reservations, I followed him from place to place without question, caught between heaven and hell in my own attempt to quell the feelings of inadequacy and evil.

Our family unit had lived in some pretty spectacular cities over the years while we escaped the scrutiny of the humans. Ithaca, Boston, and Chicago were only a few of our fabulous destinations. However in each of those cities, we were often on forced quarantine due to the nature of our skin. We could hardly traipse around town sparkling like fucking pixies. This would be frowned upon and would garner unneeded scrutiny from our leaders. So on those rare days that the sun peeked out from beneath its cover, we hid our true selves within the walls of glass, miles away from humanity, fueling rumors and furthered our ostracization. I honestly waited for the hordes of humans to come with pitchforks, priests, and fire like in bygone days of Carlisle's youth.

We hid our very nature from the world, our other worldliness and beauty kept the human population at bay. I didn't enjoy the segregation, as I was a social creature by nature and craved interaction. Whether they be humans or vampires, I wanted to delve into the unique opportunities that presented itself at every turn. However, the humans were wise to keep their distance. Regardless of our diet, we were still deadly predators who had the propensity to regress to our basic nature.

Having yet to find my mate, I found myself delving into despair often, so unlike my nature. On many occasions, I have left the confines of our little coven only to be overwhelmed by my self imposed solitude and the loneliness that resulted from said decision. Being the only un-mated vampire was enough to drive a man insane. It's not as though I've never had sex before. I had on many occasions enjoyed the company of a beautiful woman. There lay my problem. Even though my human memories were quite fuzzy, I remembered the ecstasy and warmth that a partner could provide. However, listening to my coven mates enjoying themselves on a consistent basis was a wholly another issue, all together. So,to my dismay, I sported a constant case of blue balls. Very frustrating and painful—even more so if Jasper and Alice tied one on. The blow back was intense. All manner of creature beware of my empathic brother, otherwise you may suffer the effects of a strong dose of lust and who knows what you would do.

So, color me surprised that on the first day of school, in the midst of feeling sorry for myself, I would find my mate—a human, at that. This would be quite an awkward situation, like trying to steer a herd of cats. I would definitely need to tread lightly. How on god's green earth would I break the news to my family? What about Alice? And moreover, how would I approach the girl?