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The Emmett Chronicles

AU-Twilight- Emmett has been stuck in a coven of mated vampires for seven decades, alone and longing for his own mate. Moving to Forks, Washington was only another step in the monotonous farce in his family's quest to appear human. Little did Emmett know that in this dark and dreary town that he will find his mate-only she's human. M-Lemons & Language


3. 3 Victoria Secret, Page 53

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AN: So, generally I write Bella in character. I’m soooo bored of that. In ‘The Emmett Chronicles’, ‘Isa’ isn’t a mousy, shy, clumsy, introvert. In this story our girl is popular and fashion sensible with a twist of prankster, just for fun. And she has lapis lazuli blue eyes. (No, Vamp Diaries, here. I just liked the color and the whimsy of it.) Steph M had no depth of color. All the vamps and humans seemed to have brown eyes.

*The “God of War” is coined by another author on this fanfiction.net, but I forgot the author’s name. Sorry. I just wanted to throw that out so you knew I wasn’t taking credit.*

“Woman is not made to be the admiration of all, but the happiness of one.”
― Edmund Burke

*Twilight is the sole property of SM. I’m not Stephanie. I make her characters more fun!*

Chapter 3

Victoria Secret, page 53


One would think that being chased around the yard by a half-naked, buxom blonde would excite me. Generally speaking, naked women excited me—but in this instance, Emmett no likey. Watching Rosalie prance around the yard was hilarious, maybe a tad sexy, alright a lot sexy, but my beaver basher wasn’t impressed. The Ice Queen lacked the pizzazz necessary to awaken the venomous, throbbing, python of love, and when Rover doesn’t even twitch at the sight of cha-chas, things have gone terribly wrong in Wonderland. Ask Alice. Really ask her! Not about my John Thomas or hooters—ask about Wonderland ‘cause I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to learn she and Jasper do roll play.

Edward wasn’t a bit amused by the bunny antics. Of course, Dick-ward doesn’t know whether to scratch his watch or wind his ass, most of the time. I was gunnin’ for the rat bastard to dart out of the house with a fucking blow torch to defend his woman’s honor. (Or some shit like that) I was itching for a good fight. Not that gerbil boy could hurt me, per say, but his indifference ruined the prank and dampened the mood.

Esme found me in the yard, pouting, and wrapped a tiny arm around my waist, leaning into my chest. “Emmy, don’t worry your pretty, little head about this. After all, son, I’m sure you’ll find something equally as annoying to tip the scales.”

I threw back my head and laughed. “Thanks for the vote of confidence, mom!”


After the overly exciting morning, Edward and Rosalie were overly pissed and drove to school alone. Go figure! Obviously, neither of our resident royalty wished to either have been seen with or locked in the same vehicle as those of us who participated in ‘bunny palooza’, consequently coined by Carlisle. The man is a genius I tell ya’. The five of us normally car-pooled together so we wouldn’t draw too much attention to ourselves, considering all us rather enjoyed our ostentatious vehicles—one example being, Alice’s yellow Lamborghini.

In the end, it was all for the best. Jas, Alice, and I rather enjoyed driving to school in my Jeep. The drive was light, airy, and full of laughter. We had a great time rehashing the bunny incident. Alice said she would continue to search the future for any and all situations that could be exploited. My sister was a fierce little angel when she wanted something. If only she was born with wings instead of fangs. Alas, that was not the case, but at least the sprite’s heart was pure. That had to count for something. All in all, our little rendezvous was far more enjoyable than any of our emo encounters in Eddie’s Volvo. Old men drove Volvos, and by all means, I wasn’t an old man. I looked damned good for a ninety year old man, virile and hung like a horse. Nay, baby!

As we pulled into the parking lot, Jasper still regaling me with old war stories and Alice planning our next outing, a bizarre electrical current enveloped the cab. It pulsed around me like a heartbeat, causing a touch of vertigo. It seeped through the metal and snaked through my muscles, enveloping my very core with its icy fingers. I had the urge to call Carlisle immediately, as on the whole, vampires rarely experience any signs of illness, unless projected by another of our kind. Yet, I didn’t call him, because this strange feeling seemed to be only effecting me, and I didn’t want to worry him unnecessarily.

I parked the vehicle between a little yellow Mustang and my brother’s Volvo. Once I turned the vehicle off, I felt drained and laid my head against steering wheel, taking several deep, unnecessary breaths to attempt to quell the sensation. Jasper and Alice seemed to be totally oblivious, un-phased by the little phenomenon that seemed to only be affecting my body and jumped lithely from the Jeep. I stayed rooted to the spot, muscles locked in place, still reeling from the residual effects of the vertigo.

Alice whipped around and gazed at me, tilting her head to the side as she silently appraised me. “Emmy, what’s wrong?”

Pulling myself together, I sat up and attempted a smile. “Ali, I’m fine. Go. You and Jas go; I’ll be along in a minute. I just need to look at a couple of things under the hood here. Won’t take long, I swear.”

Jasper eyed me circumspectly, attempting to ascertain the myriad of emotions that I must have been projecting. Thankfully, he read between the lines, if you will. He shook his head and grasped her gently by the forearm, swinging her gently towards her and planting a small kiss on her nose. This distracted her from whatever she believed had happened to me and my two siblings made their way toward the outer buildings.

As soon as they were out of sight, I dropped my heavy body against the wheel again and closed my eyes. What the fuck is happening to me? Vampires don’t get sick. I lay in that position for what seemed like an extraordinarily long time before the silence was broken.

A small, warm hand brushed my curls off my head, speaking softly near my ear, “Are you alright? You look to be very sick.”

I jumped, completely caught of guard. I hadn’t felt the girl’s presence at all. Apart from her heart beat, this girl had no scent—she didn’t seem to exist on vampire radar. I turned my head to the side and audibly gasped. Standing on the foot railing of my jeep, was a tiny brunette with piercing, lapis lazuli blue eyes. She reached up hesitantly, then gained resolve and brushed my hair from my face, laying her hand on my forehead. My skin tingled under her fingertips, and I could feel the crackling electricity within her body.

“You don’t seem to have a fever, but you’re as cold as a snow pack in Alaska.” She giggled at a silent joke and then her lovely features became stoic. “Sit up slowly and then lean you head against the seat….Please? You’ll feel better, I promise.”

When I didn’t move immediately or heed her wishes, I heard a disgusted noise escape her lips. It was almost akin to a growl. If the whole world wasn’t fucking spinning, I might have been turned on by her assertiveness. The beautiful girl grabbed me forcefully by the shoulders and pushed me against the seat. Strong little thing. I wasn’t exactly a small man.

My head lolled to the side, and I watched in utter fascination as she lightly pulled herself into the cab and sat on my lap, grabbing my hands and curling them against her chest. “Look at me, Emmett! Don’t close your eyes! If you close your eyes, you’ll fall asleep,” she commanded.

Shit! I didn’t know I was closing my eyes. She knows my name. Wait! Vampires don’t sleep. Ohm, those eyes are gorgeous. I want to melt into those cerulean pools and bask in her beauty for eternity.

I was only lucid for a few more moments and then nothing. Oblivion.


I came flying upwards and cracked my head on the ceiling of my Jeep. I looked over to see Jasper and Alice standing at my open door. “What the fu…? What happened?”

Alice was staring at me, rubbing furiously at her temples, with the strangest look plastered across her face. “Why don’t you tell me? Huh? I was in class and I had a vision that you had been incapacitated. Then the two of us run out here and you are unconscious, but if you were assaulted, then why didn’t I see your assailant in my vision? No scent, whatsoever. So strange.”

“A human girl was out here with me. She was adorably cute with the loveliest blue eyes this side of heaven. She sat on my lap and her long, auburn hair pooled in my lap. She knew my name and she was running her hands through my hair,” I blathered, staring off into space as I recalled her lovely features: high cheekbones, ivory skin, sapphire colored eyes, and full pouty lips


My head snapped to the side. Alice’s small frame the culprit. “Emmett McCarty! There’s something wrong with you! You’ve gone bat-shit crazy or something. No human girl was out here, and I sure the hell would’ve smelled her if she sat on your lap. Get yourself together, man!”

“Yeah…wow. I guess…well, I guess I’ve lost it. I don’t know what happened, but I feel fine now. Maybe we should go to class,” I said almost despondently, pulling the keys from the ignition and grabbing my bag out of the back seat. Then I sat off behind Alice and Jasper, shaking my head and wondering if I was bat-shit crazy like Ali said.


Other than my strange blackout in the parking lot and a small sense of unease, the day seemed to be running along fairly smoothly. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about the girl. She captured my heart in a moment. One glimpse and I was done. I couldn’t look at another woman without comparing that woman to her. I didn’t even know if she were real or even know her name. Yet, I was already head over heels.

Luckily, I had at least one of my siblings with me at all times. I was comforted by their presence, but I was also relived that I could focus on them rather than the blue eyed brunette from my dream. Or reality?

The five of us swept into the lunchroom with graceful strides, rendering everyone in the room silent with awe, jealously, lust, or something akin to all three. I hated this portion of the day. Pretending to be human was bad enough, but acting as though we ate human food was abhorrent. Sadly, it was a necessity to further the mortal charade.

My four siblings sauntered slowly over to an empty table against a large window. It looked promising. It was felt almost like a routine to grab a similar table and stake it for our own, setting there in relative silence and pick at food that we never ate.

I grabbed a tray and made my way through the line loading it up with enough to satisfy the masses that our family unit was actually consuming said sustenance. After I paid for the disgusting slime, I walked towards our table, watching my siblings as they snuggled into their partners, jealous that I was the odd one out. I plopped the nauseating food in the middle of the table, smug that I caught four vampires off guard while they were displaying a bit too much PDA.

“God, Emmett! What’s up your ass today?” Rosalie sneered, but softened her tone and facial features once she glimpsed the look in my eyes. “You’d think that after this morning that your euphoria would’ve lasted at least through the month. You’re always so cheerful. Why are you acting so melancholy all of the sudden?”

“I don’t know. Some strange shit went down this morning. I blacked out and I have no idea what happened. I could’ve been fondled or something and never know,” I half joked.

“Yeah, I gathered as much from Alice,” Edward added, running his hand through his abnormally shaggy hair. “You probably better have Carlisle take a look at that when we return home.”

“Probably right…” I murmured. My eyes darted around the room, desperate to find something interesting to hold my gaze for a moment, a distraction of sorts. Boy, did I get one. “Fuck me six ways to Sunday.”

Jasper looked up just in time to watch my distraction shift her weight across the tiny table. “Sweet baby Jesus! That shit should be illegal. I sure hope she’s eighteen or I’m going to hell. Ummm…Ali don’t you have a skirt like that? If you don’t, we’re going to buy one after school.”

“Jas, what ever do you want me to do in something like that?” Alice said demurely in a mock southern accent. Jasper snuggled into the hollow of her throat and whispered things I wouldn’t even repeat. I snorted. There was nothing demure about that naughty little vixen.

I studied the girl scrupulously, assaulted by small waves of lust coming from the blonde, Texan vampire. The bastard had his own woman to fuck senseless. Sure he was the God of War, but shit…leave some for the rest of us! I was practically drooling as I ogled the slender, petite brunette with the obscenely short skirt, flashing way more real estate than was legal in all fifty states. I was mesmerized by the goddess before me. I unconsciously licked my lips.

Those creamy thighs were taunting me—goading me to her side. I wanted to run my hands from her ankles up to the bottom of her flounced skirt, rip it aside, and bury my face in the midst of those black, lace panties that played peek-a-boo whenever she shifted her weight. Would she be wet for me? Would she scream my name if I slipped my fingers into her tight…Oh, fuc..! I began speaking before I registered I’d done so, “Victoria Secret, fall catalogue, page…”

Alice whipped her head around and followed my gaze, finishing my thought nonchalantly, “Page 53. I wonder if she’s wearing the matching bustier. It would be tacky, otherwise.” My sister spoke as though it were general knowledge that when women purchased underwear you procured the whole set. Heaven forbid one would mix and match intimate apparel. I wouldn’t care what fucking style of panties she wore as long as said items were a permanent fixture on my bedroom floor.

Watching her was sweet agony. Her sweet, almost bell-like laughter filled the crowded room, filling my soul with the sweet symphony. She shifted back and forth on one heel, running the other foot up the back of her leg, occasionally kicking up the back of the flounced skirt. Not that I minded her putting on such an exhibition. I was fucking loving it. It was so good that I had the urge to stroke my cock and damn it if it wasn’t in public.

The blonde boy that was sitting in the chair right behind her grew bold. He was feeling the exact same way, but instead of touching himself, he ran his hand up the back of her leg. Mine. I growled. I grasped the side of the table, shaking with anger. I wanted to go kick that little boy’s ass for touching my property. What the fuck? Your property? Oh, hell.

To my complete delight, she spun around at almost vamp speed and grabbed the creep by the back of the neck and pummeled his face into the table. THWAP “Mike Newton! We do not grope what is not ours or freely given!” she scolded angrily.

“Isa, Isa…baby I’m sorry. I just…I just.” THWAP. Oh my god, I have the biggest hard on! “Isabella, I’m terribly sorry. It’s not my place to touch you. I didn’t ask. Please don’t hurt me.”

Isa smirked and released the boy like he had the plague, brushing her hands together like they were filthy after touching his sordid flesh. I laughed out loud, my booming laughter resonating through the room, garnering me some strange looks.

If I thought the situation was dire before, I was completely caught off guard when her eyes followed the sound and caught my gaze. Lapis lazuli—as clear as the ocean on a sunny day. I was rewarded with a mega-watt smile that traveled right through my heart and dipped deep into my core. As if my pants weren’t tight enough!

It was her! The girl from the Jeep. I knew I wasn’t making shit up!

Jasper smacked me in the shoulder. I reluctantly broke our gaze and glared at my asshat of a brother. What? I mouthed; irritated that he would break my concentration. “You lucky bastard!”

My brother was on point. I wanted to tell him the mystery girl was my secret savior, but my mouth was dry, and I was slack-jawed and speechless. She was headed straight for me, stalking me like a wild cat. Her strides were sleek and leonine, her waist-length auburn curls bouncing with every step. Due to my trepidation and excitement, her trek seemed extraordinarily long, even at human speed. Although, I can’t say that it bothered me all too terribly much. I mean I did get a pretty comprehensive show.

My angel stopped right in front of me. I was quite surprised that she had chosen to approach. Most humans kept their distance and rightfully so. We put of a deadly vibe that kept humans at bay. This girl had no sense of self preservation.

Brazenly, she stepped even closer to the table and bent over slightly, hands behind her back, and whispered to the group, “You’re not doing a very good job of blending in. Human food? Really? Although, I truly understand why you would choose to act as such, bringing live game into a crowded lunch room would seem rather incongruous. For your information, my name is Isa, and no, I’m not offering myself up as a substitute. We mustn’t spoil your diet.”

Isa turned to me and caressed my cheek slightly, that electric sensation returned and flowed through my body like fire. “Emmett you really are too delicious for words. I’m sorry for earlier. I was angry that my car broke down and sent off a bit too much…well, anyway, I shall leave you to your vices.”

And with that, she was gone, spinning around on one heel and smugly swaying away— laughing at our expressions.