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The Emmett Chronicles

AU-Twilight- Emmett has been stuck in a coven of mated vampires for seven decades, alone and longing for his own mate. Moving to Forks, Washington was only another step in the monotonous farce in his family's quest to appear human. Little did Emmett know that in this dark and dreary town that he will find his mate-only she's human. M-Lemons & Language


5. Chapter 5-The Death of Innocence

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AN: I'm sorry. This is a rather somber chapter. Although it's imperative to the plot. *Plus, I forgot to mention that the wolves are not a part of this story. Yes, the Quileutes are real; they just don't shift into giant dogs. Also, Garrett and Kate are already a mated pair.

I mention this once or twice. Credit were credit is due! "God of War" is a phrase coined by IdreamofEddy-Colliding Meteors

“...I live with regrets - the bittersweet loss of innocence - the red track of the moon upon the lake - the inability to return and do it again...”
John Geddes,
A Familiar Rain

*Twilight is the sole property of SM and her publishing company.*

Chapter 5-The Death of Innocence


The events that were transpiring around me were infuriating. Carlisle refused to consider that his longtime acquaintance, Eleazar, had committed such atrocities. Hell, I would've been inclined to believe him had I not heard the words grace Isa's lips. But because I admired my father, I acquiesced and agreed that we would save all speculations and revelations until we could speak with the girl. But, honestly, deep down in my lifeless, black heart, I wanted to play Rambo and blow the fucker's head off.

I couldn't envisage the sheer anguish of her ordeal. My own transformation was excruciating, yet I had only suffered the agonizing torture once. To burn dozens upon dozens of times was unconscionable. Her situation screamed 'fire and ice', each battling for eternal dominance, yet never able to take completely root. He father was correct; her health balanced on a precarious edge.

My angel lay limp in my arms, curled against my chest like an infant. It would've been a perfect sight, a beautiful image to behold, had her situation not been dire. I slid my arm under the back of her thighs, rolled her against me, and rose from the floor, swinging her school bag over my shoulder. I crossed the threshold and began sauntering down the hall, holding my charge against my chest, very pleased to have her in my arms, regardless of the reason. Half way down the hall the English teacher, Mrs. Stafford called out to me.

"Mr. Cullen! Mr. Cullen. Please stop!" the woman cried out, her shoes clicking rhythmically on the green linoleum.

Aw! Sweet Jesus, why hadn't I taken the other hall?

I harrumphed loudly and reluctantly slowed, turning around slowly to shoot daggers at the older, plump brunette as she tottered towards me on her far too tiny heels.

"Oh, dear. Is that Isabella Swan?" I nodded. "Has she suffered another seizure? Should we call an Ambulance?"

A seizure? Isa was epileptic?

"No, no, an ambulance isn't needed. My father, Dr. Cullen, is at our house presently and agreed to provide medical treatment. Salary wise, I'm sure my father is in a far better situation that Chief Swan." Damn it! I sure am pulling shit of my ass, I thought. I had no fucking idea what Chief Swan made salary wise. Perhaps he had won the lottery and had millions in the bank. It hardly mattered in broad gamut of issues. My father would treat the chief's daughter free of charge, even if her were destitute, which we weren't. But she hadn't known that. Most doctors, even those with large practices, relied on a salary. My father only practiced out of shear joy. I only hoped she would accept my genial explanation and just leave me the fuck alone.

"I'm pleased your father is such a humanitarian, Emmett. Isa is such a sick little girl. It's so hard to remember that fact when she's terrorizing the teachers, though." She chuckled at her little joke. I growled low, not impressed. "Her father is forever driving her to this special clinic in Alaska for treatment. I'm sure he has depleted any and all savings caring for this child. I always hate to see a man like Charlie suffer. After his wife died in childbirth, Isabella has been his whole world…well…" Mrs. Stafford paused and loving stroked Isa's hair, tears glistening in her eyes. She turned her back towards me and began her trek towards the office, pausing slightly to call over her shoulder. "I'll advise Mrs. Cope that you and Isa need to be excused for the rest of the day."

I nodded emphatically, soaking up her words like a sponge, completely confused by the complexity of the situation. As much as I wanted her to cease her incessant rambling, I couldn't deny that I was fascinated to learn of Isa's childhood. I craved more. Someday soon, I hoped I would crack the mystery that was Isabella Swan.

I stood motionless in the middle of the hall and eagerly listened to the rhythmic crescendo of her stride, as she jogged off towards the office. The creak of the door released me from my nearly frozen state and spurred me to action. I clutched my precious burden tighter to my chest and hurried out of the building as fast as 'humanly' possible. Today, human speed didn't cut the proverbial mustard. I was a god damned vampire and I wanted to use my enhanced abilities to transport me to my destination, but to keep up with the human façade, I must act as such, as distressing as that might be.

Making quick work of the distance between the building and the Jeep, I grasped the handle and swung it wide, nearly ripping the damn thing from the hinge in the process. Then, I gingerly placed her in the front seat and ever so tenderly strapped her in. Once her safety needs were attended to, I jumped lithely in the front and turned the key. I threw the vehicle in reverse, vehemently backing out of the parking space. I glanced behind me just in time to witness Alice and Jasper as they dashed out of the office door, and sprinted towards me.

Shit. Why do I have to see those fuckers now?

In a flash, the blond Texan and his tiny, pixie mate were safely tucked into the back of the vehicle and we were on the road. "Carlisle texted me about the situation with Eleazar. Do you truly believe it to be true? He's Carlisle's friend, after all. Experimenting on humans? That's deplorable! I wish I could just see the outcome. This girl has rendered me completely blind," Alice murmured softly.

Jasper pondered her words for several seconds before he added his two cents. "Darlin' it's hardly a stretch of the imagination. The man did work for Aro—"

Alice cut Jasper off, wagging her finger in his face angrily. "So, if Eleazar is forever guilty by association, then the same can be said for you—eternally judged by Maria's sick fuck nature!"

Hot damn, Alice! Tell that southern boy what you really think!

Jasper harrumphed and woefully settled against her side, unable to refute her logic. Basically, he was bitch slapped into silence.

We continued our trek in relative silence, watching and listening to my human mate for signs of distress. As I sped down the rest of the highway and turned sharply down our newly graveled drive, the tires throwing sand and rocks in a tsunami behind in our wake. All too soon, our two-story manor ghosted across the horizon. I felt the first wave of calm wash over me when I glimpsed our father standing on the edge of our marble courtyard. The Jeep came to an abrupt stop and Carlisle rapidly extracted the girl, flitting silently into the house.

The three of us filed in behind the doctor and watched him lay her reverently on the couch, immediately assessing her condition with vampire analysis. Carlisle did several things in quick succession, checking her pulse and blood pressure. As he continued to give her a thorough physical, I paced the floor, growling when he poked an prodded. For some reason, one I didn't completely understand, I didn't like his hands on her body.

Jasper dashed over from his perch by the window and grabbed me by the shoulders, effectually calming me with his gift and actions. I wanted to deck him.

My father's words tumbled out like word vomit. He was fascinated by her physiology and marveled at the changes in her human attributes due to the venom—things I hadn't noticed until he had pointed them out. The scientist in him was battling for dominance. Luckily, my father favored the first quite vehemently.

Esme flitted to my side and wrapped her tiny arms around my hip, laying her head against me lovingly. "She's absolutely exquisite, Emmett. I'm sure you know that already, though."

I looked down at my mother, brows furrowed with pain and confusion. I felt almost embarrassed to admit that I'd fallen head over heels in love with this little slip of a girl. She had changed my whole world, and I was reeling from the whiplash.

"Esme, I've only just met her, but I'm head over heels in love with her. She's said all of about thirty words to me and I can't stop thinking about her. I don't understand."

A brilliant smile crossed my mother's pink lips. "Well, dear, that's how the mating bond works. It's an overwhelming thing. She'll feel the same tug, although she might not feel as strongly as you do. Just don't rush her, alright? She's very young."

I agreed with her and turned back to my tiny mate, scrupulously watching my father's movements, uncharacteristically jealous. Isabella was almost as petite as Alice with long auburn hair, blue eyes, and a fucking killer figure. For selfish reasons, her small bone structure worried me. Her bones were brittle and her skin was easily marred, and I feared damaging her when I claimed her. I fully intended on having her in my bed very soon, solidifying the bond, because, I hated to admit, I wasn't strong enough to reign in my inner animal.

Will she accept me? I mused. Or had her recent involvement with vampires tainted her feelings about all supernatural creatures that crossed her path?

Carlisle completed his analysis and ran a shaky hand through his corn-silk hair, wearily watching my stance. As much as I wanted to pound him for touching what was mine, I had to hold back the beast so she could receive treatment. I thought I would go insane.

My father tilted his head to the side and watched the girl slumber appreciatively. "I'm completely flummoxed, son. This child is more vampire than human. Apparently, transfusing someone with venom alters one's physiology without stopping the heart. The function of many of her organs have suffered the brunt, unfortunately, but the gravest issue is what we cannot see. I smell it on her. Cancer faintly whisks through her veins."

"Cancer? Wait a god damned minute, Carlisle! The English teacher said she had epilepsy, and that's why she collapsed. I know that epilepsy can be suppressed by medication. Is she just not taking her drugs? I'll pay for it if necessary—do anything humanly or supernaturally possible to ease the burden," I implored, grasping two handfuls of curls and tightening my fingers.

Carlisle rose and tucked his arms behind his back, contemplating the situation as only my father could. "Perhaps the ruse of epilepsy conceals the truth—keeps the human's curiosities at bay. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your mate suffers from far worse than a mere seizure disorder. Hers is an old illness. It is not a new affliction, whatsoever. She has suffered from this for most of her life."

I stiffened. Esme clutched me tighter and rubbed her hands on my arm, attempting to sooth my ever increasing trepidation. "Mrs. Stafford said that Isa's father has driven her to a special clinic in Alaska for years. Alaska? Eleazar? Coincidence? I think not, Carlisle. How can you deny what's right in front of you?"

"I still believe there is more to this story than face value, son. I have known Eleazar for centuries. I know him to be only kind and benevolent to all humans he comes in contact with. I refuse to believe that he's used this child in such a way. When she awakens, we will ask her again. Then if I am indeed wrong, we will deal with my ally accordingly," Carlisle retorted.

Formalities be damned. I needed answers; I craved vengeance. I sighed loudly and pulled out of my mother's embrace, angrily stomping towards the couch and dropping to my knees, drinking in Isabella's lovely features. I softly grasped a handful of my mate's lovely mahogany tresses and brought them to my nose, inhaling her muted essence. The strands were velvet against my skin, like the corn silk that I shucked off the cob as a small boy. I wanted to bath in this elixir, this delicious fragrance which calmed me greatly, though she was nearly scentless.

I settled comfortably on the carpet and laid my head next to hers, watching her lovely features soften during sleep. I was transfixed by her presence, so spellbound, in fact, that should a fucking zombie Apocalypse barrel through the front door, I would neither notice nor care.

My human mate had unconciously unearthed portions of my suppressed memories and humanity. While I enjoyed watching the humans complete their mundane tasks, none of the creatures that I had observed had exposed my humanity. This woman both enthralled and transfixed me with her ethereal beauty. If I needed oxygen, I would not be unable to breathe.

Her eyes began to flutter and her body stirred. Excitedly, I jumped to my feet and dashed to the farthest corner of the room, anxiously watching her awaken. Her eyes flew open in shock and frantically combed the large room with trepidation. Her surroundings were unfamiliar, and even without Jasper's gift, I could feel her emotions as thought they were my own. On her second sweep around the space, her beautiful sapphire orbs locked on mine. "Emmett, where the fuck are we?"

I chuckled lightly. "You're at my home. You collapsed in Biology and started mumbling strange things. Then, you passed out in my arms. My father says you are very ill. What happened to you? Who administered the venom?"

My mate flew off of the couch with impressive speed and backed herself into a corner, her heart and breathing rapid. "Who said anything about venom? I didn't say anything about it. It was just incoherent mumblings, nothing more. I have epilepsy. I probably had a seizure. I'll be fine. I swear," she trilled.

I crossed the distance between us and stopped about five feet in front of her. "Isa, I speak four languages: English, sarcasm, profanity, and bullshit. This situation can be wholly classified under the latter. You said a lot of things, specific things, about specific people. None of which you would known about had you not interacted with them. So, do me a favor and tell me the truth."

"Tell me what I said. It's imperative that I know what I said," Isa stated shakily, salty tears pooling in her eyes.

"Your exact words were, and I quote— 'I can see my death, Emmett. It's happening all too soon! Jesus, it's too soon! I just had the venom. . .burning down my throat. . .Forty-three times. . .forty-three times. I can't do it again. I just can't ingest any more! It'll kill me this time.'—so again, I beseech you. Please tell me the truth. We know of the cancer."

Rosalie and Edward slipped quietly down the stairs and followed the others into the room, cautious and curious about this tiny human that had me so transfixed. Fuck! When had they got home? I'm loosing it! Everyone listened inquisitively to the words that left our tongues. Each couple took slow and deliberate steps as not to scare her with their speed. Then, each couple settled themselves on the furniture and watched the events as they transpired.

The tiny brunette was frozen into place, conflicted by my words. Her breathing and heart rate increased exponentially. Her once unshed tears now fell freely down her ivory cheeks, splattering her blouse. The sorrow engulfed her and she buckled under its weight, falling to her knees and dropping her head into her hands.

"It's not as sinister as it sounds. My venom consumption wasn't malicious in nature. On the contrary, it was done honorably. However, this story is not mine to tell. I promised to never reveal the events that have transpired and I beg of you to let it go. Knowing such a secret could bring sorrow and destruction upon this house and your family."

Rose jumped to her feet and stalked over to the girl, grasping her by the shoulders. "We're already in this shit knee-deep, girl. Tell us what the hell is going on!"

Isa's head snapped up and her eyes locked with Rose's, her once blue irises now sparkling obsidian. My mate grasped her face and locked her gaze, growling and shaking furiously at the blonde beauty. But this didn't detour my sister's rage and she continued to rant.

That was when everything went to hell in a handbasket. Walls and glass began to tremble, ebbing and flowing with unseen power. I watched in awe as the two flower vases to her right abruptly upturned, spilling their contents on the floor. Those of us who were not involved with the small altercation, watched the oddity with trepidation.

"Jas!" I snapped over my shoulder. We had to tamp this shit down. "You have to calm them down! I think this shits about to get real!"

Jasper snorted. "Em, I'd love to calm some fucking emotions, but I can't do shit at the moment! It's like she's shielding all of our powers. But just because I can't manipulate and emanate emotion, doesn't mean I can't them. The anger is damn near crushing me."


"Me neither, Emmett. I have no idea what to expect." Alice trilled.

Rose growled and shook her again. My sister was walking the razor's edge.

"You're making a huge mistake, little girl. You're shortening your life. No children, no life. You'll die, Isa. Don't do this to yourself! I despise what I am- hate my nature. My choice was stolen from me. Why would you consciously give yours up? Live, for Christ sakes!" Rose pleaded, venom pooling in her eyes.

Rose and Isa jumped out their crouched positions, Rosalie retreating backwards. Isa stalked towards my sister like an angry predator and grabbed her by the throat, pushing the larger female against the wall with force. The momentum of my sister's marble body buckled the wooden structure, showering my sister in paint, plaster, and shards of wood.

When I realized that neither woman was acquiescing to the other, I ran forward to stop them and abruptly ran smack dab into a transparent, yet very solid wall. Shit! What the fuck?

Isa kept her hand firmly 'round Rose's throat and shook a finger in her face, her body shaking with fury. "I'm already dead you uncaring bitch. I've been dead for ten damned years! There's nothing to be done about it. My physical body is frozen in time, I no longer menstruate, my arteries are hardening, and my heart is slowing. The venom can no longer quell the cancer that poisons my body. The venom was never meant to be a cure. Jesus, I'm not giving up anything to cross over. In fact, I'll be happy to finally die. I've suffered though the change forty-seven fucking times to your one. Do you know what it was like to accept your mortality at seven years old? Be a tiny little girl and burn for days? No, selfish cunts like you only think of themselves."

The pressure in the room was almost stifling, and I could feel a change, the invisible wall pulsing like a beating heart. A pang of fear crept up my spine, twisting knots in my stomach. I stepped back and promptly ran into Edward who was pacing and growling at the danger to his mate.

Finally the pressure in the room found an outlet and threw me back on my ass.


Glass exploded all around us. Every window facing the south side of our house detonated like a bomb, sending shards scattering in every direction. The cool breeze whipped through the house like a fucking tornado in the midst of a trailer.

My pretty mate clutched her head in horror, scanning the large room with horror, assessing the sheer destruction that lay in every direction. Isa slumped to the ground with wide eyes, and slapped herself in the head with the heel of her hand, mumbling frantically to herself. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh, god! I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'll pay for it. It might take me years…if I have years. Jesus, I don't know control my powers."

I dashed toward my mate and enveloped her with my body, whispering calming words and stroking her hair. She snuggled into my chest and sobbed uncontrollably. "Isa, please don't fret. I have the financial means to repair the damage. Shit, you should she some of the damage I've personally caused, and I have not power to speak of. Neither your father nor you should trouble yourselves with the formalities. I apologize for my sister's crassness. She can be a real fucking bitch sometimes."

Rose scoffed at me from her husband's embrace. I smiled wryly at Dickward and inwardly laughed at the irony. Human against vampire.

Rose: 0 Isa: 1

God damn, Eddie! My mate might just wipe the floor with yours!

That was fucking amazing. I wondered what else can my pretty little mate could do.

Carlisle rose and crossed the remaining distance and crouched before her, stroking her chestnut locks away from her face. "Emmett is right, Isabella. The glass is of no consequence. Esme has been dying to redo that portion of the house, anyway. Now, she has nothing holding her back." Isa chuckled slightly between sobs. A small smile pulled at the corners of my father's mouth. "Perhaps it would be prudent to call Eleazar, now. Hopefully he might shed some light on the subject?"

She lifted her head and nodded.