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The Emmett Chronicles

AU-Twilight- Emmett has been stuck in a coven of mated vampires for seven decades, alone and longing for his own mate. Moving to Forks, Washington was only another step in the monotonous farce in his family's quest to appear human. Little did Emmett know that in this dark and dreary town that he will find his mate-only she's human. M-Lemons & Language


6. Chapter 6-Charlie's Angels

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This is part funny and part not. We figure out the story behind Bella's illness. A lot of dialogue, though.

"You know that old saying. Once you go dead, no one's better in bed."
Jeaniene Frost, One Foot in the Grave

*Twilight is the sole property of SM and her publishing company.*

Chapter 6- Charlie's Angels


The constant roar of engines out on the highway wasn't anything new. They carried on at an unvarying pace, always an unfailing hum in the background. Our driveway was fairly inconspicuous, and so, we were never in danger of accidental company, though, this night proved to be dissimilar.

My ears perked up when one of the many vehicles slowed and turned down our driveway, tires spraying gravel behind it in its wake. It was a larger, older vehicle, most definitely a truck or a Jeep of some kind, and judging by the rumble of the pistons as they spun the crankshaft, this vehicle was approaching the house quickly. I glanced around nervously, catching the worried expressions of every person in the room, save one. She seemed oblivious to the subtle noise in the background.

Carlisle rose from his crouched position and straightened his sweater vest, smoothing out the wrinkles out of his already impeccable attire. Esme flitted to his side and wrapped her tiny arms around his waist, laying her head against his chest. "It seems as though we're receiving a visitor. That's a rare oddity in this household."

Isa looked up into my father's eyes, a wry smile spreading across her lips. "How many?"

What's that little minx up to, now?

Carlisle cocked an eyebrow. "How many what?"

"Visitors? How many visitors?" Isa softly retorted, pulling herself to her feet and bouncing over to the door.

"I only hear one heartbeat."

She smiled."Well, one heartbeat is good. Honestly, I'm sort of surprised that there aren't more. I'd have thought the old man would've come up here with the god damned squat team and knocked the fucking door down with a battering ram."

I snorted under my breath. God, this woman is made for me!

Isa glared at me and continued. "Of course, Charlie knows that conventional weapons would never harm any of you. Yet, he wouldn't hesitate to destroy the front door just to prove a point. Men and their fucking pride! I'm unsure if that particular trait is lost with the burn of the venom, or perhaps, it continues into one's new life. It will be interesting to watch my father tow the line between the mortal and supernatural when his time comes."

Esme cleared her throat softly, a tight line forming between her brows. "Your father knows of our secret, as well?" Isa nodded her head. "So, he plans to follow you into eternity?"

My little mate clenched her bottom lip between her teeth and closed her eyes, hissing profanities under her breath. Apparently, she revealed more than she'd planned to. "Mrs. Cullen, Charlie knew the Denali coven for over ten years before I was born. Way before he met my mother, even. My father first met the Denali sisters, Tanya and Irina, on a fishing trip when he was seventeen. The two sisters seduced my father and his best friend, Billy Black, at an underage party. Obviously the encounter was delightful—enchanting enough that every time he visits Denali on a fishing trip, my horny ass father fishes in Tanya and Irina's beds first. The three of them are insatiable monsters. I generally just steer clear of those three while I'm there."

Jasper and I broke out into loud guffaws at this new knowledge. The Chief has been spanking those sparkly assess for nearly thirty years? God, he's my hero. Not that I'd screw either of them, but I was impressed, regardless. The good ole' Chief had been filling those chilly, wet holes with his steaming hot meat thermometer for half his life. Those two sluts obviously enjoyed riding rough on a nightstick.

I wonder if he locks them in jail and plays bad cop? That's hot!

Crossing the room and grinning like a Cheshire cat, I gently laid my hand on the small of her back. Forward, absolutely, but I couldn't fight the urge to be physically close to this arresting creature. Isa squealed loudly and jumped several inches, glancing up into my eyes. Startled by our contact, her tiny hand flew up to her ample breasts, attempting to quell her ever quickening heart. I chuckled softly, licking my lips unconsciously. Sweet Mary Mother of God! Those magnificent, creamy breasts were taunting me, begging me to kneed and bury my face in those soft pillows of flesh. I wanted to twist those taught, pink peaks in between my thumb and forefinger and watch her writhe on my bed. Damn it, Jim! I have to quit thinking like this! My deep-v diver was at full attention—painful and full of Emmett lovin'.

I could make a thousand analogies about my raging hard on, but not a one of them would be adequate to describe the deliciously, painful affliction that currently filled my pants. Let me just say if Krull the Warrior King was a flag pole, Old Glory would never, ever drag the ground. God Bless America! Shit. Jasper was right about one thing— I was going to Hell in a hand basket.

Isa's hand shot up and grasped my chin gently between her fingers, tilting my face towards hers and meeting her fathomless, blue orbs full on. "Are those your eyeballs?" She dropped my chin and turned her palm upwards, cupping them as though she held something in her tiny hand. "Because I found them in my cleavage, and that's definitely not where they belong."

This time the silence was broken by Edward, who for some unconscionable reason chose this particular moment to pull his rigid, Edwardian head out of his ass and acknowledge her clever witticism. The look on my face must have been priceless. I knew damned well that my mouth was wide open, catching flies. I was completely flabbergasted at her besting me at my own game. If I hadn't been in love with this girl before, I was more so now. My un-beating heart was a literal pile of mush in her capable hands. Normally, my roaming eyes went unnoticed by the human eye, but the tiny, brunette minx detected my subtle ogling and called me out.

"Ugh…ugh…" I dropped my gaze in embarrassment. God, I was pathetic.

Fuck! I swear I'm going to come and then have a massive coronary. Then if there's anything left in the ole' man sack, I'll definitely come again. That little minx has won this fight in the first round, and I haven't even touched her yet! TKO Emmett!

Isa giggled and socked me in the shoulder. I rubbed my shoulder, surprised by her strength. Ow! she's got a right hook on her! "If you want to be my friend, Emmett, you have to follow one rule: I don't appreciate being eye raped. Follow that rule and you and I will be well on our way to being best friends."

Jasper whistled low—far too low for human ears. Yet, curiously, she seemed to hear. "Ooh, Em, bad form. She's already tossed your sorry ass in the friend zone.

Before I could retort his jab or beat his ass into the ground, I heard the old rig skitter into view. Isa took a large breath and tottered towards the door. She swung the door open wide and danced down the stairs and into the courtyard, stopping at driver's door of the rusty beast. I anxiously crossed the threshold of the door and leaned up against the door frame, arms and legs crossed, watching the little minx as she bounced up and down, those beautiful breasts jiggling agreeably under her blouse. An older man with thinning auburn curls and dark eyes jumped out of the cab and swept little Isa into his arms. He dipped his head into her hair and inhaled, sighing softly.

Damn it. I wish we were on that friendly a basis.

"Daddy," she purred softly, pulling away and gazing lovingly into his eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"Bells, I was so worried. So damned worried about you, kid. No father wants to get a call at work, especially from Mrs. Cope—the town gossip— I might add, and have her tell me that you were whisked out of school unconscious. I about had a damned heart attack thinking this was it...the end. Then, nobody wanted to fucking tell me who took you from the premises ,until I threatened to take them downtown."

Isa's father growled—yes, growled!—and suddenly became rigid. It was almost as though he sensed my presence.

Isa laughed nervously at her father's words. Her tiny hand reached up and affectionately smoothed his slightly furrowed brow with nimble fingers, calming his rigid stance considerably. "I'm perfectly fine, Charlie. Emmett brought me home, because as you already know, his father is a doctor. Plus, I got a little cocky and kind of let it be known that I knew what they were." She shrugged and smiled, slightly chagrined. "Stupid move, huh?"

Charlie grumbled and nodded emphatically, mumbling about calling Eleazar. Then he stiffened, and his eyes flew up and scanned the area, locking eyes with me. "Emmett Cullen, I assume?" he questioned.

I straightened my back and puffed out my chest slightly. "Yes, Sir. That'd be me."

His finger flew out in front of his face, wagging it toward me menacingly. "Next time you whisk my daughter out of the school, you call me right away. Her health balances on a precarious edge."

I nodded nervously, thinking if I were to become his son-in-law, I needed to make nice with the father. Wooh! Calm down, Em! Married? She hasn't even accepted you as her mate.

Charlie swung Isa against one arm, cradling her against his chest, and the two walked towards the step. With his free hand, he fished around in his vest pocket. He grabbed his wallet and pulled out a business card, handing it out towards me. I took it hesitantly and smiled sheepishly. I'd never been on the business end of an angry and protective father, and quite frankly, I was slightly intimidated by the robust human before me. I was a dammed vampire, and I was fucking scared by a human.

I stepped to the side and motioned the Swans into the house. Charlie unhooked his work belt and hung it by the door, fully aware that his weapon would do him little good in a house of immortal and invincible beings. I ushered them into the living room, and Isa's father slid to a stop, gasping loudly as he eyed the broken windows all around.

"Oh, Isabella," he said condescendingly. "You need to control your temper, baby. Daddy can't afford to keep replacing windows. Who'd you attack this time?"

Obviously, she had done this before. Curious.

Carlisle ghosted towards the couple and extended a hand. "Charlie, I've told Isa that she needn't worry about the windows. The cost of the glass is negligible, truly. I hold neither Isa nor you responsible for the occurrence, nor do I expect payment. My daughter, Rosalie, upset her greatly, and she reacted in accordance to the threat. Mind you, it was quite surprising, although everything about this"—Carlisle motioned to the room and held his hand out to Isa—"is unprecedented.

"Charlie, please have a seat." My father motioned to the cream sofa, and Isa and her father sat down. "We have so many questions, and understandably so, your daughter was quite reluctant to address the issue. She obviously fears for Eleazar's safety. Rightfully so. I'm sure my old friend has told you it's forbidden for humans to know of our kind."

Charlie tucked his arm tightly around Isa's tiny waist and pulled her closer, clearly in a protective manner. "Well, generally I would keep my tongue, as well, considering how precarious the situation is, but it seems as though my girl has been lax with her words and her knowledge. What would you like to know?" Charlie sat up suddenly and raked his hand across his face. "She alright, though, Dr. Cullen? No bleeding or vomiting?"

Carlisle arched an eyebrow in question and took a seat in the arm chair adjacent to the sofa. He crossed his legs and linked his fingers together, cupping his knee against his palm. "No, Charlie. Isabella seems quite well, especially after her unconscious episode. May I inquire about her illness? I mean no disrespect by asking. If you find this too forward a question, feel free to tell me so."

The deep crease that had formed above Charlie's brow relaxed infinitesimally. After hearing Isa's nearly clean bill of health, he glanced lovingly into his daughter's doe-like blue eyes and beamed at her like a proud parent should. He kept her gaze and beseeched her acceptance. She closed her eyes and nodded, a tear slipping out of the corner of one eye.

Jasper clapped his hand on my shoulder when I took a hesitant step forward, wishing to wipe that tear away. "Not the time, brother. Soon, though."

Jesus, I hope so! I can hardly stand being away from her. I needed to comfort her somehow. But Jasper was right. This wasn't the time or the place.

Charlie sighed and slumped forward, resigned. "Well, I guess I should start from the beginning, eh?"

"That indeed seems appropriate," Carlisle agreed.

"It's been damned near thirty years ago, now, but the summer I turned seventeen my best friend Billy Black and I decided that we wanted to take an adventure—a fishing expedition."

He closed his eyes and smiled. "Ah, God we caught more than fish that summer. Jesus, that was good. Still is, really."

The boys and I chuckled lightly.

"Without permission from our parents, we skipped town with our poles and passports and drove ourselves to Alaska. We started out on the coast, and then after a full day of fishing, we met a few old guys who invited us to the local bar in Denali to have some drinks on them. We were stoked. Free drinks at our age? Hell, yes! There was no way we were we gonna turn that down.

"We drove into town, excited by the possibility of the night. After about six beers, Billy and I were getting our buzz on, laughing and carrying on with all the old coots at the bar. That's when we saw them—the blonde angels in the booth against the wall. They were exquisite beauties: blonde hair, creamy ivory skin, enchanting caramel eyes, luscious, perky breasts. Well, y'all know them, apparently." We nodded. "We watched them interact with several men, drooling like dogs. We were so fucking jealous of those lucky bastards. Then the angels spied us. We were immediately smitten—pulled toward them like a magnet. Feeling cocky and unstoppable, Billy and I sauntered over to them and plopped down at their table. I swear to God the two of them licked their lips.

"The four of us chatted—well, they chatted and we drooled some more. Then, by the grace of God, they offered to take us home. We felt like we won the fucking lottery, going home with the likes of them. I don't even remember the inside of the house all that well, but I'm sure you understand. Not too soon after we got in the house, they pounced on us, kissing and feeling us up like ravenous little beasts. It was so damned intoxicating that I thought I would come unglued before I even got to the act. Clothes were shredded, bodies intertwined—"

Isa cut her father, looking at him with incredulous eyes. "Jesus, dad! Gross! I don't wanna know about you, Aunt Tanya, and Aunt Irina doing the horizontal mambo."

I snorted loudly, inciting the rest of my brothers to join in my mirth. I grasped Jasper's shoulder for support and gasped for unnecessary breath, as I broke out into another round of laughter. We continued with our loud guffaws until we were each backhanded for our impolite behavior.

Charlie look abashed and dropped his gaze, immediately taking in Isa's attire. He growled low and snapped, chocolate eyes glaring at sapphire. "Isabella Marie! Did you really wear that scanty skirt to school today? You're going to get expelled again."

"Charlie," she retorted, rolling her eyes. "You can judge me when I don't come downstairs and see your bare naked ass pumping your secretary on our kitchen table. Our kitchen table, for Christ sakes! By the way, no amount of bleach, mental or chemical, will wash away that stain. I'm never eating on that table again."

Well, spank me cross-eyed!

Esme cleared her throat, completely embarrassed by the Swan's inappropriate social behavior. My mother, for all intents and purposes, was so very sensitive about foul language. Now that I knew that Isa was my mate, the two of us, including her father, would be constantly admonished for our perpetual absence of restraint. I didn't care one little bit. It was fucking hot!

Edward sniggered. Rose backhanded him and reprimanded him in a low voice. The loafer wearin', pantywaisted, pussy was so whipped.

Isa and her father looked up sheepishly at my mother, apologizing for their outburst. I smiled widely when my lovely mate glanced in my direction. She stared at me for a moment, and I felt a low tug on my heart. Then she winked, and it was all over from there. Shit. Apparently, Eddie wasn't the only one who was whipped!

"I apologize again, ma'am." Esme accepted and encouraged him to continue. Against Jasper's order, I traipsed to Isa's side and sat next to her, tracing small, reassuring circles in the back of her hand. She shivered at the touch.

Charlie nodded at mother's encouragement and continued. "Anyway, after our salacious weekend—and oh, boy did we make a weekend out of it— we made our way back to Forks. For several years in a row I made that same pilgrimage to Denali, and I was always welcomed with open arms…and other open limbs. The longer I spent with my lovely women, the more I noticed the simple nuances of their otherness. I never said anything, only cataloged my suspicions for further contemplation. During the last summer break before I met Bella's mother, I found out just how different my lovely angels were.

"If you hadn't noticed"— Charlie glanced at Isa and she smiled—"Bells and I have no scent. We have the same gift…well, hers is a little different, but essentially the same. Vampires are unable to smell us nor can the gifted use said power in our presence. It's quite remarkable, really. It annoys the hell outta Katie.

"Anyway, back to the trip..I got to the house, and for the first time, I met Eleazar and Carmen. I was kind of taken aback, abashed by the girl's parents catching me at the house. They assured me that they understood. I asked where they were and they motioned to the outside.

"I followed their direction and was surprised by my lovely Irina toe-to-toe with the biggest grizzly I'd ever laid my eyes on. I fumbled in my bag, looking for my gun, but before I could load the gun, she sprung at the animal and sunk her teeth into its trachea, sucking that damned thing dry. When she heard, rather then smelt me, her eyes swept in my direction, and I saw the blood running down the corner of her mouth. I was scared shitless and took off towards the house. She was in front of me so fast I thought I was delirious. Irina shook me by the shoulders, attempting to quell my trepidation. It couldn't be done, though. She was a god damned vampire, and I ran for my truck, never seeing her again…well, for ten years, that is.

"I met Bell's mother that fall and we weren't careful and she got pregnant. Things were great until she went into labor and had to have a c-section. She bled out." Charlie stopped and took a deep breath, salty tears threatening to spill over his lashes. Esme stepped forward and touched his shoulder, cooing reassuring words. He opened his eyes and began again, "Three years passed and everything was good. I was rocking the single dad thing pretty well. Sad as hell, but I didn't let her know. She deserved a happy childhood. That's when all hell broke loose. Bells got sick, real sick—she was diagnosed with leukemia. She fought like a little champ, and soon she was in remission. The little monster was cancer free until she was seven. But our joy was short lived when we went to a follow- up appointment and realized the cancer had returned, but this time radiation and chemo wouldn't cut the mustard. The doctors gave her weeks to live.

"There was no way on God's green earth was she dying on me, too, so I wrapped her tiny, weak little body up in a blanket and drove like a bat outta hell to Alaska. I knocked on Eleazar and Carmen's door, surprising the hell outta the, and begged him to save her. They were shocked by my declaration, but let me in. I, once again, begged for their help, but found out quickly that they would be unable to help Bells. After he explained all about immortal children and the law, I had a nervous breakdown. It took days to draw me out of my depression, but the girls were patient and got me through. When my head was clear, Eleazar confessed that he had a plan. He theorized that if Bells consumed the venom, rather then injecting directly into a vein, that it might not travel to her blood stream immediately. But the clincher was that if it didn't work and she changed, he would be forced to kill her. Selfishly I agreed."

I growled deep in my throat. I hated hearing my mate went through such agony. I wanted to strangle somebody. Luckily, Jasper stepped in and issued a wave of calm. I appreciated it greatly.

"Later in the afternoon, Eleazar extracted venom from his body and had her drink it. Jesus, it was started screaming bloody murder and begging me to take the pain away. Yelling to God. I felt like an ass. It was three days of that shit, and when she woke up she appeared to be cured. Her heart still beat strong in her chest. I thanked God that she wasn't an immortal child. We were all ecstatic until we realized that she couldn't keep human food down. Eleazar said she needed blood. So, for two weeks she was on forced feedings before returning to human food very soon after. I breathed easy after her recovery. We stayed for six months, and Eleazar watched her for signs of rejection, but Bells looked great. On the last day in Denali, my little monster became extremely lethargic and started coughing up copious amounts of blood. I couldn't believe our luck. It just wasn't fair. Eleazar confirmed the cancer had returned, and it was likely fatal."

Rosalie crumbled against Edward, tearlessly sobbing against his chest. She was devastated about what happened to the child. She'd always wanted children—yearned for them, but once those despicable assholes ruined her life, Carlisle saved her and turned her into a vampire. She lamented the loss greatly. Under that icy exterior, my sister had been known to be a truly caring person. Too bad it wasn't an everyday trait.

Edward glanced up at me and nodded, silently thanking me for my kind thoughts. I nodded in return.

"I couldn't believe it. My baby was sick again—dying. But as selfish as I was, I just couldn't imagine putting my child through that again." Charlie looked at Isa who had tears streaming down her cheeks. He cupped her chin and tipped it up to his lips, kissing her lovingly. "Then she did the most amazing and selfish thing. She agreed to do it again for me. She didn't want me to be alone. Damned kid, anyway. Always looking out for her ole' man. Bells asked Eleazar how long she would have to endure these treatments until she was old enough to become a vampire. The two of them agreed she should finish high school, and she's been enduring it every since. So, you can see how worried I was when I heard she was ill again. The time between treatments is becoming shorter and shorter. It used to be ever six months, then four, now ever two. Time is running out."

Everyone looked around, shocked by Charlie's story. I couldn't believe how brave and selfish my little mate was. I was a damned lucky man! Now, I just needed her to accept me.

Carlisle blinked and tilted his head, contemplating his words carefully. "As a scientist and a doctor, I find this quite astonishing, Charlie. My whole view on vampire venom has been altered. Had I not witnessed the changes in her body, I would have never believed it possible. Should your daughter choose to change her mind about the date, I'd be happy to do so. I can smell that the cancer is dormant, but it won't be long before it resurfaces. Would you like me to contact Eleazar? Since he took on this gargantuan task, I only feel its right that he's included in this."

Isa jumped up and nervously fidgeted. "Don't call Grandfather…umm…Eleazar. Please, let's not call him just yet. It will only cause unnecessary worry. I'm not ill right now. But the end is coming soon. I feel it."

Fuck! I need to tell her soon. She needs to know I am her mate!