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A Stolen Life

In the process of returning to Forks, Washington, Edward came across a car whose passenger held a familiar, silent mind. Curious by the phenomenon, he followed them and witnessed a horrific accident. Edward soon finds himself immersed in the blood that he'd so desperately tried to shield himself from four years earlier. Overwhelmed by his vampire nature, he allowed the beast within free rein and savored the alluring liquid. Consumed by the shame of drinking her blood, Edward brought the girl home to his father and hoped that Carlisle would be able to save her life, knowing deep in his heart that she was beyond modern medicine. After much deliberation, Edward accepted the inevitable and changed her himself, nearly killing her in the process. With the treaty in shambles and forgiveness hanging in the balance, could Edward forgive himself for imposing such a fate upon a dying girl? Could Bella ever love a vampire who stole everything from her?


4. Chapter 4-Chaos

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Chapter Beta-ed by Megan and beautiful.nightmare.x from PTB!

“...you’re in my blood spreading through my heart— pumping me numb.”
― Coco J. Ginger

*Twilight is the sole property of SM and her publishing company.*

Chapter 4-Chaos


The minutes preceding my decision were excruciating. There were choices to consider and lives that hung in the balance, hers specifically. Granting the girl immortality would irrevocably alter our family dynamic. I should have let her go. It was the course her soul was destined to take. However, I had essentially always been a selfish creature and my heart longed for hers, preventing me from following the morally correct path. A war had ensued within me, and my fears and reservations had consumed me in their muck and mire.

I stood over the precipice with her life in my hands, my insecurities and unfounded belief hindering my rational mind, causing me to hesitate far longer than I should have. If I changed the girl, would she detest this existence as Rosalie and I have? Or, instead, would she revel in the liberties it afforded her as Emmett had?

Rosalie loathed her transformation even more then I. She loved Emmett. Of that I had no doubt. But I truly believed if she had the chance to be human once more— to be able to bear children and grow old with her beloved—she would give up this life and sprint toward her freedom without a second glance.

I pulled the girl’s arm next to my face. The aroma of her blood and the electricity of her skin ignited every nerve in my body. My throat burned with the proximity of the blood.

“Please forgive me for this,” I whispered softly into her ear. I hope you can, because I’ll never forgive myself, if you don’t. If I let you go…I can’t even consider letting you go.

I raised her arm and parted my lips, inhaling the delicious aroma of strawberries and freesia that coupled agreeably with the scent of her blood. I ran my tongue across her delicate skin. Its salty, sweet flavor delighted the monster within, and he rattled his cage in anticipation. He craved more than just her skin. He craved blood. I hesitated no longer and plunged my teeth into her skin. It yielded effortlessly, as though I were dipping my fingers into warm water. The blood exploded into my mouth, flooding it with the decadent liquid. My vision immediately clouded with the fiery, red haze of pleasure and my body stiffened with satisfaction. I greedily swallowed the delicious nectar, and the feeling of it running down my esophagus quelled the ache that had burned there for decades, igniting the ravenous beast within. I closed my eyes and relished in the warmth of her skin, feeding the beast from the crescent shaped wound on her wrist.

Before I could drain her veins of their vital liquid, a stone-cold body rammed into mine and we crashed through the nearest wall. Plaster, wood and paint rained down in a choking cloud of white debris. My attacker screamed warnings at me and slapped me across the face. The demon in me didn’t care about this insignificant vampire who wrenched him from his prey. He craved more of the blood that lay only inches from my lips. As we struggled, I snapped my teeth violently in all directions, wielding them like venom-coated daggers and sinking them into his flesh repeatedly. My attacker pummeled me along the side the head and wrapped his arms around my neck and shoulders in an attempt to restrain me. I continued to fight, weaving and twisting easily out of his grasp. A low guttural growl burst from my clenched teeth, and I hissed a warning at the fair-haired vampire before me. I roundhouse kicked my rival in the chest, and the momentum propelled him though the open doorway.

In the blink of an eye, I was once again crouched over her, sinking my teeth into her soft flesh, once again sampling the scrumptious crimson liquid. Four bodies wrenched me away from my prey, dragging my body out of the room. The largest tackled me backwards and our bodies were plunged into a perpetual death match as we tumbled down the stairs, breaking windows and walls in our struggle.

As soon as we reached the bottom, I found myself secured under three bodies, one of whom had my neck secured tightly between his arms. He whacked my head into the floor several times as a deep guttural growl escaped my lips, garnering another wallop to the skull.

As I gasped for unnecessary air, the front door opened and my nostrils were flooded with the cool, crisp breeze, momentarily clearing the haze. Yet, even breathing the untainted oxygen didn’t expunge my yearning for the girl’s blood.

“Well, now. What do you think about that spanky? Eh?” Emmett whispered in my ear, his arms tightening around my throat. “Dude, you really screwed the pooch! Bringing that girl here was a bad idea. If we hadn’t disobeyed Carlisle, you would’ve drained the poor girl dry and perhaps tore apart our father in the process. I, for one, wouldn’t have been able to handle hearing you whine for the next decade or two. Plus, I can’t say I’m happy about running into a room full of blood, human blood at that, to save the poor kid from your sorry ass!”

“Take Edward out of this house. Now!” Carlisle said frigidly from above, every word dripping with disappointment and fury.


Attending to the girl, I contemplated the mess that I had helped facilitate. That poor child suffered at his hands—at my hands. It was foolish and irresponsible of me to assume that Edward would be able to control that side of himself, even though he’d shown remarkable restraint up until that point. I failed to consider that he might not be able to maintain such control once he tasted her blood.

He was young to this life. I undertook his creation with the best of intentions, believing I could both save his life and keep him from his basic nature. From infancy, I had expressed my aspirations for his development and instilled my morals. I hoped that my teachings would manifest within him and he would be as happy as I in those endeavors. I suppose that was every father’s struggle. To set high goals and be ecstatic when they are met and disappointed when they are not. But alas, he still struggled with restraint. Now, her blood was on both of our hands, regardless of the catalyst that caused her injuries.

I took each of the girl’s limbs and bit into her flesh, instilling more venom into her body in hopes that the acrid liquid would seal her wounds and smooth the progress of the transformation. When I was satisfied, I took a large syringe out of my bag and filled it with additional venom, sinking the needle deep into her heart. She whimpered, but no other sounds graced her lips. She was strong. I’d never witnessed someone fight so hard to stay alive. I had no doubt that, if she survived this harrowing ordeal, she would be quite a spirited individual.

I breathed a small sigh of relief as her heart kept a regular beat. However, she was silent, and that both perplexed and interested me. All of my other progenies, including Esme, endured excruciating pain the moment that the venom entered their systems. Perhaps, due to the extent of her injuries she could not feel the pain, as of yet. Whatever the reason, her case was fascinating.

As I left the room to garner the necessary items to properly cleanse my bloodied office, which unfortunately looked as though it harbored a murder scene, I realized I had not escaped my son’s wrath. I reached up and touched my neck—a searing pain erupted under my fingertips. Then I surveyed my limbs and realized I’d been bitten twice on my right arm. I shook my head and ran my hands shakily through my hair, sighing loudly.

Oh, Carlisle. What have you done?

Grabbing soapy water, bleach, and a washcloth, I returned to the room and took a comprehensive look around me. The room had been plunged into chaos. Broken furniture, plaster and wood littered the floor. But to my amazement, my desk, computer, portraits, and bookcases were still in pristine condition. Not that those material possessions mattered in the slightest.

I laid my items on the flood and scooped up the girl, placing her gently on the leather couch. Pleased that she was still with me, fighting to stay alive, I smiled slightly. Tipping my head to the side, I gazed appraisingly at the young girl. Under the inches of blood, I could see what had drawn my son to her. She was going to be a lovely immortal. Perhaps my newest addition would complete my son’s existence.

I returned to my desk and cleaned every inch of my office until it was free of blood, dumping the sullied water down the toliet and burning the rags.

“Esme, darling, I require your assistance,” I stated softly, knowing she would hear me.

The light of my life, my partner in all things, appeared silently at my side. Without even glimpsing her face I knew she was there. My wife rubbed my shoulders and rolled my tightened muscles within her tiny hands, soothing me with her loving touch. She flitted around and grasped my chin, tilting it towards her.

“What do we do now, Esme?” I looked deep in her adoring eyes, expressing my sincerity. She rewarded me with a bright smile.

“What we’ve always done, my love—we adapt.”

“Since she does not require additional medical care, I would feel more comfortable if you finished tending to her needs.”

“Of course, darling.” She raised her hand and gently stroked my cheek, instilling a small sense of peace with her touch. Then just as suddenly as she arrived, she flitted away.

I returned to my desk and slumped down in my chair, placing my head on my folded arms. While I lay motionless on my desk, Esme cleansed my newest daughter’s body of spilt blood and dressed her in clean clothing courtesy of Alice, throwing the soiled items into the fireplace. I hadn’t even heard my daughter enter the room.

“I have failed our family,” I said despondently, looking up into her face. “He almost killed that girl, and I should have protected him from his basic nature. I should have protected her—changed her the moment I realized she was not going to survive. She was so young and innocent.”

“Weren’t we all just as innocent once?” my wife questioned earnestly at my shoulder.

Esme was correct. Every one of us was as equally innocent prior to the venom, and that realization comforted me slightly. I dropped my head onto the desk again, quite unwilling to move as I wallowed in regret. Esme sat on the desk and pulled my head into her lap. I wrapped my arms around her waist and tucked myself against her breastbone. My angel began humming a melodious tune and ran her hands softly through my hair. I sighed softly, unsure how to proceed from here.