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Once Upon an Unfortunate September

Does time really heal all wounds—dull the ache—or erase the memories? Unfortunately after a decade, those things have yet to occur. My memories were too vivid—forever etched into my subconscious, an ever present and constant reminder that my life would never be a fairy tale. Fate had become my cruel mistress, sinking her dagger repeatedly into my heart—enjoying my misery. When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t expecting the day to head in this direction. Hardly! I predicted the weekend to sail smoothly. It was celebration of marriage—my best friend’s wedding, and I refused to allow anything to ruin their happiness. However, as I stood here and gazed into those cold, tawny eyes, I wondered how I would keep that from happening.—Excerpt from Chapter 5-The Boy I Once Loved. *Note: Stephanie Meyer's vampire and supernatural parameter's will be slightly altered to fit my story—mostly regarding Bella's (eventual) supernatural parameters. I've labeled it NC-17 for lemons, language, and violence. But don't expect too many lemons in my story. I don't want to story to be all about sex. ") This story is told in many points of view, mostly told by Jasper and Bella, but I will also include POV from the following characters: Carlisle, Edward, Alice, Embry, and an OC. Cannon through Twilight and up through E/B's separation in New Moon. From there everything changes - all bets are off. ") All couples are canon. (Eventual E/B HEA)* Beta-Zorradesombra


2. 2-Bella

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"The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only their potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflection of ourselves we find in them"
― Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

Chapter 2: Bella

Rain. Why did I think it wouldn't rain? Washington was constantly wet, dark, and cold. The weather was always miserable here, that wasn't anything new. It perfectly complimented my mood.

What was new? I was coming home and considering it had been nine years since I had stepped foot in the great state of Washington, I found myself on edge. In all honestly, it wasn't only the rain. I had other things on my mind that contributed to my depression. The last few weeks, I've been haunted by the ghosts of my past. Childishly I believed I'd left Forks behind and all the misery with it. However, it seems like your problems are always there when you return.

After Charlie's murder, there was little reason to stay in Forks, so I packed up and sold the house. Then I moved to Florida with Renée and attended the university, graduating at the top of my class. Charlie would be proud of my accomplishments. I was all grown up, and thinking about home, and everything that transpired in the little town, opened a chasm inside my heart.

When Angela had called three weeks ago and invited me to her wedding, I was stunned. However, I was far more shocked at whom she was marrying. Jacob Black of all people, and there was imprinting involved! Jacob had imprinted on 'my Angela.' My two best friends in the world in love, and I couldn't have been happier. Therefore, I wholeheartedly agreed to attend. How could you say no to your best friends? Regardless, of whom she was marrying, I couldn't deny either of them happiness, although, anyone but my little brother (and I use 'little' figuratively), would've been preferable.

Jacob had told me he loved me once. However, I couldn't reciprocate his feelings. He was my best friend and nothing more. I was a child then, engulfed in misery over the loss of my first love. Every girl experiences the heartache. It seems silly now but it shaped the person that I am today. Therefore, in a sick sort of way, I'm grateful.

It was amusing to think about all the guests that would not have a clue that Jacob and Angela's relationship wasn't a typical love affair. You know the type: boy meets girl, the two would fall in love, get married, live happily ever after and get a dog…ha! This was something much more, a supernatural love affair. Something magical…a love story to pass down through the ages.

Jacob and I spoke of imprinting long ago, although at that time the conversation was about Sam and Emily, members of the Quileute wolf pack. Yet I still remember it like it was yesterday.

"It's not like love at first sight, really. It's more like... gravity moves... suddenly. It's not the earth holding you here anymore, she does... You become whatever she needs you to be, whether that's a protector, or a lover, or a friend."

Coming home would undoubtedly unearth some sorrow. However, this wasn't a 'trip down memory lane'. This was a happy occasion.

My trepidation had Renée on edge. She had a hard time forgetting about my stay in Forks and the melancholy I had sunk into after Charlie's murder. She was my mother, though. I supposed it came with the job title to worry, but no matter how many times I told her I was fine, she couldn't get it through her thick head. Someday I hoped that she would grow up or perhaps grow out of it. Not likely, I thought and smiled.

Once I exited the plane, I realized I was dead on my feet. Therefore, I rushed to take my place in line at the airport Starbucks. After standing in the line for nearly twenty minutes, I was beginning to lose my patience and had the urge to kick the person in front of me in the ass to speed along the process. At this exact moment, I needed a double shot espresso more than I needed anything else in the world.

Everyone in line was staring at me. Or, at least that's what it felt like. I felt ridiculous in heels and a dress. Better yet, instead of my usual ponytail my mother curled my hair into lovely little ringlets that bounced with ever step. Ugh! Bella Swan's attire would always be strictly jeans, t-shirts, and ponytails, to my poor mother's dismay.

A low cough from behind alerted me to the fact that it was my turn in line, I ordered my usual drink and paid the cashier, placing a tip in the tip jar on the counter. I received a sneer from the cashier for what I assumed was an unacceptable tip. Uncharacteristically, I plucked it back out of the jar and sneered right back. Sure, it was childish behavior and very rude of me. However, I wasn't in the mood to ignore snide gestures.

Slinking through the crowds of people, I sipped at my drink and walked slowly through the airport, stopping in front of baggage claim. However, my plane hadn't released our baggage so to kill some time, I decided to go to the rental counter and secure my car.

I grabbed my i-phone out of my purse and started it up, checking for missed calls and scrolling through the list of emails. I highlighted and opened one in the list. It was from Jenny, a coworker of mine. She went on and on, griping about how awful it was of me to go on vacation while she was working. In closing, she wished me well and desperately hoped that I would get drunk, get laid, and lighten up.

I snorted under my breath. Like a trip to rainy Washington could ever be considered a vacation. In addition, I was to fit sex into the equation. Ha! When have I ever been intoxicated?

"Carefree vacation my ass!" I said under my breath.

Of course, I had told my coworker that I was going to Washington to attend my best friend's wedding. Obviously, in her opinion, attending weddings involved way more 'fun' than I was willing to indulge in. However, I wouldn't mind taking a spin around the dance floor. Now that everyone was grown up, it wouldn’t feel so wrong. Besides, I was single and according to Angela, so was Embry. The thought sent a chill into my lower abdomen.

By the time I got to the rental counter, the line was longer than the line at Starbucks. I rolled my eyes. Twelve people separated me from getting the keys to my reserved Mustang. I was going to take her through the curves as fast as my nerves would allow me to go, maybe faster.

As I impatiently waited for my turn in line, I continued to fiddle with my phone, reading a few more emails, one from Renée. She informed me she would be calling any minute, so I slung my little red purse over my shoulder and waited.

So suffice it to say, I wasn't paying attention to my purse when the man involuntarily ripped off my arm.

You had to give the man credit, he was fast, and I was clumsy. Therefore, there was a very good chance that he was going to escape with all of my money, credit cards, and I.D.

"Damn," I yelled.

The man was tall and portly, in his late forties or early fifties and wore a blue suit jacket and fedora. No, kidding! Who wears fedoras nowadays?

I took off in a sprint, dropping my drink in the process, attempting to remain conscious of every step I took. Running with heels might turn out to be far more dangerous than learning to ride a motorbike.

"Stop that man! He's stolen my purse," I called out to hoards of people.

My dress billowed wildly behind me, satin swishing with the movements of my body as I weaved in an out of the swarms of people. The clinking of my shoes kept up steady rhythm mimicking my heart.

It amazed me how many people seemed oblivious to what was happening around them. Of course, they might be too afraid to intervene, or frankly not care. It wasn't as if it truly affected their lives.

I once again pleaded for help, begging the bystanders to aid my cause. They allowed him to pass as if he were Moses and this was the Red Sea. Unbelievable! At this moment I had little faith in humanity.

Swiftly and without warning, literally plucked from mid-air, my assailant lay in a heap on the airport floor. The movement was fluid and instantaneous. Just as suddenly, a tall statuesque man with golden blonde hair crouched over the thief's shaking form. His hands curled into claws and locked at this side ready to strike.

"Vampire," I whispered sliding to a stop.

Great, I wasn't in Washington one whole hour without running into a vampire. I'll just chalk it up to poor luck. However, I was grateful to my savior, regardless of his undead status. Let's just hope I wouldn't have to give some vital fluids as thanks for his gallant efforts. The vampire swiveled on one heel and fluidly stood with my purse aloft in his outstretched hand. I jogged over to meet him, thankful for the end of the ordeal.

"Oh my goodness…Thank you for saving my purse! I wouldn't have been able to get--" My breath stuck in my throat, cutting off the sentence mid thought.

If I were asleep, I still wouldn't have believed who was standing in front of me. Jasper Hale, an over-6 ft tall beauty, who was just as lovely as the last time I laid eyes on him.

The shock of the moment caught me off guard, and while I had been conscious of every step in my mad dash to retreive my purse, I faltered. The abrupt changes in momentum making me topple backwards and land on my butt.

What a day this was turning out to be! Of all the vampires in the universe, I had to run into this one. I was certain at any instant a tiny, ebony haired pixie would dance over and swoop me into a hug, just as if she and her family had never broken my heart. Alice's betrayal was the most hurtful because I considered us the best of friends.

I was unsure at that moment, if Jasper even recognized me. However, when he gazed down at me, I knew better. A treacherous tear broke free and ran down my cheek.

Jasper bent slowly and offered me his hand, a smile jerking the corners of his mouth. God, he was beautiful. He could have been a Greek god in his former life.

"Hello, Bella. I see your balance has not improved in my absence," he said softly, chucking under his breath.

Of all the things he could have said, this was a poor choice of words. He said 'absence' as if it were an amicable parting. This began to ruffle my feathers, so to speak.

"Jasper, I…I didn't think…I'm happy to see you, too,"I said softly. However, it was a huge lie, but I needed to be polite, after all, he did do me a huge favor.

I reached out my hand, reluctantly taking his in my own. He pulled me to my feet with a quick flick of his wrist. Of course, my balance has always been poor, and I wavered at the abrupt change of my equilibrium.

"I was right. You haven't changed one little bit," he said humorously.

Another tear ran down my cheek. I was both happy and furious at the sight of him. He hesitated but reached over and brushed the tear that ran down my face. The touch was uncomfortable, and I pulled away swiftly. My heart began beating a hole in my chest. I nervously shifted from foot to foot, fiddling with my dress. I kept my eyes firmly fixated on the floor, willing my tear ducts to stay dry.

He looked just as uncomfortable, eying me like a slab of meat. His eyes never left me, fixating on the blood that wildly coursed throughout my veins. Jasper has always had to hardest time sticking to the 'vegetarian lifestyle,' so I found it odd to see him mingling in the hoards of people in this airport.

"Jasper, where's Alice?" I said softly, hoping to break his gaze. However, he didn't answer and continued staring at me. I asked again.

"I'm sorry, Bella, I just dropped her off at the terminal. She's going on business in South America," he said shakily.

I could tell he was lying simply by his body language. Something strange was happening.

"I guess I'm glad she's not here," I said softly. "It would be hard to…," I broke off.

I sounded like a sad little girl, and I was sending off the same signal with my body language. I squared my shoulders and stared him straight in the eye, like the adult that I was. I was going to make him sweat it out, so I left a noticeable pause, before beginning again.

"I'm actually surprised to see you. I'm curious to know why Alice didn't see me, and warn you to steer clear," I said steely.

"Why would she say such a thing?" Jasper questioned, looking rather confused at the abrupt change of direction.

"Well. Let's be frank. The Cullens have always been master manipulators. Anyone privy to their circle is likely stabbed in the back," I sneered.

"Bella…I don't know what to say. No one, absolutely no one in our family ever wanted to hurt you. I can see how you could-or would think…," he said pausing, but I cut him off.

"Jasper, I refuse to stand here and allow you to make excuses for all of your fucking shortcomings! You've been gone for 10 years. All of you—gone. I haven't received any letters or phone calls. I didn't even rate high enough to get a goodbye. If I had not caught Alice off guard, I wouldn't have ever seen any of you again. For whatever reason—here you stand. Although I wish, you would just go. I'm done. D-o-n-e," I said icily emphasizing the last word.

I spun on my heels, tossing my dress behind me in a wild display of displeasure. To the bystanders, I'm convinced we looked like angry lovers quarreling after a long journey. Of course, that wasn't the case. I hated the Cullens and Jasper was no exception.

I stalked over to the baggage carousel, and grabbed my bag. I opened it, and dug through my bag. As my blood continued to boil, I began tossing various items to the floor. When I found the little bag with my Aspirin in it, I snatched it up, popped a couple, and piled everything else back in the bag. I was livid.

"What an ass! What gives him the right to pretend to be shocked?" I muttered under my breath.

I knew that he heard me because vampires have excellent hearing. I slung my purse and bag over my shoulder and with a flurry stalked out of the airport. I realized that I was going to have difficulty getting home without a rental car. Although, I refused to turn around, for once in my life I wanted stay in control.

As the doors whooshed shut behind me, I left Jasper standing where I'd left him, looking like an idiot.