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Once Upon an Unfortunate September

Does time really heal all wounds—dull the ache—or erase the memories? Unfortunately after a decade, those things have yet to occur. My memories were too vivid—forever etched into my subconscious, an ever present and constant reminder that my life would never be a fairy tale. Fate had become my cruel mistress, sinking her dagger repeatedly into my heart—enjoying my misery. When I woke up this morning, I wasn’t expecting the day to head in this direction. Hardly! I predicted the weekend to sail smoothly. It was celebration of marriage—my best friend’s wedding, and I refused to allow anything to ruin their happiness. However, as I stood here and gazed into those cold, tawny eyes, I wondered how I would keep that from happening.—Excerpt from Chapter 5-The Boy I Once Loved. *Note: Stephanie Meyer's vampire and supernatural parameter's will be slightly altered to fit my story—mostly regarding Bella's (eventual) supernatural parameters. I've labeled it NC-17 for lemons, language, and violence. But don't expect too many lemons in my story. I don't want to story to be all about sex. ") This story is told in many points of view, mostly told by Jasper and Bella, but I will also include POV from the following characters: Carlisle, Edward, Alice, Embry, and an OC. Cannon through Twilight and up through E/B's separation in New Moon. From there everything changes - all bets are off. ") All couples are canon. (Eventual E/B HEA)* Beta-Zorradesombra


4. 4-Destiny

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No one can change our destiny. Destiny is something that we forge for ourselves, with our own perseverance, sweat, and blood. Jamie S. (Me!)

*Twilight is the sole property of SM and her publishing team.*

Chapter 4-Destiny


I watched in horror as Bella slipped away into the night. With newfound courage, she took my aspirations for the future with her. I felt a small amount of anxiety trickle down my spine. I was in unchartered waters, at present, unsure how to accomplish the task I'd set out to fulfull. Without employing some unfavorable tactics, I would likely fail. And Jasper Whitlock refused to accept defeat. Expecially from a human!

Bella stood alone under the canopy, her bag slung over one shoulder. I watched while she shifted nervously from foot-to-foot and gazed around the area with a smidge of apprehension. The young woman looked as though she was pondering her next move. I gathered that her aggravation had prevented her from securing herself a vehicle. Her emotions spoke volumes about her current state of mind. While she was perturbed by our conversation, her strongest emotion was anguish. I gathered from her words that she was aggreived by our family's departure, but I had an inkling that the pain ran far deeper, and that worried me.

Isabella Swan needed us, and I refused to take no for an answer. Just like the purse, I resolved myself to help her without a second thought. I began my trek to the door, extremely pleased that she still hadn't secured herself a means of transportation. That little misfortune I could work with. However, before I was able to use Bella’s predicament to my advantage, four very large men approached her. Even behind several layer of glass, the sickening combination of perspiration, rotting earth, wet animals, and testosterone radiating off the four men burned my nose profusely.

While under the employment of my creator, Maria, we had found ourselves in contact with similar beasts. She had identified the creatures as ‘children of the moon.’ Both beings shared the same putrid scent.

I laughed under my breath and shook my head. As if cavorting with vampires was not hazardous enough, Bella looked as though she’d entrenched herself with another group of supernatural entities. One would hope, after all of the unfortunate situations she had been placed in, she would've acquired some semblance of self-preservation. However, this young woman seemed to ride a very fine line between safety and self destruction, inadvertentlydrawing danger to herself and others. I had always thought Edward was crazy, though now I understood my brother's mindset. Bella truly needed constant guidance and supervision, whether she felt as though she needed it or not.

One of the four men approached her and whispered something repulsive in her ear. The rest of the men congregated behind her. A god-awful scream escaped her lips. The sound echoed in my ears and the fear resonated throughout me. I watched anxiously as she stumbled into him.

It broke my heart to watch her safety loom in the balance. However, Bella adamantly dismissed me. If I were to ignore her wish and rush in, she might never forgive me. . .us. However, if she were to get hurt, my brother would kill me, and I would never forgive myself. I grasped the door handle and bent the metal allowing my warring emotions to pull me apart at the seams.

Opening the first set of glass doors, I began walking toward Bella and paused again. Bella told you to leave her alone. I froze with my hand on the outer doors, contemplating my inner debate. You shouldn’t leave her alone, Jasper!

A war of another kind raged within Bella. She vacillated between residual bouts of anger and an overwhelming fear of the unknown. Just when I was about to dash out the door, she did something completely out of the ordinary. She tossed the burly boy over her shoulder and dropped her knee against his throat. I laughed aloud, garnering some strange looks from onlookers.

My heart swelled with pride. Bella had become a remarkable woman. My only wish was that Emmett could’ve witnessed her reaction. I made a mental note to regale him with all the gory details as soon as I saw him again. If she ever became a vampire, I looked forward to some interesting sparring between the two of them.

As it turned out, my concern for her wellbeing was superfluous. After looking into the man’s eyes, she apparently recognized him and the remainder of the brood. They all shared embraces. After some chiding between the five, they shared in bouts of laughter. I breathed a huge sigh, and turned to retreat into the airport. When I looked back, so did she. In the second our eyes met, I knew I couldn't heed her request. She's have a permanent tick on her ass named Jasper Whitlock.

I vanished from my protective vigil, attempting to shield myself from view by fleeing the airport in a circuitous manor. I jumped into Edward’s car and turned the key. The engine in the Volvo roared to life. Fishing my phone out my pocket, I contemplated my decision further. After several seconds, I resigned to my original conclusion. I quickly keyed in my father’s number and pressed send, holding the phone up to my ear.

“This is Carlisle,” my father said.

“Carlisle, we have a problem,” I stated firmly.

“Yes, please continue.”

“I ran into Bella today. She was vexed by my presence.”

Carlisle sighed. “I often wondered how she would react if we were ever fortunate enough to cross paths again. Our departure was quite deceitful, Edward’s especially. She has every right to be vexed. However it was Edward’s desire for us to depart.”

I rolled my eyes. When Edward returned, I was beatin' the boy silly. I was done pussy-footin' around his broody, Edwardian ass. He'll thank me one day, I was certain.

“While I agree with that that statement, Carlisle, the reason behind my call is the subject of werewolves. The wolves that you came in contact with, were they bound by the moon? Or are they merely shapeshifters?”

“The Quileutes are shapeshifters. These men are able to shift forms at will and are not slaves to the moon like true werewolves. Please don’t get me wrong, I do believe they pose a risk. Why do you ask, Jasper?”

Oh, Bella, what have you gotten yourself into?

“Well, Carlisle, she left with several of the foul smelling beasts. I’m quite concerned for her safety. . .perhaps ours, as well.”

“Do we really have the right to dictate who she chooses to spend her time with, Jasper?”

I ignored his question. I knew damn well it was presumptuous of me to disapprove of her companions.

“Edward will be most displeased if he found out, and we can’t keep something like this a secret for long. Our thoughts will betray our secret. How would we fare then, do you think?”

“I’m shocked that Alice did not foresee this development,” Carlisle mused.

“I’ve pondered that extensively, and I find it truly perplexing, Carlisle. Something or someone is blocking Alice’s ability to see Bella’s future. If her gift is faltering, we might all become vulnerable.”

“Jasper, what are you suggesting?”

I chuckled lightly. Oh, I had plans! “We need to intervene on Edward’s behalf. I realize that Edward wanted us to keep our distance. While I generally respect his decisions, he’s becoming a liability in his current state.”

“This is against my better judgment, Jasper. Meddling in the affairs of humans only draws further attention to our already precarious position with regard to maintaining our anonymity. However, I am willing to forgo any reservations I might have about your plan, for I too, wish to see Edward happy again,” my father figure concluded.

I shut the little phone and threw it on the seat. Garnering Carlisle’s ‘almost’ approval solidified my decision. I was definitely intervening on Edward’s behalf. I hoped that once he and Bella reconciled their relationship he would forgive my deceit. Frankly, I didn't give a damn one way or another.

Shifting the car into gear, I peeled out of my parking space and sped through the streets, revving the engine in a hasty attempt to catch the truck. Weaving in and out of traffic, my reckless behavior garnered several displays of displeasure and a constant torrent of rage.

Once I arrived at the freeway, I was able to kick the car into its highest gear. Nearing speeds of a hundred miles per hour, it took little time to catch up and slide effortlessly behind the truck. I followed closely but still far enough away as not to draw attention to my presence. Bella happily chatted with the men as a wave of contentment washed over her. It was almost a shame that I was considering changing her life. . .almost.

The driver made decent time, weaving in and out of the curves with ease, and it took little time to arrive at the reservation. I continued slowly, watching as the truck made it way down a bumpy, dirt road towards a modest red house nestled into the cover of trees. The rural setting was humble. It reminded me of my human home. The sound of music and laughter resonated across the expanse. I sighed with content. Despite the smell, I wanted to stay and bask in their emotions, but it wouldn’t be prudent to crash the party. Sadly, it was against the Treaty for any of the Cullens to be on Quileute land, and now that I knew that the wolves had indeed returned, I didn't want to start a war, expecially when they had Bella.

I revved the engine and , as not to alert my enemies to my betrayal, even though it was a possibility they already knew. I stopped just outside the treaty line and waited. Under the circumstances, it didn't think it would hurt to do a bit of scouting. After all, our enemies outnumbered us two to one. The nature of the pack would fascinate Carlisle. I couldn't deny my own curiosity.

Retrieving my phone from the seat, I scrolled through my messages and placed several calls to my wife. However, my lovely mate, Alice, hadn't picked up. Her absence was disconcerting. Since I first glimpsed her lovely face, this was the longest we’d been without contact. I realized she was fully capable of caring for herself, but my anxiety and insecurities plagued me when she wasn't at my side.

I closed my eyes and took a deep, unnecessary breath to calm my nerves, attempting to focus on the task at hand. After three very, long hours, a familiar red Chevy appeared in my rearview mirror. It chugged along the road, the engine roaring in protest. I allowed her to get a mile ahead of me, before I pulled in behind her, following her to a Motel 6. I drove several blocks away, and parked out of view, not wishing to alert her to my presence right away.

Bella clambered out of the vehicle. I stayed back, watching her from afar, as she grabbed her bags and walked into the lobby. She checked in for four days. The clerk gave her the room number and her key, room 222 on the third floor.

I was confused by Bella's actions. I assumed she would stay with her father. Something was amiss.

Taking the stairs two at a time, I propelled myself to the top of the stairwell. Disabling the lock, I made my way quietly into the room. With a quick glance across the room, I found myself quite appalled by the accommodations of the local motel. The smells that permeated the room were putrid, smelling of stale cigarettes, sex and cleaning supplies. Revolting. She deserved far better lodging than this.

I crossed the room and settled into a rolling chair that was partially hidden in the corner, propping my feet up on a table. If Esme were here, she would admonish me for my ungentlemanly behavior. However, I wasn’t particularly concerned with manners.

Perhaps, I should be more concerned with the cleanliness of the chair?

Through a part in the curtains, light spilled into the room illuminating only a small sliver of the floor. I was pleased. The darkness would mask my presence a secret, until the proper time.

After several minutes, I could hear her little feet as they trudged up the stairs. She scanned the card several times, fiddling with the lock until she was satisfied it would allow entrance, and then she walked into the room.

She threw her items on the bed and made her way into the bathroom. Within several minutes, she returned to the room and slipped out of the dress. I attempted to avert my eyes. She tripped over several items in the dark but finally made it safely to the curtains, sliding them closed. Then Bella swiveled her body and settled herself on the bed, flicking on the light switch situated on the headboard. It was then that she realized she was not alone.

Several screams left her lips before she stopped and glared at me, her heart beating furiously. I raised myself slowly out of my chair and carefully closed the distance between us.

“Damn you, Jasper!” she hissed. She looked as if she might hit me but thought better of it, taking several steps away from me. “What in the hell are you doing here?”

“Sitting in this murky, dank, disgusting excuse for a motel room while I waited for you to arrive,” I said playfully, a wide smirk spreading across my lips.

“Why?" she said indignantly. "I thought I made it perfectly clear at the airport that I didn’t want to see or talk to you. Are vampires deaf? Or just stupid?"

I smirked. Sassy Bella is fun!

“I realize that you have a bad taste in your mouth with regard to us. However, you didn’t allow me to explain. This time, I won't take no for an answer.” -I tossed the dress into her arms.- “Here, please put your dress back on, we’re going back to Seattle.”