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After newly made vampire Bella Cullen has a child named Renesmee she (Bella) & Alice have fun preparing her (Renesmee) first Christmas ,But a problem gets in the way that they have to sort out first will Bella , Edward & the rest of the cullens be able to sort this problem out before Christmas?


1. Life

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Here I am sitting in a place which was once a forest when I was human, my daughter Renesmee cuddled under my chin her cold pale cheek touching my neck.My pale arms wrapped around her like a slithering snake.

Edward Cullen my husband has gone hunting futher in the woods, he is on his way back now as he said he'd be back by midnight. Usually you would think we should be asleep, but we vampires don't sleep. Don't worry our home is bright and open no dungeons or coffins. My daughter Renesmee is only half vampire because I was still only human when I gave birth to her.She of course got the vampire genes from Edward.He and I met when I moved when I moved to the small town named Forks, I stayed in my dad Charlie's house.The rest of the cullens were out, Esme Edward's foster mum went on holiday to Florida to get away from