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it starts around one hundred and fifty years before Twilight. Maya is a vampire that physically she is at the lowest end of the scale regarding speed and strength, but she has a very unique ability, to learned and mimic other vampires ability up to a certain extent. Aro saw the possibility he had with Maya and started teaching other vampires ability to her, but it always came with a price. She stopped learning and Aro thought she needed to be punished, so he exiled her, remove her hands which is the source of how her ability works and appointed a soldier to guard her. William is the soldier from the Volturi that Aro ordered to guard Maya during her exile. Opposite to Maya he is very strong (as Emmet) and fast (as Edward) which would compensate Maya´s lack of skills and would be able to protect her considering how incapacitated she would be without any ability to use or even any hands to protect herself. Aro considered him one of his best choice since William likes to follow orders and believes in what the Volturi are doing, but just as an extra safety measure he got Chelsea to create a bond so strong that distance and time would not dissolve, the only thing that Aro did not considered is William falling in love for Maya. This is just a small explanation of the main characters of the story, but the story moves first as how the relationship between Maya and William develops during those 150 years (which is not very long), afterwards how Aro tries to bring Maya up to action once again, after those pesky Cullens start to get on the way and acquiring to much power and after how the Cullens together with the shape shifter, Denalis, William and Maya start working against Aro´s newest plan.

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2. Chapter 2.- To Expect the Unexpected

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Chapter 2.- To Expect the Unexpected.

I´ve decided the moment she was handed over to me that we should become nomads. It would be easier to keep a low profile and hide away from any vampire that might know her or that knows something about her. Not that I am aware of that information myself, just the gossip that I was able to hear, from the brief moment that I was in Volterra after my last mission, which honestly is hard to believe.

Ten years for a human would be a long time, for us vampires is just a small breath of our long existence. I would have thought that being cut off from any vampire relation would have been impossible, but just being here with her, has made it bearable, which doesn´t mean it has been easy, considering that she hasn´t woken up since that day.

I would make sure she would get some sun and that no dust petrified on her, I have seen the effect that would do in a vampire skin and eyes and I didn´t want that for her.

The hardest part was getting to feed her, I was expecting that her own instinct would have awoken her once the thirst became unbearable, so I kept her unfed and started bringing some humans that would help me wash her and clothe her, but nothing she was still in that state of unconsciousness.

I actually started to worry after one accidentally cut her finger and she didn´t even respond to the smell of blood, unfortunately for the victim, I did.

How could she not respond it? I went to the extreme; even wander near a war area to see if all that blood would actually knock some sense to her… but nothing, sleeping beauty did not wake up.

Almost a year went by and she did not feed, I was pulling my hair by then. I knew that a vampire would not die of starvation….or at least I never heard about it. Was her the first one to achieve it?

I was beginning to consider the idea of going back to Volterra and ask the Master what was wrong with her. But that would have meant giving up and failing, nothing good would come out of it.

Finally during one of our trips we came across a wounded deer, as soon as its scent came across us; I noticed that her breathing started to increase and her stand became tense, different from what I had already grown used, the closer I started to get to the animal the more rigid she became.

The animal was so weak, it didn´t even put up a fight when I picked it up and brought it near her, as soon as the animal neck was near her mouth she started feeding on it, EUREKA!!! But my happiness was soon shattered when I realize that she did not wake up, but at least I knew how to feed her.

“Sir?” a voice breaks my thoughts and brings me back to the present “Mr. Harper?”

“Sorry, I got lost in thoughts” I turn and look at the female human that is attending the counter of the brothel house where I currently am.

“We were wondering what exactly happened to her?” I hear the concern on the female´s voice. Once again, I am going to tell the story that I´ve been telling for the last five years.

“I found her out in the woods, all by herself” she looks at me taken a back, but I know that is something they can believe considering that is winter time “I run as fast as I could, I didn´t want her to die”

“Going to a physician would have been a better idea” the usual response.

“I am from out of town, I don´t know where the physician lives. But from where I come, is common knowledge that the sooner you warm up the chances to live are better, what better than a warm bath, right?” the length I have to go for her to get a bath without they getting suspicious of her cold skin.

“She was lucky you found her” her eyes are finally showing kindness “unfortunately Edna just told me that she hasn´t woken up”, who is Edna?

“Edna?” she smiles at this.

“Well actually her boy was the one that came and inform me of her current estate” she points down and I can see a human boy probably around 5 years old looking inquisitively at me. “We can ask Jonas to fetch the physician, right Jonas?” the boy looks excited about this probable new task….but I am not, I know I can fool some women with very little knowledge on a medical condition…but not a physician.

“Is too cold out there, I wouldn´t want Jonas to get sick” my answer takes her by surprise “Once she is warmed up I can take her over there, if you are kind enough to point me to the right way” I smile at her and see a small flush in her face.

Don´t overdo it, I just fed but the speeding of her heart is making me loose myself control.

“I could go and later you can pay me back” her heartbeat is speeding up, oh no! I need to stop this conversation.

“My resources are limited and I believe the doctor would expect payment, as Edna” her face doesn´t even falters.

“You can always pay me in….” a loud scream interrupts her, my head snaps to the second floor where it came from. A loud bang follows it and after a few seconds later a set of footsteps.

“Ruby!!!” I recognize Edna´s voice. Ruby, which I now know is the name of the human female I was talking with, starts running up the stairs and I follow her, pacing myself to a human speed. My mind however is having a hard time processing what I think it might be happening.

“She woke up” Edna´s face is full of terror “and she… she… she”, I don´t wait for Edna to finish her sentence, I run towards the room where I saw Edna take her in when we arrive. I get a hold of the doorknob and push the door finding some resistance on it, but nothing that an extra force from my vampire skills can´t handle.

As soon as I open the door, I realize that the resistance was due to a dresser that was blocking the door.

I push a little harder moving the dresser out of the way and I am able to see the room, which is rather small and ugly, but what was I expecting….I am in a brothel. There is an unmade bed in one corner of the room, at the other side of the room a small tub near the fireplace, with water splash all around it. A closed window at the opposite wall from where I am standing.

I venture myself inside and stay near the door, I look at my right towards where the bed is and see a mirror hanging from the wall, to my left the dresser is blocking my view, I move forward cautiously and there is where I see her.

Her back is towards me and she is not aware of my presence, she has a chemise already on which is soaked at different areas, leaving little to my imagination of what is behind it and the water that is dripping from her hair not really helping to get it dry. By the looks of her, she is having some kind of a fight with another piece of clothing, moving too fast for a human.

I had pictured hundreds of times in my mind this moment; she would be lying on a bed in a beautiful room or in a forest. Her eyes would open revealing that strange and beautiful amber color that they have; they would move from one side to the other, her mind looking for a logical explanation of where she was. She would then sit down looking at the whole room or forest not recognizing a single thing.

I would be by her side like a knight in shining armor rescuing her from the torment that her mind was probably in, explaining to her calmly and to the best of my extent what she was and the rules of our specie. After I would give her some time to think and to process what I just told her, she would then accept it without any major questioning and we will keep on living until the Master decides to call us back to Volterra.

Seems that the beautiful setting that my mind always pictured was obviously not going to happen, considering the present situation. However, I need to move forward according to plan so I step forward closing the door behind me and gaining my courage to introduce myself.

“Hmm.” I clear my throat so that she is aware that I am there.

She stops moving and I can see her back straightens up, she slowly turns, the piece of cloth that she was having the fight with close to her chest. I am finally able to see her face, her golden eyes locking with mine; any thought about how I would introduced myself completely forgotten, and replace by her beautiful face and the recognition in her eyes. I´m frozen in place, she looks expectantly at me.

“UHmm….I…” the words can´t seem to form in my mouth.

Her face changes from recognition to anger in a single second.

“GET OUT!!!!!.” considering the numbness, which my state of mind is currently in, her scream, takes me off guard. I quickly turn and make my way back to the door and shut it behind me. Edna and Ruby outside the room looking at me, I can see amusement in their faces.

“I believe there is not going to be a need for a physician now.” I am finally able to think something relatively coherent.

I can see them holding from laughing.

“Should we go inside and help her out.” Edna composes herself and generously offers.

She doesn´t know what she is therefore she will behave like a vampire, moving fast, missing breaths. I just saw inside how fast she was moving fighting to get dress.

“Uh, no thank you….I´ll take care of it.” Edna and Ruby share a look that does not make me feel comfortable at all, but I don´t have much of a choice.

“She is probably in shock. I will try to explain to her where I found her, but I am not sure how she might react.” considering how things have gone so far, the image that I´ve pictured sounds more like a fairy tale each time “so there could be some screaming…”

“You don´t need to explain to us anything.” Ruby steps forward “discretion is a key item in our line of work”

WHAT??? They probably think the worst of me.

They both make their way down the hall and disappear when they reach the stairs, but I distinctly hear their laughter that they were holding in my presence. I am about to follow them and try to soften things out, but the noise coming from inside the room makes me realize that my priorities have change, she is no longer in a estate of unconsciousness and the noise that was coming from the room couldn´t be other than the window being open.

I rush inside, pushing whatever new piece of furniture, she now put in to block the door, and I am just in time to pull her by her legs back into the room, obviously, she is not taking it too nicely.

“GET IN HERE!!!.” I pull her in, but she is putting on a fight….or at least she is trying.

“LET ME GO!!!” Her voice is at the top of her lungs. She tries to get a hold of the window frame but she can´t considering the lack of hands.

“You can´t go out into the sunlight.” I throw her to the bed that is next to the window, I quickly shut it.

When I turn around, she is already getting off the bed and running towards the door. I reach the door before she is even half way there.

She stops running when she sees me; her face is full of surprise, but not shock.

“You are fast!!” she starts backing away, her eyes never leaving my face.

If she wants to state the obvious….

“And you are slow” I start walking towards her and she backs away until she bumps with the bed.

“Let me go!!!!” her voice is full of anger, but at least this time she is not screaming.

“No” I look down and keep up her stare.

“Am I your prisoner?” she finally stops the staring contest and sits on the bed.

Seems that we are starting with the wrong foot, if I tell her that she is, things might get more complicated that what they currently are. I don´t want to lie to her, but I don´t want to tell her the truth, so I just keep quiet.

“What have you done to me?” she lifts the sleeves from the dress that she manage to put on while I was outside with Edna and Ruby, revealing the fact that she has no hands.

“I didn´t do anything to you” I answer coldly.

“Then who did it?” she puts her arms down, letting the dress cover the missing part of her.

Again, I stay silent. She stays silent for a while not moving. I move backwards and push the furniture back to the arrangement that she made before I enter, making sure that no one can come in, and she can´t go out.

When I turn around she had already stand up and she is now looking at her reflection in the mirror. She stays frozen there, analyzing her reflection. I go and stand a couple of feet from where she is. Her petite frame manages to reach three quarters of the length of the mirror, I always calculate her height a little less than 5 feet, which is small compared to my 6 feet 3 inches tall. Her jet-black hair is very long reaching her lower back, with a few curls here and there, twisting the tips of it.

I start to study her face once again, like I´ve done it hundreds of time during all those endless hours, I have already memorize her long lashes that define her almond shape eyes, her dark and thin eyebrows so well define framing together with her high cheek bones, her eyes. Her straight delicate nose that ends with a small tip upwards; But I love the shape of her lips, her lower lip being fuller than the upper one, I was sometimes tempted to kiss her hoping that she would wake up, but restraining myself.

Stop it William, I shouldn´t be thinking like this, I start kicking myself back to reality, I close my eyes and regain my consciousness once again.

I open my eyes again but I am caught off guard seen her smiling at her reflection, that was something that I´ve never seen her do during this past ten years, her face always steady never changing. If I thought she was beautiful back when she was a statue, I was wrong, this is what real beauty looks like.

“What am I?” the spell in which I was entrap finally breaks.

“Don´t you know?” is better if I test how much she knows about herself.

I see a doubtful shake of her head.

“I know I am not human” her voice is certain “and neither are you”

Okay, at least we are halfway there….

“We are vampires” I was expecting shock from her, but she remains quiet studying once again her reflection. Okay, finally something I had partially visualize, so then next question should be… what do we feed?.

“What am I wearing!?!?” the tone of her voice breaks my concentration completely; once again I am caught off guard. I look at her face and there is horror in it….so she is more concern about what she is wearing than what our diet is????. I am momentarily speechless.

“You are wearing a Habit” I look at the dress that falls down to her feet, its tan color not really helping to bring any color to her face, a belt that is not properly fasten around her small waist, but the cross embroider at her chest is a dead giveaway…. And a great irony.

“YOU KILLED A NUN!?!?” she turns and looks at me her eyes blazing with fury and her voice tone eight octaves higher than her last phrase.

Seems that she already put one and one together and knows what our eating habits are, that might be easier than what I was expecting.

“No I didn´t” I may feed on humans, but I do draw the line on children’s and religious people.

“So then, how?” she moves her arm up and down, pointing at the Habit.

“It´s called charity. The nuns where kind enough to spare some of their clothes after seeing the rag dress that you were wearing” her face is still not happy. Her focus changes from her dress to analyzing the room.

“Where are we?” she starts looking around the room, her face now full of disgust.

Oh great! With things going so well, let´s make them better.

“We are with humans that were helping me bath you” I keep my tone calm.

“The human didn´t look like a Nun… she look more like a Whor..”

“Language!!!” I snap, who knows how much attention our screaming has gotten us, maybe they are eavesdropping after the “You Killed a Nun” scream and I don´t want to get on their bad side and get kicked out of the room, considering there is still some sunlight out, we were lucky enough that it was really cloudy when we arrived.

“Ah-ha!!” her mouth actually falls “So she is one!!!”

“As far as I am concerned they are women that had no other choice to sustain themselves or their family, they are doing the best they can,” I answer back keeping my voice down. “And they were helping me and you”

I can see some regret in her face after my small correction.

“I need to leave” she goes around and stops when she looks at the window and the door. I am standing waiting to see which way she plans to go so that I can stop her….once again, “ I am a respectable lady, I can´t be seen in a place like this”

Again, I am speechless.

“We are not going anywhere until the sun is down” she turns around and looks at me like she doesn´t understand. I walk towards the window, there is a small ray of light coming thru it; I put my hand on it and show her the effect the sun has on our skin.

She stays quiet for a while processing this new piece of information, she walks towards the sun and pulls her arm to it, I can see some pain in her eyes when she sees the same effect, but she keeps quiet.

“I don´t care” she turns around fast and bolts towards the door, again I reach it before she even gets to the dresser, it is funny how I don´t even need to try to beat her.

“Let me make one thing clear, Sister” I put as much spite that I can in the last word while I lean in the desk that is blocking the door; seeing that she wasn´t so happy about her dressing arrangement. “Basically it is one single rule that we need to follow”. She glares at me, but I ignore her and put an easy tone to my voice.

“The secrecy surrounding the existence of our kind is our main concern. Based on that premises we need to make sure of the following:

Hunts must been inconspicuous and with victims are most likely not missed, the remains of the victims need to be disposed in a fashion that humans won´t get suspicious.” I´ve memorized all of the rules that my creator indicated me; the last thing I wanted is to get in trouble with the Master.

“No Immortal Children will be created” I continue the speech that I practice in my mind once again, skipping the rule of no hunting in Volterra considering that I am not planning to go anywhere near there.

“Ughh!!! I am out of here” she ignores me, turns and goes this time for the window. I go after her, but stop when I see her having trouble opening the window lock, so I continue.

“Vampire´s interaction with humans must not draw wide attention and if a human knows of our existence, that vampire is responsible for silencing that human by making the human a vampire or by killing it”

She finally manages to open the lock of the window, she is starting to jump out of it and I catch her just in time and carry her back to the opposite side of the room, continuing with the teaching of the rules:

“Attention should not be drawn and vampires should not be noticed in open sunlight”, I put a lot on emphasis on that last part. I turn on my heels back to the window and close it once again

I am about to tell her about Children of the moon, but she is already pushing the dresser out of the way and opening the door. I jump to the other side of the room and land just about when she is about to open the door.

“The creator is responsible for his newborn behavior and teaching of the laws before they can be release on their own. By letting a newborn hunt conspicuously the penalty will be death both to the newborn and the creator” she is glaring at me.

“Are you my creator?” she interrupts my speech.

“No” I glare back at her.

“Too bad, I could have used that last one to my advantage” she steps aside and I once again push the dresser back to blocking the door.

“IF I was YOUR creator, you would have gone down with me.” I lean on the dresser and block her exit.

She shrugs her shoulders and goes to sit by the bed.

“Any other important item that I should be aware of?” she is finally putting some kind of attention.

“No false witness, that is also punishable by death” I finalize my speech, but I am not certain if I covered all the rules, or if she was actually putting any attention to it.

“Could I see the Vampire rule book where all of that is covered” she raises one eyebrow.

“Well it doesn´t exist, having anything written down would create a great risk of falling into the wrong hands therefore defeating the whole purpose of keeping our existence a secret, that is why the laws are passed by word of mouth from a vampire to vampire” I cross my arms.

“For all I know you could be making them up” she actually mimics my posture.

“Care to try, you can go outside” she jumps out of the bed “but just have in mind that any witness that sees you in the sunlight I will be force to kill” she looks at me her face is full of disbelief.

“Don´t lie to me, I don´t like to be lied at” her face is dead serious.

“I am not lying” I look at her eyes so that she knows that I am being sincere. “How do you know that you don´t like to be lied at” as far as I ´ve seen she doesn´t remember anything about herself.

“I just do” she looks down at where her hands are supposed to be and remains quiet, her face now full of sadness. I go near the bed and bend down so that I can be at her same height.

“Our world is not something that can be taken lightly. The rules are there for a reason and if we fail to comply to any of them they are punishable by dead.” I am about to add that the last thing I want is for her to die, but I keep this to myself. “Considering your situation you´ll need help and protection….”

“I can protect myself” she speaks up and looks to my eyes.

“Unfortunately for you, Sister, you are not as strong and as fast as you think” I put a gentle tone so that she knows that I am not making fun at her. “In the world there might be some of us that are not entirely good and may try to take advantage of you”

“You might be one of them” she stops looking at me and focus on the window. I prepare myself in case that I need to block her once again.

“I am here to protect you and help you” she actually turns and looks at me.

“And what is in it for you?”

“Just your company, it can get very lonely once in a while” she actually rolls her eyes at this, but I can see an amuse expression.

“How would you know?” I stand up realizing that nighttime is almost here and we are free to go back into the forest. We have brought enough attention as it is, and considering how long we have been locked here, the noise that we made, not to mention a man leaving with a nun from a brothel is enough scandal for the town gossip.

“I haven´t felt lonely for a single day in the last ten years” I move towards the door and start pushing the dresser out of the way.

“Ten years?” she gets off the bed and stops to look at me.

“That is how long we have been together” I look at her and see the shock that my words have on her.

I wonder how she is going to react when I tell her that we are in the new Continent.

“You have an English accent” she comes next to me.

“I am English, what about you? You also have a strange accent” I push the dresser to where I assume was originally located.

“I don´t remember.” Her voice is full of frustration.

I open the door I look at her and try to put myself on her shoes, probably I can only imagine a fraction of what she is feeling, waking up to a complete stranger, not knowing who she is or what exactly she is and to top things of with no hands. I start feeling sorry for this beautiful creature….that is until I see her running full speed out of the room.

“Bollocks” I catch up with her and I grab her arm before she reaches the stair. “Remember what I told you regarding the rules”

I see her back stiffening at this, a signal that she heard me. I go down the stairs ignoring the inquisitive looks that are coming from the crowd that has now gather inside the brothel since nighttime is almost here. I go to the counter where Ruby is standing ready to pay her the amount that we agreed on and an extra for her silence.

“I am sorry for all the inconveniences.“ Ruby smiles when she looks at the money in the counter.

“I´ve seen some strange things happen.” I feel nervous and my smile freezes on my face, I don´t want to kill Ruby, but if she suspects something…..”This not being one of them” I am finally able to breath.

I turn and look at her, I can see that she is not comfortable, I look at the rest of the picture and realize that all of the human male in the parlor are staring at her; in some there is regret in their eyes and actually are now hesitant, others their look is full of lust. A new feeling starts forming in the pit of my stomach, nothing that I´ve ever felt, a fury that I was not expecting coming in waves, I have to restrain myself from actually punching some of them.

“Evening Sister.” one of the tall human male approaches her; she looks back at me wondering what she is supposed to do.

“She is with me.” I get closer to her.

“I just wanted to tell her my sins… in private.” he tries to pass me, but I stop him.

“I said that she is with me” I put my arm to make sure he doesn´t get any closer to her. Our heights are similar, but as soon as he sees my face, he starts backing away.

“Help Me” I hear her voice and my senses are in high alert, but when I look at her I don´t see any other male approaching her which now makes me furious, didn´t she listen to me back on the stairs?.

I look at the crowd and their looks are now confuse. I start feeling so much tension and I give her a warning look.

“Help Me Lord” she actually gets on her knees, as if she is praying, “You are merciful and I ask for your forgiveness for my lack of better judgment and I thank you for stopping me from doing the worst mistake of my life. You are a Wise as you are kind, please take care of this beautiful ladies that were kind enough to offer me shelter in my time of need” she looks at Ruby, I follow her lead, and …she is not happy, not good for business. “Amen”

“Sister Magdalene” I say the first name that pops into my head “we should go back to your convent”

She stays on her knees a little longer and finalizes by making the sign of the cross. When she looks up, there is amusement on her eyes. She is going to pay for this.

We start walking towards the door.

“Wait” I hear Edna´s voice coming from the upper lever, what now?. “Please, can you give Jonas your blessing” great the fake Nun is going to bless the poor kid.

“It would be my pleasure”

Little Jonas shows up from behind the counter and makes his way where “Sister Magdalene” is, he is about to reach her when he stumbles on a board from the parlor and falls down to his knees, scrapping them.

The scent of his blood makes my senses go wild, I hold my breath, I start slowly, and reluctantly making my way towards the door, but I can´t leave, not without her.

“Friend” her voice snaps my attention to her “I promise to join you outside”, her look is alert and there is a warning look in her eye. She is already next to the boy, helping him get up.

“Are you okay Jonas?” she looks at him in such a friendly matter, I turn and look at the boy some small tears are about to leave his eyes, but when he sees her smiling at him he bites his lower lip and gives her a small nod. “Such a brave little guy” she says and looks at her mother who is already by his side “He is lucky to have you as a mother”

I can´t take it anymore, I go outside as far away that I can without losing sight of the door from the brothel. I am waiting to hear some screams coming from in there, but nothing. It doesn´t take long before she comes out, she sniff the air and joins me.

“As promise, here I am” her look is not happy.

“Did you kill them all?” I am already thinking where I can get a tank of oil to light up the brothel and dispose of the bodies.

“Of course not, why would I do that?” she is not happy about my comment.

“We can´t leave any evidence behind. There are a lot of witnesses” her look is still dubious.

“What are you talking about? The poor kid just scrape his knee, I don´t think there is any need to kill everybody” I look at the brothel and actually hear laughter coming out of it.

“So you didn´t kill the kid?” now her look is full of horror.

“NO!” my mind jumps to the next obvious conclusion.

“Sister, there can´t be any immortal child, is against the rules” I can see that she doesn´t understand what I am telling her. I start walking back to the brothel, our protection comes first before a child, I don´t like what I am about to do…

Edna comes out running and completely ignores me and goes towards her.

“Here, you are going to get cold” she puts a blanket on top of her, I look at the door and Jonas is waiting for her mother to come back in. My mind is not able to process seeing him alive, not screaming because of the fire taking over his body; he is actually waving at me. For safe measure, I hold my breath and return his wave.

“No Edna, you should keep it” she tries to return the blanket, but Edna is not taking it back, she actually hugs her.

“Thank you for praying for us” she starts walking back to the brothel and stops near me.

“And thank you for bringing sister Magdalene to us” she smiles and continues her way back in, taking Jonas back inside with her.

I walk back to where she is, full of disbelief of what I just saw.

“How did you do it?” she shrugs her shoulders and turns her head. Before we came here, I fed, I was satiated and still it was hard for me to pull away from the scent of blood. She fed three days ago, animal blood and yet, she stayed behind, aided the kid and let him live, an impossible task if you ask me.

I start walking back to where the forest is, she is following me.

We keep walking in silence, I replay in my mind every single moment that just occur since she woke up, nothing that I expected actually happened; my theory is not wrong, is good to visualize probable outcomes. My mistake was that I didn´t plan something realistic it was a dream, which means, that I need to visualize the worse outcome for any probable situation.

Having that in mind, I need to shatter any hopes that I had ever hold of this lovely creature feeling a fraction of what I feel for her, I need to plan for something realistic, I am a soldier and she is my prisoner, no good outcome can come from this.

I don´t know how long we are going to stay together, so far ten years have pass and the Master has not come and find us, this might take longer than I expected. Treating her as a prisoner is not going to make my task any easy, treating her like a friend might…

“I am William” she turns and looks at me, a brief smile on her lips, but keeps quiet.

“Do you have a name, or should I keep calling you Sister Magdalene?” she actually laughs at this, her laugh making me chuckle.

“My name is…” I can see some doubt in her face “Maya” she actually smiles at this.

“Nice to meet you Maya” I smile back at her and for a brief moment I see her eyes widening and her smile becoming bigger.

“Nice to meet you William” I feel taken back when I hear her say my name for the first time, an unexpected joy. “Good luck finding me” she springs and starts running thru the forest.

Darn it!!!!, this is NOT going to be an easy task no matter if she is my friend or my prisoner.

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