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Tempting a Wolf

Kim Stonewall has always been a little afraid - and intrigued - by bad-boy Jared Lark's reputation. Its not like he's a man-whore, in fact he's only dated a handful of girls, but its what he does to them in the bedroom that gives Kim the shivers. Spankings, being tied up, BDSM? Kim tells herself she should be thankful that he hasn't looked her way twice. But when he does look at her - and practically devours her with his eyes - Kim cannot decide if she should say yes to all of his hot demands, or try to duck and run for cover. Not that Master Jared plans on giving her a choice once he realizes she belongs to him...

Twilight, of course, doesn't belong to me :)

1. Did He Just Growl at Me?

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I pointedly glared at the leggy blonde sitting to the right of me, wanting to cause her some type of physical harm, and if it was anybody but my best friend I probably would be. “Cindy, give me back the notebook.” I hissed in a threatening whisper, trying to avoid eye contact with our English teacher, Mr. Simmons.

Cindy gave a low sigh as she flipped through the worn pages of my notebook. “Oh darling you really need to do something about this obsession with Jared Lark. If you fill up one more page of this notebook with his last name tacked behind your first I might just puke.”

I wondered how loud Cindy would scream if I kicked her under the table, but decided against it. With my luck the little brat would give me up and get both of us stuck in detention, again. I was huffy as it was, since my eye-candy had stopped showing up to school three weeks ago. It wasn’t my fault I restored to writing his name in my notebook; Jared Lark was one of the few boys that had both a drool-worthy body and brains. Not to mention he had one of those glares that looked like it could melt away all resistance with just a glance.

When Cindy loosened her grip on my notebook I snatched it up. Thankfully Cindy was the only person who had ever seen it, and being my best friend she has no choice but to hold in all of secrets even under the threat of torture. That’s how modern friendships work.

With English class nearing the end of the hour, with the promise of lunch after it, I decided to doodle in my Jared notebook instead of working on the worksheet we had been given. I looked around the room, located where our stuffy English teacher was, and then opened my notebook. Kim Lark didn’t actually have much of a ring to it, but that hadn’t stopped me from starting it a couple months ago. Not that I would actually ever get with Jared, he was out of my league in more ways than one.

No one ever did anything but whisper about it, but it’s rumored that Jared liked his bedroom play far too hot then this girl could probably ever take it. I read up on BDSM once I heard that he was into it, not wanting to ask Cindy because she would give me more details then I probably wanted to here. Some of the submissive stuff sounded pretty hot, being tied up sounded fun. But I had a feeling that my smart mouth would get me spanked more than once if I were in a relationship like that, and there’s no way that’s happening. Even if I was being spanked by Jared, or maybe because it would be him dishing it out. I doubt he really knows his own strength with as big as he is.

I was content fantasizing when Cindy’s pink nails shoved my notebook closed. I looked over at her, frowning, and arched an eyebrow when she didn’t even look up from her worksheet to tell me what was wrong. Eventually she blessed me with a nod at the front of the classroom, where the main character starring in my thoughts was up at our teacher’s desk talking to him in low whispers.

I guess they came to some sort of understanding, because it was a few mere seconds later that Jared left the desk and headed over to the back row. Where his seat was. Next to me.

Cindy helpfully removed her hand and I took the damning notebook and shoved it into my backpack, drawing out my worksheet as I did so. I blankly stared at the sheet of paper before gathering my wits. I was thrilled that Jared was back, but surprised he was coming in half-way through the day. Not to mention that boy looked huge compared to the last time I had seen him. If I hadn’t known him before I would have pegged him for someone in their thirties. I took a deep breath as I heard him draw out the chair to the left of me and settle himself.

I bit my lip, keeping my face averted from my left, attempting to play it cool before taking a look at him. At the beginning of the year when I was placed next to Jared I had given myself a firm limit on how many times I could ogle him an hour. I had decided no more the three, any more and it would look like I was some creep, any less might drive me crazy with all my teenage hormones flowing through my veins.

Playing it cool obviously wasn’t in the cards for today, because when I looked up to assuage my guilty pleasure, I looked straight up into dark chocolaty eyes that staring straight into mine. Intense wasn’t even covering it, these eye plain dominating. Like him.

Reminding myself the staring at the sexy Dom who sat next to me every week day was only going to get me in trouble, I tried to pull my eyes away from him. I couldn’t, and I blamed my weak will. Instead it was Jared who broke his eyes away, not that I got a chance to relax. As soon as his eyes left mine he took his fill looking at the rest of me. His eyes went to my chest and my cheeks filled with pink, I fought the urge to glare and cross my arms over my breasts. They weren’t double d’s, though I hadn’t lost hope that one day they would be, but they aren’t small sitting at c’s. His eye continued to travel down my body, I know that I’m sitting, but I could see him staring at the curve of my ass.

It was one of the bane’s of my teenage years, it was much bigger then I wanted it to be. Walking down the halls in shorts used to get me unwanted stares so I had to resort to wearing pants. Not that they hid much. He paid way to much attention to my bottom, and the word ‘spanking’ flashed through my mind like a red flag.

No way. Said common sense, and I scooted my chair as close to Cindy as I could get it without being all over her. I heard her mutter something about me being a scared-y cat but I opted to ignore her.

Those lips lost their smirk and a growl reverberated from Jared’s chest and one of his large hands reached out of pulled my seat closer to his, closer than it had been originally. I blinked dumbly, had he just growled at me? My body was warring with itself, trying to decide if this was normal or if it was allowed to find being growled at hot when the bell gave a shrill ring.

The class began gathering their stuff and leaving, I attempted to scoot my chair back but Jared still had his hand anchoring my seat to the ground. His dark head leaned down, his lips teasing the shell of my ear. “Don’t run from me, pretty girl, chasing you makes me want to do all kinds of things.”

“Y-yes Sir.” As soon as the words left my lips I knew I was in trouble. Jared’s lips froze for a moment, and then he suddenly nipped my ear with the tip of his teeth. I jumped, biting back a squeal I knew would draw attention.

Jared stood up, holding out his hand and waited patiently till I scooted my chair back and placed my hand in his. He locked our hands together, smiling down at me before grabbing my backpack and hauling it over his shoulder, leaving me empty handed. I looked towards Cindy, half-hoping she would go all crazy on him and give him an earful, but the witch merely winked at me and blew me a kiss.

I wanted to glare at her but Jared seemed to be on a mission, and I had a feeling resisting him would only bring out his Dom side. I had read quite a bit about Dom’s, and I knew if I wanted to defuse this situation I would need to appear boring. I glanced up at him before looking around the hall, realizing we were heading to the lunch room. Maybe a full length conversation would shed some light on why I was being escorted around school.

“Hey, uh, Jared, I know where the lunch room is.” I felt like smacking myself, I hadn’t used any force in my voice at all. If I had sounded any more pathetic my statement would have come out sounding like a question.

His lips quirked again. “I know. But I like holding your hand; it feels so cool against mine.

Well he was right about that, his skin was burning up. “People might get the wrong idea if you hold my hand. We live in a bit of a close-minded school, Jared.”

“I have no doubt that they’ll believe exactly what I want them to.”

My body tightened up a bit; having a feeling I wasn't going to be crazy about the answer to my next question. “And what is it you want them to think?”

He showed his teeth as he growled his answer. “That you're mine.”