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Twilight Saga:Ravine's story

Bella's sister, Ravine Jade Cullen, disappeared 2 years ago, and finally finds Bella again. ravine's story is in four parts;Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

Write tale in 4 parts

1. Prologue

Rating 2/5   Word Count 198   Review this Chapter

I run, and run, but there's nowhere to hide. James' voice echoes, "Come out, come out, Ravine, it's time to play." I take a chance, and run for the forest, towards Forks, my home, but suddenly, a steel hand catches me, and throws me into a wall. James smiles a wicked smile, and says," You shouldn't have done that." Pain radiates from my whole body, chilling me in the cool, night air. He suddenly flings me again, this time through a window. I finally decide that that I wish Charlie was here to save me. As if reading my reading my thoughts, he says," No one can save your blood from being mine. Not tonight, not ever." He pushes back the long sleeve of my blouse that I got for my 17th birthday, yanks my arm up to his mouth, and bites down hard. I scream, and then suddenly, there's nothing but a burning fire, searing my hand, and veins. As I'm starting to black out, I hear James' voice say,"Nighty-Night, little girl." The last thing I remember seeing is a pale, strong face with golden eyes, staring with anger and pity at me through the window.