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Twilight Saga:Ravine's story

Bella's sister, Ravine Jade Cullen, disappeared 2 years ago, and finally finds Bella again. ravine's story is in four parts;Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.

Write tale in 4 parts

2. School and Blood

Rating 2/5   Word Count 182   Review this Chapter

As I prepared for my first day of school, I heard Jasper asking Carlisle," Is she ready?" I didn't have to be very smart to figure out who they were talking about; me. Carlisle replied, " I trust her to keep her mind. I also trust You to keep your eye on her. If she smells her sister's blood if she's there, she might go crazy. But if all of you are there to help her, she'll be able to control the bloodlust. Besides, she needs to get around blood to get over it, because she's only been with us for a month." Jasper replied, " I know. It's a good thing that Edward found her before that other vamp killed her."

As I listened, I wished, not for the first time, that we could cry tears. But we couldn't. We could only cry tearlessly. So, I just acted like a good little girl, and put in my silver-blue contacts. Of course, we had to wear contacts when we were around humans, otherwise, they'd get suspicious, especially with my bright-red eyes.