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Twilight: Another Road...

An Alternate version of the original classic, with the Point of divergence being the original sparkle scene. Can Bella survive this time, or will she find herself without a savior? *One Shot*

This story is NSFW. Adults only. Yadayadayada.

1. Twilight: Another Road

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The story so far is the same as how you know it. A girl, Bella Swan, meets a boy, Edward Cullen, and slowly pieces together his secret (SPOILER: He's a vampire) as time moves on. One day, Edward takes her into the woods and shows her some of the perks he has gained by sparkling in sunlight, dazzling Bella, and then smashing some trees. This, however, is where familiarity ends, and the changes begin...

"Did you see that?" Edward stated, a confidant grin on his face, "If I can do that to a tree, just imagine what would happen if I decided one day to see..." Edward dashes towards Bella, with greater speed then that of a Cheetah and the grace of an ice skater, "...What I could do to you."

Bella backed away a bit, her back bumping into a tree as she did so, and began to answer hesitantly, "I-I-I don't think you would do that."



"And just what makes you think that?"

Edward now approached her and powerfully pinned her against the tree. He brushed her face with the palm of his cold, dead, hands as he smiled a wide grin. Bella could not truly tell if it was a face meant to invoke fear, dominance, or playfulness. "It's because I think you feel the same way as I do deep down."

Edward's grin went away and he cocked an eyebrow. "And just how do you feel?", He asked in a tone that was reassuring to Bella.

"Well, I feel that I might lo-"

Before Bella even had a chance of finishing that statement, Edward swiftly punched her square in the jaw, sending blood and teeth flying out of her mouth as her head cocked back and jerked to the left from the sheer impact. She fell to the ground, completely unconscious, as Edward began to laugh. "Bella, Bella, Bella..." He said in a sweet tone as he grabbed her by the ankle and began to drag her off, "...You really must stop being so careless and clumsy. It could end with you getting hurt, or worse, one day..."

--------------------------------5 hours later-----------------------------------

Groans could be heard coming out of Bella's mouth, her voice sounding slightly unusual due to having lost god only knows how many teeth after Edward's dazzling haymaker. Her eyes opened and quickly wided as she examined her surroundings. She was in a dimly lit room and though it was large, it had no decorations, furnishings, or anything in the room but she did notice three things. The first of which was the fact that she was tightly restrained to a cold medical table and this observation was combined to the fact that she had also been stripped down to next to nothing, the only article of clothing still being on her pasty body being her bra for some strange reason. The second was that there appeared to be inflated, blue walls around a small area surrounding the medical table that really stood out considering that the actual walls of the room were a dull white.

"An... inflatable pool?" She stated in a very confused voice. The response that came was a laugh from a voice that made Bella's heart skip a beat, followed by the statement "Very observant, aren't we?"

Edward appeared next to Bella, his topaz eyes filled with glee. He began patting the top of Bella's head with the tenderness one would pet their dog with, "What's the matter, Bella? Did I dazzle you too much?"

Bella's wide eyes, filled with nothing but pure and utter confusion, stared into Edward's, "I don't know why, but I'm starting to hate that word..."

Edward just stared at Bella for a few moments before erupting into near psychotic laughing, "WEEEEELLLLLL..." he managed to get out in between fits, "I'll try and keep that in mind."

"What happened to me Edward? What did you do!?" Bella shouted. She had to wait for Edward to recover form his laughter to get his answer, but once he did, she found his answer less then satisfying, "My dear, poor, sweet, innocent Bella, do you not remember? You tripped and bumped your head on a tree trunk."

"Edward, please, you can be honest with me. I'll understand."

"Oh, very well. I hit you. I considered just taking you, picking you up by the throat and forcibly taking you back here, but decided that this would be the safest option."

"But why Edward!?"

"You know what Vampires want... Or at least, I assume you are intelligent enough to know what Vampires want."

Bella lays there, staring off into space clueless until it hits her like a van, and she gasps. "Wh-what!? But why!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I thought you said that you and your family hunted." Edward merely chuckled, stating, "We do, but I'm hoping to make it a case of "we did" instead."

At this point, Bella began to hyperventilate, gasping desperatelyfor air as she looked around the room, but then tried to calm herself down so that she could ask one more question.

"Why didn't you just suck me dry in the forest."

Edward began to laugh again and Bella began to get angry at herself as the laugh still filled her heart with joy. Getting fed up with it, she finally screamed "YOU SON OF A BITCH, JUST TELL ME!!!!"

Edward stopped laughing instantly and glared intensely at her, his topaz eyes glowing for a moment, and then he just shook his head. "I don't think now is the time for you to stand up for yourself. If you MUST have an answer, I'll give you the only reason that is relevant to you. I gave you chance, after chance, after chance to escape this fate. I tried to get you to ask another guy out to the Spring Dance. I gave you numerous hints, hints that a mentally handicapped infant could figure out I might add, to what I am and it took you FOREVER to GOOGLE it! I kept telling you that we shouldn't even be friends and what do you decide to do? Fall in love with me!?" It looks as if he has more to say, but then merely sighs before continuing after a rather long silence, his voice turning must more cold and sadistic then it had been, "I want to make sure that in the last moments of your miserable life that you understand the kind of monster that I am and the only way to do that is to ensure that you suffer and that the last thing you see is your "lover" destroying every bit of your body. I do have to ask you this though, any last words? I feel that you deserve that much."

Bella considers her words carefully, but after a long and heartfelt consideration she merely states in a depressed tone, "I still love you."

"Riiight... of course you do."

Bella began to struggle as put his hand onto her left arm, but she knew it was pointless and gave up quickly. The bonds were too strong, and even in the unlikely case of her escaping, Edward was too fast for her to even think of getting away from. She looked at Edward, waiting in cold silence, as he began to slide his hand down her arm and then grab onto her index finger and thumb. He then took his other hand and grabbed her ring finger and pinky. Breaking the silence, Bella prepared to ask a question but instead shrieked as Edward tore her arm into two bloody chunks, dropping them to the floor and smiling viciously as Bella screamed. He then walked around and did the same to her other arm, soliciting another scream, as well as tears, from Bella. He began to lick blood off of his hands as he said, "You know Bella, if anyone asked we could say your injuries were caused by you falling down the stairs! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Normally, Bella would of felt confusion at such an offhand comment, but now she just looked at him with a look full of anguish. Edward, still laughing, now approached her feet and preformed a variation of what he did to her arms to her legs, only using the pinky and right toe as well as the big and left toe as the splitting points. Edward looked at his handy work thoughtfully, "Well, it looks like I've torn your limbs in two. Maybe I should just.." He pounced on top of her and grabbed roughly onto her head, causing her to wince, "Tear your only body in two from the head down!? Or, maybe, just maybe, from the bottom up."

Bella let out a barely audible "Huh?" as the head that was on Bella's head early started to lower. She then gasped as he briefly squeezed her breast, and then she knew what he was about to when she heard his fly being undone. Before she could object, he penetrated her vagina, shattering the hymen instantly, and after one thrust broke the medical table, sending both himself and Bella onto the floor of the inflatable pool as well as a puddle of Bella's blood. She screamed, groaned, and moaned in agony as Edward began making demeaning remarks "Hey Bella, didn't you say you love me!? You don't sound like you're enjoying this!" He then lifted her up and then smashed her back down onto the somewhat cushioned floor, but it didn't really make much difference due to the force that Edward put behind it. Edward noticed that Bella isn't even screaming anymore, it just the occasional grunt, "What's wrong Bella... BAT got your tongue oughly kissing Bella, biting onto her tounge, and then ripping it right out of her mouth. Edward laughed manically after a few more minutes pulled out of Bella, rezipping his fly as he did so.

"And now... TIME FOR THE GRAND FINALE!!!" Edward screamed before looking down and noticing that Bella is unconcious. He titled his head and checked for a hearbeat, and when he heard it he was mildly annoyed. "I was hoping she wouldn't black out. Hm. Well, no reason to detour away from the plan now, she'd just bleed to death anyway. Still, I had some GREAT puns planned for this. "I guess I've got the love in your heart now!" HAhaha." He finally just sighs and puts one of his fingers on each side of Bella's belly button before tearing it open. He then lifts up the body and faces the open side on the ground, watching as her organs and blood come pooring out of the corpse. He then throws the body back down and stomps on her skull, causing it to explode instantly.

Edward steps out of the pool, now full of blood and leaving the remains of Bella's body and organs in there, and decides to wash up...

--------------------------------------4 hours later----------------------------------------

Edward is sitting in the dining room when Carlisle comes into the Cullen household. He smiles at Edward, "A shame you missed today's hunt. There were more mountain lions then the eye could see."

"Aw, that is a shame. Where are the others?"

"There coming. They decided to play a game of baseball first. What have you been up to?

"Making you all a surprise."

"Really? What kind of surprise?

"Come with me. I'll show you."

As Carlisle follows Edward, he can't help but think of something being off about his appearance. "Is it his hair? No, that can't be it.", Carlisle thought to himself. "His clothes? Well, yes, but... HIS EYES! No... No, It's in my head..." That thought went away the second Edward opened the basement of the Cullen house, when the scent hit Carlisle's nose hard. Carlisle just looked at Edward in horror, finally seeing his blood red eyes glaring at him.

"Edward," Carlisle said shakily, "Why did you..."

"I did it because it's time you let us choose old man!"


"For years, we've followed you blindly..." Edward began pacing back and forth, "...We've done exactly as you've told us, becoming, what was the term, "vegetarians," that doesn't even make sense!? We still eat animals blood, so we may as well be eating meat. Regardless, you never really gave us any other option. Don't get me wrong, I still respect you Carlisle, and owe you a great deal of gratitude, but the blood of a human is simply superior. I'm not going to force my ways onto the families, all I ask is that you give them a choice..."

Carlisle stares at Edward for a moment, and then sighs... "Very well," Carlisle said deflated, "We'll let the family choose when they return from the baseball game."