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Describing Renesmee

Edward,Bella and Jacob describe what they see in Renesmee from their perspective. I think it is a good Idea.

I do not own the Twilight Saga series.

1. Describing Renesmee

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Edward Cullen says "I would describe my daughter as a very intelligent,beautiful,talent and special girl. She has quite some potential. There isn't much to say about Renesmee because, she is just too breathtaking to explain." Bella Cullen says "There is really something special about Rene. You can really feel it when you are near her. I can feel it. She is as intelligent as her father so smart. She carries her head high she is proud of he she is." Jacob Black says " Nessie is a gift. She is gifted when it comes to hunting! We are always competing for the bigger kill like children. I really do love Nessie. I hope one day to maybe date and marry her. She is good at anything she does. She is fast it was inherited from her dad. I love her a lot I will get her anything she wants." Edward Cullen says about her gift "She is lucky like I said before to be so gifted. What she has is special. She needs to be thankful for what she handed over. I love her but sometimes I am not sure she notices how lucky she really is." Bella Cullen says about her gift "Oh, I love it because, it is easier for her to communicate with her family. It is what she likes to do as long as my little girl is happy. I also think she is just lucky luck falls on her." Jacob Black says about her gift "She is just special. Everyone says it because, everyone knows it.