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Sisters Standing in the Twilight

(Twilight fanfiction) The cousins of the Cullens come to the wedding Bella discovers that they are not just vampire or werewolves but the three cousins are neither they are hybrids .No spoilers! read the story to find out what kind of hybrids are the sisters and they are triplets and they have history in forks the sisters begin to discover that things have really changed in forks since they last came. But what happens when a unexpected death happens and they are left alone not only does word get out of their existence and the voultri comes for them. The sisters need to chose whether to fight or die! Contains, humor, action and romance :D


1. chasing nightmares-Michelle's Pov

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I drifted off into a deep sleep, feeling the aching in my bones as I settled myself deeper into my soft comfty bed; my pet wolf Sarah snuggled over my barefeet to keep them warm. I panted but kept on running through the woods; I couldn't stop running. My instincts kept telling me to keep on running not looking back; not knowing where I was heading. There was a huge tree that was blocking my way I jumped over it, but skinned my knees in the process; the blood dripped on the dead leaves as I tumbled and rolled through the leaves and grass down to the end of the hill. The back of my head slammed against a fallen tree; I coughed and gasped. My senses were blind by the hit against my head; it was quiet for the forest. No sound of birds nor animals around me not even the wind; complete silence. Suddenly a laugh reached my ears and echoed through the forest; I gasped and looked around, snapping my head side by side. Searching for the person laughing; I crawled away from the tree away from the laughter till I was pulled back by my ankles. I screamed and started kicking my legs. A pair of blood red eyes looked down into my own chocolate brown eyes; I was pressed up against the tree with his hands over my throat. He still kept laughing as I tried to fight back, he pressed his face against my neck and inhaled deeply. "Ha, Ha, you smell pretty tasty for a half breed! "He giggled, I felt his tongue travel up my neck; he covered my mouth as he chopped down on my neck. I screamed through his hand; finally woke up and gasped for air. Sarah jumped off of my bed as I hurried to the bathroom nearly tripping over my pillows that fell from my bed. I pulled back my hair and threw up everything that was once food. After catching my breath; I curled myself into a ball on the soft fluffy white rug, the dreams are feeling more real each day that passes by. I sighed deeply getting off the floor and cleaning my mess. Knowing that I wouldn't be going back to sleep; I went to my mini refrigerator to grab a bottle of O-negative to get some energy; I went back into the bathroom to make sure I don't gag again. Yes, I know what you must be thinking vampire? Werewolf? Maybe even witch? Nope, my sisters and I are way cooler than those guys. We're hybrids, now I can't tell you just yet because that would ruin all the fun. After taking a few breaths; I put the bottle over my lips and took a sip the taste of blood lingered in my mouth, it tasted awful. I spit it out into the sink; I coughed and wiped away the disgusting blood. I looked down and groan, God my bathroom sink looked like a goddamn crime scene. I didn't want to sleep again so I sat on my Gramercy Sofa with a blanket over me, watching the blue horizon peeking out from the trees that covered my whole house. As the sun danced around my light tan skin; it shined lightly like many diamonds across my room. I chuckled softly then stretched and my morning began; my family of four which is only my Mom and my twin sisters of course I look like them and they look like me and yeah, we're triplets from New Jersey it's been only us for fourteen years since Dad left. Although living with just my sisters and Mom (Cristina) isn't so bad, my story starts when my Mom got pregnant with us; Mom was a witch that used her magic to heal, but that's when she met my dad (Walter) she knew that he was something different about him. Considering the fact the police found him naked in the forest at the time; that's when my Mom also met my uncle Carlisle even though they weren't related by blood. She still considered him and his family a part of us; after a couple of years of dating, they got married. Dad's family didn't approve of since she was a witch and not a werewolf even with that they still got married; when the news of our Mom's pregnancy reached the wolves. They ordered others to track us down and try to kill my Mom and us. Mom and Dad seeked help from others but no one wanted any part it whatsoever; only Carlisle was the only one that was glad to help at first Dad didn't want a vampire's help. The problem with my mother's pregnancy was that she couldn't eat or absorb anything. That was until our cousin Edward could hear our thoughts inside the womb; he was the only that could communicate with us. He'd tell the others what we wanted, what we needed and what we thought of; we kept on growing each day and Mom was getting better till one day on a full moon; Dad phased and not only did he phase... we did as well and that triggered my mother's water to break. Carlisle wasn't there to deliver us; he, Esme and Emmet went after Dad only Alice, Rosaline, Jasper and Edward were there to deliver us. Mom couldn't bear the pain; Carlisle said that due to the full moon and our transformation. Our umbilical cord was detached we were dying and so was she. She begged Edward that if anything happen to her that they would help my Dad to raise us and care for us he promised though we survived and so did she as a human. I walked downstairs into the kitchen in my black Ramones tank top and black shorts; I sticked my head into the refrigerator. I rummaged through each stack of the refrigerator until I felt a loving presence behind me. "Morning, Mom "I greeted waving behind me. I turned around to face her. She was wearing a business suit; her long black hair was tied back, she was my height 4'9 although I got taller than her recently. "Good, morning mihijta! "She said in her spanish accent both my parents were Spanish that's where I get Spanish curves from and sexy accent. "So, look what I got in the mail today." She said. "So the mailman wasn't scared this time? "I asked sarcastically grabbing a cup of orange juice. She lifted a envelope a lingering scent of Alice filled my senses. Mom read outloud for me to hear as I started making breakfast. "Isabella Marie Swan and Edward Anothony Masen Cullen, Together with their Families Request the honor of your presence At the celebration of their marriage "She read the moment she read those last words; I crushed the glass cup spilling the orange juice on the floor. I groaned in frustration with myself; I don't think when I get angry. I grabbed a rag from the drawer and cleaned the spilled juice. "There's no reason to get upset, sweetheart. "Mom mentioned. "When is it? "I asked interrupting her, as I started working back on breakfast "Saturday, the thirteenth of August at five o' clock." She answered. I heard light footsteps coming down the stairs and the scent of lavender swirled around the kitchen. "Morning, Daniela "I greeted. My cute sister smiled at me as she made her way into the kitchen wearing her oversized gray longsleeve .She looks exactly like me but the only major difference is the hair. Mine is pure white and her's is pure black and her skin is tanner than mine; the reason for that is that my mom casted a spell on us long ago to disguised ourselves as humans. Only on new moons do we turn into humans and thanks to the spell on full moons. We turn back to our original forms; I'm stuck with white hair looking like a grandma and I have to wear a stupid black wig to school everyday. I passed Daniela the plate filled with pancakes, eggs, hash browns and slices of steak, yeah this is how much we eat. Daniela 's wolf ears wiggled out of her hair and she set her tail on her lap as she sat down and ate. It was always a bother with the ears and tail though the amulets we wear hide it; the amulets are the same except in different colors and style Daniela 's amulet is a purple stone with a silver quarter moon around it to hold the stone in place on the quarter moon is carved in lycanthropy the words are "Run free,and live free ". My amulet is a giant silver feather with the bright blue stone in the middle of it on the bottom of the feather is also words written in lycanthropy that says "You have the spirit to free yourself ",now Cristina hardly wears her amulet, but she turned the amulet into a finger ring the stone was red and around it metal vines wrapped around her finger. And speaking of Cristina; she came downstairs with her long raven hair in a messy bun even though Cristina is a hybrid she doesn't have the werewolf traits that was passed down to Daniela and I; she looks like a regular human except that her skin does shine and is harder than most humans. "Morning, gang." She yawned, showing her canines; the only werewolf trait she inherited, that's something that we couldn't hide from humans. I handed her a plate; she took it then sat next to Daniela. "So, I heard our Eddy boy is getting married." She mumbled slurping the juice. "No, way! "Daniela exclaimed as the cup next to her fell by the wave of my hand and the cup stopped in mid-air; it levitated towards me. "What? You thought that Edward will stay as your big brother forever? "Cristina said in a sarcastic voice. "Bite, me! "I yelled then the fire on the stove exploded into a massive ball; I let the water from the sink form into a snake and ate it. Both fire and water turned to steam. Cristina laughed evilly; I growled at her before Mom could speak Daniela 's shadows turned into a ruler and whacked us both on the head. We both silence our rage and held our tongue from yelling at her; Mom sighed deeply then spoke once again. "Listen, I've already made plans for us to go this week, I already got time off work and today you three have to ask your boss for some time off. "She explained all of us nodded silently she kissed our foreheads and left. I went back to my room to change out of my pajamas, I walked into my closet and picked out my studded biker jacket, white cold shoulder skeleton top, lace shorts with garter belt stockings along with boots and my blue beanie hat. I walked downstairs, Cristina and Daniela were already waiting for me, Cristina wore jeans, red cowgirl boots,a red button down shirt; two buttons from the collar and bottom, revealed a black laced tank with deep dark sunglasses her hair was still tied into a messy bun. Daniela is wearing Jean overalls with a white t-shirt underneath short ankle boots and a black beanie. We walked into the garage and hopped on to our motorcycles; my sisters and I hate getting into cars makes us feel tamed. That's the feeling of a wolf. I stopped Daniela into getting on her bike I shook my head. "Let's just take two we don't have enough gas money for all three bikes "I mentioned she nodded and sat behind Cristina pulling her helmet on; I stuffed my beanie into the saddle bag and just as I'm about to put my helmet on Cristina tossed me a black wig. I rolled my eyes and braided my hair together and put the wig and helmet on .I lifted the lever with my mind and the garage door opened we drove to the main gate; the gate was opening as we drove faster to the gate it didn't take long for us to get into town. As usual the people kept staring as we made our way into montclair; we parked in front of our job in the mornings it was a cafè and at night it was club, our boss Wilfred was already opening the store. "Morning, Wilfred! "We said he turned to us with his lumber jack beard smiling away nearby his wife Rosa was unloading a box filled with new book copies. I dashed in human speed toward her and caught the box before it fell on the street. She hugged me close to her chest as always whenever we help her out like this except she squeezes me too close that it's hard to breathe. "Thank, you little one "She exclaimed Wilfred opened the door and we started unloading more boxes from Wilfred's jeep. Our cafè is much like others although there's books everywhere and upstairs as well there's a section downstairs for everyone to read and enjoy coffee and a small stage for everyone to either sing or read poems, yep a real good job.I went over to the door and flip the sign over to open for business,Wilfred took his records out for the record playler that I brought from urban outfittersfor the shop; I turned up the speakers and the song "Big Bang "(Rock mafia) I jumped up on the counter hopping on one foot dancing to the music. (Oh, babe) I don't wanna lie, I'm gonna take what you're giving 'Cause I know you're willing, To take me all the way...you got me right here. Combustible. And I can't wait to finally explode. The big big bang, the reason I'm alive, When all the stars collide, in this universe inside. The big big bang [x3] Some people like to talk. But I'm into doing, What I feel like doing, when I'm inspired. So, if we take a walk down, the beach tonight, I bet that we could light up the sky. The big big bang, the reason I'm alive, When all the stars collide, in this universe inside. The big big bang [x3] (Take it from me), I don't wanna be, mummified, Sometimes I feel so isolated, I wanna die. And now take it from me, if you got it. Every time, so baby, Bring your body here, next to mine. Next to mine! Well I don't wanna dream! I just wanna live! So baby, let's not miss this thing! The big big bang, the reason I'm alive, When all the stars collide, in this universe inside. The big big bang [3x] Hit me, big big big bang. Oh, baby [x3]. I back flipped off the counter as I forgot to put my apron on. Daniela was in the small kitchen in the back making pastries for the small cafè I sat on the small stool behind the cash register reading Shakespeare's play Macbeth . "This is the most depressing shit ,I've ever read ,thanks shakespeare"I thought putting the book aside the door opened with the chimes echoing throughout the store the smell of sweat and liquor entered the room; I turned my head to see and surprise surprise a blonde with messy make up that appears to be night of "Carrie's" massacre stunt; I choked down my laughter. She was wearing a hot pink dress; she carried her heels with each hand and stumbled into the cafe. She steady herself on the counter and looked at me, the smell of alchol made me sick.I stared at her she pointed her long fake nail at my face. "You, I know you !" she accused I rolled my eyes and thought of a quick plan . " Sure you do lady listen do you want to buy a something or not ?" I asked trying to watch my voice from getting even louder . "Listen , Bitch ! I don't care if you fuck with someone else ,but stay away from David !"She screamed I heard Daniela laughing in the kitchen and Cristina laughing upstairs with Wilfred. I turn to her but couldn't help it; I broke out laughing. "Listen Carrie, I know they spilled the pig's blood on your tiara and all-." She slammed her high heels against the counter; I heard both my sisters growling as I caught Cristina folding her sleeves up to her elbows. Since my sisters and I are triplets we share a unique bond as sisters; we're closer than Buffy is to Spike. We also share a mind link connection like wolves do with packs but we're able to block anyone from reaching our thoughts and if anyone tried reading it they would go insane for each of our diffrent thoughts. Before Daniela came in with a knife in hand going Micheal Myers on Carrie; I'd beckon Cristina by pointing at the side of my head. "Yo, sis need any help?" Cristina suggested, I chuckled under my throat; not low enough for Carrie to hear. "Nah, I can handle this just make sure to call a cab for later ." " Bitch,what are you laughing at!?"I tried holding my laughter back it only made Carrie even more mad . "Let's take this outside shall we?"I suggested calmly taking my leather jacket off and straighten my skirt , Wilfred kept the shop door open for him to see up close .The blonde tied her hair back ready for a fight unlike her my sisters and I were well trained even now in martial arts they still consider us too rough.People gathered around I was still trying to decide whether or not I should take off my boots I didn't want any blood on them . "Alright ,lets start "She announced I stepped up to her . "Before we start your shoelace is un-tied ."