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Dress Up Munchies

My entry for the cupcake challenge. Alice and Bella, locked in a bathroom together...


1. Chapter 1

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Alice danced around me, smiling, as she pulled on my hair and burned my scalp. She poked at my face and coated it in nasty make-up that I would waste an hour washing off later. She kept grabbing jars of stuff with unpronounceable names and massaging, not so gently, into my hair.

She had wiped some shimmering pink eye shadow over my eye lids, and, hard as I tried to resist, she put mascara on.

It had been four hours since I was forced into Alice’s bathroom; four hours since she literally tied me down to a chair, facing away from the mirror. Four hours of her playing with my hair and make-up and having a good old time! While I sat there miserable, as always.

I sat uncomfortably in the chair, the ropes slightly loosened. The wall was painted blue today, though what color it would be tomorrow was a mystery. Alice liked to decorate, as I had so unfortunately discovered when I walked into my room at night after a day with Edward. Of course, I forced her to take it all back, but she refused. So I was stuck with a room that had baby blue and lavender walls, along with striped bedding in the exact same colors. Yuck!

The wall, unfortunately, was the only thing to stare at. She didn’t even give me a magazine. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it anyway, but it was better than staring at the wall. Or even better, she could have given me a photo of Edward. I would be content for months. But instead, I was stuck starring at the wall while Alice played Barbie with me. How fun. I had asked Alice if we were almost done about every five minutes, and she always answered with “Just one more thing,” or her infamous answer, “I don’t remember being human, Bella, so let me live vicariously through you.” So, of course, I continued to sit there and suffer, excluding the five minutes in which Alice blindfolded and untied me to change my clothes, and then, of course, put a robe over them so I couldn’t see. Why was it that if Alice wanted to have fun, I had to be miserable? Today wasn’t even a special occasion. Just Alice and I hanging out while everyone else was hunting.

“Almost done, Bella!” she sang, sincerely. I gasped, jokingly. I didn’t think that we would ever finish! Though I needed to see it to believe it. Apparently she was done, because she was only working on finishing touches. She whipped a bit of blush across my cheeks, and then she untied me, pulled the robe off, and pushed me to the mirror. Alice had twirled my hair up and stacked it on top of my head. The curls piled to a rounded point, tightly strung around each other.

I wore a hot pink, button-down shirt, with random dots in random colors.

My pale face was covered in sparkles.

My calf-length skirt was chocolate brown.

And I looked just like a cupcake.