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Tiger Stripes

Jasper found his everything in Bella. Bella found nothing she desired in Sam. Being stripped of everything she had Bella finds solace with Peter and Char. Can mates separated by hate overcome their haunted past? AU, Non Canon, Jasper/Bella, M for language/lemons


11. Chapter 11

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Charlotte POV

What that girl was going through at the moment wasn't fair. She'd battled the cancer so hard and now after six months of us all hoping and trying to believe that she'd beaten it, the damned cancer was back. Add the stress with Jasper to the mix and it wasn't surprising the poor child was so confused.

Peter could bitch and moan all he wanted but she needed to come to a decision about her future herself. I made a promise to myself the day we found out the cancer was back that whatever she wanted was fine with me and I meant to stick to it. If she wanted to change, fine. If she wanted to die, then while I wouldn't agree, I would support her and love her until her dying breath. Of course, I wanted her to survive, to change and be my little sister for eternity. But, I couldn't be selfish about it and that's what it would amount to, I couldn't force this existence on her if she didn't want it.

Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. He was both the root and the cure to some of her problems. I wasn't stupid, I knew where he was, what he was doing and in some way I respected him for having the balls to go against Peter and see Bella in the hospital. They needed to spend some time together alone and hopefully, figure out a way forward. I had an inkling that if she got stubborn and chose to let the cancer take her away from us he would find a way to follow her, and a world without either of them in it would be a much darker place. No, he has to start to sort out their problems, he can't leave things the way they are.

Peter obviously hadn't realized where Jasper was and as far as I was concerned that was a good thing—the longer he was kept in the dark the better. I would just have to distract him and luckily, for me not really for him, my 'honey-do list' was quite extensive. Of course, there was another way to distract him but I just wasn't in the mood, I had far too much on my mind to be thinking about sex. See that's how stressed you are, you always want to have sex with your mate. You need to take a break and chill-the inner voice in my head was getting cross with me.

Hopefully Jasper was groveling to Bella by now and maybe, just maybe, she was listening to him. I hoped that they would get everything with all of those opposing notes sorted out. I had a feeling that Jasper had an idea but until he opened his mouth and told us, we were clueless. I don't think the wolves left either of the notes. Holy hell, they stink, and there was no way Jasper would have missed that stench. I know Bella didn't leave anything and I trusted Jasper when he said he hadn't written another and switched them so I guess patience was the key to that little mystery.

All I could hope was that Jasper didn't make the situation any worse regarding Bella, but I couldn't imagine how it could be to be honest. We would go to see her in a while and gauge the situation for ourselves. It would probably be best if Peter stayed home, but there's no way that will happen.

A couple of hours later we gathered the bits that Bella needed together and made our way slowly to the hospital. It was a journey we never enjoyed; unsure of what we'd find when we arrived. She was due to start her treatment the following morning and from what I'd found out from both the doctors and from good old Google, it wasn't going to be pretty. The side effects made chemo look like a walk in the park.

Peter POV (a week or so later)

The sound of Charlotte's light footsteps echoed through the office in the barn next door. I ran straight to her causing her to smile warmly and look up to me. She gave me a sunny smile as I approached and I automatically felt myself relax. I wasn't sure what it was or how she did it, but just knowing she was here with me gave me the courage I needed.

I walked up behind her, gently snaking my arm around her waist and pulling her closer. I leaned down and smiled into her neck and mumbled, "Watcha' doing, baby?"

She let out a huge sigh; I melted into her touch and lovingly ran my fingertips along her arm. "Paying bills and sorting the bank accounts out, honey."

I sighed and softly kissed her nape. "More money? Do people think I'm made of the stuff?" I laughed lightly, but she knew better, she knew that was code for "what the hell are you spending our money on now?!" I wasn't tight with money but it had to last us for all eternity and I haven't really had any incoming since Bella had come to live with us and I'd stopped doing my extra jobs for the Volturi.

I didn't need to see her face to know she was rolling her eyes, I spun her round in my arms.. "Well, things have to be bought and bills need to be paid. And now we've got more of Bella's hospital expenses to think about; it all adds up. Maybe it's time you got a proper job?" She grinned and winked at me playfully.

I just shrugged "No way Char baby, but we can always pimp emo ass out instead." Laughing she swatted my butt and sent me out of the way while she finished what she was doing.

Back in the kitchen, I wandered over to the fridge, grimacing at the smell of human food that even with the door being shut couldn't disguise. I was planning to get a glass of juice for Bella to take her tablets with but got distracted by the list of house rules pinned to the door. Some of them were sensible ones such as 'Bella must say if she's in pain and take appropriate action' and the one that Jasper had signed promising not to smother her. The silly ones were mainly Puss' idea 'Petey must only buy butter pecan ice cream' and 'candy is a food group'.

Apparently, candy and ice cream weren't sufficient to keep her healthy but as her oncologist said getting her to eat anything at all was an achievement in itself. She took a daily regime of vitamins and supplements. The girl was going to rattle if she took any more tablets.

The rule I objected to was the one that mentioned me specifically 'Peter must not bitch and whine about the amount of time Jasper spends with Bella' I resented that; I did not bitch or whine. Well, maybe I do for good reason sometimes

Watching her go through the immunotherapy treatment had about killed all of us. There were times when we honestly thought we would lose her. She hadn't wanted the chemo because of the side effects but this was worse. Watching her vomit was bad enough, having to sit and not be able to do anything while she screamed because her skin was too sensitive to be touched was horrible. There was nothing we could do to help her, even the touch of her hospital gown on her fragile skin was enough to have her crying out to make it stop. Then came the fever bringing with it the chills.

The treatment was administered by iv's over three days then a rest period of three weeks before starting again. Bella was supposed to stay in the hospital but had begged to be allowed home for the rest period. Her oncologist had advised against her leaving the hospital but whilst part of me agreed the part that said if she were going to die she would die at home surrounded by those who loved her agreed with her.

"Peter, I'm fine honestly. I just dropped the shampoo." Her voice sounded strained and so damn tired. "I can manage."

I sighed this was turning into a battle of wills, and even though I was a vampire; stronger, faster and healthier than her, I wasn't sure who'd win. If there was an Olympic medal for stubbornness Bella would win gold every time. "Puss, c'mon let me help you." I knew that letting her have a shower by herself was a bad idea, but she wouldn't wait until Charlotte could help her.

"Puss, I'm coming in now." I uncrossed my legs and stood up from where I'd been sitting against the bathroom door.

"No Peter" she squealed "I'm naked." I didn't need to be an empath to feel the embarrassment coming through the door.

I put my hand on the handle and started to turn it slowly "It's not like I haven't seen you naked before Bella"

I heard a loud growl behind me, turning I could see Jasper snarling. Oh shit that was all I needed I dropped my hand to my side and turned my palms facing outwards, and lowered my head trying to show submission.

I didn't see his hand move, but I sure as hell felt his fist hit my face. "You broke my nose you fucker, what the fuckin' fuck did you do that for?" I yelled.

"You saw Isabella naked" his face fell.

I took a deep but unnecessary breath, "Jasper" I paused. "I have seen her naked twice, the first was the night we brought her here, the second was when she vomited all over herself during chemo. Charlotte had gone hunting and what was I supposed to do leave her to sit there covered in green puke or put her in the shower." I looked up at him; he actually seemed to be calmer and listening to me.

Suddenly a wave of amusement washed over me. Oh no he wasn't I looked over at him and the asshole was smirking. I was so relieved that he was grinning. It had been a long time since he'd just let go and acted silly.

I heard giggles coming through the bathroom door, putting on a wounded voice I addressed the little minx at the other side of it.

"Aww, Puss you know I do love you right?"

The door opened a crack and she peeked out looking pale and wan but grinning "Gotcha Petey" She held out her hand and Jasper took it and they shut the door with a bang I could hear his laughter coming from the bathroom.

I sighed, I wasn't entirely happy that they were so close again. I knew they were just friends at the moment, I knew nothing intimate had happened between them but all the same Puss wasn't well and she didn't need any pressure. Not that I thought Jasper would pressure her into anything but meh I didn't need to hear them together just yet. Scratch that I didn't need to hear them together ever! Not until Puss was healed, turned and hell froze over.