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Tiger Stripes

Jasper found his everything in Bella. Bella found nothing she desired in Sam. Being stripped of everything she had Bella finds solace with Peter and Char. Can mates separated by hate overcome their haunted past? AU, Non Canon, Jasper/Bella, M for language/lemons


5. Chapter 5

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"Hello, Rosalie"

"Jasper!" I answered, my hesitancy and shock probably evident in my voice. "H-how are you?"

To say I'm stunned to be hearing from Jasper could possibly be the understatement of the century. It's been over two years since any of us have heard anything from him, and the last few occasions we talked, or even interacted with each other, were far from pleasant. I wonder what's going on with him? Why is he calling now of all times? What's changed?

"I don't know, Rose" he sighed. He sounded exhausted, run-down even, and I've gone from being surprised to worried. If the empath, of all people, doesn't know how he is-what chance do the rest of us have of working it out? I'm tempted to ask why he's called, but I'm afraid of what his answer will be...and that I'll run him off...again.

It's been nearly five years to the day since anyone has seen or even really heard from him. Which means it's been five years since Isabella Swan died...and absolutely destroyed the man in the process. To say he'd taken her death hard would be a gross understatement, and if I'm honest with myself, I've never been able to shake off my own guilt from the whole damn mess either.

I have missed Jasper so much, and we've all been so worried about him...especially me. I hate how much our relationship has changed. We used to be so close, closer than the others in fact- except for Emmett of course. But that all changed when Miss Swan entered the picture. Nothing was the same after he met her, and in the end, all anyone had to show from that little girl's manipulations were Jaspers broken heart and a series of damaged relationships.

"Jasper…what's going on?"

He sighs again and finally responds, "I'm so fuckin' confused, Rose. I've found my mate and...and...and I'm not sure how I feel about her or what to do or where to go or what to say or…I'm just so fuckin' confused about everything. I need your help, sis."

"Wait…what?" I stuttered, too confused and shocked...and confused to even put together a sentence. No, I must not have heard him right, she's dead. "Did you say…Jasper ah, did you say your mate?"

"Yep, you heard me right the first time. My mate. Isabella fuckin' Swan," he snarled.

"But…she's dead, Jasper. You know she is. Alice saw it, you saw her father grieving, and I know you watched her funeral." I'm beyond worried about Jasper at this point. I need to talk to Carlisle. Is it possible for a vampire to go insane with grief? Or have hallucinations? What the fuck….

"Is she dead? Is she really? Are ya' sure about that, Rose? 'Cause if she's dead...then why in the hell is she breathing, walking, talking, and fuckin' shooting people!"

What the fuck? "Are you sure about this Jasper? Maybe it's someone who just looks like her." I ask hesitantly...I don't want to offend him...maybe I misunderstood? God, I hope I misunderstood and he hasn't lost his fucking mind.

"I'm far from mistaken, Rose. She's definitely Isabella; she smells like her, looks like her, moves like her, talks like her…it's definitely her." He growled out caustically.

"I wonder if the Alpha knows that she's still alive?" I mused, forgetting for a second that I'm still on the phone with him.

"I don't give a fuck, she is mine!" he snarled, distracting me from my errant thoughts. Shit! I didn't mean to say that outloud.

"Jasper…shit, I'm sorry, it was just a thought. I didn't mean anything by it. So um, where is she? Where has she been? What the hell has she been doing? And does she know that everyone thinks that she died? I mean, what the hell is going on with her?"

"The bitch is with Peter and Charlotte, and has been here for years by the sound of it. It's just one big, happy, fuckin' family here." He finally responded, sarcasm twisting his voice into something unthinkably harsher. It didn't take a rocket scientist to tell that things weren't going well for my brother. That manipulative, game-playing little bitch, I seethed to myself, I'm not going to let her get away with hurting him any more than she already has. Now she's messing with the big Bitch, and come hell or high water the little bitch isn't getting away with it any longer. What is it that Truman used to say? Oh yeah, the buck stops here. In this case, the bitch stops here. I'm done.

For the life of me, I had no clue what to say. I mean, she was dead! Alice had seen it, and her father had buried her. How the hell could she be alive? And more importantly, what the fuck is her end-game?

"Rose, you still there?" he snapped, obviously losing what little patience he had which even on a good day was barely there.

"Yes, Jasper, I'm here," I answered quickly. "What happened to her?"

"How the hell would I know? She's not talking to me. None of them are. They're all keeping her little fuckin' secret. They've chosen her over me, Rose, and I don't know how to deal with it. You're the only person I can trust."

Hmm, a pissed off Jasper? I could work with this. Honestly, if he continues to stay so angry and not as despondent and heartbroken as he's been for the last five years, then he might deal with this situation himself without me having to interfere…again. He could lose his temper and drain her, I thought with a smirk on my face. Now that would not only make our lives safe but also infinitely better. I thought 'the Isabella issue' was sorted out five fucking years ago when she supposedly died, but that girl must have more lives than a cat. I should have killed her myself instead of delivering her to her imprint. Not that I'd expected her to die then, I just thought she'd go back to him and forget about Jasper. How the hell did she get to Peter and Charlotte's house? What is she doing there? They are hardly being sympathetic to Jasper, maybe this will finally get him to see the light and break his ties with those backwoods-ass-rednecks for good. Maybe he'll even come home and we can be family again. I'll have to think about what we can do to help him through this…and how to get rid of her again...for good this time. Granted, his little comment about me being the only one he can trust does make me feel guilty again. He can't ever know that I betrayed his trust…or how I feel that her death was partly my fault…if she hadn't been in the woods, if she hadn't stumbled across a bear, if she hadn't made Jasper love her...But not anymore! The little bitch is alive and I not only wasted my time thinking about her, but I tore myself apart and lost my brother in the process! Bitch.

"I'm assuming that she's still human, Jazz. Although with their diet it's surprising. They aren't exactly known for their control after all. I'm amazed that they've taken a human in or are they keeping her as a little pet?"

"Of course she's human. Didn't you hear what I said? Why doesn't anyone listen to me anymore! She's taken them from me, Rose. They are taking her side over everything!" he growled.

"Sorry, Jazz. I'm just…well, I'm shocked. But I'm sorry you didn't think I was listening to you." I apologized.

"You think it's a shock for you? How do you think I fuckin feel, Rose?" The line went dead. I wanted to call him back, but his number was withheld…as always. He'd developed the habit of only using a phone once and then destroying it, making it impossible to contact him. Asshole.

As I wandered back towards the house, I couldn't get my mind out of the past. I wasn't proud of what I'd done and it was something I'd felt guilty about ever since she'd died. It was for my family, I had reasoned.

I've wasted five years feeling guilty about Jasper's despair and that little human has been alive the whole time! How the hell was she still alive? Her father had told Carlisle himself that she was dead, why would he lie? How the hell did Edward not hear that she was still alive? That little bitch even manages to fuck things up for our family from beyond the grave.

I'd never met Bella personally. I knew who she was by sight though- her father was so proud of her, he never stopped telling everyone what a wonderful daughter he had. She'd come to live with him about a year or so before we moved to Forks. From what I heard, her mother had remarried and Bella didn't get along with either of them. She was nothing to me really, just another popular high school girl. I will begrudgingly admit to liking that while she was a rather popular girl throughout the town, she didn't have that nasty attitude that usually came along with it. It was refreshing…she seemed nice.

I'd caught her and Jasper making out in his car one day on my way home from shopping. I didn't say anything at the time because I honestly didn't believe he would really fall for a pathetic human. But as time went on they spent more and more time together and I started worrying about it coming to someone else's attention… someone more inclined to shoot first and ask questions later. I finally tried talking to Jasper about it, but he flew right off the handle and accused me of everything from being jealous-which was fucking ridiculous…as if-bitch, please-to wanting to spoil his happiness. I kept quiet for a while after that. Fuck it, he's a grown ass man and can handle it himself, I remember thinking to myself. But boy was I fucking wrong.

A few months after my not-so-effective conversation with Jasper, I was on my way home from a much needed solo-hunt when I heard people talking near the treaty line. Curious, I stopped and hid to find out what was going on. I could tell by looking at them that the two men were shifters in their human form. Luckily, I was upwind enough that my scent wouldn't alert them to my presence. To my great surprise, they were talking about Jasper's 'precious Isabella'. I snuck in a little closer and heard one of them telling the other that she was his imprint and that 'no fucking leech' was going to keep them apart. The second one agreed that they'd have to take action and get her back. I panicked and ran as quickly as I could to try and find Jasper, but he was nowhere to be found. I tried his cell but it was turned off. I was desperate at this point; I had to find a way to protect him, to protect all of us really. Although I knew he was one of the most feared vampires in existence, and rightfully so, I knew he couldn't take on a whole pack of wolves by himself. Besides that, we have the treaty with the wolves and whatever he and that lying little bitch were planning could destroy all of us. I had to do something.

I tried calling him, but after an hour or so I gave up on him answering his phone. Asshole, he's probably with that damn problem and God-forbid his time with his "precious Isabella" be interrupted. With that in mind, I snuck back to the treaty line, making sure to avoid making any concrete decisions in order to avoid Alice and thus the rest of the family. Not that they wouldn't support me helping Jasper, and they needed to know about Isabella's mind-games, but I knew they wouldn't approve of this and would instead wait for Jasper and use a 'diplomatic approach'. Well, fuck that. She didn't use a diplomatic approach and it's obvious that her imprint, mate, whatever would stop at nothing to get her back. Why he, or Jasper, would bother with her is beyond me….destructive little bitch…

I'd accompanied Carlisle on several occasions when he'd met with them in the past, and I was banking on them recognizing me and therefore knowing that I was coming in good faith. After waiting at the treaty line for what felt like hours, the Alpha finally arrived in human form with his second-in-command by his side. They weren't happy to be there and I knew I had to tread lightly…and I was right. When I mentioned Isabella, the Alpha lost it and phased into a wolf right then and there. It took awhile for his partner to calm him down enough to get him to phase back into human form and even longer still for him to communicate with me rationally. It took several more hours before we finally reached an agreement: I would get the girl back on pack land and he wouldn't attack Jasper or the rest of my family. I wasn't proud of helping them, and I knew how much Jasper would be hurt by this, but the alternatives were just too horrific to think of. If I didn't step in, Jasper was either going to be killed by the pack or he'd be killed by the Volturi for letting a human in on our secret. Either way, my brother, and quite possibly the rest of my family, would be dead. Besides, when he realized the games that fucking girl was playing, he'd move on and finally fucking realize that she wasn't his "mate". I had done what was necessary to protect myself and those I loved. I just wanted to be safe and not to have to look over my shoulder for the rest of eternity. I would do it again in a heartbeat if the same situation arose in the future and I was obviously going to have to step in again now.

I realized that I was going to have to see the Alpha again and tell him that his bitch was still alive; it had to be me, no one else knew what happened before and just like then, I knew they wouldn't approve of my actions now. The family was all about diplomacy, compromise, and in general were a bunch of bleeding hearts. While I appreciated it most of the time, there are situations, like this one, that require blunt force…and I knew Carlisle couldn't do that. So again, it was left to me to clean up that little bitch's mess. I was hoping that this time, it would all be done and over with. First of all, there was no way that Sam, the Alpha, would just let her go. Wolves are like vampires in that way, when they imprint, or mate, it's for life. Hopefully he would go to where ever she was hiding, grab her, and sort this problem out once and for all. Secondly, if he didn't I'd just take care of it myself. I could contact the Volturi and let them know about Peter and Charlotte's houseguest, but that would involve Jasper and I didn't want him to suffer any more than he already has thanks to whatever spell the girl had over him. So, if Sam won't go down and get her, I'll just have to take a little road trip and eliminate the problem myself.

My phone rang again, this time it was Alice. Shit! I'd obviously triggered one of her visions. I took a deep breath and answered the phone. Skipping all the superfluous pleasantries, I just told her that I'd be home in ten minutes. I was really nervous about this. I knew I had to come clean and I knew they weren't going to be happy with me at all, but they had to see that I was protecting the family and didn't have any other choice. All I have to do is convince them that I'm right, all I have to do is convince them that I'm right….all I have to do is convince them…they'll understand, they'll know…God, I hope I'm right….

As soon as I walked into the house, I knew there was going to be a fight. Alice and Edward were waiting for me at the dining room table, which we ironically use as a meeting space, and neither of them look pleased…at all. Alice immediately jumped on me, yelling that I was doing the wrong thing and that I needed to stay out of it. I tried staying calm, I really did, but I eventually started yelling back I was doing the right thing. I tried time and time again to reassure her that I was only thinking of the family's safety but she wouldn't listen and just kept saying that it was none of my business. What the fuck? How can the safety of our family not be my business? Gah! Short sighted, bleeding heart…idiot! Interestingly, she let it slip that she hadn't seen Jasper clearly in her visions for years, and that in recent weeks she hasn't seen him at all…as if his future has disappeared...which could only mean that he disappeared. They both started clamoring on about why this was happening, and if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say it was something to do with that little bitch. I mean, Alice can't see the wolves and since they're the only ones that Alice can't see, they have to be involved…and the only link between what Alice can't see (the wolves) and Jasper is Isabella, it's obviously due to her. Maybe it was to do with Isabella being the Alpha's imprint, but I was honestly more scared that his disappearance from her visions indicated his death. Jasper wasn't exactly stable right now nor was he thinking clearly ….maybe he fights the wolves…who knows? All I knew was that it was that damn humans fault and I told them what I thought about it and her too.

Eventually, after I had to repeatedly point out that I wasn't getting involved for selfish reasons, they started listening to me. Granted, it wasn't until I brought up the Volturi but at least that got their attention. Both of them were a little freaked out by the thought of the Volturi getting involved in this fucking mess and with that thought in mind, they finally came to the realization that it wouldn't hurt to at least talk to the Alpha.

"Why would you be the one to speak with Alpha? Why you and not Carlisle? I mean, in case you've forgotten, Carlisle is our leader, not you." Edward asked with a patronizing little sneer on his face. Pompous little prick. I quickly blocked my thoughts by mentally cataloging all the nail polish colors I own. He scowled at me, but knew that he could only read our minds with our permission, a rule that Carlisle instigated years ago. Ha! Nosy little shit! In a display of my vast maturity, I stuck my tongue out at him as the rest of the family entered the room.

"I need to talk to him about some information I was given earlier today." I responded, trying desperately to keep my mind from wandering back to my earlier thoughts and memories of the past.

"Jasper called me today." Everyone and I mean everyone, gasped at my announcement. I can't believe I kept that out of my head; I thought smirking to myself when I noticed Edward glaring at me.

"What did Jasper want? How is he? Where is he? What did he have to say?" Carlisle fired off, his shock and anxiety apparent in his voice. I briefly explained our conversation, but decided to leave out some of my more personal thoughts and feelings on the matter…it wasn't really any of their business…and I didn't want to get into it. Carlisle didn't say anything to me directly and just looked over towards Edward and Alice…which just pissed me off all the more.

"I can't see him anymore, his future is blank." Alice said, shaking her head in response to whatever Carlisle was thinking. Esme looked concerned, "Do you really think that the Alpha or the wolves are the cause of this blankness?"

"Definitely," I nodded. "I've reviewed many different scenarios in my mind and this is the only way I can see him having a future. If we don't do something now, he will be killed by the pack. Or worse, the Volturi will get involved and we will all pay the price for Jasper's obsession with the girl." Knowing Carlisle trusted Edwards gift implicitly, I quickly ran through some of my reasoning in my mind, being careful not to implicate myself. To my great relief Edward nodded grimly at Carlisle, "She's telling the truth, it's the only way to save the family."

"If it's the only way, then you better go speak to him as soon as possible." Carlisle stated flatly. I half expected him to insist upon accompanying me, but luckily he didn't offer. I left the house immediately and started running back towards Forks and the border of the treaty area. It would take a couple of hours to get there from our new home near Vancouver and I wanted to get this shit done with as soon as possible.

Stupid boy, I knew Edward's gift was far from infallible and it was easy enough to get around with a little effort. You see, by concentrating on a specific thought, he can't hear what's going on in the deeper recesses of your mind. But he doesn't know this; I don't think he does anyway. Honestly, I don't know if he just doesn't want to admit it due to his massive ego, or if he really has no clue. No matter, my past and my feelings, especially about that manipulative little bitch, are my fucking business and no one else's. No one needs to know, and no one will know as far as I'm concerned.

When I got close to the treaty line, I pulled out my phone and sent a text letting him know that we needed to meet. Within seconds I had a response and I arrived at the border mere minutes later. He was already there and he was alone.

"She's alive, Sam."