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Dream a little dream.

What if two vampires find Bella on their hunt, what if she was Jasper's mate? Jasper x Bella Peter x Charlotte. I don't own Twilight.


1. Change is good, right?

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Chapter 1.

Bella's P.O.V

I laid on my bed staring up at the ceiling. It's awful Being alone is awful. I mean, sure I had Ch-Dad, and occasionly Mom, but that was really it. I was going to get over him! I had to... I had to get over all of them. I grabbed a pair of scissors from my desk, I walked into the bathroom and looked at my waist length hair for the final time, I snapped the scissors shut. I looked at my hair, my once waist length hair now goes to the end of my shoulder blades. I smirked, perfect. I walked back into my room and opened my wardrobe, I pulled out all of my clothes that Alice had bought me, I took them downstairs and stuffed them in a bin bag, I walked into the garden and shoved them into a trashcan. Walking back inside I had thought This is it, I'm finally going to get over them I got out a packet of matches, I lit one and dropped it in the trashcan, watching the clothes light up in flames somehow brought a weight off my shoulders. The clothes are now officialy ash. I heard Dad come back from fishing

'' Hey Dad!'' I said skipping into the room, he looked at me shocked

'' Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter?'' he joked

'' She's growing up.''

'' Ah.''

'' I'm going out to Port Angeles.''

'' Oh, alright.'' he replied to me uneasily

'' I'll be home by nine.''

'' Remember your pepper spray.'' I heard him mutter. I ran up the stairs and only tripped once! I looked around for my purse and found it standing propped like a book... anyway, I opened it and found $500, that should be enough. I grabbed my keys and started my ancient but awesome truck and drove to Port Angeles.