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An Alternate Twilight

Pretty much the same as the original, except with me as Bella, and Jasper is the single one.

I have severe writer's block if you have any ideas put it into the review and I will consider it.

1. Preface

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I had never given much thought as to how I would die, even though I had more than enough reason in the last few months. But still I never could have imagined it like this. As the hunter looked at me with his black eyes I stared back without breathing. I guess dying in the place of someone you loved was a good way to go. Especially if it was someone who loved you back. It could even be considered noble. I hoped I would go to Heaven for this. It had to count for something. I couldn’t imagine regretting the decision to come to Forks. For if not for that I wouldn’t be here. Life had given me a dream that was so far beyond my expectations. It was just plain unreasonable to grieve when the carpet was yanked out from beneath me. It was inevitable anyway. Then the hunter smiled at me in a friendly way, though there was nothing friendly about it. As he sauntered forward to kill me he laughed while I whimpered in fear.