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An Alternate Twilight

Pretty much the same as the original, except with me as Bella, and Jasper is the single one.

I have severe writer's block if you have any ideas put it into the review and I will consider it.

9. Chapter 8: Port Angeles

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Jess followed me home in her car and waited as I grabbed my black purse and put my wallet and a few essentials in there (extra ponytail holders, they always broke when I was out somewhere, and my mini notebook, for ideas on the run and my MP3player, I brought that everywhere.). When I had gotten out to the car we drove to Angela’s house and she hopped in the back. The drive was shorter than when I had driven to Forks with Charlie because Jessica drove faster than he did. We talked about everything from clothes to school to teachers and even boys.
“Caitlin you get asked out like every day but you don’t accept them…ever.”, Jessica said with jealously in her voice.
“Well except once...”, Angela said softly.
“What?!?”, I asked.
“Well, Tyler is telling everyone he’s going to prom with you. That’s one of the reasons Lauren hates you.”, Jessica explained. Inside I seethed. I hadn’t even said maybe let alone yes or no. I looked around at the town we were driving through. Port Angeles seemed like the little tourist trap type of town that a horror story would be set in. You know you’re obsessed with books when you make anything into a reference of one. We headed to the first department store we saw. The girls tried on may dresses and I tried some on too, just for fun. I tried on a red poofy, short one that had a V-neck(what is it with me a V-necks?) I really liked that one. I tried on a short black halter style one too. And one more a navy blue and sparkly, shiny one that had spaghetti straps and was down to my ankles. They all looked good but I favored the red one. In the end Jessica was deciding between a short, strapless black dress or an electric blue one with spaghetti straps. Every girl should have a little black dress but I encouraged her to go with the blue one. Why not show off while she could?
Angela tried on many but had to choose between a pale pink one or a silvery one. She was already leaning toward the pink one and I supported that idea. Angela looked better in the pink one, it made her look older. We headed over to the accessory/ shoe section. Angela picked up a pair of pink heels that looked like they were made for the dress she bought. Jessica found a pair of silver, strappy heels that matched her dress and found some inexpensive rhinestone jewelry that fit in nicely.
“Hey Jess I was wondering if I could meet you guys at the restaurant? I want to find a book store.”, I asked after they paid.
“Yeah sure. Meet us at the restaurant in ten?”
“Sure.”, I said as I walked away. I mainly stuck to the boardwalk at first, but when all I found there was a bookstore about spiritual healing, I turned the corner. I saw them at the far end of the street. I hunched down as I realized they seemed to be drunk. They were too casually dressed to be coming from work.
“Hey there.”, one called as they passed me.
“Hello.”, I said back quietly as I passed them. I heard laughter and footsteps behind me. I looked back and saw two of the guys following me. I turned the corner and started walking a little faster. I saw that this was the back of the stores and if something happened nobody would see or hear me. I turned the next corner as every bad image of two strangers and a young girl on a deserted street ran through my mind. I gasped as I got to the middle of the sidewalk and saw the other two men. Not only was I being followed, I was being herded. Like sheep. The men smiled as the other two rounded the corner behind me.
“There you are.”, one of them said.
“Yeah we just had to take a detour.”, I wasn’t sure who said what because I was trying to focus on my poor self-defence skills. Biting , pinching and kicking (mainly the place where it hurts most for guys.) And then hitting their nose at an angle hitting it into their brain hopefully. I was getting ready to scream when they surrounded me. I drew in a deep breath.
And then a screeching sound filled the air as an Audi S8 came to a halt almost hitting the men. Jasper Hale jumped out his blond hair swishing. He glared at the men. They started backing away a little.
“Get in the car.”, he snarled at me. I quickly hopped in and watched through the windshield as he started walking toward the men. He reminded me of a lion on the prowl…and it scared me…but yet it seemed natural for him. I looked down for a moment and something Jasper did terrified the men. They ran down the street as fast as their drunk legs could take them. Jasper climbed in beside me silently. The car lurched forward and I almost hit my head on the dash. We tore out onto the main road and Jasper looked at me.
“I need you to go on about something unimportant. Talk about something that doesn‘t really matter. ”
“ Um…why?”
“So I don’t go back there and kill those guys.”
“Um…I …I think I might run over Tyler Crowley tomorrow. Or maybe hire an assassin. Or maybe push him off a cliff. ”
“Why?”, there was a hint of amusement in his voice and a smile was playing at his lips.
“He’s telling everyone he’s going to prom with me.”, I said.
“Tell me, what were you thinking when I found you?”
“I was trying to remember the very poor self-defense skills I have.”
“You were going to fight them? Weren‘t you scared?”
“Terrified, besides what else could I do?”
“One they would‘ve caught me in like 20 seconds anyway and I fall down a lot when I run. See look at my hands.”, I showed him the palms of my hands, “On Saturday I tripped over a twig on the beach and didn’t stop tumbling till I got to the parking lot. How sad is that?”
“I see…“, he grinned then went serious again “what about yelling?”
“I was thinking about that just when you showed up. I was gonna kick or bite and maybe punch them and then run and yell.”
“I thought you said you fall a lot when you run?”
“Yeah well when you’re only five feet tall and are about to be like killed or something, something’s gotta give.” Jasper almost seemed to laugh as he were parked outside the restaurant, almost. I saw Jessica and Angela walking towards Jessica’s car.
“You better catch you’re friends and tell them you can’t ride home with them.”
“Then how am I getting home?”
“With me. I have to get you something to eat.”
“Okay…”, I said confused as I opened the door. “Jess!! Angela!!” I called waving my hand after I got out.
“Oh Katie! Where were you? We were going to wait for you but we were starving so we already ate…sorry…”, Angela trailed off because Jasper came up behind me.
“Hello girls, Caitlin and I ran into each other and got to talking. I’m sorry I kept her. I think she should eat something though. Would you mind if I got you something to eat and then dropped you off at home?”, he explained then turned to me for his question.
“No I don’t mind.”, I said amazed that I was going on a date with Jasper Hale…wait no! It’s not a date. He’s just buying me dinner because…well I don’t know why he’s buying me dinner…he just is. But he’s buying me dinner. Me and him…alone…in an Italian restaurant…the most romantic type of restaurant there is….maybe …just maybe …he’d ask me out again…or something. Then that thought process stopped as Angela and Jessica said goodbye and Jasper grabbed my hand and pulled me into the restaurant. My heart jumped at his touch, not only because he was holding my hand, but also because it was so cold. He pulled his hand away as we walked into the restaurant.
“Table for two please.”, Jasper said smiling to the hostess. The hostess led us to a table in the middle of the room. “Uh, excuse me do you have anything a little more private?” he asked smiling at her.
“Um…sure.”, the hostess said with a dazed look on her face as she led us to a small booth in a corner of the room. Wow, I had never seen anyone refuse a table in a restaurant like that, except maybe in old movies.
“Poor girl.”, I murmured after she left.
“What do you mean?”, Jasper asked me confused.
“You dazzled her.”
“Dazzled her?”, he was confused.
“Yeah you know like blanked her mind with just your eyes.”
“I do that to girls?”
“Yeah probably men too if you wanted…so you have no idea of the affect you have on people?”
“None whatsoever.”
“Wow.”, I was completely shocked. I wonder if he dazzled himself when he looked in the mirror…but if he was a vampire would he even show up in the mirror? Ugh...what are you saying? The thought that he is a vampire is childish and you know it! I mentally scolded myself.
“Do I dazzle you?”
“All the time.”, he seemed to have a smug smile at that.
We stopped talking then because the waitress came over.
“Um…can I have an Shirley temple please?”, I asked.
“And for you?”, she asked Jasper.
“The same please.”
“What would you like to eat?”, she asked.
“Can I have…the fish and chips?” I asked picking it at random. It sounded good.
“Sure and for you sir?”, she asked turning to Jasper.
“Nothing for me thank-you.”
As the waitress walked away Jasper turned to me.
“How are you feeling?”
“Fine.”, I said back.
“Are you sure. You aren’t dizzy, having chills…nothing?”
“I was sure you’d be going into shock by now.”
“Going into shock?”
“Yes, I thought you’d be traumatized or something.”
Then the waitress came with my food.
“So how did you know where I was?”, I asked as I took another sip of my soda
“You eat and I’ll talk.”, Jasper said pointing to my ravioli.
“Deal.”, I said as I speared a ravioli on my fork.
“Quite bluntly…I followed your scent.” I looked at him like he was crazy.
“Are you like half-hound dog or something then?”, he laughed back.
“No…how do I explain this…I followed you to Port Angeles.”
“What?!? So you’re like a stalker or something? You stalk me?”, I was truly a little frightened.
“No I didn’t stalk you…”
“Then what…if you weren’t stalking me…then…what?”, I asked.
“It’s hard to explain…it’s complex.”
“I think I can keep up.”, I said proudly as I quoted him.
“I’m sure you can. Are you done?”, he asked looking at my almost empty plate. I had eaten quickly while we were talking.
“Oh, yeah.”, I said chugging the last of the sada. Jasper called the waitress over and she asked if we wanted anything else for the night. We both said no and she laid a few candies on the table and walked away. I picked one up and looked at it. I couldn’t tell what it was, there was nothing on the label that said the flavor. I opened it and smelled it.
“CHOCOLATE!!”, I exclaimed popping it into my mouth. We had gotten to the car by then and when Jasper got in the car he looked at me like I was crazy. “I’m addicted to chocolate okay?“ I said after I ate it. Jasper laughed as I shivered in the silent car. He handed me a jacket and turned up the heat. “So if you weren’t stalking me what were you doing?”, I became serious again.
“Well, I was following you but just at a distance so if you came into any trouble and needed help…well I could help you.”
“Why?”, I stunned myself and him by saying that.
“Um...well it…“ he sighed, took a deep breath and started again “it makes me anxious, not being around you. I wasn’t kidding about you dieing or something…I was seriously worried. It makes me very anxious to be away from you.”
“I get very anxious too, when I’m away from you.”, I whispered looking down being serious. I silently wished he could feel the sincerity I felt at that moment.
“No…”, Jasper groaned, “no…no this is wrong you shouldn’t be with me. I’m dangerous. I’m not good for you.”
“It’s too late.”, I said.
“Don’t ever say that.”, Jasper hissed. I flinched in response. It was quiet for a minute when he glanced over. “Are you crying?”, he asked sounding pained.
“No…no of course not.”, I sniffled as tears raced down my face.
“I’m sorry if I hurt you.” he said placing a hand on mine. “But you don’t understand. You don’t know what I am-”
“Yes I do.”, I cut him off.
“What?!?”, he asked horrified putting his hand back on the steering wheel quickly.
“Yeah I know what you are.”, I sniffled as my embarrassing tears dried.
“Then say it.”, he said through clenched teeth. “Say it.”, he growled when I hesitated.
“Vampire.”, I whispered.
“How did you find out?”, he asked.
“On the beach. There was an old friend Jacob Black of the Quilete tribe. I tricked him into giving me info.”
“Tricked? Tricked how?”
“I tried to flirt with him”, I said shame fully.
“Did he tell you?”
“Yes he told me about the legends how the tribe was supposedly descended from wolves and about their enemy. The cold ones. How they made a treaty with a coven of them, because they claimed to be something different. I asked what it had to do with you guys, because you just moved here. He said ‘or just moved back.’ ”
“And that convinced you?”
“No I had a dream and then did some research but not all of it fit. I mean the beauty, cold-skinned-ness and speed and strength. How you never ate or drank anything. I decided that’s what you were but then I…I…” I faltered at then end.
“I decided it didn’t matter.”, I said softly cringing waiting for the uproar. When it didn’t happen I lifted one of my clenched eyelids what I saw shocked me. Instead of being very tense like I had predicted, Jasper was humourlessly LAUGHING! “What?”, I asked.
“You just don’t get it, do you? I drink blood Caitlin. I am a monster.”
“No you’re wrong. You aren’t a monster. You don’t… hunt…humans. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be able to go to school and not…well…eat everyone.”, he said nothing after that and there was silence for a minute.
“You are right we hunt animals…mostly large ones but…you’re right…”, he sighed.
“You aren’t going to go back to ignoring me are you?”
“I can’t stay away from you Caitlin…I just can’t. And I don’t want to.”, Jasper said quietly sighing like a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders.
“I don’t want to stay away from you anymore either Jasper.”, his name felt amazing to say. And the fact that he even liked me was well…it was quite frankly amazing. I felt him softly give my hand a squeeze and I smiled. If we did end up having a relationship I knew we could work it out. No matter what happened. I looked outside and was extremely surprised to see that we were entering Forks again. We quickly arrived at my house and we came to a stop.
“Well…we have been through a lot and certainly you have been through a lot in one night. You should probably go get some rest.”
“Okay.”, I said taking off the jacket that smelled like him. I noticed the scent before, but in our heated discussion I hadn’t really noticed it until now. That enticing, intoxicating scent. I inhaled deeply and drank in the smell. It was hard to describe. It was sweet like candy but not an over excessive sweetness. It had a spicy kind of cinnamony-ness with it and an outdoorsy sort of earthy smell. It was…for lack of a better word…manly. So many ways to describe it but all in all it was delicious.
“Keep it.”, he said as handing it back to me.
“Because you don’t have a jacket for tomorrow, just take it.”
“I can’t. If I bring that jacket in I will be drilled for details, then lectured on anything and everything and well you know how fathers are right?”, I said.
“Okay then.”, he said. I handed him back the jacket. “Oh and Caitlin?”, he asked.
“Yes?”, I asked turning back to him.
“Be careful.” he whispered as he ran a fingertip from the hairline on the right side of my face to the joint of my jaw on the right side of my face. And then he kissed my forehead tenderly and softly. I gasped almost inaudibly as my heartbeat jumped erratically and I almost started hyperventilating. I got out a minute later and called a faint “I’ll see you tomorrow.” I stood there for a second actually hyperventilating as I remembered the way his lips felt on my forehead and how…well…loved it made me feel. I took another deep breath and then ran into the house shivering in excitement.
“Caitlin?”, Charlie called out as I stepped in the house.
“Yeah Dad it’s me.”
“Why are you shivering honey?” he asked.
“I forgot my jacket in Jessica’s car. I have to call her and ask her to bring it tomorrow at school.”, I half-lied and walked to get the phone.
“Wait till she gets home first.”, Charlie said.
“Right.”, I muttered. I walked into the kitchen and got a glass of water. I quickly downed it and then grabbed the phone as it started to ring.
“Hello?”, I asked.
“Caitlin?”, said Jessica.
“Yeah it’s me.”
“How did you get home so fast?”
“Jasper drives like a maniac. We probably passed you on the highway.” I whispered.
“So what happened?”
“Nothing really. Um...I'll tell you tomorrow. My Dad....”, I trailed off hoping she would get the message.
“Oh. Right.”, she said and I could practically hear the frown in her voice.
“Jess I gotta go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“Okay, bye Caitlin.”
“Dad I’m going to bed okay?”
“Kay night Caitlin.”
“Night Dad.”
I went upstairs and got in the shower. I turned the water on hot and stepped in letting the water relax my muscles. But even so, I couldn’t help the grin that spread over my face and the way my heart jumped at the thought when he kissed my forehead. I couldn’t imagine what would happen if he kissed me on the lips…I mean here I am all giddy because he kissed my forehead.
I got out of the shower still grinning. I went to my room and grabbed the stuffed animal I took with me anywhere I went. It had originally been sitting on my dresser. I was still a kid at heart. It had white fur and red silk ear-insides and paws and a red velvet nose. I loved him and had him since I was three. His name was Mousey even though he was a bear. But at three I thought he was a mouse and I was so happy my mom didn’t bother to correct me. I only got out Mousey when I was excited or happy or upset and sad. I gave him a quick hug and put him back on my dresser. I twirled around grinning. I felt giddy. Like a five year old on Christmas. I crawled under the covers and I thought about that day and Jasper. I came to a conclusion.
There were three things I was absolutely positive.
First Jasper was a vampire.
Second there is a part of him and I was unsure as to how dominant that part was, but it thirsted for my blood.
And thirdly and most importantly I was completely, head-over-heels, unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Jasper Hale.