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A Guardian Angel

this is a continuation of a story under the same name by Alice_Cullen_Goldsworthy13 i am writing more chapters leave ideas in the comments


1. The VIle Mike Newton

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Bella's POV
* * * * * * *
It seemed like it took forever for Mike to stop the beating. I remember walking in at about 5:30-something that night and as soon as I walked out I checked my clock and it was 6:13 wow that was like 40 minutes.
I walked home that night feeling even more sore than I ever have before. What made the fact that my boyfriend was abusive harder was that I had nobody. I was 18 and alone my parents had died when in a car crash I was 16. I went to live in foster care I had been through 13 foster homes in 2 years. I think that was a record. I had moved back just this year after I turned 18 I moved back to Forks and would begin my senoir year at Forks HighSchool. Man, I wish mom was here to hold me right now, and I wish dad was here to protect me from my own boyfriend. Wow, did I need protection...from my own boyfriend.
As soon as I walked in my house I locked the door and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw that the left side of my face was a deep dark purplish-blue color. Ugh I would start the first day of my senoir year looking like I was mobbed. As I thought this I slowly lifted my shirt up and saw that the same purplish-blue color had made a path down my chest acroos my ribs and stomach and down to my thighs. It was such an unnatural color even for a bruise and oh it hurt so bad. I took a hot shower and once I was all bandaged up I went to bed to exhausted to eat.
The next morning I got myself up and went to church. I had started going after Renee and Charlie died. It had helped me cope with the loss alot and I loved it especially todays sermon about God always being there for you I absolutly loved it I had also decide to give my life to Christ just a year ago and continued growing in my faith.
After church I went to the grocery store and bought a few things. I didn't bother buying make-up to cover up my black eye because it was too dark trust me I had already tried.
Just one more year I reminded myself and then I could get away from the vile Mke Newton. Just one more year...
On the way home all I could do was hope and pray that Mike got tired of me and dumped me just so I could get away from him. Wow what girl WISHED that her boyfriend dumped her. When I got home I put my groceries away and was too tired to cook so I ordered some chinese from Port Angeles. An hour later it arrived I paid and went upstairs to my room, ate, then went to bed I fell asleep almost instantly.
The next morning I got up, got dressed, and walked to school since I had no car. When I arrived at school it was just me and some other kid in a Volvo I went up to under the roof where some picnic tables lay I sat down and began reading one of my favorite books- Wuthering Heights. I was interrupted by Tyler Crowly one of my friends who came over and was saying hi and talking about a history report due next Thursday.
I didn't realize how much time had passed before Mike came over and said he wanted to talk to me before school. Uh-oh this cannot be good I thought. He led me out to his car where no one could see us. He whipped around and looked more furious then he had in a very long time and nearly hollored at me "What the heck is wrong with you!" confused I replied "What?" and this seemed to make him even more mad he looked at me, eyes blazing and screamed " Don't you dare lie to me I know you have been whoring around town. I know because I saw you with Tyler!" this made me so mad I couldn't believe my own boyfriend was calling me a whore. A whore! "Excuse me?First of all me and Tyler are just friends. Second of all I am NOT a whore you jerk!!!"
That did it uh-oh what had I just said oh no crap he is gonna kill me. All of a sudden he had me up against his car in a choke hold and I couldn't breathe I was about to pass out from lack of oxygen when I was all of a sudden released from Mike's grip and could suddenly breathe again.
I choked and looked up to see an angel looking at me one with bronze hair and the most beautiful and mesmerising eyes I had ever seen. "Are you okay?" he asked his voice sounded like he was furious. I nodded not being able to speak at the moment. " My name is Edward Cullen." he said suddenly and held his hand out as I shook it I said "Bella"
"I know" he spoke with voice a like velvet