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Mythical Holocaust

Life wasn't easy once the world found out that there were such things as vampires and other mythical creatures. Bella was forced to move to Forks to avoid the raids going through each state to pull out the creatures no one believe to be real until now. What will happen when she falls for a certain creature and is sucked into the Mythical holocaust?

Edward/Bella Drama/Romance/Horror --I own nothing but my imagination

2. Chapter 2: The Escape

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The Escape

Bella's POV

6 months later…

With a loud bang I began to stir, ehh how did I get here? It was bright now and the light was burning through my eye lids hurting my eyes. Even with this little fact I was still pretty comfy in these toasty blankets. Stirring again I tried to concentrate on how I actually got to my bed; I started to faintly remember watching the news with my mom Renee and Phil in the living room the night before. It seemed more like a dream though, but then again what didn't after the discovery?

Outside the night was eerie and the living room was only lit with the brightness of the TV. Looking out the window all was seen were the lights flashing in the far distance. Knowing that this is actually not a movie or a book or even a nightmare really shook me to the core.

"Their getting close, shouldn't be long now" mom whispered to herself. She was beginning to get nervous. I couldn't blame her though, life was really starting to feel unreal and my vibrant mother was no more.

"I DON'T understand why we just don't LEAVE!" Phil outburst, this worried me he was always very calm. Glaring at him mom stood up and started pacing back and forth "WE are not going anywhere Phil!" she yelled. Oh boy, now this was just getting out of control.

Deciding to interfere I got up and grabbed my mom by the shoulders "MOM STOP!" I shouted quickly pulling her into a hug. With the sudden contact she started to shake with uncontrollable sobs "Shhh, everything will be okay mom" I soothed. With my mom I have always felt like the adult, I basically took care of her and raised myself. Still reassuring her though I had to remind myself, it has NEVER been like this before.

Pulling away suddenly she grabbed my shoulders looking into my eyes "Bella, listen to me, always remember I love you and everything will be okay. I. Will. Protect. You" I nodded my head to show I was listening, yes definitely never like this. Tears started to pool in my eyes, I saw all the love she was projecting and I knew she was claiming nothing but the truth.

With all this the news was still blaring in the background that contained nothing but the ups and downs of the new discovery. The world finally found that vampires and possibly other mystical creatures were real and the battle finally began. But the problem was the creatures were actually fighting back.

Another bang snapped me out of my memories of the night before, dammit what's with all the banging. Groaning I turned over facing my door, in the next second a wail of a siren blared from outside my window; I quickly covered my ears and froze. Can this really be happening? I heard this on the news over and over; this can only mean one thing. The raid was starting.

"BELLA!" my mom barged into the room running to me and pulling me out of the bed "Bella hurry! Start packing now we have to leave!" still talking she ran to my closet pulling out my suitcase and throwing any clothes in reach in the bag. Damn and I just cleaned this room.

"Mom, what the hell is going on?" I frowned for a second, damn I'm such an idiot. Why did I ask such dumb questions? "Okay I'm just going restate that, I thought we had a few more days, why is…"

"Bella there is no time to ask questions hurry up we have to go now" she said cutting me off, before pulling me out of my room I turned to grab a few things off my desk, mostly pictures; some things just can't be replaced. I also stole a quick glance at my haven, something told me I won't be seeing this place anymore, sighing I turned to concentrate on my mom while she dragged me down the stairs but of course that journey didn't end well, curse my two left feet! Tripping I fell down the last four steps bringing my mom with me, by now I thought I would be used to the pain. Ouch!

"Dammit, I'm sorry" I said pulling my mom to her feet. Weirdly she started to laugh hysterically, Ugh great I broke my mom "Mom are you okay?" her laughter soon turned to tears. "Mom?" by the end of my question she looked up into my face, her face was pink and streaked with tears. Ever since I was little she was always very beautiful, even now with shinning eyes, messy short light brown hair, and pale skin, but of course she always had way more color then me. I was glad to call her my mom.

"Bella I'm fine let's just go" she straightened up running to the kitchen probably to retrieve something. Slowly strolling to the living room I couldn't help to think how calm I was being, maybe I was broken to? Outside I can still hear the wailing of the sirens. Walking toward the window I can see neighbors and friends panicking and starring at the sky in wonder, are they just going to stand there or there actually going to go somewhere, damn. I saw some of the raids on the news but experiencing it was definitely going to be a whole other ball game, people are usually running around screaming by now on the TV.

"Mom! Where's Phil?" I just noticed he was nowhere to be seen and I knew we couldn't leave without him. With no reply I walked slowly into the kitchen like something was going to pop out at me at any second, trust me at this moment in time it's possible. Walking into the kitchen I saw my mom and Phil quietly arguing, shouldn't we be running not talking? "Mom we have to go" I tried to remind her "Argue in the car on the way to where ever the hell were going" out of nowhere Phil grabbed my arm pulling me to the door, shocked was an understatement. He never touched me.

"Yes Renee lets go NOW, ALL of us" he said trying to sound forceful. I was seriously getting nervous; Phil was always a nice guy. He was a baseball player and he and my mom were great together, well until the discovery anyway. After everything was announced he turned sour.

"PHIL! Let go of my daughter, you are not going anywhere with us, do you understand?" she said in an eerie calm voice. What the fuck was going on? Something was up and I knew it had to be bad if she did not want him coming with us. Either way he let go of my arm and went storming into the living room breaking a lamp with a huge crash.

"YOU'RE SERIOUSLY GOING TO LEAVE ME HERE? I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME RENEE" he screamed throwing a picture of all of us across the room "Bella you want me to go with you don't you?" he asked coming face to face with me. Ehh to close for comfort buddy.

"I… I don't…I don't know…" I tried getting out. I was so confused. Tears started pooling in my eyes, damn what a mess. Pulling me out of the line of fire, mom put me behind her looking him in the face.

"Phil we are leaving, do what you want but do not follow us" with that mom pulled me to the door while Phil went storming downstairs to the basement. Wait what? Why would he go to the basement? Shaking my head I let her pull me outside, but as soon as we stepped outside I noticed white flurries were falling from the sky. Trying to see where it was coming from I saw a few army planes were dropping loads through the sky to the ground. This seemed wrong; I had a feeling something bad was going to happen, and soon enough it did.

While walking to the car I started to hear screams erupt everywhere from around me, and then all of a sudden everything seemed to be going in slow motion. When I looked down I realized I had blood on my shirt. This can't be happening, putting my fingers to my nose I saw blood was rushing down dripping from my chin and even getting into my mouth. Looking I saw the same thing was happening to my mom, but unlike me she did not faint from the sight and smell of blood. I started to feel sick but she hurried over and slapped me extremely hard in the face, I gasped in shock, did she really just hit me?

"Bella! Snap out of it, we cannot afford for you to lose conscious now" all of a sudden we heard a loud shot, looking around I saw that all of our neighbors were outside bleeding as well, but where did the shot come from? A second later a bunch of army men were running down the block grabbing people and scanning them, is that how they can tell if you had vampire genes or if you were a vampire in general? But I guess mom didn't want to find out because she grabbed me and pulled me to the car, and she didn't want me to see the action as well. Actually, maybe that was a good idea lets hold off on the nightmares a little bit longer.

Getting in the passenger seat I put on my seatbelt and turned to watch my mom do the same thing. She looked crazy; I probably didn't look any better myself. While she pulled out of the driveway I saw that some of my neighbors were dropping to the floor in agony, I wonder what that was about.

"But wait a second, if those flurries made our noise bleed and vampires drink blood wouldn't…" cutting me off a loud screaming screech pierced my ears while something jumped onto our windshield, screaming I realized it was my friend Kate, well I thought she was my friend. She was growling trying to break through the window "MOM! IS SHE A VAMPIRE?" I asked screaming. How did I not know this about my best friend? But then again she looked different, not the same. I actually haven't seen her in a few weeks; so much can change in that amount of time.

Slamming on the breaks the car jerked knocking Kate off of the car, mom started to drive again going over her body. At this point I was crying uncontrollable, did my mom seriously just run over my best friend? I knew she never liked her. "HOW CAN YOU RUN OVER MY BEST FRIEND" I sobbed and screamed at the same time.

"She is not your friend anymore Bella! She isn't even alive let alone human" she continued to drive fast getting on the interstate; she swerved around cars and people that were running and screaming. They were obviously trying to get away from whatever they thought might eat them. "Here Bella" she said giving me a napkin so I can try to wipe away the blood that was all over my face.

"Mom, why didn't you want Phil to come with us?" I asked, this has been bothering me he was family now so why wasn't he here?

"He just couldn't come Bella, do not worry about it" she replied softly

"What do you mean don't worry about it, mom I was there and know that you did not allow for him to come with us, he wanted to"

"Bella" she warned "Drop it now" she said with a very motherly tone that showed not to mess with her, well tough.

"MOM TELL ME! I DESERVE TO KNOW!" I yelled I was not going to back down. Too much is going on lately and this did not have to be hanging over my head.

"He is one of them" she whispered I wasn't sure I heard her "What?" I asked. I hoped I heard wrong.

"GOD DAMMIT BELLA! HE IS ONE OF THEM! HE IS A FUCKING VAMPIRE, okay? Are you happy you know now?" she yelled "Are you happy to know that the man I love with all my heart has vampire genes?" she started to cry banging on the steering wheel. I think I need to go to a mental hospital, I think I'm losing my mind. We lived with him forever.

"MOM ARE YOU FUCKING FORREAL? How come you haven't told me this? What if he had tasted blood at all? Any little mistake could have turned him officially, why did we stay?" I was beyond pissed, she risked our life. Not even, she risked my life by not telling me we were living with a possible human eater.

"Bella, I didn't find out until the raids started. He didn't even know himself; he was contacted by family when the discovery was made to be careful. He is still the same man I love, just not safe at this moment to be around. I'm trying to protect you" she said softly.

"Nice speech mom, I'm still pissed at you." I said turning to stare out the window, I felt like a bitch saying that but I honestly had nothing left to say. Next thing I heard was a huge explosion. "Shit was that a bomb?" I jumped looking toward the back window and there it was, bombs being dropped from the sky. There was a process but I couldn't put my finger on it at the moment.

Outside the window it looked as if a war was going on but yet where was the enemy? I knew the vampires apparently were but it looked like we were killing ourselves. People were walking around bleeding, beaten up, scared, and over all shattered. The floors were covered in what looked like snow but was definitely some type of poison, and the sky's looked dark and smoky. This was certainly not Phoenix Arizona on a regular day. It was usually very sunny, hot, and beautiful.

Even the armed forces looked scary, even though the news said they was supposed to make you feel safe. Well I certainly didn't feel safe right now, what a scam. Now that I looked harder they looked like they were dragging the people in agony or shooting at those that looked like they were going insane. Were all those people really vampires? There were so many, and they looked to fit in so well. I then noticed that mom pulled into the airport and when I say it was crowded, it was really fucking crowded. "Mom, what are we doing here?" I asked turning to her.

"Bella, please no questions grab your things and hurry, stay with me at all times" she said climbing out of the car. I hurried to unbuckle myself and climbed out of the car. She grabbed my hand and we both ran into the airport, I guess she knew where she was going because she started to run to the west wing. While running I realized everyone was trying to get out the only way they knew how, the plane would be the only effective way right now. When the raid starts they block all the ways to get out of the state by water and ground, but they said nothing about air. Damn these people are smart.

I another bomb exploded making everyone in the area scream with fright; fear really did cut deeper than a knife. All of a sudden a riot started out of nowhere and everyone was trying to run and fight through the crowd, with this my mom ended up falling. She cried out in an agonized scream "My ankle!" she cried. I tried pulling her up but it was so hard with everyone running over each other.

"Mom! Mom… you will be okay don't worry" I said trying to reassure her, with the sirens and the screaming it was so hard to think. "MOVE… OH MY GOD! MOVE PEOPLE!" I yelled finally getting my mom up, and realized she definitely broke her ankle, this was bad. We continued to limp to the gate; where ever we were going, I hoped to get there safe and sound with my mother by my side. We finally made it to the gate, I sat her down and looked around, this place was crazy. This honestly felt more like an apocalypse than anything else. The next thing that happened took me completely by surprise; someone ran from nowhere and knocked both me and my mom onto the floor.

"What the fuck was…" I couldn't even finish my sentence as a piercing scream went straight to my heart, a vampire was on top of my mom trying to get a snap at her neck and she was struggling. At that moment everything seemed to slow down once more, I noticed the vampire had a needle in her neck. I was guessing that was what made her weaker because it should have definitely killed my mom by now. "MOM!" I screamed jumping up to my feet, she looked at me with a look that told me she loved me, and this was the end for her. Someone grabbed me from behind pulling me away from her as I realized I was about to jump on the vampire.

"NO BELLA! RUN!" I realized the flight was trying to hurry up and board because in the distance a bunch of vampires were jumping on people and attacking, they must be newborns. All I heard were screams everywhere and everything felt like it was going in slow motion. I tried running for my mom again as she was about to lose her battle against this monster.

"NOOOOOOOO!" I screamed as someone pulled me into the gate, shutting the door. The last thing I saw of my mom was the vampire biting into her neck. Kicking and screaming I was pulled onto the plane. This person saved me but I couldn't appreciate it, my mom was gone.

I remembered the process now, first the flurries to make everyone bleed to find the people with the vampire genes. With that the other vampires will come out from hiding with the smell of all the blood, by now the army will be out trying to capture and kill as many as possible. Next the bombs are used to remove anything that can hide a single soul, or a monster for that matter. Basically anyone around was bait, that means the government killed my mom. I then noticed the man that dragged me on the plane was trying to get my attention.

"Can you hear me? Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he asked, another lady came and deciding to give it a shot "Sweetie, are you okay? What's your name?" she tried. I just started feeling light headed.

"They killed my mom" I whispered, I noticed that I was falling. Last thing I remembered was the man trying to catch me before everything went black.