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Mythical Holocaust

Life wasn't easy once the world found out that there were such things as vampires and other mythical creatures. Bella was forced to move to Forks to avoid the raids going through each state to pull out the creatures no one believe to be real until now. What will happen when she falls for a certain creature and is sucked into the Mythical holocaust?

Edward/Bella Drama/Romance/Horror --I own nothing but my imagination

3. Chapter 3: The News

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Edwards POV

"Edwaaaaard!" flinching from the loudness I contemplated on hiding but decided against it, she was to close. I turned around to spot my younger sister Alice skipping down the hallway right towards me, joy. "What do you want Alice?" I asked "Don't you get tired of me? We do live together you know" I stated shaking my head with a smirk, she is one annoying pixie.

"I just wanted to tell you that Tanya is admiring your ass again" she said with a giggle. Damn, turning around I spotted Tanya eyeing me from her locker. I covered my eyes, pulling the "if I don't see her, she can't see me" method, but of course it didn't work. "No point of hiding she is still starring at you" Alice laughed. Groaning I turned to glare at her but of course she was already gone, damn she was fast for such a little girl. Luckily the school day was almost over and we had one more class to go.

Heading to class I couldn't help to think a little, I don't understand why we still have school; the whole country was in a state of emergency and all schools were closed, well except for the western states of course, which included ours. The governor felt that we needed some normality to stay sane since the discovery. I see their attempt but school was not the same anymore, while some people disappeared, everyone else was just more on edge. Once in a while to lighten the mood we all played the wonderful guessing game of "Who do you think has vampire genes?" even though were all just playing around, something tells me no one really wanted to know the answer.

Walking into class, as always the news was on and the class was silently watching. "Seniora, if we must be here can the class watch the news in Spanish so we can learn something?" I know I was being a smartass but I was tired of sitting in class doing nothing but watch people die constantly. From the corner of the room I heard a loud booming laugh "Good one Edwardo!" my way to big brother Emmett yelled. Couldn't deny him being adopted none of us had that huge ass boom of his. Smiling at him I went to go sit in my seat beside the beast.

"Bro are we still going to that party tonight?" I asked. I really wanted to go out and forget about the outside world, even though Forks was pretty good at being isolated already. I knew that it shouldn't take any longer than 3 months for the raid to come knocking on our tree trunks, and I felt we should enjoy the freedom until the horror came.

"Duhh bro it's Friday, I'm definitely not staying home and my Rosie probably wouldn't want to ether" he said rolling his eyes, ehh he got that habit from Alice. Sometimes I couldn't believe that my adopted siblings were together as couples, but as long as my parents didn't mind I wasn't going to get involved. "Just ask Jasper if he is still going because I don't know if Alice is going to drag him shopping with her to Port Angeles" just like Emmett was with my adopted sister Rose, her twin brother Jasper was dating my blood sister Alice. Emmett was actually the only one that was adopted without a sibling. But thinking about it put a smile on my face; my parents were saints for adopting so many kids.

"Yea sure, I will just ask him when we get out…" I stated trailing off; I couldn't help but get sidetracked by the screen. How can the government allow all this death to happen? We were better off ignoring the species of Vampires. They swear there are other creatures out there but if they can't even find Bigfoot what makes them so sure? They got lucky with the bloodsuckers. Looking around I saw all the other students watching the screen as well, if I was a vampire I would of skipped town already this was brutal. The news was showing the army running through the cities using these needles to slow down the vampire, but those that haven't officially turned were dragged while in what looked like agonized pain. The news caster stated that the raid should start in Arizona in a few days, but something told me they didn't tell the time right because then people would flee wouldn't they?

I didn't even know the final bell of the day rang until Senoria turned on the lights and turned off the TV "that's enough for today I guess, see everyone on Monday" she said in a low voice. Yes, the news sucked away any joy in the world. Grabbing our useless backpacks Emmett and I headed out to the parking lot to jump in our cars, I smiled as I saw my beautiful Volvo come into view. "Just fuck the damn car already if you love it so much" Emmett said wiggling his eyebrows at me. "Shut up dude, my car is the only women for me so don't say such rude things around her" I stated unlocking my car, and getting in just as it was starting to rain.

Out of nowhere someone jumped into my car, scaring the shit out of me "SHIT! Jasper don't scare me like that!" I yelled, I never got scared so I must still be spooked out from watching the news. "Sorry bro, it was starting to pour so I ran for it. Can I ride with you? Alice wants to ride with Emmett and Rose" he asked, I'm guessing him and his sister were arguing again, and what I mean by arguing I mean, Rose is arguing he is just taking it in and avoiding her.

"Yea its fine, you're already here. I wanted to ask you something anyway, are you going to the party tonight at Mikes?" Mike was some douche kid that swore he was popular, but I had to give it to him he usually threw awesome parties. Jasper looked thoughtful for a second and took out his phone texting someone, if I had to guess it would be Alice. He was so whipped. "Yea, me and Alice are going" and added with a smile "I convinced her not to go shopping today" damn Emmett would of loved to have heard that one.

Driving through the snake like roads home I had to say, I loved that our parents owned so much land right outside Forks; we had all the room we wanted to just explore. The rain was still heavy as we pulled up in front of our house, it was huge. It consisted of three floors, the back was made of all glass and we had a lake in the back. It was perfection. Right at the front door I saw my adopted mom Esme, she loved to greet us when we got home.

Getting out Jasper and I ran through the rain to get to the house, "Hi mom" we both said giving her a hug "Hey boy, I have sandwiches for everyone on the table so get yours before Emmett comes home" she laughed. Looking at each other me and Jasper ran in to get our sandwiches before boomer came in.

"Did you guys learn anything new today?" mom asked looking a little nervous. Ever since the discovery she has been looking nervous about everything, like something was going to get her. Almost every day I ask if she is okay but of course she said everything is fine, and were all fine. The way she acted I would think we were all vampires, but not all of us were blood related and she and Carlisle had gold eyes not red. The news always said to beware of people with red eyes because that meant they were vampires.

I wondered if those that had the genes felt any different somehow, I felt human. Shaking my head I decided to answer her question "of course not ma, when do we ever learn anything anymore?" with a loud slam of the door, everyone else came charging in looking for sandwiches "Yea ma, Edwardo over here actually asked Senoria if we can watch the news in Spanish to learn something" Emmett said with a booming laugh, everyone else laughed with him. "Not my fault I got tired of listening to same shit over and over again, might as well learn to say it in another language" I stated defensively, I guess the look on my face set everyone into a fit of laughs again which only made me grimace. What Assholes.

"I'm going to get ready for tonight" I grumbled, running up to my room on the third floor. Walking into my room I looked at the back wall to see the lake streaming around the trees, it was starting to get dark out earlier since winter is well on its way. It was best to just pretend everything was normal, but all I can feel was a cold chill run down my spine. Shaking it off, I went to turn on my Kings of Leon cd. As Sex on Fire came on, I stripped to go take a shower. Fuck vampires I'm going to go out.


"EDWARD! HURRY UP!" Rose yelled from the bottom floor, damn she had a loud ass mouth. I slipped on my shoes and ran down stairs, "I'm coming, I'm coming" I said jumping the last few steps to the first floor.

"We're all going to be going in Emmett's hummer" Alice informed me while bouncing into the room. We all walked out the house and into the car, I was in the back seat with Alice and Jasper while Emmett was in the driver seat with Rose in the passenger seat. It's like she had a claim on the seat or something. "Did you see that they found evidence that mermaids were real?" Alice asked with a matter of fact tone "Oh, I heard about that" Rose added from the front. "Actually, that wasn't on the news, it was on the discovery channel about a year ago. That shit was probably fake" Emmett claimed. The girls turned to glare at him, I'm guessing he felt them piercing into his soul because he shrank in his seat.

"How are you so sure?" Alice asked annoyed, Emmett looked at Jasper through the rearview mirror. "Because Jasper and I were bored and watched it when it came on last year" Emmett said throwing Jasper under the bus. I laughed out loud shaking my head, "You guys actually watched that shit?" I asked "Hold up! You were going to watch it too but you had a date with that bitch Tanya!" Jasper yelled defensively.

Alice and Rose snapped there neck at me "You went on a date with Tanya!" they asked in shock unison. "Yup, Yup, Yup. She kept bugging Romeo over here and he caved" Emmett laughed from the front. "Assholes" I muttered, I shouldn't have gotten into their bickering. I ignored their questions as we pulled up in front of Mikes; the party looked like it was in full swing.

We all walked in and everyone was dancing, drinking and playing beer pong. "OH MY GOD! I LOVE THIS SONG" Alice and Rose yelled over the noise and ran to go dance, listening carefully I heard it was a song called After Dark by Style of Eye and Tom Starr. I got to admit it had a good beat to it, and it went great with the flashing lights of the living room. I said hi to a few people in passing as I went to go get a drink in the kitchen, but then I felt someone grabbing onto my arm. When I turned it was Tanya, why must I attract the unstable? It wasn't just her ether she had Jessica in tole.

"Edwaaaarrrrd" Tanya slurred, she was blinking her long eyelashes at me. Something told me she thought that was cute in her state. "Baby, I missed you. Why haven't you been talking to me?" she asked "Tanya please, I'm not interested and your drunk, go home." I said pulling away. She pouted and ran out crying while Jessica scowled at me. "What?" damn, I walked into the kitchen and grabbed a beer when I heard screaming coming from the living room.

Running into the living I saw Alice holding onto Jasper like someone was going to snatch her away from him. "Alice what's wrong" I asked running up to her, she looked up to me with fear in her eyes "Edward, I had a dream about this before. Something bad is going to happen, I just don't remember what" she mumbled, ever since she was little she has had dreams that would come true, but she didn't always remember the outcome. I pulled her to me; I felt she needed me more than anyone since I witnessed this happen on many occasions when she was little.

"Now Edward" she whispered, and in the next second all the lights went out. All you can hear were people screaming, then a pair of spotlights came on which pointed to Mike. "What the fuck is going on Mike" Emmett asked from the back of the room. Everyone turned to look at Mike, waiting for his explanation.

"Welcome everyone to this amazing party; we have a surprise for you" Mike stated, while three very drunk people walked up beside him. I knew all of them from school; the one guy was named Riley, while the other two were girls were named Laura and Stacey. "As we all know, vampires are amongst us and the only way to know who it is of course is to drink a little blood" Mike claimed with a huge ass smirk, there were a few gasp in the room. I wanted to punch that smirk off his face, so much for escaping the chaos; the party was a part of it.

"These three people volunteered to take a taste of blood to see if they have the genes, and we are going to watch; now step back and have fun everyone!" Mike preached and walked into the crowd. First Laura walked up with a huge smile; pricking her finger she put it in her mouth. We watched as nothing happened, and everyone started to cheer. Rose walked up beside me mumbling "This is fucking sick" I honestly couldn't agree more. What will happen if one of them really did have vampire genes? Stacey did the same thing and of course nothing happened, those girls just wanted attention like always.

Then finally Riley walked up with a no good grin, something wasn't right. When he pricked his finger and put it in his mouth he froze, oh hell no. Everyone in the crowd stepped back trying to get away from the unexpected danger. All of a sudden Riley dropped to the floor holding his head letting out an agonizing scream. All the girls in the room started to scream while some tried getting out the house. Jasper took a step forward looking at Riley with a close eye. "He is fucking lying!" he yelled with anger in his voice. With that Emmett walked up to a screaming Riley and kicked him in the gut "That's not fucking funny, get the fuck up" Emmett boomed with annoyance and anger. I ran up to him grabbing his shoulders pulling him back "Let's just go" I said dragging him back.

Laughing, Riley got up bumping fist with Mike, I couldn't believe this shit. I walked up to Mike pushing him "That's not funny dude, you could have never known if they would have really turned and it would have been on you!" turning around I walked passed my siblings "let's go were leaving" I growled. If I ever happened to become a vampire, I'm ripping his head off.


When we all got home, we went straight to bed without a word. There was honestly nothing left to say, we ranted all the way home until silence fell upon us. As soon as my head hit the bed I groaned in frustration, I couldn't lie. I feared the unknown and tonight it was almost thrown in my face.

The next morning I woke up to loud talking coming from downstairs. I got up rubbing my face, damn I'm still tired. I walked downstairs to find mom and dad watching the news, the news was in a flurry. This only happened when a new raid has begun. I sat down on the couch and watched as the state of Arizona was in a state of panic. The caster was showing clips from different areas but mostly the city of Phoenix was being shown. Esme turned to look at Carlisle with wide eyes "hun can we talk in the kitchen for a second?" she asked in a calm tone, getting up her and dad went to go talk in the other room. I was going to go and listen when Emmett and Jasper came walking into the room rubbing their eyes.

"What's going on?" they wondered sitting on the sofa across from me. "Another raid has started" I informed them, I knew this was going to start early. "I thought the raid wasn't going to start for a few more days" Jasper stated what I was just thinking. "They always lie" Emmett added. "They need to lie so the vampires or those with genetics won't go running for the hills" Rose explained walking into the living room at that moment plopping on the sofa beside me. Just when I was going to ask where Alice was, she walked into the room staring blankly at the screen.

"Alice what's wrong?" I asked concern lacing my tone; she ignored my question walking up to the screen while it showed clips of the airport in Phoenix. "Guys, isn't that Bella Swan in the crowd?" we all looked at each other and got up in the rush running to look at the screen up close. Bella Swan was Chief Swan's daughter; we went to school with her for a little while as children before she moved away with her mom when her parents got a divorce. "Can't be" I said "What are the odds?" we continued to look at the screen with any hopes of actually seeing it was really her.

"Look!" Alice yelled "It is her, did you see the way she turned helping her mom get up? That's Renee and Bella" we watched in horror as both Bella and her mother was making their way through the crowd of the airport. The next seen took us completely by surprised and the camera even zoomed in on the action. Bella and Renee got attacked by an unexpected vampire in the crowd knocking both of them to the floor. We watched as the vampire was attacking, and Bella was getting pulled away by someone that actually looked really familiar, right before the loading door closed the vampire bite into Renee's neck. "Oh Shit!" we yelled and then the screen went black.

"Let's hope Chief Swan did not see this" dad said from behind us, we all looked back and nodded our head in agreement. I kind of wish I didn't see that, "Do you think Bella saw her mom get bite the last second before the doors closed?" Emmett asked us while we all walked up the stairs to get ready for the day "I would hope not, but something told me she has" Jasper said before turning into his room. Alice was crying behind all of us, I'm guessing she was in shock from what we saw. I was starting to feel a little sick myself. The news should have blanked that shit out.

The rest of the weekend went by pretty slow; we all just moped around the house Saturday and Sunday. I wasn't in much in the mood to do anything after that party and Saturday morning surprise.

Monday morning we all got up, did our routine and ran out the door to our cars. Might as well get the day started, it was better than staying home moping around. Everyone was silent on the ride to school. We parked in the parking lot and talked for a few seconds before we heard a huge rumbling of a red Chevy truck. We turned around to watch the truck come and park across the lot from us. The next thing was unexpected, Bella Swan got out of the truck looking very uncomfortable. All the students turned to stare at her; I'm guessing we weren't the only ones who saw the news on Saturday. Bella hurried to put her head down and rushed inside, "I can't believe it's her" I whispered to myself. Something inside me felt the need to run up to her and comfort her, at that moment I decided to talk to her and be there for her as much as possible.