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Mythical Holocaust

Life wasn't easy once the world found out that there were such things as vampires and other mythical creatures. Bella was forced to move to Forks to avoid the raids going through each state to pull out the creatures no one believe to be real until now. What will happen when she falls for a certain creature and is sucked into the Mythical holocaust?

Edward/Bella Drama/Romance/Horror --I own nothing but my imagination

4. Chapter 4: Welcome Back

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Welcome Back

Bella's POV

Everything felt so dark… and cold and whatever I was lying on did not feel comfortable. Shifting, I felt something holding me down. That wasn't right. Trying to open my eyes, a bright light was shining at me. What the fuck? After another minute of trying to avoid the light shining at my face I realized someone was talking to me, why didn't I notice this already, and where was my mom?

"Miss? Do you hear me? Are you okay?" the man behind the light asked, ehh I'm guessing I'm not home, Phil wouldn't do this. "I will be… Once you get that light out of my face" I mumbled, I wasn't one to be unkind but then again when did I ever wake up to a stranger shinning lights in my face. Unless I was in the hospital, I sighed.

"Oh! I'm sorry" the man lowered the light from my face; he had caramel skin, with deep dark eyes, and black hair. Not only that but he was extremely tall. Feeling a bit stiff I sat up deciding to look around. Behind him there was a young woman, she also had caramel skin, deep eyes, and short black hair. She was beautiful but sadly had a scar across her face. I wonder where that came from. In her arms was a little girl holding a bear, she had dry tear marks streaked down her face. I wonder what happened to her that she looked so unhappy.

Before I can look anywhere else, the man stepped into my vision again. "Bella Swan, my name is Sam Uley, this is my girl Emily Young and her niece Claire Young" he said with a careful tone like I was something fragile. Wait a second…"How do you know my name?" I said glaring at Sam, who the hell was this guy? He looked back at Emily and she just shrugged, dammit! I need answers. "I live on the Quileute reservation; I'm close with Billy Black and his son Jacob Black. They know your father Charlie Swan, I remember when you use to come around" he said answering my question; I guess he knew me… sort of.

"Where are we? And if you're from Washington why are you here?" I asked in wonder. I couldn't believe he is here, where ever we were. Why couldn't I remember anything? The last I remembered was my mom waking me up… "Where is my mom?" once again he looked at Emily and she walked away with the little girl Claire wrapped in her arms. "Well, we are in an airplane on the way to Seattle Washington. I am here because Emily and I traveled to Arizona to get her niece, it was a decision we made last second" he offered and added "Do you remember anything that happened before you checked out?" he asked.

I shook my head, taking the time to look around again. I saw that he was right we were on a plane, people sat all around us. A flight attendant walked up to me handing me a water bottle, I gave her a grateful smile before taking a sip, I felt the water go all the way down to my empty stomach. Glancing at my hands I saw that they were covered in blood, at that moment it was as if a bucket of ice water was poured down my back. I remembered everything now, banging, waking up, sirens, blood, car ride, Phil, airport, vampire, mom… I shot up "We have to go back!" I yelled running to a window and saw we were high in the sky. I ran down the isle running into people and pushing them to the side. I felt trapped, where was I going to go? It's not like I can jump off the plane.

I saw a door to my right and yanking it open I saw that it was a bathroom. I closed the door locking myself in, in the next second I heard banging on the door "Bella! Please let me in, I'm sorry this had to happen but we cannot go back. OPEN THE DOOR!" Sam yelled from behind the door. I started to feel faintish and there was a horrible ache in my chest, unable to hold it in anymore I screamed. I just held my ears and screamed to the top of my lungs, and cried.

I know time passed because my screams and tears ceased by the time I felt someone picking me up from the bathroom floor. Someone put a blanket on me but not just on me but over my face. What was all that about? My mind felt fuzzy but I thought whoever this was, was going to put me back in my seat but I realized they kept walking. "Bella, if you can hear me… Do not be scared your dad is out there and you're going home" before I can work out exactly what he was saying to me I heard a bunch of commotion with flashing lights and yelling.

"Miss! Can we get a word!?"

"Was that your mother!?"

"How did you get to the airport!?"

"Why didn't you save the women with you!?"

"Are you a vampire!? Do you have the genes!?"

"WHATS YOUR NAME!?" at that question someone grabbed my arm and I felt myself falling. "DO NOT TOUCH HER!" Sam yelled grabbing me before I hit the floor. Anger started to surge in me, who did they think they were grabbing me? With that I yanked the blanket out of my face and the flashing lights went wild. I realized it was the local news and photographers, what did they want with me?

"Bella? BELLA!?" turning I saw my dad pushing through the crowd trying to get to me and Sam. He pulled me out of Sam's arms into a hug; I couldn't express how happy I was to see him. "Thank you Sam, but I got it from here. Go get Emily and Claire" with a nod Sam turned and ran back to the boarding room. With the lights still flashing and people yelling questions Charlie pulled us out of the airport and settling us into the cruiser.

"Dad, how did you know I was coming? Why are all those news people harassing me? What the hell is going on?" I asked with hysteria in my voice. "Bella, baby, are you okay?" shaking my head yes he continued "Sam called me before your flight took off in Phoenix, that and what happened in the airport during the raid was all over the news this morning" he stated, I noticed his voice cracked at the last part and his eyes had tears in them looking at me. "Bell's, we will talk at home, I just want you home right now. And as for your question, they are harassing you because they saw you all over that airport clip and want a good story" he grumbled starting the car. I was on the news? That last moment with my mom was on the news, with the whole world viewing… I felt sick to my stomach. "Daddy…" I squeaked breaking down to tears. He looked at me pulling me into a hug as we both cried together for a few minutes. My father loved my mom, he never remarried with the hopes she might come back, and now she was gone. He pulled back first leaving my arms empty.

"We should go" he sniffed, and started the cruiser "Dad, what about Sam, Emily, and Claire?" I asked wiping my eyes; we couldn't leave them here with all those vultures. "Billy Black and Jacob black are here to get them, I felt it should just be us two" he stated glancing at me. I nodded my head in agreement and settled into my seat.

The ride home to Forks was mostly quiet, the sky was dark and there was a hint of rain. I don't understand why all this was happening and I didn't know who to blame for all of this crap. The government or the vampires, the government could have just left them alone. Then again the vampires were sneak attacking in the dark. Dammit I don't know I still haven't chosen a side yet. My mind is truly conflicted, and I just wanted to sleep.

I didn't even notice that four hours passed by before we got home. We got out of the car and walked into the creaky house. I haven't been here in a while and time did not look like it touched the house. He still had the same old furniture that he had since I was a little girl. "Your room is still how you left it, there are clean sheets and towels in the hall closet" he said walking up the stairs to my old room. At least I had a bed, desk, and computer from the summers I use to spend here. I didn't even notice he had my luggage in his hands, damn I thought I lost that from all the chaos.

"I know you must have left in a hurry so I will leave you with money tomorrow so you can go shopping for things you may need for when you start school here" what did he just say? "I think I heard you wrong, school?" I asked he had to be kidding me, wasn't the country in the state of emergency? "Yes school, Bell's we haven't gotten touched over here yet by the raid. The kids over here need the distraction and so do you" he said, he didn't look too happy saying it but I guess he felt he had to.

"How can I possibly go to school and act normal after what just happened?" I snapped at him, I didn't mean to but this was just a little too much. I can't go to school, can I? He walked to the bed and sat down patting the spot next to him. I sat next to him looking at my fingers; they still had blood on them, I seriously needed a shower. "Bells, please listen to me. Go to school, and try to forget everything that has been happening. It will be a good distraction for you and I think you need it. I do not want you to stay in this house and rot away from the horrors in your head.

"Okay" I said still looking at my fingers. I guess he had a point. "When do I start?" getting off the bed he walked to the bedroom door and turned to me "Monday morning, the sooner the better" with that he walked out the room and down the stairs, and then I heard the TV being turned on. Well I guess that's my cue to do something. I looked around my room and decided to take a shower, I felt disgusting. When I walked into the bathroom I turned to look at the mirror, I looked horrible. My hair was up in a messy ponytail with dust and white stuff all over it and my eyes were red from all the crying I've done. My skin was pale and I had dry blood streaked down my nose to my mouth to my chin. Well I guess I wasn't a vampire, Joy.

I stripped down to nothing and hopped into the shower, the hot water relaxed my tensed muscles and the water turned dark with all the dirt going down my body. I turned to see he still had my favorite shampoo and conditioner. The smell of the strawberry soap cleared my senses and helped me feel more human. I got out of the shower drying up and changed into shorts and a tank top. Laying down I just shut my eyes and shut down my brain, I wasn't looking forward to the rest of my life.

The next morning I got up, got dressed and decided to start my day early. I might as well be productive. I went down stairs and saw that my dad was already awake "Morning Bell's, I wasn't expecting you to be awake already but your surprise will be here in a few minutes" he said with a genuine smile. I smiled back but I know it didn't reach my eyes, I hated surprised. "What is it dad?" I asked, but before he can have any type of reply there was a beep outside. "There goes your surprise" he said heaving himself off of his seat. We walked outside and there was a huge red Chevy monster outside, I fell in love.

"Hey Jacob, Billy… thank you so much for this, so bell's what do you think?" Charlie asked, "What do you mean?" I wondered eyeing the beast. He turned pointing to the truck, "This is for you, Billy just sold it to me" I screamed giving my dad a hug "I love it! It looks awesome! DAD! BILLY! JAKE! Thank you!" I gave them all a hug about three times each before I hopped into the truck. Before I can attempt to turn on the truck Jacob came in, at that moment I started to feel bad, I didn't notice that I didn't say hi.

"No hello Bella? Damn I'm hurt" Jake said with mock hurt. I smiled throwing myself into another hug "Jake it's so good to see you, I haven't seen you in a while, and you look great!" I said pulling away from the hug. "You look great too! I'm so happy to see ya nena, so you know I'm the one that fixed up this truck" Jake said with a huge cheesy smile on his face. He actually looked really adorable with his short black hair, dark eyes, and deep dimples. He was actually in shape to. When I looked up to his face, he had a knowing smile. Dammit got caught ogling him. Blushing I looked down again and turned on the truck, it was extremely loud but I was still happy with it.

We all said our goodbyes, and I thanked them all again and headed out to get my supplies for the next day. To make sure I wasn't noticed I wore a baggy hoody to cover my face and body shape. I didn't know how I was going to go unnoticed tomorrow but I will worry about it when I get to it. When I got home I looked in the fridge trying to figure out what to eat for dinner. There was nothing but dead fish, if I was going to survive I needed to go food shopping. I refuse to die from starvation when I can easily die from those raid parties the government was throwing.

I made some fried fish, that would have to do for now. Charlie really seemed to enjoy it for the fact that I know he does not cook, I guess he will be happy to have me around. I took a shower and went to bed. I just wanted to forget everything that's anything, I missed my mom and I know she wasn't coming back. Unless she somehow escaped, was it possible? If it was true, I was going to find a way to go back and get her. Falling asleep, all I had was good dreams of my mother and I traveling.

The next morning I was woken up by my alarm clock next to my bed, must it be so damn loud? Groaning I pulled myself out of bed and walked to the bathroom taking a shower. I dressed in skinny jeans with a black long sleeved shirt, and put on my converses. This would have to do, looking in the mirror I looked at my dull brown eyes and extremely long brown hair that I should seriously cut. I left my hair out so the curls on the bottom can remain loose; I think I looked decent enough, to feel better I believed I shouldn't look like crap to school. I grabbed my book bag and black pea coat and went down the stairs for some cereal. I had to leave early to register and get my class schedule.

When I went to sit at the table Charlie walked in and sat at the table with a newspaper "Bell's, I got you something and I would feel better if you took it" he pulled out a phone and put it on the table "it's not fancy but it will help me keep in touch with you in case of an emergency" he mumbled. I couldn't help to smile, he was so awkward sometimes. "Yes I will take it, thank you" I said grabbing the phone and putting it in my pocket. I wonder what happened to my other phone, I actually really liked it. Something told me I wouldn't be able to get in touch with anyone on it anyway though, hence there ether vampires, dead, or running from the chaos.

I double checked to make sure my stuff was in my book bag and I headed out. It was October and it was pretty chilly outside so I ran to the monster and turned up the heat. Since the town was small it wasn't that hard to find the high school, I basically had to follow the teen crowd and voila. Pulling into the parking lot a lot of the students turned to stare at my grumbling truck, so much for going unnoticed. I parked it and took a deep breath "Everything will be okay, just be myself, ignore everyone, and stop talking to myself…" I trailed off at my stupidity. Why the hell am I giving myself a pep talk?

I stepped out of my truck pulling my coat tighter around me, I can do this. As soon as I looked around I regretted coming here, almost everyone was staring. Some in confusion, sympathy, admiration, and fucking everything; I didn't want this attention. I put my head down and hurried to the main office, this can't get any worse right?

Stepping into the office I went to the front desk, "Hello my name is…" cutting me off the secretary jumped up and went around the desk giving me a hug "Hey hun! Isabella Swan correct?" she asked as I stepped out of her embrace "umm, just Bella" who did this women think she was hugging me? Did I look breakable or something? "Okay Bella, I have your schedule right here, and here is a map of the campus so you know where all your classes are" she said circling my classes on the map. "Okay, thanks" I said getting my stuff and walking out into the rain.

My first class was English; stepping into class I brought my slip to the teacher that introduced himself as Mr. Berty. He didn't look too happy and waved me away to a random seat, great the last thing I needed was an enthusiastic teacher. Sighing I walked to an empty desk and sat down; looking around I saw I was the first one there, so I laid my head on my desk. I wanted to disappear, but not even a second later the bell rang and students filed into the class like unhappy cattle. A girl with glasses, brown eyes, and long black hair that was in a ponytail sat next to me. I knew she was looking at me but I hid my face in my arms, no need for attention right?

"Hello, my name is Angela, and you are? No one ever really sits next to me" the girl said in a shy voice. Feeling bad I sat up and shook her hand, "my name is Bella" she starred at me for a second and a flicker of remembrance flashed in her eyes. Before I can say something she put up her hand to stop me "Listen, I know who you are, don't worry I'm not going to bug you about anything. Just know there is a rumor going around that you are here, and everyone is ready to take a bite out of you" she said in an honest tone, with that my mouth dropped open. Well damn, that was easy. At least the first girl I ran into was nice right?

"Umm thank you" I said facing the board. "Before I start the class, I would like our new student to stand up and introduce herself" Mr. Berty said looking at me, fuuuuuuuck! Angelia turned to me and offered a sympathy shrug. "Umm… my name is Isabella Swan, just call me Bella. Yea, thanks" I said standing and sitting just as quick. Once I said my name everyone in the class turned to stare at me, don't tell me they saw the news. AHHH, when did teens start watching the news? To teacher called all the students' attention to the front and he started class, thank god.

My next class was trig and it went by with the same fashion, some boy named Erica and Mike introduced themselves but I wasn't interested enough to pay attention. I. Did. Not. Want. Sympathy. Was that too much to ask for? When lunch came around I hid in the bathroom stall, I wasn't ready for that type of scene yet. I actually had some luck and no one came in looking for me. The next class was biology and I was actually running a little late, time flies and you lose your mind in the bathroom.

When I ran into the class of course I tripped, Bella plus running equals embarrassment. I popped up and mumbled sorry giving the teacher my slip, he looked at the slipped then looked at me closely "Miss Swan, my name is Mr. Banner. Take a seat next to that young man back there" he said signing my slip and giving it back, I almost cried in joy. He didn't ask me to introduce myself, yay!

Walking to my seat I avoided looking at anyone and sat next to the bronze hair boy, when I turned to look at him he was staring at me with intense eyes. Great first impression buddy, I sighed. Rolling my eyes I pulled out a notebook and started to get ready to take any notes if necessary, but in that moment he pulled my notebook to him and wrote something and passed it back. I stared at him for a second before I looked down to see what he wrote.

Hi, my name is Edward. I smiled down at the paper, this was a little different. I needed different. Deciding to write back I wrote Mines is Bella but I bet you already know this. I slid the book back over to him and he smirked at it, from there we kept writing…

Why would you expect that I knew your name already? –E

Because everyone seems to know my name already... It's either because my dad talks about me a lot or because of the news on Saturday. –B

How would you feel if I said both? –E

I would say, great! -.- -B With that he laughed at my irritated face I drew him, passing me back my book he looked up and started paying attention to the lecture. When the bell rang I grabbed my stuff and ran for the door, I had gym next and I refused to go. Maybe tomorrow, but not now. I ran out into the rain and threw myself into my truck, and lay on the bench. Why did I agree to go to school? It's not like the raid isn't coming, because it definitely was.

I laid there for a few more minutes staring into space then decided to go to the grocery store, waste some time before going home. On the way there I couldn't help to think about Edward, I just met him but he already seemed like a really nice kid. Maybe I will actually take my time and get to know him, I thought with a smile.