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Mythical Holocaust

Life wasn't easy once the world found out that there were such things as vampires and other mythical creatures. Bella was forced to move to Forks to avoid the raids going through each state to pull out the creatures no one believe to be real until now. What will happen when she falls for a certain creature and is sucked into the Mythical holocaust?

Edward/Bella Drama/Romance/Horror --I own nothing but my imagination

5. Chapter 5: New Girl

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Hey everyone! Sorry it took me so long, I’ve just been going through a lot this week. Blah! School started and I went to a Karmin concert, does anyone know who that is? And Andy Grammar was there. Also some guy that was kicked off first from the xfactor last season lolz. It was fun, if anyone wants pictures of the concert let me know! Okay so I got 3 things so say…

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New Girl


“Wow she looks like she went through hell, why is she even here?” Emmett asked while we turned to walk into school, before I can say anything Rosalie turned and smacked him hard in the head “What the hell em! You saw what happened on the news, she probably needs a distraction” she said with irritation. “She’s right, and she seriously needs a wardrobe change…” Alice said trailing off to herself. Was she fucking for real? She is my sister and I love her and all but sometimes she said things that are not called for.

Turning to glare at her Jasper spoke before I could, why couldn’t I speak fast enough today? “She probably had no time to bring anything, take her shopping” he said with an eye roll but pulled her into a hug. He seriously worshipped the ground she walked on but I wouldn’t even put it past Alice to do so. Shaking my head I ran to my first class and honestly I hope they didn’t do this in front of her. When I walked in everyone was talking about seeing Isabella Swan in the parking lot, great… she is probably going to have a meltdown today, then again she was probably much stronger then she let anyone see. Or… she didn’t even realize it herself, because who would agree to come to school after such a traumatic experience?

Sitting down I looked up to see Tyler turning towards me “Hey man” Tyler greeted me, “You saw the new girl?” nodding my head to show that I did I had to ask “did you and everyone else see the news on Saturday?” So far it looked like everyone did, and I wasn’t wrong. “Duhh man, it was on repeat all day and if one person didn’t see it on the news it was on Facebook” he said turning around to talk to the girl Jessica. Sitting down I pulled at my hair, what a nightmare. Then again I’m no different I saw the news; saw the girl, and probably everyone else wanted to help her cope. I would hope anyway, what if they decided to be cruel? And why did I feel an attachment toward her, I didn’t even fucking know her.

“Ewaaaaaaaard” I looked up to see Lauren looking at me, ugh! I didn’t know who was worse her or Tanya. “Umm, hey…” I said putting my head down on the table, I was in no mood to speak to her. “Sweetie what’s wrong? You look stressed.” she said in an awful sweet voice, she went to touch my hair but the teacher walked in and started class. Thank you big man in the sky, I could not stand anyone touching my hair. She left me alone for the rest of the class and I did nothing but look out the window, I wonder when the raid will start her. After a raid things get quite for a little while, and I guess we were at that stage. The calm before the storm… well another storm.

When class was over I ran out to see everyone whispering, and what I mean by whispering… It’s an understatement, they would hardly whispering.

“Did you see her?”

“She looks sad”

“She’s Hot!”

“Does she have a boyfriend?”

“Do you think she has a girlfriend?” from that question I looked around, damn what is wrong with these people? She just got here and people are already trying to stake a claim, even though I myself found her to be extremely beautiful. The next class went by slow; all the class did was talk about the new girl, which she wasn’t even new, she just returned. They also spoke of the events of the party from Friday. When lunch came around everyone kept an eye out and she was nowhere to be seen, I wonder where she was? I was starting to feel like some sort of stalker for actually looking to see if I saw her anywhere.

The day seemed to be like any other day but then again it was so much different, and it had nothing to do with the discovery. I also noticed throughout the day that Riley was ether getting praised for his little stunt on Friday or was being completely ignored. I would hope no one would try that again. They should have a warning label on the news at the bottom of the screen “Do not try this at home kids” because honestly I wouldn’t want to admit it but that scared the shit out of me, and I don’t think I will stop myself from throwing punches if what Riley and the girls did were to occur again. Then again I would never hit a girl… I will make Rose do it.

“EARTH TO EDWAAAARD” jumping slightly, I snapped my head to see my siblings staring at me, “uhh, what?” I asked. Why were they looking at me like I grown another head? “Are you looking for Bella bro?” Jasper asked with a hint of a smile, he was always one to be sensitive to feelings and emotion and so damn observant. “umm, of course not…” I can tell they didn’t believe me but they let it go for the moment “but I was thinking about Friday, can you believe that fucking prick is getting praised for the shit he pulled?” I questioned, it was sick. Alice held up her finger finishing what was in her mouth. “Yea, but he is also getting bashed for it” Rose and Emmett nodded their head in agreement. “Yea, I heard about that. He was in my class this morning and mostly everyone was ignoring him” Rose added.

“Not enough bashing though” Jasper said pulling Alice close to him and kissing her on the cheek. I know he was upset about the whole ordeal mostly since it scared Alice so deeply. He was more protective of her then I was which was saying something since I was her biological brother. “I would love to bash his head in…” Emmett added after a minute of silence, he was definitely the protective older brother, and I loved him for it. Yea don’t tell anyone that. When the bell rang everyone got up to go to their third class of the day.

When I walked into the class I took my seat and just waited for class to start, looking around I caught Tanya’s eye and she gave me seductive looking smile and blew a kiss at me. I held in my sigh of irritation, what is with this girl? When the class was about to start a girl came running in and tripping in front of the class. When she popped up I froze, Bella! Yup… she was a trooper she fell and popped up like a pop tart like it didn’t even happen but then again there was a brilliant blush on her cheeks, she was embarrassed.

The teacher spoke with her for only a minute and she turned walking toward me. Oh! I forgot the only empty seat was next to me. Behind her I saw everyone turn to stare at her, and of course Mike was staring at her like she was a piece of meat… what a dick. Why did he have to be in this class? She looked at no one as she hurried and sat down beside me, I took the time to look at her for a minute as she put her bag on her lap.

She was so much more beautiful up close, her hair was long with wild curls all over, she was very petite and was wearing a black long sleeved shirt and skinny jeans, her skin was pale but perfect, her lips were pink and pouty and her eyes were a dark chocolate and stunning… and shit she is looking at me.

Why did I have to be a freak and stare, she looked at me for another second and sighed taking out her notebook to take notes I guess. She shouldn’t even bother, we hardly did work anymore. I wanted to introduce myself but the class was already starting I did not know how to approach this situation. I looked down at her book and pulled it to me and started writing before she can have any type of reaction. I quickly wrote: Hi, my name is Edward, and slid the book over to her. She stared at me for a second; she looked to be calculating if it was safe to read the paper, but she soon looked and a smile spread across her face.

Mines is Bella but I bet you already know this I read as she slid me back her notebook. I was thrilled that she actually decided to respond back. I quickly wrote back another response…

Why would you expect I knew your name already? –E

Because everyone seems to know my name already... It’s either because my dad talks about me a lot or because of the news on Saturday. –B

How would you feel if I said both? –E I didn’t really know her dad but what father wouldn’t speak proudly of their kids?

I would say, great! -.- --B I laughed at the little face that she put and decided to look to the front of the class to see if we were going to be doing anything. Mr. Banner looked to just be reading out of the text book today, why not? When I looked back at Bella she was looking to the front of the class biting her lower lip, doesn’t that hurt her?

Looking around again I saw that Mike was still looking longingly at Bella while Tanya starred daggers at her. What was their problem? She just got here she didn’t need that type of attention. When the bell rang Bella got up grabbed her stuff and ran for the door… Well that was sudden. I shook my head and went to my last class which of course was Spanish. When I walked in I hurried and took my seat beside Emmett, “Sup bro?” he asked while looking through his phone. “Dude, Bella is in my Bio class” I said waiting for his reaction. He looked up with a shock expression.

“Well that worked out, didn’t it?” he asked, I narrowed my eyes at him. What the fuck was he talking about? He held up his hands in defense at my expression “all I’m saying is that you seem to want to be a knight in shining armor and the girls want to befriend her… and not just to buy her a whole new fucking wardrobe” he added with a smirk. Wait what?

“Who says I’m trying to be a knight in shining armor?” I asked, “And seriously Rose wants to befriend her? What planet just blew up that’s making her want to do that?” I said in all seriousness, Rose was not that type of girl. She hardly wanted to be friends with me and I was her somewhat brother.

“Dude your demeanor says it all, and I don’t know. I think she actually feels bad for her but I heard her and Alice talking about it on the way to class before, it’s like a fucking mission of theirs or something” he laughed shaking his head. I smirked shaking my head as well “woman…” I looked out the window to see it was raining again, but when I really looked I saw the Chevy truck leaving campus. I wonder where she is off to.

“Hola!” Seniora said walking into class, “I decided to take Edwards advice from last week and put the news on in Spanish! Si?” I shrunk down in my seat as the class groaned and stared at me, joy… I can honestly say I was not fond of attention.

After class we all made our way home to find that the house was empty, that was odd our mom was always home. That wasn’t the only problem; the cars were also out in the garage as well. I was really hungry to; she spoiled us with food when we got home from school.

In the next second there was a voice behind us, Alice and Rose screamed while us guys yelped and whipped around to see our mother Esme. Emmett and Jasper tried to pretend they didn’t get scared, shit I would of too if I wasn’t feeling sick to my stomach. “Oh! Babies I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you guys, I wasn’t expecting you guys home so early” mom said pulling Alice and Rose into a hug as they breathed out heavy from holding their breaths from shock.

“Mom where were you?” Rose asked getting her barring’s back. “Yea, when we got here you weren’t here” Emmett added. “Kids I’m fine I was just walking around outside” she tried to explain. “In the woods?” Jasper asked arching his eyebrow; yea I didn’t believe it either. But then again this was not the first time this happened.

Some days the others would go out and mom wouldn’t be around, and just like this she would pop out of nowhere. Sometimes she wouldn’t be in a certain spot in the house then all of a sudden she would be there. But she would always say she was there already. When I looked her over she looked windblown and ruffled, and there was blood? “MOM!! What happened!?!” I stepped up to her quickly analyzing her shirt “Are you hurt? Where is the blood coming from?” I questioned her.

Something flashed in her eyes, and she stepped away walking to a mirror and looking at herself. “It’s nothing… I must have scraped myself when I fell on the trail. I just went for a walk that’s all; I’m going to clean up. I will start dinner when I get out the shower” she hurried upstairs and in the next second we heard the water running “that was fast…” Rose muttered. We all looked around at each other, something was not right.

“I keep having scary dreams lately of something coming and yellow eyes but I can never place what is going on” Alice said addressing us. “Something is probably going to happen soon then” I said pulling my little sister into a hug; I knew these dreams scared her but we will figure it out. I think sometimes she is afraid that we won’t believe her and that will never be the case. She actually had a dream of all of us together one time, before we were adopted. I can never say she was just dreaming.

Shrugging Alice turned to go up the stairs dragging Jasper with her and Rose and Emmett went into the living room turning on the xbox. Moments like this I never really knew what to do because the couples were together, and I was always by myself. I can honestly say that sometimes I was used to it, but I wasn’t right now. Esme walked back downstairs looking clean and worried; well I guess I can talk to her right? Everyone in the house knew I was a mama’s boy; I was her first son in the house.

She was in the kitchen pulling out some meat and pots for the rice and beans, I guess were going Spanish tonight. “Ma, can we talk?” I had to know what was going on, what she was thinking… “Sure baby, sit down while I get this ready” she was walking back and forth as I tried to sort out my thoughts, what was I even going to ask? I had no idea what was going on… was she turning into a character from the movie “The Incredibles”?

Since the discovery I was starting to feel like everything was possible, but maybe I shouldn’t ask about the super hero stuff, Carlisle might bring me in for a psyche evaluation. “Mom… I love you but lately I felt­ like you have been hiding something from me and everyone else. What’s going on?” could she be cheating? She did look ruffled… eww. “Sweetie I’m fine, really I am. I went out for a walk on the trail trying to get an idea for my next interior design and I tripped and fell, hence the blood.” She said not looking at me but at the food she was cooking.

It sounded rational, but the problem was I didn’t believe her. Ever since I was little she never bled, she was always very careful. Now to think of it she didn’t do a lot of things, eating is one… wait… that’s stupid she had to have eaten before. All this discovery shit was getting to my head, she is not a creature she is my fucking mom. “Never mind ma, I’m just going to go upstairs and watch some TV” I looked at her one more time before racing up the stairs and closing the door. “Why the fuck are you suspicious of your own fucking mom?” I mumbled to myself, maybe because you’re starting to realize all the weird things she has been doing your whole life? Ugh shut the fuck up.

Throwing myself onto the bed I turned on the TV and saw that the raid was wrapping up in Arizona, and man did that place look like a mess. I wonder how Washington will look after the raid; then again I really don’t want to know. What if my family was to get separated, or even killed? I needed to talk to the guys about a game plan for when the time comes. It should be awhile before it was to hit our side of the country, but it was well on its way though.

During dinner I watched mom and dad’s food disappear from its plate but never saw them take a bite, maybe they were fast eaters? After dinner I took a shower and went straight to sleep with dreams of yellow eyes and damaged homes.

Getting up I changed into dark jeans with a green shirt that matched my green eyes, and left my sex hair alone. God knows I haven’t gotten laid though in a long time. I walked into the hallway to hear Emmett singing in his room “MACHO MACHO MAN!! IM GOING TO BE A MACHO MAN!” was he serious? Laughing I ran into his room mock glaring at him “Dude, your already a fucking macho man let’s eat and hit the road” he turned with a huge ass grin on his face “You admiring me bro?” he asked fluttering his eyelashes at me. “Yeaaaa man you’re the fucking best” I replied rolling my eyes running down the stairs.

After we all ate breakfast we made our way to school listening to the Kings of Leon all the way there. Once parked we all got out and headed to our classes, hopefully this day went by fast. The first class went by pretty fast; they just had the news on. So much for history, we were learning more about the damn present then anything. Walking into my second class some people were talking in a group and they called me over “Edward! Come here, there is a party this Saturday are you in?” Ben asked, he was a pretty nice kid and I knew he had a huge thing for this girl but I forgot her name.

“Umm, sure who is throwing the party?” if it was at Mike’s I was definitely not going. “I believe it’s at Riley’s, he sent out a notification last night… something about a surprise event” he said shrugging. Riley? That was fucking worse, and a surprise event? He was probably going to try to turn us into a blood sucking cult, fucking prick. “I’m not sure, I will speak to my siblings” I said walking away and sitting down trying to figure out if I wanted to go to this party? I wrote a quick text to Emmett and asked if he wanted to go one beep later and saw what he wrote fuuuck yea! –Em

Of course he would want to go, and usually if he was going everyone else went. When lunch came by I grabbed my stuff and headed off to our table, when I looked up to the entrance I was shocked to see Bella Swan standing there like she was a woman on a mission.

I started to walk toward her and saw she was about to trip for the second time since she came back. Before she can face plant I ran up and caught her, looking up into my eyes there was a flash of recognition and she blushed a brilliant red. “Hey again stranger” I said with a knowing smile. Breathing out a giggle “Hey stranger… umm you can let go now…” she said pulling away “oops, I’m sorry” I mumbled pulling away. “Would you like to sit with me? I know we hardly know each other but it must be better than sitting alone” with that she narrowed her eyes at me. Oh god what did I say?

“Who said I would be sitting alone?” She asked throwing her hands on her hips, “umm, you didn’t but I guess I just assumed, I wouldn’t want you to…” cutting me off she went off on a rant “Well I wouldn’t be sitting alone that’s for one and two I do not want sympathy so if that is what your offering here you can stop right there and walk away Edward!” she snapped, wow, that was umm different. “Are you done?” I asked with a crooked smile, “If I had a jar, no sympathy papers would have been given out. I’m just giving you an option”

She looked around and caught the eye of someone in the distance then looked at me with a pleading look, huh? “Actually I rather not sit with Mike and his crew. Thanks for the offer where is your table?” she asked blushing from embarrassment. I waved her to follow me and while we walked back to the table I saw that almost everyone was looking at us, including Emmett, Alice, Jasper, and Rose.

“Hey guys, this is Bella” I said pulling out the chair for her, before I can sit myself down there was a loud ass squeal. Can you guess who it was? Rolling my eyes I glared at Alice “What Alice?” I grumbled, turning to look at Bella, she actually looked scared. She had a deep blush on her face and when she looked toward me I gave her a reassuring smile to try to show they won’t attack her.

“Bella these are my brothers and sisters, the one that squealed is Alice, and here is Rose, Jasper, and Emmett” I said pointing out each of them. “Hey! I have a feeling were going to be great friends! When do you want to go shopping?” Alice ranted happily, “Alice! Relax you don’t even know her…” I said getting cut off by Bella, “Actually I remember Alice, well I saw all of you guys around when I was little before I moved away with my mom” she said with a smile “It’s nice seeing you guys again, I will admit you scared me at first but it just came to me” she rambled on.

“It’s okay; do you remember anyone else from school?” I asked questioning her “I remember a lot actually but of course not their names, but their face. It’s a small town it was bound to happen” she stated and started to look around the lunch room. What she saw probably didn’t make her feel any better. Almost everyone was looking in our direction, mostly Mike’s group. “Umm, I don’t know if everyone remembers me for the right reasons though, maybe just Angela Weber. I actually realized she was my childhood best friend and we reconnected.” She turned back to us with a concerned smile. Oh! That was who Ben liked.

“Bella, you don’t have to worry about us bothering you, we won’t” Rose stated bluntly but with a genuine tone. “Yea, fuck those fuckers!” Emmett boomed with a huge smile on his face, Bella looked at him and smiled a huge genuine smile. “Thank you guys, that’s nice of you” she looked down and started playing with her fingers, I knew she had something on her mind “Umm… did you guys see the news… umm about me?” she mumbled but we were just able to hear her. All my siblings turn to look at me for the answers. Great. I honestly didn’t know what to say. Bella looked at them then turned to me with a look of regret, I guess I should just go for the truth. “Uhh, yea we saw it… Saturday morning” I didn’t know if saying this was a good idea, I felt she wanted to know something.

“Do you guys know…” she trailed off taking in a long breath “Do you guys know… if my mom made it out alive?” Bella asked with an unsure voice. I hope my shock wasn’t written all over my face. “Umm…” I started but luckily Jasper jumped in “No, our parents turned off the TV before we can see what happened next…” he trailed off “Not that we wanted to see what happened next” Rose jumped in. I couldn’t believe I was thinking this, but I actually felt bad for my sibling’s discomfort “it’s fine, I was just you know…” Everyone nodded their head and we continued to have our lunch in silence.

After lunch Bella and I walked to our biology class, and settled in to our seats. She looked at me and the sadness in her eyes was too deep to truly understand. “I don’t want sympathy…” she said, “I can understand that, and honestly Bella I really just want to be a friend to you. I feel coming here was probably not easy and you deserve a new start” I explained to her. She thought about it for a minute before she turned and smiled at me, and she couldn’t have looked more beautiful.

“Thank you for being here for me, even though I just met you yesterday this means a lot. Its more than what I was expecting” she said smiling up at me from her seat beside me. This gave me an idea, she didn’t want sympathy and she really did need normalcy. “Hey listen, there is a party this weekend and I know you don’t really know anybody… well truly since you haven’t seen them since you were little. But umm… would you like to come with me? Its something normal right? If you don’t want to go I understand. It’s just an idea” I kept rambling on. Damn why am I such an idiot? Why would she want to go? She probably has so much going on right now.

Putting her hand over my mouth she shushed me. “Listen, I do need normalcy and hiding under my bed and only coming to school won’t help anything. And yes we did just meet but it’s not like it’s a date, were going as friends right?” nodding my head yes she continued “Okay then, I would love to go then” she finished taking her hand off of my lips. “Okay then that’s settled” I laughed out nervously.

In the next second Tanya was in front of our desk with a false smile on her face. Great… “Edward! You’re going to the party this weekend right?” glaring at her I just nodded my head; I forgot she would probably be there, fuck my life. What she did next was a surprise though she turned to Bella asking “Bella you’re going right? You should really go, there is going to be a special event…” she said trailing off with a smirk on her face. “Umm, yea Edward asked me to go with him” Bella said hesitantly. What the hell was going on?

Tanya’s smirk disappeared pretty fast but nodded her head “Great, see you there then. Bye Edward” Tanya said blowing me a kiss. That’s fucking gross. “I wonder what that was about” Bella said turning toward me “Yea, me to” I said pulling at my hair. Maybe asking Bella to go was a mistake. Nothing good can come out of this.


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