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Mythical Holocaust

Life wasn't easy once the world found out that there were such things as vampires and other mythical creatures. Bella was forced to move to Forks to avoid the raids going through each state to pull out the creatures no one believe to be real until now. What will happen when she falls for a certain creature and is sucked into the Mythical holocaust?

Edward/Bella Drama/Romance/Horror --I own nothing but my imagination

6. Unexpected Surprise

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Unexpected Surprise


Sometimes when I wake up I feel like I'm waking up in my room back in Phoenix. It's a split second feeling of comfort where everything in the world is okay, and you're warm and safe. Then the real world comes crashing down and you realize, no… you're not safe and warm. Your world is in a war, and nothing will ever be the same.

I had one of those this morning until my alarm went off and everything came crashing down… shit. Getting up I saw that it was pouring like always, it was pretty chilly and it was time to get ready. Grabbing my toiletry bag I went to take a shower to feel a little bit better about my life and get over how miserable I felt. School was a good distraction but it didn't mean I liked it, because no matter what it was still school.

Stepping under the shower head I laid my head against the tiles feeling the warm water soak my hair and run down my body; all I can think about was how stupid I was to ask the Cullen's about my mom. Why would I do that? Even if they had an answer, they probably wouldn't even want to tell me. But I do deserve to know what happened to her. She is my mother. I loved her, I still love her. When the water started to get cold I stumbled out wrapping the towel around me to stay as warm as possible.

Looking in the mirror I felt different, so much more different than a year ago. I use to be so happy with my small groups of friends and little crushes. They never lasted long because mom and I were always moving but it was enough to bring a smile on my face before we left.

I did make one best friend out of everyone when we finally stayed in Arizona though, but she was dead now. I never would of thought Kate had vampire genes, when everything first started we joked about it. I didn't realize until now over the time she started to get nervous and always stayed in her room. She knew.

I shook my head throwing my hair in a ponytail and got dressed. I will not think about this right now. All I kept seeing were flashes of Kate deranged and hitting our windshield and mom driving off running her over, it made me sick. But I still think my mom never liked her. But those are one of the thoughts that followed and lead to my own mother dying before me.

When I went back into my room something dawned on me, why didn't I just look up what happened? I thought to myself. Running and tripping to my computer I turned it on and went on my best friend of a website, Google. "Bella, you don't even know how to look this up" I mumbled to myself. Ehh. I decided to type in "Phoenix airport tragedy" and I got more than a thousand hits.

Once I started scrolling down and saw headlines I knew something was wrong. Breaking out in a cold sweat I started to feel sharp pains in my chest and I couldn't breathe. Gasping for air I fell off the seat holding my arms around my body. This can't be happening, it's all in your head Bella, breathe just breathe.

In the next moment my dad came bursting into my room "Bella! Are you okay baby? What's wrong?" he yelled franticly. When he pulled me up to his chest hugging me, I started to blank out. I heard my dad speaking to me but it was hard to understand, everything hurt. I guess it was too soon to find out the truth.

"Bella… BELLA! Baby it's okay everything is okay" I heard my dad speak through the haze. "Keep breathing Bella okay?" he said a little more clear through my ragged breathing. Little by little I started to feel better and opened my eyes to see my dad's chocolate worried eyes. "Bella, what happened?"

"I don't know" I said pulling away, looking up at my computer. He followed my glance and saw the computer screen. Shaking his head "Bella…" cutting him off I got up on my shaky legs and took a deep breath facing him "Dad, please let it go…" I stated with my voice shaking but turned to grab my book bag and rushed out of my room. I was surprised that I didn't fall on my face because of how sick and shaky I felt from my little episode.

"Don't you dare run away from this young lady!" my dad yelled down the stairs. "What do you want me to say? I wanted to know what happened to my mom okay. I think I deserve to know, the whole world knows except me" I argued turning to face him. He looked hurt and tired; I didn't want to hurt him. We both didn't need this right now.

He walked down the steps and stepped in front of me putting his hands on my shoulder "Bella, no one knows what happened to her" he stated looking at the floor. "What?" I couldn't have heard him right. They had to know… it was all over the news right? "No one knows what happened to her" he stated again and continued "if you watch the full clip… yes she got bit, but at that moment everything goes black. They believe the electricity was shut off at that moment"

"I saw her get bit… before Sam pulled me through the door" I whispered. I couldn't handle this anymore I pulled away and opened the front door about to walk out before something came to mind "Dad, why are you home?" I asked with sincere curiosity. Shrugging he answered "I forgot something" with that he walked upstairs and closed his bedroom door.

I didn't like that answer but I was already late for school and with an early morning anxiety attack, I was not staying home. Speeding to school, luckily there was no traffic but when I checked the time it was already past 10 o'clock. Damn, how long was my little breakdown?

When I went into the school, I went straight to my second block trig class and sat down. I looked like crap and felt like crap so I hoped no one will bother me. "Bella Baby!" I slammed my face into my hands on the desk, ugh. I prayed to soon. When I looked up I saw Eric pulling a chair up to my desk. "Hey Eric…" I only been here all of three days and I felt like I was the new piece of meat everyone wants a piece of, how sickening.

"So… I heard you were going to the party with Edward" from the mention of Edward I snapped up in my seat "What?" damn I felt dumb today, "why would you ask that?" I couldn't help but ask.

"Well I heard a few people talking, and well yea" he mumbled starting to look uncomfortable. Damn right he better feel uncomfortable, I barely knew the kid for him to be so nosey. Narrowing my eyes at him I snapped "How is it you or anyone else's business who I hang out with? Edward is my friend and we are going as friends, got it?" I said raising my voice with each word and slamming my hands on the desk. How dare he?

"Whoa! Relax Bella, it was just a statement of fact" he said putting up his hands in defense. I watched as he stood up and looked down at me "I must warn you though, not everyone is so kind. Some here are very unhappy that you are here, just be careful who you trust" with that he moved to his seat across the room. What the hell did that mean?

After that the class started and I couldn't help to look around to see people looking at me. Should I be weary of everyone? Is someone out to get me? "No, Bella stop…" I mumbled to myself. He was just being concerned no one is out to get you. Ugh. This is what I get for watching too many Investigation Discovery shows. Then again the discovery is more horrific than that.

When class was over I ran out to my locker to stick my head in and be invisible. Why was today not going my way, I just wanted a normal day. Was that too much to ask for? I guess so, "Bella! There you are, come to lunch with me" Alice said pulling me out of my locker and into the cafeteria. "Do you really remember me from when we were little? I kept thinking about it because I remember you clearly. Mostly when I saw you and your mom on the…" she trailed off, I guess she realized what she was about to say. Ignoring her mistake I turned to look at her and gave her a small smile.

"Of course I remembered you, why would I lie about that?" little did she knew, I remembered them perfectly clear. I actually developed a crush on Edward before my mom took me away on her long life discovery voyage. Thinking about her made my stomach turn and I started to feel sick all over again. Seeing Edward would help right about now. If I was being honest with myself that little crush is the only reason why I trust and talk to him today, or I would be having lunch in the bathroom by myself every day. I wonder what made him talk to me, sympathy?

"Bella, are you okay? You're starting to look paler then usual" she asked in concern. Smiling down at her I nodded my head "Yes I'm fine" with that we both walked to the lunch table to see everyone there already. Edward caught my eye and he stood up and pulled the chair out for me, "hey Bella, I didn't know if you were coming in today you weren't around" he stated with concerned curiosity. "Yea, I came in late this morning" I explained. With that they all nodded their heads in understanding. They didn't need to know the details of my horrible morning.

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood but all lunch I debated on asking everyone if they heard if anyone was out to get me, but then felt stupid. Nothing is going to happen to me. I'm such a wimp, I kept thinking to myself. "Are you okay? You seemed very distracted all lunch period." I heard Edward ask from my left, when I looked up I saw everyone was gone. Damn, where did the time go?

"Yea I'm fine" Stop being a wimp Bella, "Are you sure?" he asked pulling me down before I stood up completely. Damn it… "Can I ask you a question?" I might as well just ask, and then maybe I can stop being so paranoid.

"Of course, what's wrong?" with his question I got lost, his eyes were so green and beautiful and I seriously need to stop making a fool of myself. "Not here" getting up I pulled him to his feet and dragged him down to an empty hall and into a broom closet, damn if anyone saw this… "So what's going on?" I couldn't help smiling at his face, he looked so confused.

"Umm, I don't know how to ask this honestly" I stated looking around the closet; it was small and really cramped. Why did I bring him in here? "Uhh, okay. This is the problem, Eric told me to be careful and that people are not happy that I'm here. Should I be worried?" for just a second when I looked up into his eyes I saw something flash, guilt maybe?

"Bella, don't let him scare you. Everything is fine okay? No one is out to get you" he smiled his crooked smile at me, I guess to make me feel better, but all I felt was confusion. Was he lying to me? Why would be lie? Could I trust him?

"Edward are you being honest with me? I know you don't owe me anything since I've only known you all of three days but… I'm honestly worried" he looked into my eyes for what felt like hours but could of only been seconds, then took a deep breath. "Bella… honestly?" I nodded my head for him to continue "I'm not sure, I feel like something is going on but I can't be sure. Before you came…" he trailed off looking up so I couldn't see his eyes. "Things have been off for a while. It can't be you" with that he pulled me out of the closet to an empty hallway and dragged me to class. Of course we were late.

We didn't talk much in biology; I guess we both had too much on our mind. When that class was over I rushed to get up but was only turned around by Edward, he looked determined and it worried me. "I just wanted to say that everything is okay, you will be okay. Come to be if anything" in the next second he had my phone in his hand and he called himself and gave it back to me. "So we can keep in touch" he said and walked out the class. I wasn't even shocked that he gave me his number, but how the hell did he get my cell phone?

When I got to the girls locker room I quickly changed and headed out into the gym, I hated gym with a passion. When I walked in I saw Mike standing next to a few people but when he caught my eye he ran over to greet me, even know I did not want to talk to anyone. I didn't trust anyone but the Cullen's at this point. Oh! And Angelia, I knew she wouldn't do anything to hurt me.

"Bella hey, I was wondering are you going to the party this weekend?" mike asked as soon as he reached me. "Umm, why?" I had to know why it mattered that I went. "It's just going to be a really good party, you have to go" he said stepping closer "and it will be fun, you just went through a tragedy you honestly need to go and relax" he added caressing my face with his thumb and ran back to his friends.

What the fuck…I was so confused with what just happened I didn't realize class started a minute later. Did he just touch me and bring up what happened with my mom? I felt tears well up in my eyes. That was just sickening. I couldn't miss another class already so I sat down and participated as much as I can. Today was not my day.

When I finally got home I went to go start dinner since homework is none existent. I guess the teachers figured no one would do it. When that was finished dad walked through the front door and we ate in silence. I guess we still had tension from this morning. When I looked at him he just looked really drained and pale, I certainly got that from him.

When dinner was over and I was done doing the dishes I walked by the living room to see the news was in a frenzy. "Dad, what's going on?" I asked walking and taking a seat on the couch. Without answering he turned up the volume so I can hear better…

On today's News, a new discovery has been made. During a raid in Europe Werewolves were discovered to be real creatures. Here we have a passing citizen that knew the man that recently turned into a werewolf, a creature of the moon. Now here is our reporter…

"Miss, how do you know this man?"

"He was my neighbor, he always acted suspicious but I would have never thought…"

"Do you believe that there are others like him out there?"

"If we have plenty of vampires, there should be plenty of werewolves. The creatures that would only haunt us in our dreams are coming out in real life, so I don't know what is real or fake anymore"

"Yes, we are all very confused. Now there we have it back to the station"

The raid just so happened to take place when a new moon was high in the sky. A witness says they saw a man run into the Forest of Arden. When following him they saw him abrupt into a beast. Full moon and a beast, what does that say? Werewolves are real.

The man said he ran out of the forest as fast as he could away from the creature and ran to a nearby solider. The solider then took his men and headed into the woods to find the creature lying on the floor. They believed something happened to it and took it in. Otherwise it shouldn't have been so easy to catch such an animal.

The government has no new information at this moment, about the new discovery. But let's continue to show what exactly is going on in your area…

I just starred at the TV as it switched to something as simple as the weather. What? Werewolves are real? My mind was swirling, this can't be true. This is sickening. I ran up into my room and threw myself on my bed. When I looked at my phone I saw I had one text from Edward…

Hey did you see the news? –E

Yeaa! I think I'm going into shock… Vampires now Werewolves? What happened to normality? –B

I guess it was always normal for them to roam the earth… human kind was just to ignorant to see we weren't the only smart species out there –E

Ignorant? Ouch man… -B

Just saying… Just because we don't see it doesn't mean it's not there… -E

With that I let the conversation go and tried to go to sleep. I guess he was right, human kind were fools to pretend we were on top of the pyramid. Or maybe many knew the truth all along, because then how would we have such creatures in our stories to begin with? With those thoughts I fell asleep and dreamt about getting chase by vampires and werewolves, the worse part though I wasn't running because I was scared. I was running because I knew them and it was all fun and games.

The next two days went by pretty fast since the attention was not on me but on the super new discovery of werewolves. Now it was Saturday and the party was later tonight, joy. I was never a huge party person, yes I would go with the little bit of friends that I had but nothing major. We would go grab a drink and leave, and then have a girls night at one of the girls houses.

When I got up I took a shower and got dressed for a normal day, sadly I didn't have anything that would be considered party material. When I had my breakfast I grabbed a blanket and a book and laid out by a tree in front of my house to read. I haven't had a normal day like this in a long time and it actually felt really good. Nothing said normal like my favorite book wuthering heights.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I was being shaken awake and I snapped up startled. What the fuck? When I checked to see who was shaking me I calmed down just a little.

"Wake up sleepy head!" Alice yelled. When I looked behind her I saw Rose laughing into her hand "Sorry, I couldn't stop her from scaring you" Rose said in between giggles. Shaking my head I got up and felt the blanket was damp along with my clothes, ehh. "What are you guys doing here?" I couldn't help to ask, how did they even know where I lived?

"We are here because we weren't sure if you had clothes for the party that is in a few hours" Alice said jumping up and down, damn she was hyper. "Actually, yea you're right I don't have clothes for the party. But umm, how did you know where I lived?"

"Bella… it's a small town, everyone knows where the Chief of police lives, and you are his daughter." Rose commented pulling me up and grabbing the wet blanket and lonely book. "Stalkers…" I mumbled. They followed me into the house and up the stairs into my room. Luckily I didn't have a problem keeping it clean or I would have felt awkward.

Alice ran in with a duffel bag and started pulling out clothes, makeup, hair products, and tools. I swear my head did a 360. "Alice! What is all this!?" I screeched she had to be kidding me.

"Bella look at us, do we look ready to go to a party? This is for us to" Rose explained. They weren't ready to party? They sure looked like they were, "okay, I guess I can freak out a little less" I said rolling my eyes and went to go sit on my bed.

"Since you got soaked through from lying outside, I suggest you go take a warm shower" with that Alice dragged me into the bathroom and closed the door. When I was done taking a shower I went into my room to see my torture was laid out for me. Yay… I think I was going to cry in horror.

Rose pulled me to sit down and they started on my hair. After torturing it to death it was finally in huge soft curls going down my back. I didn't even realize my hair had natural layers and it looked awesome. They gave me smoky eyes with soft makeup since they said I already had the "perfect skin". They pulled out a few outfits and they decided on tight black skinny jeans that hugged my waste and a silky grass green capped sleeve blouse with stones. It honestly looked amazing.

"Okay rose hold her down, but don't ruin her hair" Alice said rummaging through her bag. My eyes bugged out of my head when rose grabbed my arms and sat me down "What the hell Alice?" I asked, that's when she pulled out green pumps that matched the shirt. "No! Oh no. Alice!" When I tried to get up Rose held onto me tighter.

"Bella, you are going to look hot and that's final" Alice said leaning down to my feet and put the heels on me, while I kicked and whined. "See look! They look awesome Bella, you're hot" When I stood up and looked in the mirror I had to admit I did look pretty hot. After they both got dressed and was ready to leave I stood sitting on my bed not moving.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Rose asked looking concerned. "Umm, guys I really do not know how to walk in heels. I'm going to bust my ass and embarrass myself" I said looking down at the pretty shoes.

"Don't worry about it; we will be by you all night. We will help you so you won't fall" Alice stated with determination. I nodded my head as they helped me down stairs and into the car. "Sit tight, were going to get the boys first. We always go together, it's a thing" Alice said from the driver seat.

When we got to the house the boys were already standing in the front, but Alice got out so Emmett can sit in the driver seat. Rose stood in the passenger seat, Edward slid in next to me and Jasper went on my other side while rose got on his lap. Well this was just comfy. When I looked at Edward he was also wearing a green shirt that matched his eyes and black jeans. When he looked down at me he smiled "We match, I'm guessing this was Alice's doing" he said.

Nodding my head I turned to glare at Alice, did she understand me and him were going as friends, we were all friends. She looked at me and rolled her eyes to basically say get over it. "Are you guys ready to party?!" Emmett yelled from the front, I couldn't help to smile I was a little excited.

The rest of the ride was just filled with jokes and music and I can honestly say I felt happy. I made friends really quick and I was actually going out like a normal teen during these weird times.

When we got there we all got out and started walking toward the house. From what I remember I believe the party was at this dude Riley's house. Apparently he pulled some prank last Friday at Mike's party that was supposed to be scary. Hopefully nothing like that happens here. Before we can step in Edward pulled me to the side "Just have fun okay? If anything weird happens we will just leave okay?" nodding my head I followed the rest of the group in.

When we walked in the party was in full swing, the music was loud and bumping and everyone was jumping, drinking, and talking. When I tried to listen to the lyrics of the song I realized it was Prayer of the Refugee by Rise against. I loved this song! I let the girls pull me to the middle of the room to jump and dance to the song.

Don't hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don't need your help now,
You will let me down, down, down!

Don't hold me up now,
I can stand my own ground,
I don't need your help now,
You will let me down, down, down!

I felt normal and strong for a minute even in heels, and this song definitely matched this mood. When the song was over I caught Edward staring and me and I smiled. I walked over to him and we both walked into the kitchen to grab a drink, why not have a little more fun? "I'm glad to see you joined right in the party as soon as you walked in" Edward said passing me a cup.

"I just so happened to know the song" I laughed explaining my quick disappearance. "Hey Edwaaard" when I turned around I saw Tanya there slightly tipsy with Mike standing next to her. Edward didn't say anything but nodded his head in greeting I couldn't help but giggle because of how standoff he was toward her. "And Bella, glad to see you're here. Everyone will be so happy" she sneered turning toward me. "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked in annoyance, she had to be kidding me.

Shrugging she turned to walk away but Mike took at longing look at me "Hey Bella, so you came with Cullen. But who would you leave with?" he said with a smile tugging at my hair and walking away. I felt Edward take a step toward Mike but I pulled him back.

"Edward, just ignore him" I said pulling him against me "No, he had no right to talk to you that way, or even touch you" I shook my head and made him look at me "Let it go, I'm here to have fun and that does not involve you getting into a fight and my dad busting the door open. Let. It. Go" I said trying to calm down. Emmett and Jasper soon walked into the crowded kitchen and asked if he was alright, he told them what happened but they also agreed with me and told him to calm down. Not worth it.

A moment later I saw Alice standing in the doorway and she looked nervous. "Alice are you okay?" I asked in concern, "Yea umm…" in that moment Edward walked up to her and pulled her to the side. They started talking but I walked into the living room with my drink when the music turned off. And a circle formed around someone in the middle of the room.

In the next second I heard my name and when I started to walk forward the crowd opened and everyone was looking at me. Someone pushed me forward and I walked through the opening to the middle of the crowd. When I reached the middle I froze in my spot and felt as if ice water was poured down my body. This couldn't be happening… this can't be happening. In that moment I forgot where I was and got lost in a heart wrenching flashback.