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Mythical Holocaust

Life wasn't easy once the world found out that there were such things as vampires and other mythical creatures. Bella was forced to move to Forks to avoid the raids going through each state to pull out the creatures no one believe to be real until now. What will happen when she falls for a certain creature and is sucked into the Mythical holocaust?

Edward/Bella Drama/Romance/Horror --I own nothing but my imagination

7. Reenactment

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Ever since the discovery life was complicated, but with Bella now in the picture everything seems to be aiming towards unexpected and certainly unneeded confusion. Why do we have to deal with typical high school drama when life already felt like a movie? Vampires and now Werewolves? What type of shit is that?

Jasper pulled me to the side the other day explaining something was up and I couldn't blame him for having such concerns. I felt it too. He was always so aware of others emotions and vibes around him and as for me, I was hyper aware of the thoughts of others, and let's just say they are not good. The only other person that seemed to understand what might have been going on being Alice. Now it's Saturday, but for the past two days she has been waking up screaming from her so called "dreams". The worst part was, though she knew something horrible was going to happen, she never remembered her dreams, which left us in the dark.

Alice, Jasper, and I decided to keep our suspicions under wraps. At first they felt we should of told the others, but what was the point? They wouldn't understand mostly if they already didn't have the same vibe as ours. So I made them promise not to say a word.

So ever since Bella pulled me in the closet, which by the way surprised the shit out of me, I watched and listened to everyone around me. Though the past two days were nothing but a huge discussion and expressed concerns for the new discovery I finally heard something that didn't seem right. It happened when I was walking down the hallway from the bathroom…

The bathroom was like a hidden haven during class when you just did NOT want to be sitting there, I really cannot believe seniora actually has us watching the news in Spanish now.

Turning the corner from the bathroom, I caught Tanya and Mike having a discussion by the lockers, so before they can spot me I hid around the corner listening in…

"Riley told me everything should turn out as planned" Tanya whispered.

"Are you sure? I don't want anyone to find out we are involved" Mike stressed.

"Don't you want that bitch? And I want him. We both get what we want in the end. Everything will be okay." Tanya sneered.

"Yea, and everyone gets to see the entertainment" Mike added. They stood quiet for a minute before rushing off to class.

I stood there for another minute taking a deep breath due to holding it in a moment before. I will think about this later. I rushed to class flying down the hall as fast as my brain was.

Snapping out of the memory I turned to look at my clock and saw I still had hours to kill before the party. Should I even go to that party? It's obvious that both Mike and Tanya were talking about Bella and me… I swear she is a danger magnet. Whatever it was, it couldn't be that bad right? Nothing can get worse than the party last week. Now that right there was just really risky.

Getting up I went downstairs to see where the other guys were so I can stop thinking about what was to come later on that night. Running down the stairs, I could see that Alice and Rose were already leaving. "Where are you guys going the party isn't until a few hours?"

Alice just turned with a look that can only possibly mean that there was an emergency she needed to attend too "Edward? Seriously? You are not the only one I have to make sure looks good tonight, by the way I left your clothes out in the laundry room" she said pulling Rose outside in a hurry. How the hell is she carrying that huge duffel bag? What was in there, a dead body?

Walking into the living I saw that Emmett and Jasper were already occupied. "They are going to Bella's" Jasper informed me before I can even make myself known, how the hell does he do that? Couldn't help thinking to myself.

"By the way I felt your confusion of them leaving the house so early" Jasper chuckled. Stupid mofo thinking he is so smart.

"BEAT YOU AGAIN!" Emmett boomed throwing the controller on the floor, smashing it in the process. When the initial shock wore off I couldn't help to laugh my ass off, his face was too priceless.

"Fucking dumbass" Jasper said, shaking his head with a smirk

"Well, there goes your savings Hun, I'm not buying you another one" mom said from the doorway.

"Yes mama…" Emmett said on his way out the living room with the only pout of his face. Well, I guess I got the entertainment I was looking for. A second later our father came in whispering in mom's ear, both leaving the room towards the kitchen.

I watched as they left the room and couldn't help but cock my head to the side, what couldn't they say in front of us now? "You're suspicious of them aren't you?" Jasper asked from beside me.

"Why would you think I would be suspicious of our own parents?" I asked defensively turning towards him.

"Maybe because your emotions are written all over your face? And I know you have been feeling like this for a while bro, but let me just say this… If they are some type of creature, let's hope they tell us soon or have some type of an escape plan because if they don't and the raid is coming soon. We will be in major trouble." He said looking down at the broken remote on the floor.

I smiled, having an idea of what he was thinking about "It would be pretty cool though if they were though, huh? And us?" I asked, looking at my brother shoot his eyes up at me a bit startled. But after a moment nodded his head with a smile.

"It really would be," he started walking toward the doorway stopping to look back at me and adding "mostly since I never felt human anyway". With that, he left the room, heading towards the stairs.

Standing in the living room for another minute I headed upstairs to take a shower and start getting ready for the party. Though I knew something was going to happen, I couldn't help myself to go anyway. I felt as though this was important. But was I putting Bella at risk because of my own selfish curiosity? Did I care?

Sighing, I got upstairs into the shower, leaning my head against the tiles feeling the water rushing over me. Of course I cared… I cared for Bella and her wellbeing. I cared for her more than I should at this moment in time. It's only been a few days. Well, I'm promising myself something now. If anything were to go wrong, we will get out of there as soon as possible.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Later On~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hearing a beep outside I jumped out of bed, turning off my radio and looked in the mirror. Alice picked out a pretty good looking green T-shirt that clung to my body with dark jeans. I never bothered arguing with her when it came to clothes. She was Alice, always knowing what to make people wear.

Going downstairs I saw the guys already had the front door open heading towards the car. Emmett jumped in the front while of course Rose stood in the front beside him, I slid in next to Bella smiling down at her, of course me and her matched which sadly made me beam with happiness. Jasper slid in next to her with Alice getting on his lap.

"We match, I'm guessing this was Alice's doing?" I asked basically stating the obvious. Bella just nodded starring daggers at Alice, but only if looks can kill. Though Alice didn't look the least bit fazed. She knew exactly what she was doing. "Are you guys ready to party?!" Emmett boomed from the front. We all cheered for the moment and made our way to the party.

When we parked and started heading towards the house, at the door, I pulled Bella to the side to make the same promise to her as I made to myself earlier "Just have fun okay? If anything weird happens we will just leave okay?" I doubled checked with her. I will not dare leave her out of my sight for a moment, I couldn't let anything bad happen to her. When she nodded her head we followed the rest of the group in with her in front of me.

When we walked into the party, it was already riled up with dancing, people drinking, and beer Pong games everywhere. Before I can say another word all three of the girls disappeared. What the fuck? When I listened close I heard that Refugee was playing by Rise Against, I loved this song. When I looked into the crowed, I saw all three of the girls were jumping up and down to the song.

Walking to the other side of the room, I watched Bella dance her heart out, I guess bringing her here was a good idea since she jumped right in and looked to be extremely happy. When the song was over she made her way towards me with bright eyes and I couldn't help to smile down at her. Her cheeks were bright red from dancing and her smile was radiant that I could of sworn lit up the whole room. She was absolutely beautiful.

Grabbing her hand, we made our way through the crowd to the kitchen to get us a drink. Handing her a cup I couldn't help commenting on her quick disappearance. "I'm glad to see you joined right in the party as soon as you walked in".

"I just so happened to know the song" she laughed. Looking passed her I couldn't help but frown, Tanya and Mike were walking towards us already looking piss drunk.

"Hey Edwaaard" Tanya slurred in her drunken state. Bella turned toward them and taking a step back towards me, I wondered if she noticed that? But I just nodded my head in greeting, trying to ignore them as much as possible. Couldn't this girl take the hint that I couldn't stand her?

I couldn't help but look down at Bella when it sounded as though she was trying to hold in a giggle but couldn't. "And Bella, glad to see you're here. Everyone will be so happy" Tanya sneered at Bella. Listening to that comment I felt my blood run cold. So something was going to happen. What the fuck did I do? We had to get out of here.

"What is that suppose to mean?" Bella asked sounding annoyed. My tough little fragile kitten…wait what? She definitely is not mine. Tanya just shrugged, walking away as Mike took a step closer to Bella.

"Hey Bella, so you came with Cullen. But who would you leave with?" Mike said with a smile tugging at her hair and walking away. At that moment I felt murderous, how dare he fucking touch her? Fucking prick. I took a step toward his direction, ready to rip his head off of his shoulders. But I felt Bella holding me back.

"Edward, just ignore him" she said, pulling me against her, and trying to soothe me but I just starred at her as though she was crazy. "No, he had no right to talk to you that way, or even touch you" shaking her head, she made me look at her, I haven't even noticed I was looking towards the doorway again. "Let it go, I'm here to have fun and that does not involve you getting into a fight and my dad busting the door open. Let. It. Go."

A second later, Emmett and Jasper came up to us asking us what was going on, when they reassured Bella that I will be fine, she can go have fun Emmett whispered in my ear "don't worry bro, it is worth it, I can tell you care for her, we will get him later." I couldn't help but smile at my fuck awesome brother "Thanks bro" both Jasper and Emmett patted me on the shoulder, then went to go get a drink when I turned to see Bella, she was trying to comfort Alice and I knew then we had to go immediately. Something bad was going to happen any moment.

I hurried up to Alice pulling her to the side, "Are you okay? What's wrong? Do you know what's going to happen?" I couldn't help throwing the questions at her, she shook her head starting to cry "Bella, Edward its Bella. Now its now… GO!" she said yelling and pushing me. At that moment I heard a scream and my blood ran cold once more. My heart started to pound faster as I turned to run to the other room.

When I turned into the room, I started to panic everyone was circling around and whatever was in the middle was meant for Bella. As I tried pushing through the crowd, I couldn't help but feel as though time was starting to go slow, and when I finally broke through the crowd I couldn't believe my eyes.

They were reenacting the whole thing from the airport and Bella stood there frozen. A girl that sort of looked like Renee was sitting in a chair alone. I believe they expected Bella to play her part in their stupid show. But then from the other side of the room a girl attacked "Renee" to the floor as if they were going to bite her head off. At that moment Bella ran towards the middle trying to pull the posing "vampire" off of her "mother" doing exactly what they wanted her to do. She fell into their little game and many started to laugh at her misery.

I couldn't help but snap out of it in that moment due to Bella's screams of agony. I ran up to her pulling her up and away from the scene in front of her. In the next second everyone started chanting "You killed her! You left her! You killed her! You left her!"

Riley decided to walk up to us in that second to look into Bella's eyes "How does it feel to watch the rest of the story Bella? To watch your mother die? You left her Bella, you left her to die" All of a sudden Emmett was behind Riley swinging him around and punching him square in the face knocking him out cold. I guess due to the stress Bella passed out in my arms.

Jasper was by my side in that instant and helped me get Bella up straight so I was able to pick her up. Once she was in my arms I started to push through the crowd to try to get us out of here. I heard Rose in the background telling everyone off and Emmett trying to pull her away. I figured Jasper went to go get Alice as well. I will deal with everyone else later.

Before I reached Riley's front door, I felt Bella stir in my arms and when I looked down into her eyes I did not expect to see what was in them. Which, was pure hatred. Trying not to drop her, she started thrashing in my arms and started to scream "Let me go Edward, let me the fuck go!" What shocked me the most was when Bella was yanked out of my arms, and before whoever can pull her away far enough she slapped me across the face, What. The. Fuck…


When I finally reached the middle of the circle, everything started crashing down around me, I didn't see my classmates, or the stupid imitation of the representation of my mom at the airport, but the real thing. I saw how she was in pain and how the vampire attacked her to the floor. I saw how I was pulled away from the scene and how I didn't fight hard enough. I can now…

I ran towards my mom jumping on the vampire trying to get her away from the woman I loved. Then just like before I was being pulled back. But after a another few seconds of being pulled away, I realized it was Edward pulling me back. Not only that, but I saw I wasn't at the airport back in Pheniox but I was here at the party, getting bullied into reliving my past.

All of a sudden I started hearing everyone chant around me "You killed her, you left her, you killed her, you left her". I felt the tears pooling in my eyes, the ache in my heart, my hair sticking my head from the nervous sweat. I knew I was a wreck and on the verge of a full blown panic attack.

I'm assuming who was supposed to be Riley came and bent down in front of me looking into my eyes saying what would push me over the edge "How does it feel to watch the rest of the story Bella? To watch your mother die? You left her Bella, you left her to die" at that moment I saw Emmett swing Riley around punching him square in the face. It didn't matter though I was already too far gone retreating back into myself.

I haven't done such a thing since I was little, when my parents use to constantly argue before the divorce. But now I felt myself deep within and far away from the chaos around me. I still felt Edward around me and someone helping him pull me into his arms but I was confused. Did he know what was going to happen? Did he help set this up? He has been acting weird since the beginning, as if he knew something like this was going to happen.

He lied. I knew he did, the only question is if he was involved. Why did we even come? Was this his way of getting me to hate others and fall into his arms for safety? Well sorry buddy that is definitely not going to happen. At that moment I couldn't stand the idea of him holding me any longer… I couldn't trust him.

I started to pull myself from my hiding spot and stared up into Edwards eyes with pure hatred, he knew… I then started to thrash in Edwards arms. I felt him tighten his hold on me, but that just bothered me more. "Let me go Edward! Let me the fuck go!" I screamed to the top of my lungs.

In the next moment I felt someone pull me out of Edward's arms, but at the last second I smacked him the face. I will feel bad about that later, but I think he deserved that right now… or I will feel bad about that now. He looked so confused and hurt by my lashing out on him, I can already see the red hand mark appearing on his face. It's not like me to be so violent.

"Are you okay Bella?" I knew that voice… and it wasn't one I was fond of. I looked up to see mike starring down at me, and automatically noticed that he was holding on to me. Pulling away I tumbled out of his hands onto the floor. Ouch… Looking up I saw Edward push Mike himself.

"What the fuck man! Don't fucking touch her!" Edward yelled pushing Mike again. Deciding to really look at Mike I saw that he can really hold his own, he basically had the same structure as Edward, tall with some muscle, pretty tall, but with blue eyes and blonde hair. Whereas, Edward has green eyes, bronze hair, and a great ass. Sorry, did you forget I was still on the floor? This floor was a wreck and I think I landed in alcohol. Fucking gross.

In that moment Tanya decided to make herself known running up to Edward and holding him back "Edward baby, let it go. Let's just go doing something else. You don't need Bella" I gasped having everyone look down at me just remembering I was on the floor.

"Yea guys I'm still on the floor, but don't worry I'm fine… just wet with alchole. Not a problem." I kept mumbling on as I got up from the floor. Alice and Rose choose that moment to run up to me and ask me if I was okay. Looking around I saw that any left the party but a lot more stayed to witness the drama that was unfolding.

Too my right was Edward with Tanya hanging off his arm. Slut. Too my left is Mike standing tall as if he was going to grab me. As if… Jasper and Emmett then appeared across from me starring between all of us while Alice and Rose were behind me. Deciding to take my rage out I stepped in front of Edward and pushed him "How could you? You knew something was going to happen here tonight!"

"Bella please listen to me, I didn't know this was going to happen." Edward stepped forward trying to pull me to him, but Tanya pulled him back to her with his back against her chest. I looked up into his eyes cocking my eyebrow at him. Is he fucking for real? Edward decided to look behind him and glare at Tanya "Don't you even take the hint? I don't fucking like you!" Edward said stepping towards me once more.

Mike stepped forward trying to block Edward but without another second Edward turned to Mike punching him the face "I know what your fucking plan was mike! I knew you were doing this to get on Bella's good side by being there for her after this whole ordeal! It's not going to fucking work! I heard you and Tanya talking in the hall yesterday!" Edward spit down at Mike while he laid down on the floor.

Tanya gasped from behind Edward taking a step back, "If you knew, why you brought Bella here? Either way you fucked up Edward!" everyone looked thoughtful turning towards Edward… "You didn't tell me and Jasper you heard them yesterday at school…" Alice said stepping around me in front of Edward.

"WAIT! You guys knew something was going to happen tonight?" Emmett yelled towards Jasper, Alice, and Edward. "Hold on… you didn't bother telling us this? We do live together you know…" Rose said looking at them as well. Man this is fucked up.

"I can't take this anymore I can't fucking trust nobody. I should have just gotten myself killed at the airport along with my mother!" I turned and ran out the front door at that moment for the fact I couldn't be anywhere near them anymore… Not only did Edward knew something was going to happen but so did Alice and Jasper, even if they didn't know the whole story they could of warned me.

Edward wasn't too far behind me swinging me around, holding me against him. "I'm sorry Bella please listen to me…" cutting him off, I pushed him away "No Edward! You had time to tell me! You let me walk into that fucking party knowing something was going to happen…" taking a deep breath, and letting the tears fall silently down my face I looked up at him "I trusted you enough Edward… I care about you and you know what? I don't think I can trust you anymore" I said turning to walk away.

"BELLA! Please? Can we talk?" Alice yelled running out of the house.

"Umm… yea… no… I trusted you to…. Just leave me the fuck alone" I took the time she froze in her spot to run away down the street towards home.

I couldn't believe all of this. Mike and Tanya planned this? Mike wanted to get with me? Does that even surprise me? I can tell why Tanya would do it… Eric was right… Though he said some people weren't happy I was here, after that I would think no one was. Why the fuck did Edward let me walk into that party? We could have hung out at his house or something and watched a movie…by yourselves? Ugh shut up brain…

When I finally got home, I ran upstairs to take a shower and headed off to bed. Luckily Charlie was already in bed and I didn't have to explain why I looked like such a wreck. Once I was in bed I turned off my brain and laid there starring at the ceiling. I don't know how long I was laying there but I then heard a knock on my window…. What. The. Fuck…

I turned towards the window seeing a shadow outside of it. Getting up slowly I walked towards the window taking a peak outside. Who the hell would be outside of my window?

"Can you please open the window…? I don't want to die tonight…" I heard Edward say from outside the window. Once I opened the window Edward fell into the room flat on his face. I couldn't help to laugh at his groan when he turned over. Smirking he looked up at me, then turning serious "Can we talk?"