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Revolutionizing Bella

Set during/after Ch. 12 Eclipse. Newborns are terrorizing Seattle. The vampires of the Olympic Peninsula are worried that the Volturi will become involved, so they call their closest friends and allies. But when the Denali clan shun Carlisle's request due to Laurent's death, an old friend unexpectedly answers his plea. Will his presence shake up their rock solid foundation? B&G


5. Chapter 5-Painful Bonds

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This is not E/B fiction. Characters are slightly OOC

Remember, this story is set in an alternate universe.

*Twilight is the sole property of SM and her publishing company.*

Chapter 5-Painful Bonds


Isabella glanced around the room. Her chocolate-brown eyes, brimming with unshed tears, caught mine and we gazed at each other for an extraordinarily long moment. I was a moth to the flame—drawn into those dark, fathomless depths. My auburn beauty's emotions were almost palpable. Never had I felt such a heady combination of sorrow and trepidation. Whether it was our bond or Jasper's gift, it didn't matter. Everything about this situation was a complete mystery to me. I was only in my element when it involved the many facets of war and carnage. I was both a soldier and a nomad. I wasn't merely a lover. While I have enjoyed the company of many women over my long existence, I was never committed to any of them. The finer emotional intricacies of real relationships were lost on me. Yet, I wanted nothing more on this earth than to be tied to this amazing creature in every way possible.

It infuriated me to watch Carlisle's protégée coerce the young woman before me—a despicable act by a very desperate boy whose whole world revolved around the intoxicating high he achieved while resisting her blood. Thus far, my little warrior wasn't afraid to stand toe-to-toe against the man who had clawed and fought his way into her heart only to possess the most coveted liquid in his world. My little lady was fortunate that I would love nothing more than to knock the petulant brat on his ass a time or two.

Watching the veil fall from my tiny mate's eyes was a beautiful sight to behold. Her passivity had been replaced with commendable courage. I knew this was only a mere taste of the immortal she would become— that latent portion that awaited immortality to manifest itself. I reveled in the knowledge that she would share that with me some day soon.

Gaining her everlasting love and trust would be a difficulty, considerably more complicated than any endeavor up until this point. Edward Cullen had grievously injured my mate— intimidated and demeaned her. It would take a goddamned Revolutionary War to fight her oppressor, and until blood no longer coursed through her veins, she would battle him until her heart stopped beating. But victory was on the horizon, and I would settle for nothing less than her heart.

I had little choice but to stand down when Emmett scooped up my tiny lady and held her prisoner against his chest. Her safety was paramount, and I was forced to concede. My inner demon goaded me to claw and fight my way to victory—destroy everyone in my path. Yet, while she was retrained, I allowed them to lie dormant while I assessed my threats. Emmett was a mated male, and while he was kindhearted and jovial, he was still capable of inflicting great harm to her body. No. My biggest threat was Edward. His unpredictable temperament put me on edge. I knew I must mentally fight fire with fire.

Ah, young Edward. Your puritan nature delights me. I thank you for having such sexual restraint with my mate. Are you sure you're even a man, at all? She is beautiful woman, you should be commended. I will be the first and only man who makes her writhe in pleasure—unhinge the sexy vixen within—screaming out my name as she convulses around me. She'll forget you exist by the time I'm done.

Perhaps you should go to Denali. Tanya would be happy to sink herself around your inexperienced cock and milk you dry. Or perhaps Katrina or Irina are more your speed. Nevertheless, the trio of woman would crush you with their sexual prowess and eat you alive. Not a bad way to go, my friend. They've had a thousand years to prefect her arts.

Edward growled at my thoughts and charged me. I smirked and grabbed him about the head, pinning him to my side. "It's far too easy to get under that marble skin of yours, boy. You should take a lesson for your creator. He is the epitome of self-control."

"You two are incorrigible! I can't breathe because of all the goddamned testosterone in the room. Go rub yourself on trees or have a pissing contest. Oh, better yet…go visit that skank Tanya and fuck her brains out," Isabella yelled, flailing in his arms.

God I love this woman!

"That's what I've been tellin' Eddie for seventy years," Emmett murmured and chuckled.

Isabella took another breath and began again. "Get off me Emmett! Let me down! Put me down, now!"

Emmett did as she asked and threw his hands up in the air in surrender, amused by her fury. Isabella spun around and locked eyes with him; her long tresses swishing around her shapely curves. The tiny brunette did something unexpected and forcibly shoved the heels of her hands into his chest. She winced at the pain, but continued her actions, eventually expending the remainder of her energy attempting the impossible feat. Yet, exhaustion didn't quell her anger and she resorted to banging her fists against his chest and screaming in his face, tears falling down her face. Emmett grasped her wrists lightly, attempting to keep her from harming herself. "Belly bear, stop. Sweetheart, you're gonna hurt yourself."

"What does it matter to any of you? James was right. I'm nothing but a possession to you people—an amusing pet. Alice dresses me like a doll and Edward compels me. He measured my worth upon the blood that runs through my veins. I'm his personal goddamned blood bag. Now, I'm supposed to jump into bed with Garrett because of some supernatural voodoo. Well y'all are fucking crazy.

"I'm out of here. If the Volturi show up, give them my address. I'd be happy to jump on that crazy train. At least they're truthful. For your information, my window is locked, my phone is off, and my doorbell is broken."- She pointed her finger and Edward and glared at him. -"I'll see you and Ali at school but only because I have no choice in the matter."

Alice dashed over and placed her hands on Isabella's shoulders. My mate shrugged the little pixie off and deliberately took two steps back, staring at her. "I'll watch out for you, Bella and make sure you get home safely. I know you aren't too happy with at the moment, but we all want to keep you safe."

Ya' think?

And with that, she straitened her jacket , spun on her heels, and stomped out of the house. I broke at that point, breaking into a fit of laughter. My little magnolia wasn't as weak as I though she was. She was a firecracker on a very sort fuse. You couldn't fault her logic, though. Her life had been bent over and royally fucked up the ass, courtesy of a certain redhead.

I released Edward and shoved him away from my body, standing up and straightening my clothing. Now, that I had explained the rules, I didn't think I'd have another problem with him. Later, I would realize Edward had a thick head and would require a lot more persuasion.

I crossed the distance between Carlisle and I and clapped my old friend on the shoulder, chuckling darkly. "So, I don't think you're going to convince me to convert to animal blood this year. Isabella is spot on. I think it screws with you mind."

"Perhaps we should retire to my office. We will be able to avoid any more confrontations should my son choose to become difficult again." Carlisle pointed out. "Emmett and Jasper? Please watch over Edward. As you know, Edward has the proclivity to go against Isabella's wishes, especially now that Garrett has informed us of the particulars of his obsession."

"You got it, boss," Emmett crowed, bringing his fingers to his forehead a saluting him. Moron. "Scouts honor."

"We've got him, Carlisle," Jasper added, grasping one shoulder and his brother the other.

Carlisle and I took to the stairs. Taking each step with a human pace, we kept to ourselves, quiet and thoughtful. Tonight's events were plaguing my mind with trepidation and doubt, literally twisting my gut into knots. I wrapped my arms around my stomach and grimaced at the heaviness that was continuing to build, attempting to quell the feeling. My insides felt as though they were unraveling at the seams, and I forced myself to stay upright.

Strangely, I had known my mate for less than two hours, and in that short amount of time, she had already deconstructed my world. My mate now controlled my destiny, holding the proverbial musket in her hands. Everything solid about my existence was now eternally intertwined with hers and that revelation terrified me to my very bones. My world had been flipped on its axis. For fuck's sake, I was a soldier. An extremely proficient soldier, at that. Yet, somehow I'd allowed this little slip of a girl to weaken me. In the past, I have murdered indiscriminately, destroying the innocent and the evil alike—never thinking twice about my actions. Hell was most definitely a place on earth, and I have ruled it for centuries, constantly playing God—deciding who lived and who perished— all to slake my never-ending thirst. Peter should have at least warned me what I was in for. My friend had allowed me to blindly walk into my own personal battlefield.

A blood-curdling scream ripped though the silence and impaled me in the heart. The pain was intense and immediate, akin to a sword to the gullet. Venom scorched me from within. My mate was in trouble and needed me desperately. Though as much I yearned to fly to her side, my body was no longer my own. The fire twisted and burned my flesh and muscles into ash, and I collapsed into a crumpled heap on the stairs. I frantically clawed at my chest, ripping the fabric in the process. The pain was unrelenting, gut wrenching, and coursed throughout my body like liquid fire. My cries of agony mirrored her own.

My crimson eyes flew up to meet my oldest friend's ocher depths, pleading with him for answers. "Carlisle, what the fuck is this? What is happening to us?"

Carlisle knelt beside me and grasped my wrists tightly, preventing me for tearing my flesh away with my nails. "Hmmm," he pondered. "This is a quite a revelation. I wasn't aware that a human could bond with a vampire. Apparently, our two species are far more compatible than I originally thought. While extraordinarily unique, the pain you are experiencing is directly related to your bond. The farther away she is, the more painful the loss. In an unconsummated relation, the pair cannot function without one another."

This wasn't happening! I promised her a choice! A goddamned damned choice. In her eyes I would be nothing more than Eddie, controlling her future. It breaks my heart that she may perceive me as a liar.

My back arched off the stairs, as I was wracked with another wave of fire. "Jesus! Someone go collect my mate before the flesh is melted from our bones!"

Emmett's mate flew out the door in a flash, her blonde hair billowing out behind her like a pale cape. I felt helpless listening to her mournful keening. Rosalie returned several minutes later with Isabella's writhing body cradled in her arms. Her cries were like acid in my ears, burning holes in my eardrums. Had I blood to bleed, they would've seeped crimson liquid out of ever orifice in my body. Once before me, she laid the girl's body beside mine. My mate's body stilled almost immediately at my touch, but her pain was still real and almost palpable. I pulled her body into mine and wrapped my arms around her chest. I whimpered as the pain continued to lick up my chest. It took several minutes for the agony to die away, leaving only a dull twinge in its wake.

Silence fell over the room, as I rolled my tiny mate's body over in my arms, brushing the long curls off her face. I realized very quickly that I didn't have time to appreciate her beauty or revile in her closeness. Her heart was no longer beating. Suddenly, I was crumbling in the wake of my ratcheting grief.

"Isabella," I whispered.


The good doctor began checking her vitals. As I watched him perform his duties, I was blanketed by sense of unease. When she had cried, my little lady was with still with me—still very much alive. Yet, as the stillness hung languidly in the air like stale smoke, I knew something was horribly wrong, and I panicked.

"Oh, God, Carlisle. Her heart! Please do something!"

Carlisle swept her lifeless form within my arms and furled her against his chest. Air whipped around my frame as he and Rosalie disappeared up the stairs. I rolled my weary body to my knees and pulled myself to my feet with the handrail, fully intending on joining my mate, but before I could take a step, Edward threw open patio door and sprinted toward me with Jasper and Emmett on his heels.

The telepath was the fastest of the three and easily escaped his captors. He pounced on me like a lithe cat, wrapping his arms around my waist like a newborn. Stupid boy!Had no one taught him how to fight? Attempting to block his thoughts, I began singing the American Anthem in my head. Surprisingly, it was quite effective. Without my thoughts to guide him, he was considerably outmatched, and I easily overpowered him. I bound his head against my chest and snaked one arm around his neck and wound the other across his forehead.

Pulling on his neck, I heard the familiar screeching of his marble skin as it cracked under the strain. Emmett and Jasper watched with an air of trepidation, knowing that they were forbidden to interfere. Alice and Esme were kneeling on the floor watching the events unfold with horror stricken faces. The pixie cradled Carlisle's mate against her chest, openly weeping for the boy's life. The little sprite started frantically screaming for me to let him up. Thankfully, she was quickly hushed by her mate. No matter what she said, I wasn't releasing him—not yet, at least.

I knelt to one knee and pulled his body across my thighs. This gave me a better hold on the boy's neck. He struggled against my embrace but only caused himself more pain. "Don't force my hand, Edward, because I will rip your petulant head off in full view of your coven. My camaraderie with Carlisle is the only reason you still live. My mate is upstairs…Lord knows what has happened to her fragile body. I should be with her, yet I'm forced to deal with you."

"Edward, listen to him. He'll dismember you if you continue to fight him. I've seen it!" the clairvoyant sprite wailed.

Edward stilled against me, obviously taking his sister's advice. I wanted to pet him like a dog and tell him he was a 'good boy', though that would only enrage him further.

"Garrett, we welcomed you into our home and you committed the most heinous crime there is—destroying one's mate."

This boy was pissing me the fuck off. His mate? Edward had deluded himself for God knew long. He could no longer distinguish the truth from his lies. The only sane thing that boy had done this year was leave her, too bad the girl went to his rescue. Lord knew when the gallantry of men declined so radically that women were expected to liberate men from their stupidity and pridefullness.

Oh, how I missed the 1700s.

"No, Edward, your blood lust killed her months ago. The supernatural is no place for humans, yet you willingly drug her into this world, knowing full well the consequences. Then if you weren't dim-witted enough already, you flaunted your sins to Aro. To ARO FUCKING VOLTURI! The brothers have an infallible memory. They'll not rest until the sentence has been served—the whole coven will be implemented by association." I pivoted my body and forced him to glance at each family member, growing angrier by the minute. "Look at your coven! All of them! No second chances! Aro will make you watch them burn for your insolence!"

Carlisle cleared his throat and my eyes flew up to meet his, almost dropping my captive in my shock. "Bella will be fine, Garrett. I'll keep her here overnight and monitor progress. The pain was too much for her fragile body to handle and it shut down. I've resuscitated her, but I fear her heart cannot handle another episode, so you'll need to keep a very close eye on her. She asked for you."

Damn you Peter! When I see you again, I'm kicking your ass!

I leaned down and whispered in dear ole' Eddie's ear. "I'll spare you for now, but your punishment will be carried out very soon. When I change her, I will dismember you head and make you watch her scream and writhe in pain. It'll be fitting for you to watch her blood burn away. Each day you live without that precious life force you so covet, the more intense the withdrawal. You'll be like an addict, yearning for another hit of that delectable smell."

Releasing Edward's head, I sunk my boot into his ass and sent him sailing toward his brothers. Emmett caught him and bound him to his chest, while Jasper mimicked my hold, using direct skin contact to infuse him with emotion—effectively subduing him.

I didn't stop to think or to watch the boys as they held the bronze-haired vampire securely within their grasp. I didn't stop as the twinge in my chest eased with each step, nor did I stop when my mind berated me with self-doubt. I allowed those little doubts to fade into the darkness like my unpardonable sins. Every thought, every doubt was unimportant at that moment. Her safety was of the utmost importance.

The door to her room was cracked just a sliver, and I could hear her and Rosalie talking. I opened it a sliver more and glimpsed the ethereal beauty sitting on the bed with my mate curled against her breast like a tiny child. As they spoke, Rosalie combed her long, slim fingers through my little lady's long tresses. The cool air that wafted though the open window swirled her heady scent across the room. I closed my eyes and took a large breath, calmed by both her presence and her essence. I braced my back against the door frame and slid down to the floor, bringing my knees against my chest, invisibly basking in her presence.

"Rose," she whispered. Isabella apparently took comfort in whispering. Perhaps, the act afforded her some semblance of privacy. I wouldn't spoil the façade by announcing my presence. "I thought Garrett said I had a choice? I don't have a choice do I?"

"Oh, Bella. I'm so sorry. Truly, I promise you this isn't Garrett's fault." Rosalie sighed, twirling a lock of hair absent-mindlessly around her finger. "I wish you weren't locked into this world. There are so many things I wanted for you. You deserve so much more than what you've been given. When Carlisle unwillingly dragged me into this world, he stole my choices and my dreams. I would give anything to get them back if it were possible. I hate that Edward has essentially done the same."

…and there's the truth in a nutshell. Unfortunately, Rosalie was correct. Isabella had deserved the world: a husband, children, possibilities. Yet, because of the mistakes of many, she would inevitably succumb to the darkness.

"But you have Emmett--" she trailed off.

"Of course, I do, and I love him with everything that I am. I guess I was fortunate in that respect. I really don't know what I would've done if he hadn't wanted me. Luckily, Emmett is a visual creature and found our bond agreeable, jumping in feet first, as my wonderful husband does with any new situation. During his transformation, he called me an angel. He said I saved him from a life of darkness and thrust him into the light. I laugh at that now, because I am definitely not an angel, and we're both shrouded in darkness—never changing. This is all we'll ever be. No possibility of change.

"I know what you saw in the living room looked terribly barbaric. But, there are certain rules and protocols in the vampire world that are more animalistic in nature than their real world counterparts. Harming one's mate is right up there with revealing our secret, and the penalty is just as severe.

"Talk to Garrett. Get to know him. He is a good man. Perhaps he's a tad unorthodox, but a decent man, nonetheless. He's a little rough around the edges, but I'm sure you can polish those right out. Bella you'll make him a better man, because Lord knows we've all tried to change him in some way or another. Give him a chance, sweetheart. He'll never break your heart or will he ever leave you. His love is overwhelmingly pure, even if vampires are inherently not. But above all else, you'll be his equal in all things. Won't it be wonderful to have a lover who puts your wants and needs first, without the need to control every aspect of your life? Think about what I said for a few minutes, and when you're ready to discuss all the craziness, your forever has waited just outside the door for the last twenty minutes."

I took another deep breath and listened to blonde beauty get my tiny mate settled into bed. Several seconds later she was at the threshold of the door with a grimace on her face. Rosalie knelt by my side and whispered in my ear—several octives too low for human ears, "Take care of my little sister or I'll break your face. Got it?" I smiled and nodded my head. I was happy to hear someone in this house was looking out for my little human. "I'm not as weak as my brother. Bella's young and impressionable. This is a lot for an eighteen year old girl to take in. Think on it before you go inside."

Rosalie stood from her crouched position and sprinted down the hall, leaving only a wall between the brown-eyed beauty and me. I closed my eyes and listened to her rhythmic breathing and steady heartbeat, bathing in her essence. It was a lovely and comforting sound, definitely the most significant sounds in my world, now.

"Garrett?" a heavenly voice called out, effectively pulling me out of my reverie.

Before another syllable slipped from those pink lips, she found me at her bedside. I reached out a tentative hand and hesitated for a moment. Touching her skin was extraordinarily forward. She'd not given me permission. Yet, after the events of the evening, I couldn't rein in the gentleman who resided within me. I closed the distance and lightly ran my finger across her jaw-line, tracing the delicate bone structure and reveling in the soft flesh. Her breath hitched when the digit found her soft, pink lips. I closed my eyes and ran it softly over the delicate flesh, wishing it were my own lips caressing that bottom lip. I wanted more of her—craved more. I traced my finger back and forth, and then dipped it inside the warmth of her mouth, yearning to feel her warmth. She sighed and closed her lips around it.

Jesus… This woman is killing me! Oh, damn her and her delicious mouth. She has me wishing this finger was another part of my anatomy.

Then my little minx did something unexpected, she sucked my finger against the roof of her mouth. I moaned and rolled my eyes against the back of my lids. Her forwardness was bordering on dangerous. Yet, I was Mr. dangerous, right. I could handle anything, right? My pants might not, though.

Just when I thought this little encounter couldn't get much more erotic, she bit me. My eyes few open in shock, and I yanked my hand away. Not that it hurt. It truly hadn't. On the contrary, it felt so fucking good—too good, honestly—sinful even. She scowled at me, and I met her displeasure with my trademark, panty-dropping smile to insure her I wasn't angry. My pretty princess needed schooled in the rules of vampire sex. The use of teeth would likely coax my inner demon from his cage. There was a certain part of my anatomy that went hand-in-hand with that demon, both were yearning for me mark her as my own. I would have difficulty reigning in the latent portion of my being. She wasn't ready for that.

The silence between us was almost deafening. I had to break it with a sledgehammer before my body sexually combusted.

"What can I do ya' for, little lady?"

She gazed at me for a moment, contemplating her words carefully. "Have you ever been scared, Garrett?"

Stifling a laugh, I nodded slowly. What an adorable question. "Sure. A handful of times: dying on the battlefield, my transformation and awakening to my new life. None of those unfortunate events could compare to tonight."

Isabella took a deep breath and closed her eyes, patting the space beside her with a tiny hand. She didn't have to ask me twice. I wanted nothing more than to lie beside her. Slipping my duster and boots off, I laid them on a chair adjacent to the bed, and then slid in beside her, rolling to face her. After several seconds, she reopened her eyes and spoke. "Why tonight?"

My hand snaked over to hers without a conscious thought, and her little fingers intertwined with mine. I shuddered at our contact. Her skin was so soft and warm. It made me feel almost human.

"In vampire years, I'm two hundred and twenty-seven. When you have nothing to lose or no one to live for, it's hard to feel afraid. When I heard you scream tonight, I felt as though my whole world had upended. I could feel your fear and shared in your agony. My body was helpless against the onslaught of pain, writhing and useless. You were in agony, and I couldn't move—let alone rescue you. It is my job to protect you and I couldn't, Thankfully, you were safe and were brought back to me in one piece."

"Garrett?" she questioned thoughtfully. She rolled over to her side, back towards me, and pulled my arm over her torso. I murmured a response, unable to actually speak while touching her so intimately. (Like I was saying the pants and I could combust any second.) "Are you going to kill Edward?"

That was a good question. Without a doubt, I wanted to destroy that insolent Edwardian brat. Yet, if Isabella wanted to spare his pathetic life, I would happily comply. It would eat at me for the rest of eternity, but I would let him walk the earth—always praying he'd screw up and force my hand. "No, princess. If you don't wish for him to die, I won't kill him. But, I am very angry with him, Isabella."

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, contemplating her next words carefully. "Will I always be in agony when I'm away from you?"

I grabbed her waist and pulled her little frame against my chest. "Isabella, darlin', it will continue to hurt until…until…" I couldn't stay the words. I was tongue-tied, fearing her response. My hesitation made me feel like a post-pubescent boy with his first erection, unsure how to remedy the issue.

She twisted her head towards mine, our cheeks touching—lips inches apart. "So, essentially I'm stuck at your hip until we fuck?"

Blunt is good.