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Back at Hogwarts

Bella runs away after trying to survive 3 years without Edward. Edward, Alice, and Jasper now attend Hogwarts. What will happen when Edward finds out Bella's deepest darkest secret?

This story kinda just came to me one day. I had just been reading New Moon and with the release of the new Harry Potter book, didnt finish it. So, as it turns out I was thinking a lot about New Moon while reading a Harry Potter book. Tada!! This is what comes of it. I do not own anything! All credit goes to J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer!!!!!!!

5. Nghtly Stroll

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 1380   Review this Chapter

Edward’s P.O.V.

“Oh God Edward, why did you do that to her?” Fred was glaring at me, grinding his teeth. He was turning beet red with anger. “Everyone knows not to make Bella mad. Why did you do it? Did you know that you would be charged for all of the damage that is caused by her? She doesn’t think right in that state. Didn’t she tell you that at all?”

“This is all news to me Fred. She never told me anything like this. All she said was that she moved from Phoenix and her mother had moved to Florida. She never said anything about being a witch.”

“Well, have you got a lot to learn.” George had stood up and was walking over to me. ‘Who does he think he is, bursting into her life like nothing at all was wrong?’

“George, I didn’t know anything like this could have happened. My plan backfired on me. I wanted to make a clean break, so she would think that I didn’t love her and she would move on quickly. I didn’t mean for her to become a depressed witch slash creature thing.”

“Told you,” Jasper said quietly. He was staring right at me. ‘Told you that she loved you too much and wouldn’t let go, no matter what you did.’

“Jasper, we don’t need your comments right now. Edward is finally realizing what a lamebrained idiot he is. Don’t interfere.” Alice was smiling while looking out the window at the scenery passing slowly by.

“Alice, Jasper, shut up. Please. I know that I made a ginourmous mistake, but you don’t have to rub it in my face. Has she really been like this since I left her?”

“Well, she stayed in Forks until last year and so we only know so much. All I know is that she was scared silly when she came home. Not just scared, but depressed too. I see why she was depressed but why scared?”

“Maybe it is because all of this vampire stuff is catching up with her. She was hunted down by a lethal vampire named James. Then there is You Know Who, so maybe all of the freakish stuff in her world is making her freaked.” Alice stood slowly while saying this and walked out the door. “We will be arriving any moment. You had better get your robes on.”

Bella’s P.O.V.

First year Ravenclaws, come with me! Follow me everyone! Stay together!” As I was leading the group of excited looking first years, something caught my eye. It was Draco Malfoy dragging Alice down a corridor. I let the other prefects take over as I followed the two down the corridor. I turned the corner just as they walked into an empty classroom. Just as I was about to turn the doorknob, a hand grabbed my arm and started pulling me away.

“Just what do you think you are doing Miss. Swan?” Spoke Professor Snape.

“I…um…was…erm…can I get back to you on that?” I was so lost for words. Not only had he caught me sneaking around, but he also caught me neglecting my job as Head Girl.

“That will be 15 points from Ravenclaw for sneaking around and neglecting your duties. I will be telling Professor Flitwick about this and it will be going in your record. Now leave.”

“But Professor, I, please…”was all I could manage getting through my mouth.

“Sir, she was just doing me a favor. I needed her help and told her to meet me here.” I turned around and Edward had appeared at my side.

“Then that will be 15 points each I suppose. 30 points have already been taken away from Ravenclaw; I thought that Gryffindor was the only house that was that unfortunate. Go up to the dormitories now.”

As we were walking away I glared at Edward. “Thanks for getting Ravenclaw in even more trouble. It’s exactly what we needed!” I sped up the stairs, almost forgetting to skip the fake stair.

“You’re welcome. I see you aren’t so clumsy anymore. Before you would have tripped at least 10 times by now. It seems you have changed a lot since I saw you last. Or did you not change at all?”

“No Edward, I did not change at all. This has always been who I am. I just took on a different identity while writing the book. It’s fun to do once in a while.” He stopped walking and stared at me. I kept walking until I was about ten feet away. “Yes?”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were a witch? I told you my deepest darkest secret and all you tell me are lies.”

“No Edward, I told most of the truth. I had never felt like that with another guy before, I had never dated a guy before, Charlie is related to me, and I am a human. Just not a normal one. I told you what I did because I acted human to get human responses. If I acted like a witch, I would get somewhat different responses. Mike wouldn’t have a crush on me if I told him the truth.” We were still standing in the hallway, some teacher was bound to come and take more points off of Ravenclaw.

Edward chuckled at my last remark. “Bella, I want you to know that I have always loved you. I never stopped, I left you and it killed me. I wanted to kill myself; I can’t survive without you Bella. I left for your sake. I wanted to keep you safe, and it wasn’t doing you any good, staying with me. But now that I know, know that you can hurt me just as much as I can hurt you. How easy it would be for you to protect yourself against me. Please Bella; I love you more than anything in the world.”

“Aw, how sweet! Edward is trying to get my love back after he finds out I am a witch. Kind of like, when you break up in high school because your girlfriend just isn’t popular enough, and then the next month she is more popular than you. And no matter how much you apologize, you will never get back into that section of her heart. You will never know what kind of hurt you put her through. It could have been, but never again will be.” I turned around and started walking toward the “Come and Go Room”. ‘I need a place to stay the night.’ I walked through the door and found a nice little bed and a fire place. There were also two chairs. I curled up in one of them and stared into the flickering flames of the fire. Edward had followed me in and sat in the other chair.

“Bella that is not how it is. You know I am not like that. How could you assume that is why I want you back? That I want you back just because you are powerful. I know you still love me. You would have moved on by now if you didn’t. But, if that is how you feel, then I will leave you be…for now. Just be aware that I will try my hardest to get you back. Farewell my love.” He stood up and walked swiftly to me and planted a sweet kiss on my forehead. That caught me off guard but I recovered quickly.

Petrificus Totalus!” I screamed. Edward’s body froze and fell to the ground.

“Let’s get this straight, no one is allowed to kiss me. Not even my family. Consider this a warning. If you ever think about doing that again, well, let’s just say that I know better spells than the full body bind. Nighty Night! Oh, right, Relashio.” I sped out of the room before he could realize what had happened and ran for the dormitories. Once there, I ran for my room and got into bed. I wanted to go home. But I had to wait for Christmas. Only three months to go.