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Back at Hogwarts

Bella runs away after trying to survive 3 years without Edward. Edward, Alice, and Jasper now attend Hogwarts. What will happen when Edward finds out Bella's deepest darkest secret?

This story kinda just came to me one day. I had just been reading New Moon and with the release of the new Harry Potter book, didnt finish it. So, as it turns out I was thinking a lot about New Moon while reading a Harry Potter book. Tada!! This is what comes of it. I do not own anything! All credit goes to J.K. Rowling and Stephenie Meyer!!!!!!!

6. Chapter 6

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Bella’s POV

I woke up in the morning still in my school robes. Remembrance of what took place after dinner the night before came flooding back into my head. Edward had gotten us both in trouble with Snape, followed me to the Room of Requirement and if I remembered right, he had kissed me. I had cursed him and ran back to the dormitories. But before he kissed me hadn’t he told me he was sorry? Why had I cursed him? I pondered this while freshening up for the first day of term. I grabbed my book bag and looked around. All of the other four girls in my dorm room had left. I glanced at the clock on the bedside table and what I saw gave me a start. I had ten minutes before first period would start and I didn’t even know my schedule. I hurried through the portrait hole and down the corridors using all of the secret passage ways that I could. When I reached the second floor corridor I slowed down a bit. I passed Alice who was walking with some of her fourth year friends. She caught my eye and gave me a small smile. I turned my face away from her eyes and started rushing down the stairs again, not stopping until I reached the Entrance Hall. Before I entered the Great Hall, I remembered why I had cursed Edward. He had left me without a word for four years and had forced his family to leave too. He was such a selfish, mean…well didn’t he say that he was sorry and that he still loved me? ‘No Bella.’ I told myself internally. ‘He left you and has to learn the hard way what happens when someone betrays you.’ I’ve got to be strong, don’t look into his eyes. I’ve got to be strong, don’t look into his eyes.

“Morning Smelly Bellie! We’ve been waiting for you for like, forever. Where’ve you been? Well, that doesn’t matter now. Flitwick came by with your schedule and we all have a break period right after breakfast.” Fred and George grabbed me some toast and pulled me outside and down toward the Forbidden Forest.

“And a good morning to you too Fred! George, did you have a good sleep? Wait. Where are we going? We can’t be going in there. You know that we aren’t allowed out here.” They should know better than this. I am a prefect for goodness sakes. Oh God! I am starting to sound like Percy.

“Never stopped you before, has it?” George knocked me down and started tickling me. “Fred help me here! Hold her down so I can move in for the kill.”

“Stop George! No please…stop…please…I am begging you…pl” A low menacing growl sounded behind me. Fred and George stopped instantly to help me up. I turned around and saw the exact person who I had been trying to avoid.

“She told you to stop,” were just enough words to make even my hair stand on end.

“Bella, we are um…going to go practice our Quidditch skills. We’ll be on the field if you need us.” George was pulling Fred’s sleeve and soon they were running up the hill.

“Did you have a reason for scaring those two away? We were just having some fun. You are such a party pooper.” I turned away from him and started walking back toward the school. “Shouldn’t you be in class right now?” He was only a fourth year student; he shouldn’t have this much time on his hands.

“Alice is a fairly good ‘dazzler’ as you say, too.” He followed me, keeping my pace all the way up to the castle.

I turned to face him and looked straight into his eyes. Nice going Bella. “Are you stalking me? I mean, there was that day in Diagon Alley, and then there was last night, and this morning. How could you have known where I would be at those precise moments?”

“I can read minds Bella. Remember that. And I think you were stalking me in Diagon Alley, not the other way around.”

“No, I am not a stalker. And so, you didn’t stalk me once out of the three times. Big deal. It still means that you are a stalker though. I am hungry and tired; don’t try to push me any further than I can go. Thanks to you, I didn’t even get my toast.” I turned away and made my way to the portrait of the bowl of fruit. I tickled the pear and went in.

“Hello Miss Swan-Weasley! What can Dobby do for you?” Dobby the house elf being his usual too helpful self, came right up to me and lead me to the table right in the middle of the kitchen that was swarming with other house elves.

“Hi Dobby. Do you think I could get some buttered toast? I was out for a walk and I missed breakfast.” Dobby nodded and started bustling about, getting the bread and placing it in the toaster.

“Who is your friend Miss?” Dobby had turned away from the toaster and was looking questioningly at Edward.

“This is Edward Cullen. He is not my friend. Nor my boyfriend. He is just a person who can’t get over his overwhelming love for me. Thanks for the toast Dobby!” I grabbed the toast from Dobby’s hand and ran through the portrait hole.

“Well don’t you think that was a little rude? I consider you my friend. Why can’t you reflect the same love toward me?”

“You are so obnoxious. I don’t know why or even how I fell in love with you. All I know is that you should stop bugging me or I could give you detention with Filch. And let me tell you, Fred and George say it is horrible. Now stop following me. I have Transfiguration next and am looking forward to a class of peace.” I turned on my heel and left Edward standing there like an idiot. Serves him right. If he annoys me more, I will force a Puking Pastille down his throat. Or maybe I could have a Nosebleed Nougat. Yep, my days of fooling are back. FGB Inc. is back. (Fred George and Bella Incorporated)